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    1. 4/5/2024 - Third (low level) Lucid

      by , 04-13-2024 at 11:50 PM
      This was about a week ago, but I've been meaning to post this anyway.

      The dream starts with me playing Rainbow Six Siege, and I'm on the operator selection screen, I believe for attacking. I hover my mouse on an operator in the first column and about the middle row to the left. I saw an operator named "Siev" and got confused because I am very familiar with most of these operators and I know that one does not exist. Since I was practicing reality checks for about two weeks up to this point, I decided to count my fingers starting with my left hand, then I saw I had about 6-8 fingers. While the vividness was very low, I was aware that I was dreaming. I got very excited and tried to stabilize, however, the dream ended regardless.
    2. Last nights of competition

      by , 04-13-2024 at 09:45 PM
      April 11th, 2024

      Fragment 1

      On Myst island, doing something near the big tree. It involves turning on water in order to get the plan to work completely, and I try to remember how to turn on water. I think maybe you access the controls by pulling a lever in the clock, or maybe by flipping the marker switches.

      Planets. In space. Space ship, maybe? Something about gravitation pulls, I think.

      Fragment 2

      A bunch of cheese. It’s of the consistency of a cheddar cheese ball, but seems to be a kind of moldy cheese.

      Fragment 3

      Something about dating.

      Fragment 4

      Something about Dr. Who.

      Fragment 5

      Playing Lurkers.io (?)

      April 12th, 2024

      Fragment 1

      In an Everglades-type place. Someone says that they have seen a huge snake. Upon closer inspection, it turns out to be a giant earthworm. I look at it and say “lumbricus terrestris! It’s a giant earthworm”. There is some kind of discussion about it. Then it goes crawling along and goes underground.

      Dream 1: Dieselpunk Stuff

      Some people living in a post-apocalyptic sort of world. It might have something to do with the End Times. I think it starts out with me in jail. A guard, or someone, is hitting another prisoner with something. I intervene, and suggest that the guard hit me instead. I think I’m in better shape than the other prisoner. Then I think there is something about wondering why we don’t stand up to the guard (who also seems to be a military officer and we are in the military). It seems like he could get in trouble for this kind of behavior.

      I might have a false awakening or something, or maybe I do wake up and then go back to sleep. Anyway, I find myself “coming home” very late at night, and someone is making a big deal about it. Some kind of family patriarch is bound to come along and get after me.

      Then there are some military officers and/or elite-type people wanting to cross a street. Someone else is driving along in a car, and the elites are in the crosswalk. I think the driver is reluctant to stop for them, and there is a sort of standoff. It seems as though this sort of thing has been going on, and other types of rebellion perhaps, and as a result the elites are abandoning the area. Someone is showing a map with the areas that are now in their control. “They’re mostly wastelands,” he says.

      Then there is something about a sort of canal nearby, with a diesel punk kind of vessel going down it. The vessel is made of what looks like 4 smaller boats, connected by some sort of platform. People are doing something on it – harvesting something from the canal, maybe? I discuss with someone else how neat it would be to work on the vessel, if for no other reason than to sit there and enjoy the ambience during my lunch break.

      The vessel is going down the canal, seemingly pulled along by some belt/cables. There are small, narrow bridges crossing the canal. These are so low and close to the deck of the vessel that I barely even have to stand up to jump over them when we go under them. I just kind of raise myself up a little and the bridge slides between me and the deck. We get to the end of the cables, and I hop off. The cables are connected to some other machinery, and drive elevators I think. I go into a large building, sort of like an early 1900s city building. Then the vessel is about to depart to head back to where I came from, and I go to get on it again. There is something about someone being excited about it – they are either acting like a child or actually are a child.

      Fragment 2

      At a small community where my mother lives. There is a small lake here. We are discussing whether or not there would be deck hands on the lake. I think that if there are any commercial vessels on the lake, there are probably deck hands.

      Fragment 3

      Writing in my dream journal.

      Nap in the afternoon from around 4:00 to around 8:00.

      Fragment 4

      Somewhere, talking with a friend online. There is a sort of large canyon, and a fort built on the edge. Someone there is called a “General” or “Major”, or something. He is a dwarf, or something...

      Fragment 5

      ...Something about ground covered in frosting. There are worms in the frosting. They kind of look like gummy worms.
    3. The Glowing Building (LD)

      by , 04-13-2024 at 03:52 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      The Glowing Building (LD)
      I’m meditating by a window and my eyes open. I wonder when I’ll get lucid again. I stand and head toward the opposite end of a room, which appears to be part of an apartment. I begin to sense that I’m moving through a dream I’m lucid. I turn back around and head toward the edge of the room with the large glass window. I feel a sense of excitement as I head toward the window and I'm interested in exploring toward the glowing building in the far distance.. I head back over to the window and set my sights on the building, glowing orange in the dark of night, some forty stories below. I phase through the large glass window and begin flying out toward it. It's pretty far away. I don't want to risk destabilizing the dream. I should fly to it really quickly. I get ready to zoom toward the building. I focus solely on the image and imagine myself zooming toward it rapidly as it simultaneously rushes toward me. I approach it at rapid speeds and I'm suddenly right in front of it. I float down slowly as I approach the entrance. I wake up.
    4. 13 Apr: Literal monster in my bed and israeli military base

      by , 04-13-2024 at 11:53 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      I awake in my bed in my teenage room, with something latching onto my left butt cheek. It's like a leech but square, roughly 2 cm each side. I drop it in the bed in horror and it magically goes through the bed sheet. I capture it and put it in a Tupperware type container I have at my bedside table with a bit of flat bread inside, as I go grab my phone to film it. When I come back the flat bread is alive and moving and when I try to grab it, it tries to bite me, as if the creature merged with it.
      My mom is asleep but I want her to see it so I go get her and on return, it grew in size to look like a loaf of bread that is now moving on the floor. Then it takes over a duvet by shooting inside it what seem like very thin snakes. Then red insects come out of it and they all make it move as if the duvet is alive. I am now concerned with the spread of this "creature" and want to burn the whole thing down. But my cats just enter the room, see all that movement in the duvet and they wanna play and jump to it. I am horrified they might also get contaminated and shoo them out of the room. But certain that they were already infected or possessed buy that thing. I close the door to my bedroom and come outside with my mom to think of what to do.
      I review the videos and think about showing them to some authority, but when I do, no one even looks at them when I tell the story, they just mock me.
      Somehow I end up in a military base in Israel though and asked to wait for some ceremony to end, in the back of the room, supposedly to talk to someone. Although I am not a supporter of the Israel military and their whole colonizing history, I sympathize with the people here and I feel their fear.
      There is word of an imminent attack at any moment. There are some fireworks in the distance which send everyone into panic mode, but through the window on the back of the room, where I'm seated, I can see the fireworks and I tell everyone to relax. But there are some sounds of unrest coming from the hallway outside, which puts the guards on alert and they form a barrier by the door with guns pointed and ready to shoot. Then it's just someone who's late for the event and they stand down. But the fear in everyone's mind is real and I feel it to. It's not a matter of if, but a matter of when.
      Meanwhile I am trying to show my videos to someone who asked me about it, but the phone isn't cooperating and I can only find videos of my cats playing.
    5. low recall.

      by , 04-13-2024 at 01:52 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      First off. I wanna backtrack on what I said about soul ties. I did some research and the term is not biblical. That crazy stuff about sex may not be true.

      second: I was doing my prayers yesterday. Jesus kept pressing on me to give Jamie things to pray about... and I'm like: I get that, but could you be more specific? I was not expecting an answer but Galatians 4:3 screamed into my head. I actually never read all of the bible yet... So I wasn't particularly familiar with that book. I was skeptical but looked it up on bible gateway website. and the NIV translation really shocked me: So also, when we were underage, we were in slavery under the elemental spiritual forces of the world of course you always have to go with context. the next verses describe going into Jesus as a son or daughter, and onward it says 9 But now that you know God—or rather are known by God—how is it that you are turning back to those weak and miserable forces ? Do you wish to be enslaved by them all over again? So what I gather is: pray against your vices and keep them in check. And spiritual forces. I pray all that over her.

      third: To Jamie, try not to feel worried or pressured that you must do anything towards me soon or right away. Take your time. If you know Jesus now, get to know him and rest in him - Lay your worries at his feet. I was on tikTok yesterday and occasionally i get BPD related videos and one said something that seemed to reflect what she said in a dream, when she said, "Please be very patient with me." It said: be patient and let them open up to you. I know it can be dangerous to you to jump into something if you're not ready or careful. I still have some issues to work on myself - Trauma over memories and stuff, which the head voice helps with (I ask: what did it mean when you did/said this or that sort of thing. Her voice does answer even sometimes reluctantly. I get answers that seem to make sense - not going to rely on this completely, the only answers i can really trust is yours.) I wanna work on making myself a safe place for you.

      Dreams: only 2 from last night.


      I was in a grassy hill area. I was flying around in the air or something. Jamie was walking on a hill all zoned out doing her glass eye thing. A bunch of people were fighting on another hill. A big witch was wielding a sceptor shooting electricity. Raven was there. I can't remember much.


      Another sex dream.. This time in a bunch of sheets.

      honestly I kind of miss the dreams where we seem to be talking - negotiating, asking questions.
      Tags: jamie, witch
      non-lucid , side notes
    6. Night 14 Spring 2024 Night 4/11

      by , 04-13-2024 at 12:49 AM
      Coming back in the middle of the fight, Pilot was still cutting into the head. I took several teeth and attached them to a stone sword now at a more effective size. Pilot gave some strategy, telling me to create walls to slow down the hydra and limit what it can see. I pulled walls out of the ground to give some shelter to Pilot as they stayed on the head. I stood on the sword as I used telekinesis to fly it to where Pilot said the body of the hydra was.

      Now at the hydra, I was able to sense it and could dodge even in the darkness. As each head tried to strike at me, I would dodge some and create walls of stone to deflect others. Although it was capable of crashing through the walls, it preferred curling its necks around them to reach me. We both sped up during the fight, and I started deflecting with my fists as it got closer to my speed and reached me. I was able to slip past one of the heads and called over the sword to catch it and sliced the head clean off.

      With two heads cut off, the hydra still had about five heads. Luckily it was not the type to regrow heads, so the end of the fight was in sight. The hydra got even faster with the head removed, as if the weight from that head somehow affected its control over the other heads. Now that it was too fast to block or dodge normally, I started essentially teleporting through the walls through a mix of extreme speed and enough control to seamlessly move through the stone. Now untrackable even to its eyes, I was able to cut off two or three more heads before it could react. The hydra was left with two heads and was finally able to catch up with me.

      It then did what I never expected, and it was able to split its body in two. Turning into two winged serpents, it was even faster and able to fly around in separate directions. At one point where I was only able to block one with my back exposed, Pilot appeared at my back and blocked the other. That other serpent screeched and flew off after being blocked, and Pilot showed me their new weapon. It had multiple teeth lined up not to slice but to pierce, and they told me they slathered it with the hydra’s own poison. In the middle of the fight Pilot told me how deadly the hydra’s poison was along with explaining their appearance being made possible through attaching telekinesis devices to each of us.

      They passed me their weapon and I was able to pierce the inside of the hydra’s mouth the next time it tried to bite me. Now that the two serpents made up of the last heads were pierced with poison, they would die with time. We decided to leave the fight with that, and they once again grabbed on telling me to go back up out the cave through the stone again. I ran up one of the pillars and did so, but we nearly instantly traveled through this time.

      Pilot complained a little since they wanted to experience going through ground like before, and I promised to do it again later. We got back in the truck and headed towards the city since I wanted to end off the last day back at the city. I called Passenger so he would be in the city when we got there and I pushed time forwards to get there quickly. We were able to meet up just outside one of the buildings we visited last time we were in the city. Getting out, Passenger commented on our truck made from the plane we used to leave the swamp, and we showed him around it before walking around the city. We were able to celebrate with Pilot even preparing a slice from the hydra for us to eat. I’ll probably visit back again at least one or two more times after the event, but it was fun fighting through both rough environments.