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    1. 20 Feb: Watching a movie about an autistic girl and going to facebook to comment

      by , 02-20-2023 at 09:44 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      I am at a post office and there is aguy in front of me shipping some packages. The postal worker is in a bad mood and at some point yells at some colleagues. I notice another girl to my right that leaves in a hurry but I don't pay much attention. I notice though that the guy had been noticing her and is not happy that she left. He complains to the worker about her attittude and mood and then leaves. Then I am not really there, but actually watching this unfold in a movie.
      The guy comes back to the postal office area hoping to see the girl. One day he is lucky and comes across her at a park. She is wearing a rainbow colored baggy dress and looks quirky. They lock eyes and she approaches him slowly. It almost seems like she is going to kiss him, but she just does some quirky dance and off they go together.
      I think to myself that it is a cliché, but she definitely looks autistic. Then I start remembering all the details I had missed at the post office and realize she was having a lot of quirky behaviors and then she ran away because of the noise of the woman yelling, as she couldn't take it.
      I go to facebook looking for the autistic groups that I am in, wanting to share my thoughts about this film and I stumble in a post in one of the groups with the link to the said film. It's called "Breannis" and I realize it is centered on the girl and that she is indeed supposed to be autistic. Then I wonder how did I miss at first that it was about her and not the guy. Then I start writing down my opinion on the comments.
    2. February 20, 2023 10:32 am

      by , 02-20-2023 at 10:57 AM
      I have rehearsals for a theatre play. During lunch break, one of my cast mates shows a video on her phone of a rental bike getting hit to pieces by a car. She's laughing going "Who's bike is this?!" It was mine. The cast members let me join their carpool to get to the station. It's a car without a rooftop.

      During the car ride home, we drive past some tourists, one of them tries to cut a piece from my hair with scissors. I keep a pair of scissors close for defense. Another tourist comes by asking of we can take a pic where it looks like I hit him with a mallet. One of the cast members falls asleep on my lap.
      We seem to be riding through a desert road with buildings with colourful lights in the background.

      The car arrives in Utrecht, we take the subway which exists there in my dream to Utrecht Central station. After carrying the sleeping cast member there, they all leave the train without saying goodbye.

      As I exit the station, I get my phone and ask my cast mate of she can send the video of my rental bike getting ran over to me. In the meantime, I come across an old classmate from 5th grade who enjoys singing at the train station. He's upset because the bike he had since he was little has been stolen, I suggest the idea making a Facebook post, but he refuses.

      We go to his student flat and I join in on all the banter. Apparently they stuffed their toilet with cotton balls and haven't been able to flush it since. They hold a contest who can flip the chairs the coolest. Everyone finally goes to sleep and I sleep in the guest bed next to the clogged toilet which still got used in the meantime and I could smell it. I fall asleep there and woke up for real as if I just transferred worlds.

      Even at the end of the dream, I was still trying to reach that girl regarding the rental bike video, glad to see that even in my dreams, I got my priorities straight.
    3. Helen Told Me To

      by , 02-20-2023 at 05:47 AM
      I had a fabric doll, with skinny arms and spindly legs.
      I think her name was Helen.

      I was walking at night, holding Helen. I was sleepwalking. Yes I must have been sleepwalking. Helen wanted me to walk into my parent's room. Why not do what Helen wanted?

      Flash forward, I was in a bar. I didn't know how I got there. Did Helen want me to drink? Was I an alcoholic?

      Flash forward, I was talking to a friend. I asked him how old I was. It felt like an awful lot of time was passing. I didn't know what to make of these time skips. Was I sleepwalking through them? When I was sleepwalking, was I doing what Helen wanted?

      Did Helen want anything? Was Helen just a doll? Had I finally lost it completely?

      Flash forward, I had decided to burn Helen.
      I tossed Helen into the fire but she refused to burn.
      I tore Helen apart.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    4. The Finest Plane in the RAF

      by , 02-20-2023 at 05:40 AM
      It was shaped like a mini Avro Vulcan.
      Painted a bold and bright red.
      It floated across the sky, slow but unimaginably maneuverable.
      I knew this was one of the finest aircraft ever built.
      It dove in and out of the mountain canyons nearby, then did a long slow pass.
      A child waved.
      I think the pilot waved back.

      I was flying an aircraft now, and we were in battle. But I didn't feel like anything was at stake. I mowed down a line of infantry and was hailed as a hero, but I knew it didn't matter because nobody really died and none of this was really real.
    5. A Quiet Place

      by , 02-20-2023 at 05:34 AM
      I was walking along a narrow, aging road in an overgrown field. It was cloudy, humid, and still. I understood that the previous day a storm had rolled through, and knocked down many powerlines. I watched my step, as now I saw them collapsed around me. Ahead of me, another post fell.

      Despite the danger it was rather beautiful.

      And then it became quiet. I heard nothing. No wind. No cars. Nothing.
      Nothing but my tinnitus.
      I wondered what true silence was like, without such ringing.
      If there ever was true silence, it was right here.

      An owl swooped by and the sounds of the world returned.

      I received a phone call. An old coworker wanted an SD card I took from him back. I instantly remembered this fictitious event and felt ashamed I hadn't returned it.

      I found the SD card. It was 109Gb. Weird size. I checked inside a Nintendo Switch in case it was the wrong card. The Switch had an 8Gb card. Logically I would have borrowed the bigger one right? Figured that was the one.
    6. One Good Seat

      by , 02-20-2023 at 05:28 AM
      I was in a theater, waiting for the show to start. I didn't really like my seat but so many more seats were open. So I jumped seats. But when I looked up, this seat was somehow even worse than before. Weird.

      I jumped seats again. Once again, the results were not as expected, now I had a metal bar blocking my view.

      I got up and moved very close to the front. And now the movie started. It was in 3D, but I wasn't wearing any glasses. I must have been so close to the screen that it just looked real, said my dream brain.
      dream fragment
    7. Jaguar Surgeon

      by , 02-20-2023 at 05:23 AM
      Terrible luck, to be mauled by a jaguar.

      But strikingly good luck to have access to a jaguar surgeon! She gently adjusted the angle of my head, remarking on my "giraffe like" features. I knew that all animal injury surgeon specialists were like this, seeing animals in every person they operated on. She was the real deal. I was in good hands.

      She walked off for a bit, and out came the jaguar. And wouldn't you know it, she got mauled too. Oh she didn't look so bad, but there was no more jaguar surgeon for me, she needed to find one of her own now.

      I didn't remember being mauled by a jaguar, come to think of it. How did that even happen? Why was this jaguar just roaming about the zoo? Did it jump the moat? Aren't jaguars in cages?

      I guess it didn't matter, because here I was, bleeding to death. It was an amusing fate honestly. I almost laughed.

      Then, a crazy idea.

      What if instead of a jaguar surgeon I got a regular surgeon? What was so jaguar specific about this injury anyway!?!

      I felt like a genius! I called out for help. I begged some folks nearby to call an ambulance! But they insisted that the jaguar surgeon was out of commission. How was I to be helped without her? I tried to reason with them, but they couldn't understand. This was pointless.

      I was inching forward on my stomach now. There was no pain, but I was getting very weak. I dragged myself away, and happened to find my father sitting there on a bench. Surely, my old man would react quickly to save his son!

      I begged him, call a surgeon, any surgeon (covered by my insurance, please)! He looked confused. Surely this was a job for the jaguar surgeon?

      Truly, this was not a world worth living in. I resigned myself to my death.
      non-lucid , nightmare