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    1. 2023 Spring Comp night 3: Light body horror

      by , 03-04-2023 at 10:48 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I notice I am going bald. My hair is very long but my hairline has receded in an unnatural fashion. My hair is also a mixture of colors (blonde, brown and black). I decide I will see a doctor as the pattern of balding seems unusual and it seems to be happening very fast and could be a sign of disease. But I am also reluctant to see a doctor in america because the doctors get paid to diagnose diseases and prescribe medications.

      I end up walking through my town at night and going to some OTD doctors office. When I arrive the disease has progressed considerably. I shaved off the rest of my hair deciding to "embrace the bald look" but there are these large pimples and growths and I see that the shape of my skull is becoming irregular. The doctor says the disease is relatively rare but mild. There is nothing they can do about it and my head will continue to look worse as I get older.

      I wake up after getting stressed out about it. I attempt to DEILD. I am laying awake for a long time imagining past dream scenarios and becoming fully lucid within them. I fall back asleep but don't recall a further dream.
    2. Comp Day 3

      by , 03-04-2023 at 09:18 PM
      I sat down to go play the walking dead season 2 by telltale. It was different though. Kenny, Christa and Omid were all there as well as that one russian kid. They were all arguing. Kenny was threatening the kid and Christa and Omid walked into some building where I (clem) also went. There I had to play the FNAF 2 minigames which I was making fun of. Just about it
    3. Competition Night 3

      by , 03-04-2023 at 08:59 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      I am in a dream where everything is black and white. I become spontaneously lucid and let myself wake up hoping the next dream is in full color and stability.

      [color=#111188]I am in my bedroom and I do a nose pinch rc and can breath through my fingers. I fly up through the ceiling and into the sky to view the landscape. It looks nothing like my neighborhood. There are tall buildings as well as open fields.

      Unfortunately I get overcome by sexual urges and I spend the rest of this DEILD having sex with dream characters. I won't go into detail there. I wake up and have to DEILD again.

      I am a woman wearing a scuba suit and using one of those underwater propulsion devices to zoom toward a boat. It's night time and a man is there with me. We count down together then zoom out of the water onto the deck.

      I pull out a gun and the man and I find the deck of the boat clear. We go into one of the rooms and find a room with tons of giant egg like things. I know somehow that these are eggs that will unleash demon spawn on the earth. We set explosive charges and are about to leave when a cultist comes around a corner with a gun. I act first and shoot them.

      When we dive from the boat into the water I wake up and fail to DEILD further.[COLOR]

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    4. Spring Competition 2023 Night 3

      by , 03-04-2023 at 08:24 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      LD 1-I woke up and saw I was not in my room, which made me lucid. I was in what appeared to be a classroom. I somehow went outside into the night in a downtown area and jumped up to fly. In front of me on a road I was a huge stack of block letters which appeared to say a message, something about a warning of terrible death. I woke up while trying to read the message.

      LD 2-I woke up and saw I was not in my room, which made me lucid. I was in what appeared to be my room, except with a decoration on the wall that doesn't exist in waking life. I phased through the wall into the night in a neighborhood similar to where I live in waking life. I jumped up to fly and tried to summon a dolphin, but instead summoned a black creature, similar to a dragon without wings. I got on it's back to ride it. It flew down to the ground and started eating bugs. I asked what this is all about and he told me I had a skin infection. I asked where the skin infection was and he told me it was on my diploma and I woke up.

      These dreams appear to be related to some health concerns I had in waking life. I have rashes on each of my shoulders which appear to be getting better, but I had some mild intermittent chest pain which had me a bit concerned, but appears to have go away overnight. Its probably time for a medical checkup with the doctor.
      lucid , false awakening
    5. Comp day 1, 2, and 3

      by , 03-04-2023 at 06:42 PM
      Day 1: March 2nd, 2023
      Nothing happened, just did a WBTB.
      — — —
      Day 2: March 3rd, 2023
      Very long non-lucids, with a DILD at the end

      (This journal contains midgame area spoilers for Ori and the Blind Forest.
      Also, if you are a sensitive person who doesn’t like hearing about death, I advise you to hold off on reading the 2nd dream.)

      Dream 1 -
      I was at a school/hospital or something like that. My mother needed to go there for something.

      I don't know where this is, but I could've sworn there was something about Synapse X or Roblox in this dream. Or, well, this feeling of the dream reminds me of it.

      Here's when the plot starts to diverge in my memory. I don't know what came first.
      I think the first thing that happened is that I went to the room my mother was in, and saw she was in a vault. On the left side of it, there was a little light that was turned on, and next to it was a white label: "BLOOD DONATION" .

      Memory gap happens.
      I go back to this lobby-ish area in the school. Theres a couple small sofas and chairs.

      Maybe the next thing that happens - I got on my laptop, and fired up Ori and the Will of the Wisps. I went onto my main save > quick access. It turns out, in this dream, there was quick access options for Blind Forest areas, like the misty woods, ginso tree escape, etc.
      I went onto the Misty Woods quick access, and saw that it was just the entire misty woods, except I had WOTW abilities, like spirit edge.

      After playing for a while, I get to that one area with a laser puzzle, where the platforms invert every time you jump. Except this time, it's not that puzzle, its a fight with 3 things.. I don't remember what these things are. But I die to them, I think. I don't remember what happens next in this section of the dream. I'll move onto another.

      The other thing that happened somewhere in this dream, is a Minecraft section. It wouldn't be a non-lucid without a minecraft part, of course.
      In this minecraft dream, it was an augmented reality game of sorts that a youtuber was playing. It also seemed mojang-endorsed, very corporate. I don't actually remember much about this section of the dream -- I'll leave it at that.

      Next, I hear a kid spreading rumors that I'm a reality shifter. I think his words were along the lines of "He shifts his consciousness.." Or something like that. I couldn't make the words out well.

      After that, I was downloading some file from a website. You could use a dropdown menu to pick what file type it is, and i chose .rar
      I think I was getting scolded for choosing that by my mother.

      Suddenly the dream switched subjects to my mother opening an image I created with Sticknodes (supposedly a meme of some sorts. I had a fake memory of creating it)
      My brother, who wasn't even in the room, somehow saw it and was telling me that even though it was extremely trash, it would still do well on something like the SN discord or SN youtube.

      Dream 2 -
      I start at my house I think, on a 3DS. I see that some of my old messages with dono are still there, and I'm wondering if im able to find him again and talk to him.
      Suddenly, yup, I've found him. And due to dream logic, he immediately appears.
      He doesn't look like how he did in those video calls though. He was black. And he didn't look like a kid either.
      I don't really wanna go in-depth with this part. It makes me uncomfortable.
      Anyway, later the dream decides to switch scenes to a big city. It's very large, dark, and open. Like a cyberpunk one.
      There's kids playing hide-and-seek. I don't know why, but I'm in the game too I guess. It felt like a VR fever dream.
      I remember one part where I was climbing into a small area and a kid followed me. Then I saw that there actually was someone hiding in the small area but he escaped before I could tag him.
      I have another memory gap. Then I see that a giant fucking monster made of buildings is crushing the city and killing everyone. One car with a child and her mother got split in half, with the mother crushed to death and the child falling off the bridge into water where it presumably drowned.
      The dream literally had me instant-replay this moment several times from different perspectives, so I think it was a fictional event and not dying ""IRL"" in the dream.
      That's all I remember from that dream.

      I had a DILD before dream 1 and 2 though:
      I don't remember literally anything about this, except that I dove into the ground, attempted that dream control method that Mzzkc was talking about, and failed. I think I woke up after that but I don't remember.

      — — —
      Day 3 (Today, March 4, 2023)

      [This dream is just notes, since I didn’t feel like writing the entire thing out.]
      I was the impostor in among us irl game and there was more abilities this time
      I almost won the game but in the end I was voted
      I went to this weird place and I don’t feel like explaining it but there was a guy who took my iPad and then locked it forever, but he did a shitty job because I could still use apps like n+otes

      I was packing my stuff to walk home I guess, but my brother told me to just get in the car and it’ll auto drive
      We stopped at some sort of party that the entire family was having, but I just walked to my grandmother’s house
      I got to it and then hopped in the shower, where I realized I was dreaming
      But the dream nearly ended and I was stuck with one dream eye open seeing the showerhead. I don’t remember after that
      — — —

      So yeah. Gotta add up all my points.

      I did WBTB for all 3 days +3
      Remembered 2 non-lucids +2
      Had 2 DILDS (On separate days, not subsequent) +20

      Total for the past 3 days: 25 points 29 points (The host has clarified in DMs that I gathered 29 points, not 25)

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    6. Comp Day 3

      by , 03-04-2023 at 05:07 PM
      3-4-23 Comp Day 3 (WBTB - Failed Saying mantras before falling back to sleep and also trying to hitch a ride on the movements of my own visions or the hypnagogic visions got close but failed)

      DF#1 4:08AM - Saw Joseph walking in the dream space with nothing around and he was walking with a limp

      DF#2 4:09AM - There was a feather, but perhaps it was more like a seed. That when dropped it would spin and fluffed out a bit and very slowly it would fall. I remember the presence of a male but there was also a very large tree and the ground seemed like old forest with some very large roots and green moss.

      D#3 4:10AM - I was with two other people, and we were preparing to paint part of the road white. It was a busy road with cars and multi lanes, perhaps an interchange of some sort. We seemed to be under a bridge at an intersection right after the area where cars would merge into the lane from the onramp. There was one orange cone for us to use to keep the cars out of the one lane by the curb. But I needed to go find another one so the cars coming out of the onramp wouldn’t come into the painted area. I wandered across towards what looked like a city but on the way to the city I found two FDC just standing around in the center of another cloverleaf ramp. I approached them and then started to tell them that if they needed to do something that they should go do whatever they were planning on doing soon, because rain was coming. They looked at me with disbelief, but I said look. We looked up into the sky and it was all blue sky, but then I turned and looked behind and pointed over in that other direction: see, over there, the dark clouds mixed in with some other clouds are coming this way. And then there were dark clouds in that direction.

      D#4 - I was at my mom’s house, looking out into the back yard. I was with a MDC and we were watching this cat slowly coming up towards the house sniffing stuff along the way. It has long hair and had the same coloring as my RL cat. It was a stray cat and I said to the MDC that it was probably going towards the garage to get some kibbles I left out there for it to find. Then soon after the cat disappeared we saw this guy sneaking around in the back, coming close to the house attempting to break in. We ran out into the back yard and chased him away to the back and he jumped over the fence. It was then that I saw two others that were with him. I tried yelling at them from the fence, but I couldn’t get any voice out of me. I wanted to yell and scream at them and I couldn't. I saw where the other two went, there was like a smaller house with a covered and inset porch where the two others disappeared. At first I was thinking there just tucked into that spot to hide, but turns out they might have lived there. I wanted to tell them I see where you are and yell to them they better never come back..blah…blah…blah but I couldn’t get anything out. Ugh I really wanted to give them shit and I couldn't talk. It was frustrating. Then as me and the MDC were walking back to the house through the yard, I was able to say (or perhaps I said it telepathically to him) that we needed to get some security motion censored lights out there.

      D#5 8:15AM - I was with a FDC who seemed to be from India. We were in a dirt parking lot where there were a few sketchy looking storefronts. They had openings in the first part but the back of the store fronts were closed off by all these curtains and sheets and colored partitions to keep people from seeing behind the curtained area. We had just arrived, but then suddenly several others showed up. Some of the guys working in the store fronts were moving about and welcoming some other people. The FDC I was with got a bit annoyed and said to them they were not welcoming her because she was from India. Then she had the idea of stealing stuff. Batteries are what I could make them out to be. She ended up putting something in my purse, but I found it and took it out. I told her I didn’t want any part in her stealing stuff. So she started to stuff these batteries under the back of her shirt which was an elastic material and she was able to get them tucked under and they stayed. While she kept at this, I noticed another spot on the other side of this parking lot that seemed to have telescopes. I went over there to check out the telescopes. After I walked back to that area, I had to go through an opening then walk behind the parking lot till I came out in a different store front. In the front of this store there was another paved parking lot. I asked the guy if these telescopes would help me see Pluto and Mars as I had just heard IRL that they were conjunctioning and I really wanted to see them and see for myself how bright they were. We walked out to the parking lot and looked up into the sky. There was only one small area where we could see lots and lots of stars which appeared as a cool looking pattern in the sky, but it was in the wrong direction. To the right was where we needed to look and that area was covered in clouds. So looking back at the area where we did see stars I noticed something flying high up in the sky. It seemed to be coming our way. I said to some other people out there, do you guys see that? What is that? It began coming closer and getting larger. Finally they saw it too. It was such a strange white-ish in color space craft. Not like anything I’ve ever seen or could even imagine. One of the guys said it was some sort of government space craft and just as it was approaching right above us we started to run. It was spraying some type of liquid which when it landed on me felt like a very light rain. We’d been sprayed! I’m all, what the heck is this stuff? They said it was some sort of chemical and now that it was on me I would be able to be tracked. Wherever I went they would always be able to find me. Whatever was mixed into the chemical agent was able to get into my body and interact with my DNA. I wanted so badly to go wash my hair, because most of it landed on my head. I was thinking if I could wash it out maybe it wouldn't have time to get into my body.

      DF#6 - there was a FDC and she didn’t have any work experience and she had to take this one job. Her job was to just stand there. I can’t recall what she was supposed to be doing, but I felt bad for her. I ended up giving her my purse so she could put it over her shoulder and have something to hold onto with her hand (rest her hand) around the strap while she just stood there. There seems to be more but I can't recall more.

      DF#7 - There was a FDC that ran down a sandy beach and dove into a whole or tunnel at the very edge of where the water and sandy shore met. She ended up swimming into the lake from that strange entry point. She had a blue shirt on. I ended up going into the lake afterwards, but I just walked out and waded in the water which was clear and warm.

      WBTB Failed = 2
      4DF = 2
      3D = 3

      Total 7

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    7. Surprise Bonus Cat (Friday Night)

      by , 03-04-2023 at 04:56 PM (Dreamlog)
      I'm happy, but also jealous that my GF got a 20K bonus. I question my current employment situation.

      I'm at a surprise party that looks like Grandma M's apartment. My friend SG is there and she seems excited to see me. She's brought some friends of hers that I don't recognize. There's somebody else there who has a cat on his shoulder. He makes a big show of how the cat is clawing onto his back and isn't jumping off. I make eye contact with the cat, and it decides that I am the next place to sit. It comes over to my shoulder. The table is set to play a monopoly-like game.

      I'm watching some porn and my brother A catches me. This situation is embarrassing, but I own it as best I can.

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    8. Spring Competition 2023 - 04.03.23

      by , 03-04-2023 at 04:32 PM
      This night was dificult for me. I fall asleep alrmost 3h after I went do bed and when I woke up I didint remember any dream. Also I had problem with falling asleep during WBTB but it was done (I failed of course but it was done).

      Dream 1
      I got a contract on the small bulk carrier ship. It was the same vessel when I had my first contract in real life - M/V Vines - "I wish I will not meet with the same bosun like las time" I thought. And of course I'm lucky guy so I met him again xD "Okay, that's fine" I thought. He greet me. [...]
      [...] I was on the brigde with almost entire crew. I was suprised that nobody called me for mooring operation because we are already in next port. How it is even possiible they moored entire ship without me. In this moment I heard that somebody called me via VHF radio. I responsed and that person said what I need to do. I told him I'm not understand him (his voice was deformed by my dream) and asked him for repeat. He said something but I still didn't understand him, so I just went down to him. On deck the 2nd officer ordered me to close all cargo holds. This is second time when I was suprised in this dream bc our cargo were cars and they left. Anyway, I found power switch for crane but the crane wasn't operate. The officer discover that the cargo hold covers are light enough to lift and move by 2 mens, so we made it by our hands.
    9. 3/4 - preventing his death by stalling // labyrinth house / meeting others in the competition

      by , 03-04-2023 at 02:21 PM
      .............. I think I came out of somewhere cramped.

      Me and Y were watching a movie. The room we were in seemed sci-fi: white walls and strange futuristic-looking structures. At the corner, A was waiting for the movie to finish so she could take Y away. she was wearing funeral (or executioner) clothes: all-black robes with a veil before her face. She wanted her face covered because she was too embarrassed to be seen knowing what she was about to do. She hid her knife in the folds of her robes. Y was sitting on a seat diagonally left and a little bit ahead of mine with a blanket. He was wearing all white. As we were watching the movie (I forgot what it was about. it was a comedy involving sci-fi + financials), I was incredibly anxious and sad about him being taken away soon. I couldnt pay attention to the movie and started daydreaming:
      Me and Y were standing together on a boat on a calm ocean. He was wearing the same all-white as in the above^^^. The ferry was modern and empty and we were standing at the front. The sky was cloudy and grim. We were sailing toward a city with a harbor (not the one from previous dreams; this city is dirty and ugly, not wonderful like the city of the masks). As we approach the harbor, I become more grief-stricken since I know I will have to hand Y over to his death. As we get closer, I see A in her black robes and veil waiting on the harbor. Once we land and dock the boat, Y rushes out to her and I can't move. As he runs, he becomes a child. A holds out her hand while hiding the knife in the other and leads child Y behind a building. Then I see blood flowing from around the corner.
      Once this daydream finished, I saw the movie had ended. However, it was on a loop so it began playing immediately after: a shot of the New York skyline with a spaceship flying over and a title. I stood up a little to see Y had fallen asleep. He woke up and saw that the movie was only just beginning. He was confused since he thought he slept through the whole movie. I lied, and told him he fell asleep for just a minute and the movie was just starting. He really wanted to leave with A, but I convinced him to please just finish the movie with me.


      I was with Y and we were about to go to sleep. He looks at my legs and talks about how they are too thin and it is not attractive. Then he says that despite this, they are too wide and thick and I should probably lose weight. Then he says that they are too small and I should lift heavier weights, but after he says not too much weight since they are already so huge that I look too masculine and I could stand to lose some weight. etc etc etc.

      3/2 -

      completely new places in these latest new dreams. Maybe a new mental framework is being created. Also, no nightmares of Y for the first time since it happened.

      I was trying to find my way through a labyrinth. The structure was house-like (not like the other labyrinths I usually encounter, this one was grimy and dirty and had an oppressive evil energy) and I had the feeling that I was being followed by a hostile person. I don't remember much of the rooms, but eventually I got to a living room/kitchen area that seemed normal and less evil. I could see the street outside from the window. The room had only 3 walls and was open to the outdoors since it was under renovation: I saw a middle aged lady and 2 or 3 others around scaffolding and carpentry tools. I got happy to finally escape the maze and ran up to greet them, but once they saw me they looked disgusted and annoyed. She said "really? you drag mud through our entire house?". I turn around and see a trail of muddy footprints all over the floor. She tells me to go back in there and grab a mop to clean the whole place up. I go back through the labyrinth and feel just as much evil and hostility.

      (this house exists irl, it is near my workplace and is always under renovation)


      I come out of the labyrinth into a long room with computers all over the right wall. There are small groups of people huddled around a few of the computers looking excited. As I walk across the long room, I notice they are doing the same competition I am. Excited, I get on one of the computers to check the leaderboard. 2 of the others come up to me and ask who I am on the leaderboard. "I'm squirrelly" "I haven't seen you in previous years. is this your first time competing? i'm tveety and this is ipnerds" I am very excited since these two are at the top of the leaderboard. I tell them this is actually my first competition and they seem impressed and hope to see me at finals.
    10. Spring Competition Night 2

      by , 03-04-2023 at 05:47 AM

      Treasure hunting [+1]

      ...Going down a river. I, or we, come across a couple of people trying to fish something out of the water with a stick. At first I think someone has gone under and they are trying to give him something to hold onto. I think about diving underwater to try and rescue him, but then it appears that they are actually trying to fish something out that they found in the riverbed. I think I try to help, and feel what feels like a small log or something stuck down there. The people have a metal detector, and are searching along the river and riverbank. Then the go somewhere upstream. I look around where they were looking, and amidst the debris along the riverbank I find some coins. It seems to be silver change (like nickels or quarters perhaps), but as I look I find at least one-dollar coin. But then I realize it is Sunday, and I think this is too much like working on the Sabbath and I shouldn’t keep what I have found. I find a container to put the coins in, which turns into a mug. I hang the mug up on a peg or a rack of other mugs, with the intention of coming back for it later. I wonder if anyone will come across it in the meantime...

      ...(this might have been the same dream, or it might have been a fragment. I’ll count it as part of the same dream for the competition.) Continuing along our way, I see boats in water nearby. We can see emergency lights near one or two of them. Upon closer inspection, I see that at least one of the boats has a fire going in the bow...

      Fragments [+1.5]

      ...We are at someone’s house. There are a couple of different types of cake there. One is lemon, and I think there are one or two other kinds. At least one is layered, with frosting in the middle. I decide that one looks good...(Maybe the same dream?) Something about my niece...(again, not sure if the following was the same dream) I want to go somewhere. It might have been in Florida, but it was an archaeological dig that I wanted to participate in. The people that I am with are taking a long time though, and I don’t know if we will be done in time for me to go today. I think the dig might be going on for a few days though...(again, the next part might have been the same dream) in a Church service. I sit on the right end of a pew in the back of the sanctuary. After the service, people stand around talking (which might be what was going on in the part above where I wanted to leave). There is a woman with very tall platform shoes...

      ...There is a “party” going on downstairs. Maybe not really a party, but it is kind of loud. I crawl up a set of bunkbeds, and along the top, to reach an upper floor of the building. I want to go up and see if it is still loud upstairs. When I get up, it seems much quieter...

      ...Watching a trailer for an upcoming movie, perhaps an Indiana Jones movie. In this movie, there are Asian people, who might be supposed to be the antagonists. I get the idea that somebody thinks the movie is racist, because of the way that they portray the Asian people. I don’t agree, but I also feel a bit awkward because I am watching the trailer while I am with some people of Asian ethnicity. Something about going into a bathroom (?)...
    11. Deciphering my messy handwriting once more (Spring competition day 2)

      by , 03-04-2023 at 05:28 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      I have pretty neat handwriting during the day. But at night, when I wake up and record a dream -- a lot of the times I'm writing at an angle, too tired to get out of bed and write properly. Plus, I don't want to wake myself up too much.

      My dreams were as follows:

      - I was in a car trying to avoid a bunch of gang shootouts. Some couple built their own helicopter so they could fly away and escape to the wilderness until the violence died down.
      - Someone asked me if I was doing a certain (illegible???). There was a swimming pool and a track wherever I was at.
      - My dad was taking the family to Disney for a day before flying back home. But it was so crowded that we were debating whether or not to go.
      - I trapped a murder hornet (why did I look at pictures of those horrifying things before bed) in my bathtub.
      - Music album with an anime girl on it (that's all I remember)
      - Ripped and shirtless (don't ask what context this was, I have no idea, but I have been trying to exercise more and it's probably influencing my dreams)
      - Lavender haze was playing in the background of one of my dreams
      - I was on some list of gang members but instead of my name, it was the name of the Alexa skill that I coded a while back (IRL). I think I am listening to too much gangster rap. It's just good workout music lol.

      Then I had a 20-minute nap during lunch break and attempted some of the astral projection/WILD with my noise-canceling AirPods Pro in:

      I kept slipping from mildly sleep-paralyzed WILD and hypnic jerks into random NLDs, which I don't remember much of, and then back again. Other times, I would slip lightly into lucidity. I dreamt that my hands were lifting into the air, and I dreamt that I saw the faint outline of a dude floating above me (not scary at all). I dreamt that I was checking my phone. Counting these all as 1 fragment.

      And then I finally had one extremely brief lucid after a quick wakeup from an NLD, while carefully maintaining my sleep paralyzed state. I was walking outside my apartment complex. It was daytime, but pretty cloudy (just like it was in the waking world today). Some people were walking around. I realized I was dreaming and started to stabilize it and get ready to try my summoning task, but I woke up instead. Which was probably good because I had a work meeting in 15 minutes.

      Fragments: 8. Most of these I only remember a few details of, so they're fragments. (4 points)
      Full non-lucid: 1. (I'm counting the Disney one as I remember a storyline) (1 point)
      WILD: 1. (10 points)

      Total: 15 points
    12. Mouth Wide Shut

      by , 03-04-2023 at 02:36 AM
      I was laying down on a scrappy mat in a hospital. What was going on? I felt weak and incoherent.

      I overheard one of the nurses saying that my kidneys were failing. Strangely this was a little comforting because at least my sudden arrival to this scene made some sense. I must had passed out and been brought to the ER.

      I asked the nurse what was happening, and she told me that I had stopped taking my "beauty pills" and that these were the results. Beauty pills, once you're on 'em, you can never go back.

      Now I couldn't fathom why I'd decide to take beauty pills, but I just accepted this as truth and figured they'd just give me these pills again and I could go home. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. Time skipped ahead and I was looking at myself in the mirror. The left side of my nose was extremely swollen, and it seemed to be getting worse by the second.

      I went outside to go find help, but shortly my tongue started to swell too. My mouth was forced open by the swelling. I tried to talk to someone to get help, but all that came out was an unintelligible "mmmmffffbbllooooggggdd".

      People looked at me like I was nuts. Oh well, some days just suck.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    13. Teleport Practice - Spring Competition Night 2

      by , 03-04-2023 at 02:26 AM
      I decided to include other notes from the night and also some bits of my PR lore this time. For the lucid, see the red part.

      Lights off - a little bit before 4 am
      Falling asleep - quickly, a little bit after 4 am

      Awakenings and recall
      7:02 - several fragments
      some awake time because of the cat
      9:13 - 1 fragment
      10:39 - 1 long chunk of the dream (almost getting lucid) and 1 shorter fragment
      a little bit of WBTB time
      11:54 - 1 fragment
      12:35 - 1 fragment (again almost getting lucid)
      13:45 - final waking - quite a lot of non-lucid content but very chaotic, three dream plots mixing together, then getting lucid

      Lucid (DILD)
      Chaotic non-lucid. Slowly getting semi-lucid (understanding that I have powers and wanting to practice them). I also believed I had investiture from Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere. I was running, feeling the energy, and then I decided to practice teleporting.
      During my first attempt, my mum was talking to me and I had to start again.
      I was standing in a kind of portico of a house or a garden gazebo with several steps leading down. I decided to use Welsh for a spell phrase - "Llwybr allan", meaning a path out. Obviously lucid at that point, I remembered Mzzkc's dream control advice from the day before and added the emotion of how it should feel to teleport away and stopped overthinking the schematic part, I simply stepped through with the intention of a movement somewhere else (nothing specific, just a significantly different location).
      I closed my eyes to make it easier and walked the steps down. I could actually feel something like a shaky barrier.
      When I opened my eyes, I was standing on a street in a city looking like Prague*. The portal behind me changed to a solid wooden door of a townhouse.
      There was a tram stop, so I tried to find out where I was. The sign was "Pencil Square". I was thinking about how to get back to my friends and wanted to check the tram timetables but then I decided to try the teleport again, thinking that it could "remember" the way back.
      I went to the door but two people approached me, a man and a woman, looking aggressive. They wanted me to go with them, acting like a sort of dream police. I hesitated and the woman pulled out a knife, telling me: "If you want to resist, I have this." I wanted to say that I can resist that too and was trying to think of some good dream control idea. Unfortunately, I woke up.


      *If I stick with my PR lore, this was Dream Prague, a place where I staged most of my efforts against the Dark Lord (persistent evil DC, but he isn't limited to the Dream Prague realm, he is a traveler, or a realm-hopper, as most powerful DCs are).
      But if I want to see it that way, who were the two people who tried to arrest me and what is going on there? I haven't been there for quite a long time and was doing different goals, mostly ignoring the Dark Lord. But I was told in a different dream that he plans something.

      Illustration - me, Midjourney
      lucid , non-lucid
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    14. Comp Day 2

      by , 03-04-2023 at 12:03 AM
      Missed out on 1st day cause I'm goofy but I recalled 2 dreams tonight

      Dream 1: It was the exact same scene as a few nights ago in the movie theater. Instead of watching a horror movie though, We watched puss in boots 3. "The last wishes". However it was.. Weird. There were no characters. Stuff just happened in the background with no context. Then I woke up. But this wasn’t the end for Puss in Boots 3.

      Dream 2: I was alone in the theater. Going to watch Puss in Boots 3. I asked the man for a large extra buttered popcorn and sat down to watch the movie.

      Started out with the cast from PIB 2 to be in the Bar from Shrek 2. They have different drinks so Puss offers Kitty (who’s in the form of a snake) a sip and she drinks it all at once. Puss gets angry at her and walks away. In the theater, some kid joins. He’s an asshole that commented through the whole movie. Thankfully though he gets pulled into the screen and they threw his ass in an ocean halfway through the movie. Kitty had a dramatic death scene. There was action, it was great. The ending was badass with the cast of characters in an all out war to bring back Kitty using another magic object and I finished the movie fully satisfied. Then the theater asked me to do a quiz on the movie which I did (Which helped with this recall) and woke up.
      non-lucid , memorable