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    , 08-31-2018 at 10:34 PM (238 Views)
    There was a creepy mirror world that looked sorta like my room. It was more mirrored beyond the French doors and these creatures would come out of the closet and wed have to fight them to survive.

    I also was playing this online game that was this racing game that had one simple track. The racers were either blobs or donuts, and there were different modes that changed the game slightly.

    The big on was that I was traveling down a road in a fantasy world similar to my oblivion dreams, with a couple of companions. Were traveling to another town but have to part ways for a while so I could check on my other people. When I get there, I see that theyre all locked up and I have to get them out of this situation. Its implied that Im the lady of some sort bc I how I act. I say that Im going to get everyone out even if I have to burn down the whole town. I get most people out somehow and need to help my friend Hailey. She had been trapped in the mirror world for a while and shes changed. She told me shes died three times and if she did again, thatd be it.

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