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    1. Competition Night 2

      by , 06-03-2023 at 10:37 PM

      Church Adventures (Lucid)

      There is a play going on at my old high school. One of the scenes, I recall, involves someone passing gas. But the kid playing this part missed it, so they decide to somehow slip the scene in later. I’m behind the stage as this is going on, but I start to make my way around to the front. Out front though, I’m kind of awkward, not sure where to stand and not wanting to block people’s view...

      ...Later I’m in a hallway. There are books – different colors for different age groups. Yellow and green, I recall. At least one of them is a mystery book. My brother comes along, and some girls come along and start talking with him. Then they hug him and lean on him, in a way that seems flirtatious to me. My brother is married, and this bothers me, until one of the girls leans back and snuggles against me. Meanwhile, my mother is standing a few feet away reading one of the colored books...

      ...(same dream?) At my brother’s church. My mother and I are sitting outside of the sanctuary. The earlier service ends, and it appears that either the second service or Sunday school is starting in the sanctuary. My mother doesn’t want to go into the sanctuary, saying that she thinks “it isn’t important”, or something. Her explanation for this is that the music uses guitars, and to her (in the dream, not waking life) this makes it less important. I sit with her a few moments, and then decide that I’m going to go into the sanctuary. When I go in, I find that the service is not taking place, and possibly there is no Sunday school either. I ask someone when the second service is going to be (or maybe Sunday school) and they tell me it starts somewhere around 1:00pm. That’s quite a while from now...

      ...In the dream, my brother is the pastor of this congregation, and he is now closing up the building. I jokingly quote Ebenezer Scrooge from one of the movie versions of a Christmas Carol: “you keep close watch on the closing hour”. He replies with quoting the same movie. I seem to get a bit muddled in what I’m supposed to say, but eventually I say “don’t work overtime, you might make something of yourself”. We leave the building, me still pretending we are in A Christmas Carol movie. My brother walks home, and I follow pretending that I’m the children singing “Father Christmas” from the 1970s musical version. Some kids actually show up at this point...

      ...In the church building. My mother and I are in a room somewhere, and she points out to me a nice looking dish that is sitting on a table. The dish has a flower design on the surface, and is textured so that you can feel it as you run your fingers along it. My mother explains to me that it is a “Dream Flower”. That prompts me to do a reality check, and I find that I can breathe while my nose is pinched shut. It takes me a couple of moments to fully aknowledge that I’m dreaming though, because this seemed so real up to this point. I wasn’t actually expecting it to be a dream when I did the RC. But I eventually become lucid. I remember the competition, and that I have completed the first of my 3-step task. The next one is “super speed”. I’m not exactly sure how to accomplish this. At first I try flying, but am having difficulty with this. I also try running, but the rooms don’t seem to be large enough to build up enough speed. I go outside, but it’s cold out there and for some reason that makes me not want to go very fast. I go back inside to try indoors again, but the dream fades...

      I was either awake now, or it was a false awakening. Anyway, I tried to hang on here, waiting for the dream to reform. I suspect that it did, and that’s why some of these scenes seem out of order in my memory, but I’m not sure. I don’t think I came back lucid though. I also remember the following scene:

      ...Some guys are sitting around a room (in the church, I think). They are talking about an old truck. One guy seems to be very emotional about this truck, and finally gets up and runs to the bathroom. I wonder if he has gone to cry or to throw up, or what. He comes back in a couple of moments with toilet paper or a tissue...

      Dancing Corgis

      We are sitting somewhere, with a view of the street. I look over and see what appears to be a couple of squirrels. As I look, it turns out that they are Corgis. The Corgis are jumping and dancing, in what seems to be a coordinated way. We go over to look at them, and sure enough they are in a group and doing a coordinated dance. There is a man leading them, dressed like someone from a circus. He is using some kind of GPS technology to help coordinate the dogs, kind of like the fancy marching band patterns you see. Except that these dogs are doing really fancy things, making 3D shapes and such. Now they’re in a small auditorium, and I walk down from the back a little bit. I mostly see people now, sitting on chairs and playing musical instruments (including kazoos). I back away from one guy, thinking I’m making him nervous, and go back to the back of the auditorium. The Corgis come back out, coming up the center aisle. One Corgi decides that it wants to be my friend, and starts following me...

      My Brother’s Girlfriend

      In this dream, my brother isn’t married. But he has a girlfriend. She looks like one of my friends from the University. She also seems to get really nervous whenever people talk to her, to the point where she starts shaking. There is also something about a girl I went to school with a couple of years ago. She was married at the time, but in this dream she is single. At some point I go into a bathroom to relieve myself. Also to change clothes, I guess. Or maybe I’m having trouble pulling my pants up? Anyway, I decide I should shut the bathroom door, and find that the latch that holds it shut is broken. I think my nephew comes into the house at this point.


      (1) My Uncle is talking about a state park lodge – something about them being crooks? There is at least one other person, or maybe even a band, involved.

      (2) Someone has decided to give up drinking alcohol, or soda pop, or something. He is now sitting with Albert Einstein, who is cleaning the inside of a glass full of rusty looking water with a brush. This is “mineral water”. He gives it to the guy, who also seems to be me now, saying that he wonders if it is too strong. Me/the guy takes a sip, and it’s so awful that I/he can hardly swallow it. Letting a lot of it just kind of dribble out of my/his mouth, I/he try to smile and pretend that I/he like it.
    2. Comp Night 2 - Slept a Lot

      by , 06-03-2023 at 09:02 PM (MeiSEKAI)
      It seems like every time I complain, my brain makes me eat those words the next day... not that I'm complaining

      I watched the first How to Train Your Dragon two days ago and the second yesterday, in hopes that I could at least get points for the theme, even if I couldn't get lucid. It paid off!

      Dream #1 (Non-Lucid):
      The main character was a girl who'd been betrayed countless times, there was a brief backstory showing all the betrayals but I don't remember them now. She befriended another girl I'll call Isa, because she reminds me of my childhood friend Isabella. But some stuff happened and Isa ended up partnering with yet another girl (I'll call her Partner), who was also trying to kill MC. MC felt betrayed even though she'd also found a new partner, and Isa wasn't participating in the fighting, and in the end Partner was the one who got beaten up. MC and her buddy ruthlessly broke her right arm and legs before fleeing the scene.

      Partner was freaking out about her injuries, screaming and flailing around in agony. She called out for Isa's chiropractor who apparently lived in my loft, but a random Indian YouTuber came down instead. She asked if he could mend her broken bones and he said he could, but he wanted to "fix" her left arm first because it had "more wrist creases than the right."

      She hesitated for a while, as her left arm wasn't broken and his reasoning didn't make sense to her. He arranged his equipment (toiletries and a laptop), then walked off somewhere. While he was gone Partner could see that his website was being revamped, as it was displayed on the laptop screen and changed before her eyes.

      He returned and apologized, saying he'd had a "slow life" and didn't "get started" until now. (He was in his thirties.) Partner asked if he could just fix the broken bone, but he said he had to start with the wrist because of those creases. She was doubtful and worried he would damage the one unharmed limb she had left, but I think she was going to agree. I was stressed even as the nonexistent observer.

      Not sure how this happened, but at the end there was something about good grades and upbeat music started playing,
      and then I woke up. It was 3:43. I jotted down some notes and attempted WILD.

      Dream #2 (Non-Lucid):
      An artist was hired to go to China to paint "English drawings" on the subway. After she finished, she pulled on a lady's dress and begged her to look, acting really bothersome and creepy. But when the lady and everyone else turned to see, they were truly amazed, oohing and aahing at her work. It was supposed to be English art but it looked anime-style to me; there was even Sailor Moon fanart.

      The subway morphed into a bus and I became a passenger. I was a child and so was everyone else there, around 10 or 11 years old. One girl had super pretty light brown hair, I remember staring at it from behind. The dream went briefly back in time and made it so that she had two little braids in her hair instead of it being completely down.

      Even though her hair was beautiful, there was something off about it. She didn't quite look like a proper human being, the proportions and texture were slightly messed up.
      I remember thinking, Well, it's not real, so it makes sense. But I wasn't lucid.

      We were dropped off at an abandoned ocean. As far as the eye could see there was only greenish-gray water, and a tall concrete wall atop a thin line of sand. Rope netting was strewn across its lower half. We swam across the water, nearly getting eaten by a sea monster but climbing up the rope just in time. None of us wanted to stand on the sand because it was too close to the water, and we weren't willing to risk falling in. So, we walked along the top of the wall, even if that was scary as well.

      I had a conversation with a boy, some sort of pep talk. We were all confident that we would make it as long as we had support from... someone. I believe we were trying to get to that person.

      Don't remember any transition, but there was a scene change. I was in my room, my age again, binging multiple shows at once. Most of them were anime, but one was a live action movie. My mom came in and I accidentally played the live action for a second, revealing that I was slacking off. She started lecturing me about grades but I distracted her by joking about the show and making excuses.

      She told me that I had to construct dragons with some other people, one of which was my ESS classmate Jason. He was working hard; I was pretty lazy but there was a time skip and I had made three or four dragons, one of which was a combination of a small elephant plush and my dog Nile, except with wings. I named it Inukogun.

      All the dragons were in my bed. My mom said we had to kill them and a scene from How to Train Your Dragon flashed through my head. A solemn mood fell over the group as she ordered us to pick one. Shippo (from Inuyasha) was there and he wanted Inukogun but couldn't remember its name.

      He thought it would be embarrassing or offensive to admit that, so he looked through my notebook for the name and found it. I think I subconsciously helped him because I also wanted him to have Inukogun. They were both small and it would be cute.

      My mom said I was mean for picking that name—she apparently spoke Japanese and "kogun" meant "loss of space." [I searched it up and it actually means something similar?!] Essentially, I was calling him a "waste of space dog." I said multiple times that it was short for shoukougun (like Irisu Shoukougun/Syndrome) and she teasingly mocked me.

      Don't know when this happened but at some point I was flying around my neighborhood, talking to someone on the phone. They said, "Isn't it great?" referring to the way I pronounced something, but I don't remember anything else.


      I woke up at 5:30. At first I didn't realize I had had a dream or that I was even awake, but eventually I came to my senses and wrote it down. Again I attempted WILD, but I fell asleep without realizing it.


      Dream #3 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
      There was a dragon named Strikeform. An expert on dragons identified his class, but I forgot the name. I awoke at 6:11 and like I said, hadn't realized I fell asleep. I was just lying there wondering when I would drift off. Then I noticed I was repeating "Strikeform" in my head over and over. Probably attempted WILD afterwards but I don't remember.

      Dream #4 (Non-Lucid):
      My dad was yelling at my brothers and my mom about having to leave to some place in Egypt. He stormed into the upstairs bathroom, some lady on his podcast shouting "I don't f**king care!" It was stressing me out and I hoped they would leave soon.

      There was a dog stuffed animal in the room that somewhat resembled Nile. My dad's footsteps made it stand up and walk over to me. (It wasn't alive, it was just the force of his footsteps making it "bounce" in my direction.) I beckoned it and thought, It's almost like my willpower made it come to me. Like a dream. But I didn't become lucid.

      Petting it made its tail move in a way similar to wagging. I thought it was weird but assumed that's just how it was made, that it was the result of highly intelligent gravity manipulation. I hugged it and felt glad that it wasn't alive.

      Then I was on a sidewalk, still clutching it, trying to sleep. Except that image was just a flashback—in reality, I was telling Jude a story about how I tried to sleep on the sidewalk.

      "I'm surprised. Aren't you always self-conscious about sleeping on sidewalks?" she asked. "You're always like, 'Aaah, what if they hate me for taking up all the walking space as if I were royalty, what if they kick me,' blah blah blah."

      I laughed because she knew me well. "I was about to get to the part where I move to the grass."

      And the flashback showed me doing that,
      but then my brother N left the room IWL and it woke me up. 6:40. I quickly went back to sleep after writing it down.

      Dream #5 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
      I had a dragon in Berk that had pulled five people/puppies out of a river. Everyone in the village, dragon and human alike, bowed down to him. I woke up at 6:57 smiling with pride.

      The reason this is a fragment is because for some reason I was under the impression that I had already written down the dream. but when I checked my DJ, there was nothing. (Oddly enough, the bookmark was placed at a random page away from the rest of the notes.) By the time I wrote it down for real, I had forgotten much of the details.

      Dream #6 (Non-Lucid):
      There were two siblings in my room, a brother and an older sister. The former was bound in these weird rectangular restraints—they encapsulated his whole body, making it look sort of like he was trapped in a ladder. He had been told that they were to help him walk, but actually, they were keeping something evil inside him sealed.

      He somehow figured out they were unnecessary and started breaking them off, asking the sister why he needed them in the first place. She watched with a horrified look as his eyes widened, the irises glowing a bright purple. He looked at her menacingly… and my dad burst into the room, barking at me to hurry up and get ready. I hadn't been part of the dream, but now I was alone on my brother's bed, surrounded by the broken restraints.

      "Yeah, yeah," I mumbled, and quickly got changed.

      We had to walk somewhere in the middle of the night, but I had some sort of motorcycle and drove ahead of them. I zoomed along so quickly that shock waves exploded around me as I stomped on the gas. The bike had a mind of its own as well: when I told it to slow down or go in a certain direction, it did, albeit with some mischievous resistance. I remember freaking out a little because I couldn't find the handles and was just holding on to the headlight.

      At some point I very nearly smashed into an oncoming train, slowing down just enough that it whooshed past me without making contact. I decided I was done with the reckless speeding and came to a stop, waiting for my brothers to catch up.

      "Did you see that? I almost died just now!" I exclaimed. "You know what a train just grazing against your finger can do to a person?!"

      They didn't really care, and a conductor came over, saying that another train was coming soon and we had to get out of the way. I saw tracks forming on the ground beneath us. He instructed us to stand on a horizontal girder beam and hold onto another one higher up.

      "Turn around," he added. "Don't want dust, or worse, flying into your eyes."

      We did. I was tempted to sit down, but it was a good thing I didn't (as a narrator graciously informed me), because the beams suddenly flew into the air, spinning and rotating and flipping upside down like a rollercoaster. I held on for dear life, unable to make a sound, until they returned to their original positions.

      "Wow, that was horrible. I hated that and I never want to do it again," I said in a deadpan voice.

      There were more people standing on the beams now, one of which was my third grade teacher Ms. B. A reporter was interviewing her and I made sparkly-eyes to show I knew her, saying to the person next to me, "That's my third grade teacher. She was mean."

      I hadn't said it quietly, nor with malice. I was actually hoping she would hear so we could talk. She turned to me and didn't seem to recognize my name, but after some prompting from my mom, it came back to her.

      She apologized for being so strict with our class, saying that as she aged she had become much more lenient and now she loved teaching kids. Her hair was graying and wrinkles were forming on her face. She really did seem like a sweet old lady.

      The next person interviewed was someone from swim team named Umi, but in the dream he was named Umami. I did sparkle-eyes with him as well, and when I turned around some random guy was doing sparkle-eyes at me. I laughed awkwardly and looked away.

      Umami bragged about how the kanji in his name fit him perfectly, and three kanji filled the "screen." The first two looked like fancily drawn pirate ships, which I guess was fitting since they're related to water which is related to swimming which is related to him.

      Even Nile was on the beams, and he wanted to salute the interviewer. I was worried he would slip, but allowed it since he had both hind legs planted firmly on the bottom beam.

      After some time we got down and walked with Ms. B to a small shop run by my neighbor Diana. There were free lollipops in a bowl so I took a red one; it was sweet and tasty. Ms. B offered to buy a ginormous peach for us, but before we could work out a deal,
      I woke up at 8:22 from my other brother leaving the room.


      I lay in bed for 45 minutes trying to go back to sleep. At some point I heard a voice say, "If you want to fall asleep again, that'll be $14.99." I laughed, but I really couldn't fall back asleep after that.

      So many dreams and no lucids... my daytime techniques must be lacking. Not to mention all those failed WILDs Well, I won't despair yet.

      WBTB - 2 points
      Remember a Full Non-Lucid Dream (x4) - 4 points
      Remember a Non-Lucid Fragment (x2) - 1 point
      Dragons theme - 5 points
      Tonight's sum: 12 points
      Previous sum: 3 points

      Total: 15 points
    3. Comp Night 2

      by , 06-03-2023 at 05:47 PM
      I was in Arizona and we had to get on another plane to Oregon, except it departed hours afterwards, so I had lots of time to explore Arizona. I went to the Grand Canyon... Which was more like a wall. I balanced on top of it.. Fell off a couple times but I just spawned back on top. Later on, this wolf was on the wall chasing me and I had to avoid it. I went through the entire thing, and before getting back onto the airport there was some guy that read aloud my dream journal from a couple nights ago. I wanted to say something, but I didn't.
      non-lucid , memorable
    4. Summer 2023 Comp Night 2: Nonlucid Bomb

      by , 06-03-2023 at 05:43 PM (Lucid Time!)
      NLD 1:

      I am at a doctors office getting a medical checkup and needing several shots. I then falsely remember partway through that I don't have insurance and the bill is going to be absolutely obscene.

      The dream scene is... interesting. The clinic i'm at is a small single story building in a coniferous forest somewhere. Huge pine trees surround the building on three sides and a babbling brook runs diagonal to one corner with beautiful reeds. The natural elements of the dream are quite vivid. However the building seems to be lacking most of its walls and a roof. There are some interior walls and a layout of the floor and everyone is navigating the structure as though it is a normal building. There were also not individual patient rooms, just about a dozen hospital benches laid out in one big room and most of them occupied with other patients undergoing similar procedures.

      Right before the doctor could give me a shot I ran out of there and into the parking lot. I just started running as a doctor was following me with a sedative and two other attendants were following me too.

      NLD 2:

      I was on an alien planet, maybe a layer 1. The dream had a feel of the borderlands games in its sort of art style being old-west meets space opera with bright colors and a bit of post-apocalyptic. I remember I went and hid from these bandits who were chasing me as I didn't have a weapon (two female, one male) in a canyon. There was a large sort of plasma wall/gate/forcefield type thing that I managed to activate on my side. These stakes in the ground would project a sort of hazy white force wall.

      The bandits couldn't deactivate the forcefield wall from their side, but the had some piece of equipment back at their base which could. I had a piece of equipment that could disable the shield. it was like a flashlight with a needle or barb sticking out that I stuck right into the forcefield wall where it stayed. It caused an electrical potential to slowly build up within the forcefield. When the bandits came back with their shield disabling device all three were electrocuted and killed by a lighting arc from the shield.

      Did a Wake-Back-To-Bed here with the objective of becoming lucid and flying the Natsu.

      SLD 3:

      I was in the bathroom of my current home, though the bathroom seemed to be larger. I was looking at myself in the mirror noticing I had some redness in my lower back (where I've been sore for several days) but it looked more like a rash or something. I think while mostly in the form of my waking world body I seemed to be larger, taller and overall heavier set than I was in waking life. Manei and marcus were both present there.

      I remember while I was not lucid or at the very least at a level of lucidity I wouldn't consider worthy of counting for the competition I decided I would jump over to my dream form. I had the sensation of pushing my soul or consciousness out of my body, like astral projection or OBE and flying into and taking control of my new body. My waking world body unceremoniously fell over limp on the floor. I remember taking the pulse of my own waking world body and seeing that it was dead. Marcus asked me what we should do with it, saying that if the police found a dead body they would think somebody had died because they didn't understand that the body was just an expendable vessel and the consciousness and memories had just been moved. To which my response was

      "lol just get rid of it I don't care"

      In my dream form I noticed another oddity as I began playing with my hair. That I had a large number of small black hard lumps in my hair. It was about the size and shape of a blueberry with the little "crown" on the top and bottom. I pulled on one and it cracked of the hair strand it was attached to very easily. I asked Marcus what it was. He proceeded to explain.

      [paraphrased, spoken mostly in the language of thought] "Well when I made that body I wanted to allow for abiotic sustainment but the pesky laws of biochemistry and entropy kept getting in the way in some layers of reality more adherent to physical laws. Hade seemed... generally annoyed with the upkeep necessary with a baseline human body. I don't blame him. One of the workarounds I put in was photosynthetic cells able to consume all waveforms of light... why I went with black hair. They are based off the lifeforms on Woue. The plant like cells help the metabolism to be much more closed off since they can help produce sugars and recycle nutrients and biomass. But apparently those plant cells are trying to produce fruits now. I might be able to fix it but modifying the genetic material this late in the game might be tricky."

      "So wait. This is why he's like 'Oh, teehee I forgot to eat for three days'." Manei asked.

      "Yes, I do believe that is so." Marcus responded.

      NLD 4:

      I was on the boardwalk in the front of my childhood neighborhood at night. I was standing on the railing of the boardwalk hanging paper lanterns off of trees for some kind of holiday or celebration. My father was present along with a few other nondescript dream figures. We were apparently preparing for a halloween like celebration.

      A dream figure came out, I believe he was my friend K's sister. He was wearing a very elaborate wendigo costume save for on his feet wherein he had shoes with those bendy bows on them that let somebody run really fast and jump really high. Somebody else had some kind of black demon costume with a white mask. He looked kind like Red X from the 2003 teen titans show but with claws. Some little kids were scared of his appearance but I compliment the costume design and acting of its wearer. He seemed friendly.

      A native american man appeared and accused the wendigo costume wearer of cultural appropriation. They had an argument about it.
    5. 03.06.23 Stress of work

      by , 06-03-2023 at 07:30 AM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      I spend a lot of the time at work, interacting with a bunch of random stuff, this reflects in the dreams, they’re basically more of the same, that could be the reason why I’m not paying much attention, except for some events, every now and then

      …/I’m in a place like the canteen although both bigger and darker, the dream scenario is blurry. Cannot say if it’s daylight or night due to I cannot see the outside. I notice a lot of people there, I’m walking around the mass. There’s a woman sneaking around us. It looks like a new employee of the HR area. One of my co-workers gets into the place. He’s unusually wearing a big jacket, like he’s coming from the outside. She stops him and arranges his jacket, then she takes a small bag out of one of his pockets. She asks about it. He grabs it and say: “That’s my bag of marihuana” and puts it back into his pocket. I’m like, he’s too confident with it. He goes on where he was going and I get immersed again into my activity of arranging random stuff/…

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    6. 2023-06-03 00:00 competition night #2

      by , 06-03-2023 at 05:59 AM
      + sliding down a tarp/roadway that is draped over a bridge's towers, so it's super steep. Avoiding cars and chunks of concrete

      + walking through some underground underpass, meet some guy, climbing a tower which is build around a spiral staircase, need to escape, with group of people, trying to exit through hatches in the floor, the whole tower starts to bend, trying to get off

      + walking through a huge box store like Costco, thinking about the ventilation and temperature control, I stand at a corner of the building (then I'm at a different corner a bit later, sort of deja vu), I'm observing the huge ventilation tubes, I stand there in the blast of incoming fresh air, it is fairly cold, I'm thinking this is both how fresh air gets in to the building, and also it is the air conditioning system, I feel the blasts of air and feel the coolness of the air on my skin

      + working with some electronic devices in a room with people. We're rigging up something to high power systems. We turn it on and there is instantly a huge electrical POP!, and we're inspecting the device to see what has blown, it's probably something that's going to be hard to repair