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    1. Yesterday's Dreams

      by , 05-21-2023 at 09:14 PM (MeiSEKAI)
      I've been super busy this week 'cause for some dumb reason every single important exam and project is packed into May. Therefore I haven't been able to be on dreamviews much, or even to spend much time on daytime techniques... but I had these LDs anyway! I decided to try out present tense with 'em.

      Dream #1 (Non-Lucid):
      Actually this isn't a dream, because I can't remember anything about it. I woke up at 1:40, opened my DJ to a random page, and wrote "book," "reddit," "water," "dad," "crazy," and something illegible. Then I went back to sleep.

      Dream #2 (Semi-Lucid):
      First thing I remember is me and my brothers getting locked in the basement. There is a long backstory as to why, but I can't remember. All I know is that we're in a very oppressive environment and will likely be punished severely, even killed, when we're let out. We want to escape before that happens.

      Z asks if there's any way to break the glass of the sliding doors. I press my hands to it and shake my head. "Are you kidding? This thing is like ten inches thick."

      "True," N says.

      Z grabs a crowbar from somewhere and is about to try anyway, but I stop him because it will make too much noise. I fiddle with something complicated and half-unlock the doors. (Two out of four unlocked.) My brain isn't functioning properly, but I figure out that I have to move this giant black printer off the desk. At first I carelessly slide it off the edge, but at the last second I catch it and quietly lower it to the ground.

      With it out of the way, two switches on the wall have been revealed. I press one of them and the third lock clicks, the second one causing the same reaction in the fourth. I go to the door and, after undoing both locks, open it. Z blows raspberries to cover up the noise.

      "Why are you farting?" I ask loudly, playing along. Then the door is open and we run out. I tell them we have to keep running till we get to the lake, then we can take a break. But I forget about that plan and eventually we are just running in no particular direction. I'm worn out already, and it's hard to move my legs in that typical dream way.

      "Why are you tired? We've only ran 50 (something), that's not a lot," Z says, turning around to see me hunched over and catching my breath.

      "I'm out of shape," I say defensively. "Also, I'm having a lot of trouble moving."

      Then I have a "flashback" to the facility we were apparently stored in, the one we just escaped from. I am in a white hallway with glass windows, teenage subjects filing past me on both sides. A "professor" is talking to some girl, and I walk up to him, saying I can't run properly.

      He gives me some semi-useful advice, and the girl next to him says, "What helps for me is focusing on lowering my left arm at the same time my right foot goes down."

      That seems like a wise suggestion, so I try it, but her opposite leg-arm thing feels weird. I align them instead, but I can't focus on my feet planting.
      I vaguely think, Because this is a dream. Then I forget about it and return to the present.

      I'm a little better at running now, but it's still weird. Z and N turn into a mix of Avery and S, 90% Avery though. I take her to a restaurant and we buy food. I somehow end up with boba even though I don't like it. The boba is cube-shaped and green like the drink, and my straw sucks it up automatically.

      At first they are sweet and pretty tasty, and I think, Boba might not be so bad after all. But then a sour aftertaste kicks in, and when I drink more it tastes like coffee (which I dislike). I figure they must not have separated it from the cacao beans because it's "normally" served in lattes. I also have a ziplock bag filled with them, but I don't want it and neither does Avery. I feel bad for the waiter, who's standing next to our table, watching.

      At some point a group of college students come in, our in-dream classmates and part of the same facility we escaped from. I pray that they won't tell on us, but they don't seem to care much. I have an interesting conversation with one of them that I don't remember, and then Avery and I leave. We hear slow police sirens in the distance, which apparently means they're carefully searching and sifting through each neighborhood.

      Eventually we end up at a boardwalk-carnival place, where another Avery is sitting on a bench. She spots us, goes "aha!" and types something on her flip-phone. I know she's reporting us.

      "No!" I yell and fly into the air, out of her reach. Despite my distress, I think it would be funny to introduce the two to each other. [I must have been slightly lucid because I remember believing there were two Averys in real life as well, and technically, there are—my childhood friend, and the current stranger.]

      They seem acquainted though, as My Avery stomps up to Evil Avery, shouting with fury, "Avery!"

      Evil Avery smirks, ignoring her doppelganger and saying to me, "I got you last time, too."

      It's true, I do have the sense I've dreamed this before. [Even now.] I don't respond and keep trying to fly away, half Superman-style and half Flappybird-style. I feel a little hesitant about leaving My Avery behind, so I yell at her to run.

      We both flee, her on foot, me by air, but we don't get far. I don't know why, but I just keep flying in elaborate circles around the rides and tents. When my mom comes though, I stop that and actually try to get away. There is a grove of trees in front of a large concrete wall, and on top of the wall is an even larger spiky chainlink fence. I scale it and My Avery leaps over the trees to do the same, somehow having gained super-jumping powers. She vaults the fence and drops down to what looks like the roof of my school.

      I am a little scared even though I "know" it's a dream and I should stay confident. [I think I might've been semi-semi-semi-lucid this whole dream, it just shined through in flashes like these.] A random narrator says, "Good thing (Evil) Avery wasn't able to use either the chain links nor the spikes to climb the fence!"

      I turn around and sure enough, Evil Avery has fallen into the grove of trees, her eyes impaled by a couple branches. Her appearance has transformed into that of Kalluto Zoldyck from Hunter x Hunter, but I don't notice. I cry out her name and rush to her. In the back of my mind I'm thinking, So the plot calls for me to still care about my childhood friend, evil or not. How touching.

      She is alive but badly hurt. I pick her up and take her to a nearby hospital, which means getting captured again but that doesn't matter now. My Avery follows, and as we're screened into the building, we have to classify ourselves with a number stating our danger/rarity level. She says "8v6"—apparently she has been here before and her rank is higher than before. I say "10v4."

      I tell the guy in charge (who looks like Milluki from HxH except with white hair) to help Evil Avery, but he is apathetic, which surprises me more than it should. I think about leaving or destroying stuff, and over the intercom he says I can destroy whatever I want, since nothing matters. Maybe he is testing my abilities.

      I "know" this is a dream, and this time I hold on to that knowledge. I look up to a spiraling arrangement of pipes and try to telepathically slash through them, but I can't. There are some lightbulbs tied together on the wall like big Christmas lights, so I break them, but it's weird. I focus on one, and the one next to it breaks. Then when I try to fix it by zeroing in on a black bulb with gold decor, I hear a shattering sound, but it only appears broken when I look away and look back.

      After a while of this I get worried about my vision and the half-blind thing happening, so I step through a doorway into a warehouse area. My mom is there. I feel like any minute now my vision will go out, and I wonder what I should do. I remember a convo I had with Harlequin that day and decide to try out a command.

      "Clarity now!" I shout, and for a split second I don't expect much because I didn't direct it toward the dream. But then the scenery pulses and ripples and at the same time I feel it the effects within my body. When it stops, my surroundings are clearer than before.

      "Wow..." I say. My mom asks what happened, and I tell her, "I just experienced something amazing."

      "What?" She's kind of smiling, and I'm surprised she's not mad at me for running away. I don't want to tell her it's a dream in case I jinx it, but I also don't want to ignore her.

      "Next time you're dreaming, realize it," I explain, well-aware I'm oversimplifying it. "Then say 'clarity now,' and you'll see."

      She just keeps smiling as if she understands.

      I lose lucidity and the plot returns to Evil Avery. I carry her out of the building, pressing down the feeling that it shouldn't be this easy. I say that if Milluki won't help her, I will go to every other hospital in the area, even the "community center" if I have to. He seems more hesitant now and maybe agrees.

      He tells me that Cinderella's parents died when she was young and that's why her kids and grandkids and great-grandkids are so messed up. Her great-grandkid is apparently my "mom" and works at the facility. I am able to watch the story in a thought-bubble like screen, and this Cinderella looks more like Kyouko from Irisu Syndrome.

      "Wow," I say. "I'll break that chain, then."

      Even though I say that, I have the sense that I just isekai'd into the body of Cinderella's great-great-grandchild and am actually someone else entirely.
      Then I wake up.


      I woke up at 6:07, and it took me until 7:30 to finish writing down this dream Well, that was mostly because I kept spacing out in between each sentence. Then I set an alarm for 8:45 and went back to sleep.


      Dream #3 (Lucid; DEID; Non-Lucid):
      Me and someone else are watching a video of some pink-haired livestreamer, and I notice the background is almost exactly the same as my room. I point each matching detail out, particularly the photographs, and become lucid.

      My vision immediately blacks out, but I say, "Clarity now! Clarity now!" and it comes back. I do a finger-through-palm RC and it makes the back of my hand extend an abnormal amount, though it doesn't go all the way through. I head downstairs and as I'm thinking about what to do,
      I wake up. Just for a second! I am 85% sure it wasn't an FA.

      I close my eyes again and do an unintentional DEID, not DEILD because I'm not lucid when I re-enter. I check the time and it says 8:37, then Nile runs out of the house. I catch him and bring him back inside, only for my mom to yell at me about not making sure N ate his 30 rice cakes.

      I'm confused and walk into the living room to find N sitting at the dinner table, a miserable look on his face. In front of him is a bowl filled to the brim with rectangular, reddish mochi.


      I woke up soon after at 8:43, two minutes before my alarm was set to go off. Interesting that the dream time aligned so well with reality. I rushed the notes for this one because I had to leave the house at 9:30, that's why it's not very detailed.

      Additionally, the reason I say this dream was lucid while the other was semi-lucid is because the other felt more like roleplaying, whereas in this one I had more awareness that I was actually asleep somewhere in real life. Even though I didn't remember my goals in either

      And here are some pics of the dream scenes:
      What is the nature of the will?-unnamed-9-.jpg

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    2. Quest For The Dream Sanctuary

      by , 05-21-2023 at 08:49 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      I'm in the central area of serrano and hearing the running of what sounds like a motor (probably a chiller in real life). Out of the corner of my eye I imagine a glass container - almost like a fish tank of sorts - on a table in the corner. When I turn, it's in fact a printer as well as a sewing machine, which resembles my mom's sewing machine in NJ, on the table in the corner. I keep my gaze on this table and scrutinize the two machines. It doesn't make sense that the sewing machine would be in the corner. I feel like a hear my cold plunge, and this should be my cold plunge...right?. This doesn't make sense. I begin to pull my hand in front of me, but without even needing to really observe it, I realize: oh - It's a dream! I become lucid and take in the scenery of this central area of my home in the dream. The dream isn't fully clear and stable, and at this moment I'm truly wanting a clear and stable dream. I really push my awareness hard, tapping into a state as though I was pushing my awareness hard in a session of zazen. I continue to ramp up my awareness with focus, and say "aware". The dream buildings in vividness and stability. I get the feeling that there's somehting messy on my hand. I realize I don't need to wash my hand since it's a dream, but it kind of annoys me (like it would in waking life!) and figure hey, why not wash it off quick. I head to the sink which looks strikingly similar to how it would look in real life. Even the layout of the kitchen is almost identical. I wash my hands and then dry them with the cloth on the drainboard - almost identical to real life. I then think to work on some dream goals! First, I want to ask the dream what my spiritual path is. I ask, yet no answer once again. I then decide to try to head to my dream sanctuary. I spontaneously get the idea to pull out my laptop and go on google chrome and see what happens if I search it. But first, I see the fridge a think about grabbing a piece of dark chocolate while I work on this. I expect to find some in the area where I keep it in waking life, and sure enough, I find the same exact double-sealed plastic bag of ChocZero that I had there a couple days prior. I don't feel like meticulously unzipping the bag, so I try to just rip it open and poor the chips into my hands while loading the computer - no luck. I start typing "dream sanctuary" into the google search, yet the letters keep getting scrambled as I type. I try to produce the words accurately and keep needing to backspace and retype. I eventually come pretty close, and the computer loads the image of what appears to be woods. I turn to my right and notice a dark bunched up figure at the top of the stairs, almost like a bunched up blanket but I can't tell 100%. It sparks a bit of fear- in a nightmarish type of way- but I get intense with my approach to it. I stick out my hand with courage and intensity and do somewhat of a 'force pull' - however it doesn't work. I then do a 'force-crush' instinctively, yet it doesn't seem to have much of an effect. I return to glance at the screen and decide to head outside to try to find this area. I turn to my right and see the same figure and once again try both techniques in a 'force' type of way, yet no effect. I begin to hear voices of roughly two people in the house and they seem to be approaching the room. I want to avoid it, so I head to the front entrance, which opens in both directions just before the main door, and I head outside. The front of the house looks almost like a manor, which a red brick staircase leading downward. I fly down this area and the red brick continues onto the front walkway. I make my way into a wooded area as the sunlight streams through. I take in the beautiful sight of the tress and continue my flight forward. I soon see a tall fence with two guard just on the other side. I fly into the fence and scale up it. I then fly over and take in the view of a large field with a large brick building which appears to be a school behind it. A bunch of students are playing some sort of sport which seems like it may be soccer. I spot a teen picking on a much younger student, and suddenly get the impulse to protect the young student. I punch the older one if the face, then in the body, then proceed to throw him about one hundred hard and into the side of the building. I immediately get the thought/feeling that I shouldn't have done that. Although it's a dream, it's still going to have some kind of karmic trace (thinking back to a podcast I'd heard the day prior). I immediately fly to the DC dropping down from the wall, catch him, and do a sort of 'lay-on-hands' to fully heal him. I then guide him down to the ground. I begin flying away and the dream begins to fade. I then wake up.
    3. Note

      by , 05-21-2023 at 02:25 AM (MeiSEKAI)
      Had a long semi-lucid and a short low-level lucid today, will post them tomorrow because I don't have time today
      side notes