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    1. 20 May 2015 and 1 May 2015 - TOTM and a Personal Goal

      , 05-20-2015 at 11:20 PM
      20 May Lucid
      I was outside of some warehouse building with a group of others. There was a large metal door that was red or orangish in color around us. We were just outside hanging out, me and another guy were closer and there were three or four others. The outside was green grass and not fully level ground but no trees or anything else around. There were little mounds possibly some dirt showing, not very detailed. Another guy rode up on a bike and kind of past us, I think I had a weird feeling about him. Suddenly just his bike rode towards us and crashed into the wall of the building. I quickly got away from the area we were in thinking we were about to get attached. I was the only one to really move. I watched for a little while and there was no action. I got a kind of moment of clarity and did a finger check. There have been these points in a dream where I am beginning to realize it is a dream. It is more in 3rd person almost and I have to force it to go into 1st person so I have arms and whatnot. I was lucid, I reached my arms out and touched the grass. I thought that I need to slow down and focus and remember something I want to do and not just go with no goal in other recent dreams I have had. I really wanted to get stable and clear in the dream and a good thought as to what I wanted to do. I found some items on the ground and really went through them and touched them with my hands. There were large bolts and some tools so I touched those and picked them up felt their curves and points. I decided to try phasing again. I have had no luck with this in the past so I had an idea to keep telling myself it wasnít there and it was a clout or mist that I could walk straight through. I walked around the building so I could see the door again. On the way around I thought I might see people I was with before but it was desolate. I walked right up to the door all the while thinking about phasing, I approached I was telling myself it wasnít even there and oddly enough I went straight through it. I did a fist pump and walked down a hall in a large warehouse. I touched the walls inside since I felt a little unstable after the phase and cleared the dream a bit. I didnít have any other goals at this point so I was really just exploring. The ceilings were very high and the warehouse was pretty dirty, may have been industrial as well. I peeked into a couple rooms looking for people and found no one. I approached another door that I was going to phase through but right when I got up on it I realized it was unlocked and partially open so I just pushed it open with my shoulder. I checked a couple more rooms and ran into one with a bunch of people in it, I yelled hoping to surprise them and got mostly looks of disgust. I woke up shortly after this and donít remember any more.

      1 May Lucid
      This may have been a DEILD since I was pretty much lucid right away. I am not writing this right after the dream so it is a little blurry and I am not sure what was before and after it. Before this I had some sort of conflict about people not wanting me around. I remember thinking how blurry things were and I was at some house outside. I was next to some rounded railings and rubbed them a little bit as an environmental interaction to clear up the dream. I did this and said ďthere it isĒ. I was LUCID at this point, I remembered before that I looked at a different house down the road and there were a ton of people down there, I kind of did a jump/float over to the house from my house. When I landed I picked up some rocks in the yard and rubbed them between my hands to clear up the dream a bit. I touched the rocks a couple of times, the rocks were fairly pointy and sharp. I got to the back of the house that I was heading to and no one was around. I thought of a task of the month and remembered the smelling one. I found a drawer inside the house and started to rummage through it. There was a lot of junk in it and I was looking for something that would smell. I ran across something that I thought would work but kept digging. I think ran across a grape lollipop and thought hey that should smell. I got it unwrapped it and took a big whiff, it was grapey but not as strong as I had though, I then put it in my mouth to taste and really didnít taste like much either. I woke up shortly after this.
    2. Advanced TOTM for Mar Success?

      , 03-08-2015 at 08:48 PM
      I had this dream in the middle of the night, no supps. Some of the details have went away but it was an interesting one none the less. I was in some house, I donít think it was mine. I remember being stressed that it was really late and I had to be somewhere the next morning and I hadnít been to sleep. Whatever house I was in I was with a DC, not sure who it was now, the house had a huge window out to the country side. The sun started to come up and I was even more stressed since I hadnít been to sleep. I then started to look at the sunrise and I was in awe how awesome it was. It was really amazing how the light crept over the countryside and the different colors emerged. It was just green fields and green trees as far as the eye could see. I was so moved by this in the dream I thought it might be too amazing and this might be a dream. I did a quick RC and continued looking at the sunrise, I thought something was off with the RC and did it again focusing more on it and became lucid. I instantly thought of the mirror task and I donít remember how I got to where I was at the mirror at. I want to say I went to a bathroom but not sure. At the mirror I pressed my head to it, it was hard as it should be in WL but I remembered what CanisLucidus said to just keep pushing. I kept pushing my head and I began to feel my head bend into the mirror. I tried to think of different places I wanted to end up, cool places that I canít recall right now, but remember picturing them in my mind. As I was looking around me while going through the mirror the place I was began to warp a bit and change. I kept pushing and finally felt it give and I was on the other side. I donít know if I slightly woke or was in the void at this point but it was pitch black, I just waited and finally a scene formed around me. It started in 1st or 3rd and moved to 3rd or 1st person, I canít remember which. There was a huge spiral staircase but the stairs were very short and it was hard to traverse. The stairs went around a tower that was very high. Only darkness was around the tower and nothing else. I donít know if the person traversing the stairs was me or another but I remember the eyes were strange, like they/I only had pupils with no iris. Very strange but a cool experience.
    3. Basic TOTM Saturday and Basic TOTM Success Sunday

      , 03-03-2015 at 02:36 AM
      1 Mar Lucid
      I donít really remember what I was doing before I went lucid but I remember being very busy and realizing that I should do an RC. I looked at my fingers and had more than I should. I was in a mall of some place inside and I immediately thought of the task to go into a house and see what was going on. I went out of the place I was in and tried to picture houses near. In an immediate left there was just more mall and then I took another left and saw the houses across the street. I was pretty excited and noticed the wind was blowing and it was very dark outside. I was hurrying across the street. There were news papers in the street and the houses looked like they were new, I thought maybe no one lived there and they were empty, I woke before I got to the houses.

      2 Mar Lucid
      I took valerian and melatonin along with my regular 5htp and ginko last night and had a couple of lucids about 2 hours before my alarm went off. The first one I really donít remember too much detail about except for that I was in some houses doing something of importance and did an RC and became lucid. I started looking for a different house but woke up pretty quick. When I woke from this I think I DEILDed and was in a house with some girls and went lucid almost right away, I pulled the pants off of a girl that was in a house I was in and then thought of tasks before I got too off topic. I left the house I was in and looked for another house. It was night and in my mind it was really late like everyone should be sleeping late. I found a little neighborhood with some smaller houses very close to where I was, I was reminding myself to remain calm. I went into the first one I could get to and as I was entering I was trying to think of something weird that the people inside might be doing. Along with that there was a worry that no one would be in the house. I went into the first bedroom to find no one, then the second bedroom to find no one, at this point I was a little erratic and panicky, in the last bedroom I was really focusing on there being someone in bed. I entered the last room and there were people in the bed. I went up to the beds and it was a small figure, a kid and the kids was made of like a grey and black marble. I am not sure if the kids were real or slept through me doing this but I picked them both up and they remained in their sleeping poses, I even made some weird shrill noise when I picked them up to try to startle them awake.
    4. More TK and an Amusement park - 25 Feb 2015

      , 02-25-2015 at 02:44 PM
      I really canít remember what made me go lucid in this one, this dream happened in the middle of the night and I felt that this lucid was going on for a long time, I kept thinking wow I have been lucid for a long time. Now that I am thinking about it I do remember showing someone (maybe my brother) that I could move stuff without touching it, I was rolling a ball on the floor back and forth and did some other things. I spent a majority of the dream practicing telekinesis and a lot of it with water. I was trying to manipulate water smoothly and not in just splashes. I tried this for quite some time. I was at home or a house initially and remember a back porch or greenhouse type thing at the end, it was daytime. I finished doing what I was doing with water and for some reason I wanted to fly and go somewhere else, my dream mind came up with the idea that I wanted to go to an amusement park. I had never developed a scene by turning around so I tried this, I pictured the place I wanted to go and when I turned around I hoped it would be there. When I turned I saw a type of amusement park in the distance. I flew over to it but it was more like a kiddy amusement park with small rides. I then kept thinking about a larger amusement park while I was flying and I think the rides got bigger. For some reason I focused on trying to find a girl in a bikini. I got to some female DC and when I got there I woke. There was a lot more detail to the dream and it was much much longer but that is all I have for now.
    5. Trial and Error: Mirror Jump

      , 02-21-2015 at 06:38 PM
      This was a very long and vivid dream but was early in the morning I am writing this late in the morning. I was with others, seems like I was running from something for a long time. I had super powers; I think it may have been like ice. This was long and very cool but I canít remember details. I went lucid when I started thinking that I could do anything. I was in a house or a boat and I walked through looking for a mirror to climb through, I went quite a ways until I found a bathroom with a mirror. I looked in the mirror a bit and I looked completely different, but I more focused in the background of the mirror and not my reflection. I wanted the background to change into something crazy or just other worldly. I tried to put my hand through and then I ended up punching the mirror, there were paint specks on the mirror. I then left the area I was in going to try something else on my lucid bucked list and try to get to an alien planet; I headed for an outside area. I found an opening but it was a ways away and I started to fly towards the area but woke up when I began having some issues flying.
      lucid , non-lucid
    6. FEB 2015 TOTM Complete!

      , 02-14-2015 at 07:38 PM
      I had a non-lucid prior to this that kinda laid the groundwork for the beginning of this one. The first one was about a girl who was rather I guess promiscuous and wanted to get naked in front of a bunch of people, and also wanted me to be naked.

      After I woke up from the first I continued to lay there and then pictures of this same girl or a similar flew through my vision, kinda like a preview for a movie only showing quick snippits of what was going on and they were all sexual scenes. After this I found myself behind this girl holding her and thought, LUCID: this could be a dream. I focused on a counter that was right next to me and looked at it and felt it, it was wood and I could see the grain moving through it, I knew it was a dream at this point. I thought of a lucid task and thought of the doing something naughty and blaming it on a DC. I had to find something, I turned around pondering and found a popcorn cart, one with glass and the popcorn inside. I hit the back side of the glass and it broke. I pointed at a girl with me and the girl behind the cart wasnít looking and didnít notice. I then banged the side of the cart and tried to get her attention, she looked up and I pointed to the broken glass to show her what happened. I then pointed at the DC I was with again. The DC working the cart got a scooper full of popcorn and dumped it on the girl I blamed it on.

      I left the little area I was in with the cart and thought about the storm task. I was in a mall like area and saw a stand with lemons on it. I grabbed a lemon which turned into an orange and I ripped it open and began to eat it, or at least the juice out of it. It was juicy and had very little taste. I saw some doors going outside; it was day time and not a cloud in the sky. As I opened the doors I yelled Ďfocusí and the dream came in focus a bit more. Out on a balcony type area below me way down was a river that was in between two green mountainous areas. This balcony was way up in the sky compared to where the river was. I began to focus on clouds rolling in and it surprised me how easy the atmospherics would change. I made the clouds come in and then made them darker and darker. The clouds dropped way down almost touching the river. I had the bottom parts of the cloud very dark almost night and began to see lightning erupt from the bottom all around the river. This excited me and I began to float in the air preparing to fly into the clouds and then woke.
    7. Teleporting room and Godzilla

      , 02-09-2015 at 02:57 PM
      Had this one early in the night and there was another semi but I canít remember it now. Was restless this morning making sure I would remember this one. Was more before this but here it is. Was with a few others and we were in a room. This room was special, it had a door that went outside but the room traveled, it was like a tele-porter I guess. There were blinds by the front door that we could look outside with. The first place we went it was really snowy and yucky out, it was in a city so there were many streets. We had to get out at one of four places. The next place was rainy and just not nice. I believe that it was this place where someone tried to get in the room, but once it locked we were off to somewhere else. The third place I donít remember but it was similar to the other two. On the way to the last place me or someone I was with asked the Ďguy in chargeí what the coolest place was he went. It almost turned into a bunch of lucid dreamers going to different places. I got this feeling of power over me and I felt almost godly. We got there and I opened the door. We were at someplace with water right out front, maybe an ocean but it was different water ways. I jumped right down and after moving for a big remembered I was godly and floated up. From the moment I was here this was this atmosphere that there were monsters that needed to be fought in the distance, like Godzilla. I was flying in the air and saw the monster and started launching missiles at it and shooting guns. I dove down and it tried to bite me, I thought I was invincible so I was just kind of laughing as it chomped down on me. I woke up shortly after this.
    8. The Back Log - 3rd Edition

      , 02-07-2015 at 02:21 AM
      I hadn't copied this one over so it isn't the next one in order but this one was awesome, very cool night.

      28 Nov - 2014 - TOTM
      In a house was in an area in a closet working on something like a furnace or water heater. I was working under something and had some parts in my hand, I had a moment of clarity and laid them down and used TK on them to move them away from me quickly. LUCID: I looked at my hands and touched the wall on the way out of the room to clear up the dream a bit. I saw my wife and exchanged some words with her a bit, I was trying to act like everything was normal and that I wasn't lucid. I thought of TOTM and remembered to tell a kid it was in a dream. I went outside and I could see a street across a yard, the yard had a fence around it. I was up higher like in the upstairs of a house and there was a bunch of junk all along the stairs down. I grabbed something from a pile of junk to rub and anchor myself more in the dream. It was a jagged piece of metal that I took with me. I .jumped/ floated down and noticed a street with people walking on it, I bounced in the yard a couple times to get over to street. I saw a kid pushing a stroller and floated down to him and said "hey you know what?", " you are in a dream... you don't exist" I was very excited I got this done and ended up waking up.

      Had a series of other dreams that were semi lucid and lucid. First was a chain involving triplet models in a pool and I kissed one and woke. Went back into dream to find her. I was semi lucid, I didn't realize it was a dream but I knew it didn't matter and I could do what I wanted. She was in a bathroom, I went straight in getting bad looks from the female DCs in there and I took her and said we were going to eat or talk. I Led her to an area in the back part of a restaurant and willed the other side of the door to be a parking lot. There we were. We found her car, I think I was trying to win her over or show her that I was godly. I lifted it telepathically. I was showing her my powers to show off. I then floated, and she kinda pulled me back down afraid of what was going on. I then mustered all my might and lifted every car in the parking lot, it was a large lot and I had not moved this many things before with TK. I remember telling her to watch, that I was so powerful. I began to demolish buildings all around us. I started with a couple big ones and turned in a circle and demolished every single one in sight. It was a city of ruins after I was done. I think I woke after this, I woke really remembering this one and thinking how amazing it was, although really semi-lucid

      21 Jan - 2015 - More TK
      Was in a store or something and I thought it would be cool if this was a dream and did an RC. Hands a couple of times and lucid. I messed with people in the store for a bit (probably something perverted) and then went outside. I used TK a lot and remember crushing a tank/Hummer type thing to demonstrate to every one around. I moved water from a fountain and doused a DC that was near. I moved alot of bricks from a structure and flung them at people. I wound up in a room somehow and couldn't get back outside, lost lucidity but dream still vivid with fight of a super villain. Some device in his temple to keep his power at bay or steal mine. Forgot I had this until it clicked this morning.

      31 Jan - 2015 - Two Shorties
      I was in a house or something and looking at a ceiling, I thought it didn't look right and did an RC, I questioned this and did an RC. I tried to punch through a thick window or window portion of a door, but go no where. I rubbed on the wall to stabilize. Woke

      Was in a room with a girl who just got out of the shower. Did RC and lucid. Stabilized on wall and bed girl was on. Did hankey with girl for a bit until I woke. This always make me wake instantly, I don't know why my dream self keeps trying.

      3 Feb
      I was in a restaurant eating with a bunch of people. An old friend was there with his family and there were a lot of people from his past there. I thought it must be strange for him for all these people he hasnítí seen for a long time to be around. Then someone started trying to mezmarize me or someone with me and started talking about how the carpet looked and wobbled and its patterns. I thought this was strange, I did an RC became lucid and woke almost immediately after.
    9. The Back Log - 2nd Edition

      , 02-06-2015 at 02:24 AM
      Here is a second edition of my back log dream journal. Some of these are more semi-lucid but were very vivid and cool.

      10 Dec - 2014 - Wild Night

      Crazy about 5 lucids

      This one started and I was in a jungle on the ground and I was by some weird looking radar tower that was on top of a large structure. It was covered on moss and greenery. I watched the radar move for a bit and it moved very strangely, more like a robot. I climbed the tower for some reason and reached the top. When I got to the top it wasn't very stable and I was concerned I would fall, as in all dreams I began to fall. I then realized this had to be a dream and floated to the ground the rest of the way. I grabbed ahold of some of the dirt on the ground to stabilize and clear the dream a bit. It still ended shortly there after.

      I was in the backseat of a truck with my wife and we were going down a hill very fast. I was really concerned with my well being and found myself being thrown into the air a bit. We were almost doing straight down hill, I thought this was crazy and did an RC. We were at the bottom of a hill now and I got out. we were near train tracks. I got out of the car and worked on levitating people that were around me, I wasn't very good at it at this point. I then think I may have lost some lucidity but I was still 'powerful', there were a bunch of cops around and I took one of their guns and I think I shot at some. This one became a cop chase type dream.

      This one I think was a DEILD but I lost lucidity a little ways through it and regained off and on. I was flying through a jungle, sometimes falling grabbing leaves and soaring around. I wound up down by a cabin, but cant remember much more than that.

      19 Dec - 2014 - A Cult

      Semi but long and vivid
      I was initially part of a cult and we were building a big structure, kinda like an ARC but a building but we were all god like. Some girl got kicked out and ended up killing someone and coming back to the cult. I was getting ready for battle but realized I was more powerful than anything and went to face the invasion alone. I stood at the road entrance and the incursion began with foot soldiers. I used TK to toss them all up and some I threw into different objects. I was able to pick up multiple at a time and eventually the guys stopped and vehicles started. I also threw them in the air. At the end of this really long battle I remember being hit in the side with something and then the people I was with and I walked off. I was happy that I had not been hit but it was a very cool dream.

      29 Dec - 2014 - Late for Work

      I was talking to my wife about something that had been bugging me and after the conversation I realized it was very late and I was really late for work. I began getting ready but looked at a different clock, it was different and then another was different. I asked myself WTF (dreamsign) and did an RC. Tried to do something inside at first, not sure what not. I was in my house and it was really close to what I live in now. I went outside and pat my dog on the head, then picked up a rock in my hand and rubbed it to further stabilize. I rubbed it quite a bit. My front yard was really similar to how it is now, it was very sunny outside. I thought of flying up to go to an alien planet. I ended up not being able to fly really well and wound up grabbing the house gutter to try to climb up. I was holding on to the siding and decided to do an elegant back-flip which instead I ended up landing on my side. I floated to the garage roof which was across the yard. This dream seemed to last quite awhile.

      1 Jan - 2014 - Slap the counter

      I wrote this 4 days after it happened so not many details. I was at a counter in a kitchen and had a moment of clarity and did a RC. Hands. I slapped the counter and shouted to stabilize and the DC that was there looked at me funny. I started looking closely at wall and feeling it, even climbing up it a ways. This was even later. Don't remember how long it lasted, but it seemed like quite awhile.

      17 Jan - 2014 - Supplements

      I had at least 3 maybe 4

      In bedroom very unstable. Dark and felt like a lot of clothes were on me, i thought I might be in a dream so I tried to move a box with TK and it moved. I did a lot if touching when I got out of the first room. Light switch wouldn't work. Outside it was day time.

      This one was very long and it started with hanging out with my family, I did a random RC and became Lucid. I left right away and began to explore and I was touching a lot of things as i was moving through the dream. I may have lost a little lucidity but I was exploring many different houses. I went up and down and climbed through rubble in one house.

      I was in a car with some guys I work with and did a RC and became lucid. I got out of the car and began to use TK on everything. I was flipping cars and tossing people around, off the bridge I was on. I was in a city type place so there were buildings all around the freeway I was on. Pretty cool one.

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    10. Aug 2014 basic TOTM complete and advanced fail again

      , 08-22-2014 at 02:35 PM
      I was in a cafeteria area with a bunch of different food stations and it was breakfast time. I was at one of the stations with a big cook top and an Asian guy cooking breakfast stuff. I wanted stuff for a breakfast sandwich and had gotten the eggs, bread and some other item from him. I really wanted a sausage patty but he had just given them all out. I went ahead and took ham. It seemed like I had a ton of stuff on my plate. I was going to stop by one of the other stations to get a sausage patty but when I got there I realized I had a lot of food. I was now in the seating area like a large open area with many tables, like an outside school cafeteria I guess. I had in my hands about 4 cardboard trays stacked on top of each other. They were getting very hard to keep balanced. I was looking for a place to sit and was on the outside of the seating area near a wall. I lost control of the small trays I had and a bit of my food fell out and was pressing against my shirt. I remember thinking that I didn't need all the fried food anyways. I was doing some balancing act and still looking for somewhere to sit, it was a mess. I then found somewhere and I just kind of let the stuff go onto the table. I looked down at my shirt and it was some sort of red sweater and there was like a brown grease on the front of it. I looked down at the food and it was gone, not on the table or ground. I thought this was weird and did an RC (fingers). LUCID: I did a little happy smirk and thought of basic TOTM. I turned around and there was a girl sitting there by herself. I tapped her on the shoulder and asked her if she knew any foreign words. She was very shy and quiet and nodded her head yes. She kinda muttered something 'demeck' I repeated back to make sure I heard her clearly 'demeck' and she said yes. I told her good now what does it mean. I worried I was going to lose the dream again and it seemed to falter but I continued on. She mumbled some words that sounded like 'When the book comes off soon', I had to really try to put these together since she said these very quietly and said back to her 'When the book comes off soon?' and she smiled and shook her head yes. I said thanks and picked her up. I put her to my side like I carry my daughter and began to float in the air, I got higher and higher and she stressed out a bit. She said she wanted to go down. I went up a little higher and kinda flew fast backwards but then went back down to the ground. I decided to try the advanced again and walked toward two girls and said watch. I looked at my fingers and extended two out to a curve to get behind my eye again. I began pushing in again and when I thought I was back I pulled out, I felt it actually coming. It felt like a grape I guess, I looked down at my hand and I didn't have it out. I went back up and could still feel it in my eye but separated. I went up and felt it and it was slimy now and left some slime on my finger this time. I tried a bit more to pull it out to no avail and pushed it back in. I gave up again. I don't remember what happened after that but the dream came to an end shortly after.
    11. First for sure WILD and more Aug TOTM fails

      , 08-21-2014 at 11:52 PM
      Very excited about having my first for sure without a doubt WILD.

      I didn't take any supplements. I napped when I got home from work from about 330 or 345 to around 7 (I slept way longer than I wanted to). I tried going to sleep around 11. I tossed and turned for awhile and was really focusing here and there about lucid dreaming, I felt myself almost asleep with a nice buzz going through my body and I was picturing a dream scene, or just an object. I turned over which I thought would mean I would lose it but as soon as I turned over I entered into the buzz state again, on the brink of sleep. I had an inkling of awareness and I was focused on a table with a plate on it. I kept thinking this for a couple of minutes and then WHAM, a dream formed around me. LUCID: I wasn't sure If I could or should move yet but I moved my arm and was able to move it in the dream scene. I gave a little smirk happy that I was in a lucid dream but calm. I was in a house (none that I recognized), I was sitting at a table with a white plate and some silverware. I stood up and noticed it was dark outside. I walked out the front door and looked up at the sky. I noticed the moon and stars. I thought I would try to make the moon bigger and put my hands in front of the moon and tried to stretch it bigger. This didn't seem to work at all. I then tried to make it light outside and I think the shades changed from a purplish like a dawn to a more dark. I thought of flying up and looking for something to do but decided to go back in the house instead to find some people to do the TOTMs with.

      I began to go inside but it was dark so I flipped the switches and they actually worked. I went inside and went into a bedroom imagining someone was in there. My dad was in bed and I think he was awake already so I decided to do the basic task on him (or what my stupid dream self thought the task was). I asked him where the spoon was, as I was asking him he disappeared, just vanished into thin air. I shrugged and a little irritated went into another room. This time it was my younger brother and he was sleeping, also the sun was coming up at this time and I could see it was getting light outside. One of the dogs I have currently was laying on the floor in there and he was asleep. I woke him by asking him about where the spoon was, he said he didn't remember. I asked him again and he said he thought in the dishwasher. Thinking I had finished the basic task I was going to go for the advanced task. I told him to watch this and kinda looked at my hand and made a couple of my fingers longer. I put it to my eye and began to push back. My brother bolted up and out of his room and to who knows where. I kinda followed but was more focused on getting my eye out. I kept pushing but just felt pressure and never got to the back of my eye where I could pull it out. I gave up in the kitchen and headed outside.

      Outside it was now light. I looked next door in the back yard and there were a bunch of young girls standing around a pool. I kinda jumped/floated over the fence to see what all the commotion was about and saw they were all looking at a snake or lizard in the pool that was swimming around. All of the girls were in swimming suits and were about to I assumed have a lesson. I think I said watch this and I used telekinesis on the snake, wound him in a little ball and crushed it. They all said EWWWW and there was a black cloud now in the pool. I walked through the gaggle of girls and looked at them. They were all still looking in the pool. I looked back at the black cloud which was pretty big and the carcass of the snake was still there. I then grabbed the snake with my 'power' and tossed it out of the pool. I then tried to collect all the black stuff with my mind but didn't' seem to work. They were looking at a bunch of little bugs that were on the water now and they called them like skitters or something. I took a close look at a couple of them and went ahead and headed out.

      I jumped over the fence again into the front and was skipping along the sidewalk looking at the neighborhood. I was in a neighborhood with really separated houses and large green yards. I began to come upon a larger house which I planned on going in, it was really big and was an old house like many others in the neighborhood. I thought this one might have some sort of business run out of it like a old folks home or the like. I also thought this dream was lasting an awfully long time and then woke up.

      While I didn't get the TOTM done I am stoked at the length of this dream and the fact that this was my first concrete WILD. This was not supp induced at all either.
    12. AUG 2014 TOTM Fail

      , 08-07-2014 at 12:28 AM
      After my WBTB it took me a little while to get back to sleep.

      1. First dream I remember at all I was walking in a neighborhood that I lived in when I was growing up. I missed the street I lived on but realized I was dreaming and woke up pretty much at the same time.

      2. I was with my wife, dad and step-mother. My wife was talking to them about my lucid dreaming (she still thinks its weird). She was saying how it was a little strange and we were all standing around this box. The box had a little lizard head poking out of it. My wife is deathly afraid of lizards and could hardly bare to watch. As I was concentrating on the box the lizard head got bigger and bigger. After a little bit the lizard came out of the box but was some kind of large, lizard/caterpillar/mouse hybrid. It had the head of a lizard and at least 6 to 8 legs and walked like a mammal and a kind of mouse tail. It ran up my arm and I experienced dream pain. It didn't hurt just felt like pressure I guess is the best way to describe it. It wrapped itself around my lower arm and my skin kind of absorbed it and it vanished. This made me do a RC and I did a very thorough one since I wanted to be SURE I was dreaming. I sure enough counted 6 or 7 fingers on one hand. LUCID: I though of the foreign language task but then decided to do eyeball task. I turned toward my dad and put my fingers around my right eye ball. He immediately began to back away disturbed at the sight. I really focused on this and in my right eye I could see like white light shooting around blackness, kind of like when you push on your eye a bit in waking life. I was trying to get my fingers in deep enough to reach the back of my eye ball to pull it out. I didn't seem to be getting deep enough to get leverage to pull it out and began to get frustrated. The frustration caused me to wake up.

      3. This one was very long and vivid. I was with my daughter and I took her to work. I was going to be gone for several months and I talked to my wife who asked when she would be coming home, I told her I wasn't sure. I didn't even know how I was going to get her home really. I was supposed to make sure some training was going on but I had to find where the classroom was. I was a long way from the class room and took a few wrong turns to get there. I found an elevator and went up in it (of course I never got in one last month at all), when I got to the top I realized I went one or two floors higher than I was supposed to so I took the stairs down. I think my daughter was still with me at this point but not a large factor in the story at this point. I went down flight of stairs and tried to go into a door. Someone was working on the other side of the door and I couldn't go through. I said this was find and went down another set of stairs. I ended up giving up on this and wound up back in my room with my daughter (still at work). I put her down for a nap and went to get some food from the cafeteria. I ran into another guy I used to work with and he had his family with him. It had seemed like I was gone for a long time and I remembered that if my daughter woke up and I wasn't there she would be very upset. I got back to the room quickly and I could hear her crying. I got her from the room and took her out to the living room area where there were a bunch of toys. Somehow the room I was in transitioned to the cab of a truck that I was driving down the road. I was more riding in the truck and not driving, there were a bunch of pillows and toys spread all over (like a living room almost). I saw a policeman coming down the road and I was worried that he would see that her seat-belt wasn't on. I had her sit and we pretended to be buckled in. The cop car passed us and I realized in front of us that there was a sideways car that we were approaching quickly, I sat in the drivers seat and pulled into the dirt median next to us to avoid the sideways car. As I began passing the sideways car I realized it was still moving down the road and I wasn't passing it but staying even. The dirt was hard to drive on and I began to lose control, the sideways car straightened up and I pulled back over to the road. I did a RC and became LUCID: I looked out the car window and thought of jumping out and the traffic and my daughter, I convinced myself again this was a dream and hopped out of the window while the truck was cruising down the road. I landed right on my feet and was facing oncoming traffic. There was a truck coming right at me and as it approached I barely kicked the bumper and it flew backwards onto the car behind it. I was pretty proud I was able to do this with ease. I then thought of the word in another language task and looked for someone. Behind me a bus was pulled over and a girl was coming out of it. She had long dark hair and I ran up to her and asked her to tell me a foreign word, I wasn't sure if this sentence came out clearly (I thought I might have slurred it), but she understood me. I cant remember the exact word but it started with F and had some Rs in it, something like Farrer or Fourier, it sounded very foreign when she said it. As soon as she said it she was walking away and I followed. I repeated the word and she said 'yes', I then ask her what it meant (still following) and lost the dream.

      So close!!
    13. Another Elevator Fail and first DEILD chain

      , 07-30-2014 at 06:42 PM
      This one was from 28 July.

      I had a non lucid prior to this one.

      I was in a kitchen making something, my wife and daughter were in there with me. I started thinking about the non-lucid I had prior to this one and this prompted me to do a RC. I had to look harder at my hand than normal for a solid RC, but I saw multiple fingers and became Lucid: I left the kitchen and did another RC on the way out. I still had the TOTM elevator task in mind and went into a closet looking for one, imagining one would be there when I opened the door. I opened the door and nothing, I went for the light and it actually worked and still nothing. I roamed a bit more through the house and opened another door. It was a garage and the garage door was open, it was dark outside. I went outside and began to take to the sky and woke.

      I think at this point I had given up on the advanced task for July.

      I had these tonight. This was the first time I had been able to do a DEILD chain, I had at least 3 in a row but it felt like more, the first one is very fuzzy and I am not sure how I became lucid in it.

      1. Like I said this one is very fuzzy and I only remember the end really. I was floating in an area with another, this area is hard to explain but I will try. I have never been in this sort of place in my dreams. It was I guess like a portal to anywhere I wanted to go in my mind. It was outer-space but I was floating around my brain. I was explaining to the person who was with me about lucid dreaming and how to do it and that we could go anywhere and do anything at all. I told them that we could go down in my mind or up into the stars. At this point I began to (from what I remember) float up and I came out of the dream shortly after.

      2. I didn't let myself come all the way out, I didn't wake all the way. I realized it was a dream ending and I began thinking of something else, I thought of touching things and colors and textures. Almost right away I could feel ground beneath me and a picture began to come in focus. It was still rather cloudy when it came in but I rubbing a ground, dirt and there was a tree in the center. I then grabbed hand fulls of dirt and began to rub them on my skin to get clarity. I was fully in a dream again and LUCID! Cool! I began running down a street and I saw a blue tarp that I reached out and grabbed. I kept touching stuff and tried more and more to immerse myself into the dream. I had the tarp and I could hear the sounds and feel it. I saw a gated pool area and I had intentions of playing around in a dream and finding a hot DC. I got into the pool and could see this beautiful blonde girl getting out of the pool. She looked at me and just knew what I had in mind.
      Spoiler for Naughty:

      3. Again I didn't wake all the way and began thinking of another scene, along with the scene I was thinking of Scarlette Johanssen, I figured I might as well keep playing around with this since I have never summoned anyone before it might as well be her. Again I began rubbing the ground and picturing colors and textures and a scene came into view. I was in a kitchen with a black counter top and some tomatoes, it was some cooking type class. Scarlette was in the front of the class , the teacher was saying something and I said some comments about knowing everything about scarlette, everyone laughed.
      Spoiler for Naughty:
      I then left the kitchen area and was on some streets. I was headed towards a strip club i guess, half naked women were all in the streets and I woke up shortly after this.

      Very interesting set of dreams
    14. July 2014 Advanced TOTM fail again

      , 07-24-2014 at 04:49 PM
      Pre: 5htp
      Post: G, C, L-theanine

      I don't remember how this one started for sure. I want to say that I WILDED it but I WILDED from am dream into a lucid dream if that makes sense.

      First thing I remember was that I was on a train with others and I was in trouble or something. I had to find a place to sit in a booth but there was no where for legs, it was just like a table you could sit by but couldn't put your legs under. There was some large screws and a little movement trying to arrange but nothing. Somehow I started falling asleep and as I was falling asleep in the dream or maybe I woke up for a second and did a DILD, I felt myself falling to sleep, deeper and deeper until I was out. I could feel me breathing heavy but then I saw some light so I opened my eyes and I was in a different place, I moved my hand do do a RC and LUCID: I got up and went straight for a door, I was in a bedroom type area. I began to imagine what was outside and I think I was going for a city behind the door so I could find an elevator. When I got up to the door I could see it was cracked already and it looked like a backyard. I opened the door and was on like a balcony in a backyard. I could see that I wasn't in a city but a sort of neighborhood with a couple stores and other buildings here and there. I floated down off the balcony and for some reason I jumped in the pool, i don't know if I was trying to jump across or what but I went straight in. I swam to the other side and got out, I remember I was pretty irritated that I wasted time swimming in the pool. I think it was the same dream but I remember having a hat and a backpack on, the hat was annoying so I took it off. I left the backpack since I thought it would just get stuck and I wouldn't be able to get it off. Oh this lucid didn't have any people in it either. I got to a fence and decided to fly over it. I really concentrated on flying too so I wouldn't fail. I went up a little ways and then I couldn't stop myself once again. I kept slowly drifting up. I even tried to spin around and imagine what it would be like for the buildings to come towards me again, to no avail. I decided to just fly into space and find a planet. I began to fly up and very quickly saw that I had passed a red body in the sky.... MARS!! I was able to stop and fly back toward it, it was right in front of me but I missed it again. I ended up flying back and forth in front of it probably 2 or 3 more times. Finally I got close enough and I grabbed it like a big beach ball! Aghhhh! I think this really frustrated me and I woke or partially woke. I then had some either partially lucid or semi-lucid dreams, I don't remember doing more RC but I felt pretty in control and aware in the dreams.

      I don't remember the order or if one ran into the other but here they are.

      I think this was kind of a WILD. I was looking in a building using a program to let you see in the buildings like I was designing it. I wasn't walking just zooming through floors and walls, I was looking for people or elevators or both. I think I wound up in a basement (3rd person still) watching a group of people do some patchwork on a cement wall in the basement.

      This one is really blurry and it may have been a continuation of the last. I was in a basement of a house, maybe the last one I was in and I was looking for an elevator. I kept going around corners hoping one was there and finally I asked someone down there if there was one. They told me the location and I went there. I found another lady and she pointed to a place on a cement wall and said there used to be one here. I began trying to hit the wall to try to bring it down but nothing happened.

      I was walking along a street, I think I had a hat on again. I was in beach town or near a beach. I came up to an intersection and the traffic guard said to wait, I ignored him and crossed realizing it didn't matter. A bunch more people started crossing the street as well and were all around me. Don't remember anything else after this.
    15. TOTM July 2014 Elevator Fail

      , 07-21-2014 at 01:23 AM
      Supps G,C, L-theanine
      About an hour after I went back to bed I finally fell asleep, had 2 non-ld and then I think a WILD.

      I started having HI quite a bit and I could manipulate a little bit what I was seeing. I couldn't control anything, like I was just watching a show. I just had a speck of awareness I was holding onto. All of a sudden I was moving I was in a dream and in a dream body, I was on a road which I walked down for a bit and I came to an area which was like an autobody shop and I was walking next to a van. I felt I was in the dream enough where I could move my dream body myself. I reached out and touched the van I was walking by and bam the dream came into focus and I could see everything very clearly. I kept walking forward and I shouted, I don't remember what it was but it was a joyous shout, a couple DCs looked at me. I had the elevator task in mind and I walked to the back of the autobody shop and thought I could see one on the other side of some shelves, I saw lit up buttons. I got around the shelf and It was just a door to somewhere else or just a wall. for some reason I kept trying to will it to be an elevator and then I got frustrated and lost it.

      While it wasn't much of a lucid dream working up to it with the HIs was very interesting. I am getting more comfortable with just letting the images come to me and knowing when to take over.
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