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    1. 60:41!

      by , 02-25-2023 at 08:04 PM
      I believed myself to be at a Harry Potter amusement park, and I was going to a ride that had something to do with dragons.

      A lot of people were just sitting around on a plaza, but a few were sitting by a screen repeatedly tapping a single large button. I joined in the tapping, and one could see the number of taps you had placed, as well as the number of taps from others. People were, of course, treating this like a competition, and we kept trying to outdo each other.

      Finally we reached some sort of maximum taps, and the show began.

      An airplane rolled out onto the "stage", which was simply an extension of the plaza surrounded by walls. It looked like a small Learjet, and it turned to face the wall. Then it simply took off, straight up into the air after a short taxi!

      I was astonished to see the wings of the aircraft flexing in impossible ways, as it looped, dived, and rolled about the the audience. I considered that perhaps it was a hologram, but then I came up with a different explanation. It was a balloon!

      Yes it was propelled by its own escaping air, and all that tapping was equivalent to a single "pump" to fill the balloon up initially. And indeed I saw the plane was becoming flatter and flatter, until finally it floated down back to where it came from.

      This was a very cool trick, and I wondered how they could get such fine control out of it.

      Back to tapping, now there were additional tapping booths (in a swimming pool that was suddenly there). These were for a couple auxiliary balloons, and I helped fill one up.

      This time, the show began with a kid being lifted by one of the auxiliary balloons and being deposited right outside a nearby fence. How did they do this on? Obviously the kid had to be in on it.

      I couldn't understand what the point of the next balloon was, a kid dropped a water bottle or something after seeing it.

      Then the main balloon came out, this time it was a giant butterfly, with something about "science" written on it in that Harry Potter font. I didn't really get this, didn't they use magic, not science? But maybe Hermione wanted wizards to be open to science as well.

      Well it didn't matter, because the way it fluttered and flipped was even more beautiful than the aircraft. And at the end, it landed upon a member of the audience, made a minor error, and then corrected itself, like a living thing.

      The balloon show was over, but there was one final part. Some poll went up, with the announcer asking if we wanted to do a couple options I don't recall, or "60:41". There was a unanimous cry for "60:41" and the announcer seemed almost irritated that nobody ever chose anything else. I was pumped, whatever this was, it was gonna be awesome.

      A bunch of tiny pink boats started rolling out, one by one, in a channel carved into the plaza. They were only about 18 inches long. People were being called by name to take a boat (a guy in a Shrek costume obviously took priority), and we rode the tiny boats into the swimming pool. For some reason this was the most fun thing in the world.

      People kept funneling into the pool, until the boats were pressed up so tightly it was impossible to move. Seemed dangerous. But I didn't care. 60:41 was amazing!
    2. The Birds

      by , 02-25-2023 at 07:44 PM
      I was in an IMAX theater. The seat I was sitting in was facing backwards. Weird design choice.

      There was a kid next to me I understood to be the child of a family friend. Some other kid had a crush on her, and she loudly rejected him on a microphone that could be heard in the whole theater. Poor fellow, that was gonna be hard to live down.

      A trailer came up for some new Pixar film and it looked weird as hell. There was this "invisible woman" but the face looked like floating monster lips and eyes, and she was wearing a colorful faux fur coat.

      I was inside the trailer now, walking around the house from the shot. It was stuck in a tornado, la The Wizard of Oz and I could look out the window and see the city below. The city was slightly pixelated, but it was still a pretty good effect. After all, when you watch the movie, you'd never be looking this closely at it.

      The rapid spinning of the home made it hard to walk and I fell over.

      Back in the IMAX theater. The chairs were facing the right way now. I guess they had done some fast renovations while I was in the trailer!

      The movie started, and I could hear my mom, dad, and aunt remarking on the incredible fidelity of the picture. After 30 seconds of them I told them to be quiet since we were in a theater, and of course was greeted with "no you be quiet."

      The movie started with a guy claiming it took 168 bullets to kill a bird. Then I was holding a gun, being told by a man to shoot at the peanut shells that were lying all over the table. I knew this was a trick, since the birds were known to spawn from shot peanut shells.

      I then was instructed to shoot one of the birds (which was caged), but I found the trigger very difficult to pull. I was getting nervous since I knew the whole theater was waiting for me to shoot so that the movie could continue. Finally I managed to do it, and I was given a smaller gun. It had a sliding attachment I was told I could pull back for additional power. A grizzled veteran came in and told me that if I saw a lit cigarette, I should immediately put it into a nearby soda fountain or the entire place could burn down. These were the mechanics of the game, and I agreed this all make sense.

      I was now in an antique shop and was instructed to shoot old toasters, clocks, and so on. If they died when they were shot they were clearly enemies. I shot an antique clock. We then descended down a long flight of stairs, passing many Spiderman and monsters. These were not enemies, we were after birds and toasters.

      At the bottom were many more evil electronic devices (which were just sitting there doing nothing) so I shot them all. The platoon leader was impressed.

      We came back up to the surface, onto a city plaza with interesting modern sculptures. I was wondering how this game even worked, given that the graphics were far too good to render in real time. I concluded that this was still a prerendered video, and that the gun [and enemies] were the only things being real-time rendered.

      We tried to go somewhere else but a "closed" sign came up. Ended up back in the original shop, ready to descend the staircase again.

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    3. Meditation Room

      by , 02-25-2023 at 07:26 PM
      I saw a kid who I believed was around 19 years old standing with his back to the wall, in an adjacent room. I somehow had access to biographical information about him. The biography said he had a criminal past, some really nasty business too, possibly up to murder. But the circumstances were morally gray or something.

      We both stared at each other for a bit. And then I said something stupid, about him seeming awake or something. I was embarrassed by how nonsensical what I said was and was ready to leave, but for some reason decided to go into the room too.

      A lot of other men were in the room, all with their backs to the wall and staring straight forward. Well, when in Rome...

      I stared forward and my brain started going blank. I felt tingles through my body, and my vision became distorted. All the other men in the room disappeared. I knew they were all still there, but I was now meditating, and I couldn't see them in my altered state of mind.

      It was time to go back to class (I was in grade school again).

      I walked back to the classroom but I was still unable to see. Everything was vague, and yet I was able to navigate just fine, avoiding everybody. It was as though I was blind, but prescient.

      In class the teacher gave back a graphics design assignment I had done. 10/10 points, nice. I was still feeling off so I decided to go to the nurse.

      I passed an emergency room, but I figured my condition wasn't that bad. Went around the Space Shuttle launch facility. Finally got to the school nurse. Waited in the wrong place for a bit before catching my error and finding the line.

      My cheek was feeling very numb, but I wasn't worried. The girl in front of me asked for more gatorade and then said "you're welcome" when she got it. Seemed backwards to me.
    4. WILD Attempt & Zelda Prediction: It's Bad

      by , 02-25-2023 at 06:01 PM (Dreamlog)
      Up at about 4:30AM for a WBTB. No recall from earlier in the night. I've just taken the supplements below for the first time. I'll be back to record later. First impression: Choline smells terrible. Like fishy terrible.

      Update: Laid in bed for a long time. GF's regular weekday alarm went off by mistake a couple times and messed up my rhythm. Eventually I relaxed enough to start feeling WILD vibrations. I got all the way through the process of "going through the wormhole", and I could see a dream in a tiny pinhole at the end. It was my childhood home. I could see my old PC monitor with Runescape on it, but the dream was black around the edges. I forgot that I needed to 'grab' the dream and I missed my opportunity.

      I find myself in my bed and I think to do a nose RC. I can breathe through my nose so I know I'm dreaming. I start to rub my hands together, spin, and demand that the dream stabilize. It doesn't do much, and it feels very unstable and groggy. I try to leave my bedroom but the dream fades. I have a few more false awakenings with similar results. At one point I did spin and see some marked improvement in quality, but not enough to try and pursue a dream goal. I was trying to go to a forest and explore the dream environment.

      I'm in something similar to a fast-food restaurant playscape. There is a pool resort nearby. Sunny day and all that. Looks like a dope vacation spot actually. I'm crawling through the tube tunnels, and eventually come out the other side. There is a group of people playing the upcoming Zelda title, Tears of the Kingdom, on an outdoor TV setup. It is lagging really bad. I'm upset about it being this bad. I wake or otherwise recall nothing beyond this point.

      Regarding the supplements. I did notice a bit of a headache during the attempt (and now still), as well as some stomach discomfort. I felt my heart beating faster but that is most likely attributed to the WILD experience itself. Nothing earth-shattering but thought I should note it.

      Hoping for better results next time. I will say that this is the first time in a long time that I've actually felt the WILD vibrations, tiny victories I guess.

      Supplements: Primary Trigger Combination (1st Attempt)
      Galantamine: 8mg
      Choline Bitartrate: 250mg

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    5. Monsters on the Court

      by , 02-25-2023 at 03:35 PM
      I was adopted and I had an adopted sister. We were really good at basketball. I could make a shot from anywhere on the court no matter how stupid with 98.7% accuracy. My sister could cross anyone up, even multiple people at once. She would create so much space for me and I'd hit insane shots.

      I think we started on the Knicks but we were trying out for the bulls. The coach didn't like my shooting because he said it was too flashy and that I got lucky, apparently never watching a game I was in. I actually started missing shots because he was in my head. I woke up before the tryout ended.