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    1. Q&A explained

      , 02-20-2020 at 05:00 AM
      So I was cautiously avoiding a flood when a mysterious girl confronted me saying I must have cheated. But thatís obviously not the case. Regardless she still claims she has all the answers. I ask and She basically responds, trivially p doesnít equal np, Abby was a free spirit who had a different route from me, Fhanz is fueled by revenge and Virsieras is my perfect model.

      The first could be an answer to real life. The second is obvious. For the third, it could be said that Iíd given up on revenge for Abby and he resolves the conflict between my rational and emotional sides by connecting together and ďavengeĒ instead by having better relations especially with family. And finally Virsieras could be modeled after my friend Liz who has only appeared in one dream herself. This means I should be more ambitious.

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    2. Subconsciousís Attempt But itís a meme

      , 01-06-2020 at 08:57 PM
      So I was like, ďhey subconscious give me a good dreamĒ and heís like ďno.Ē

      And Iím like ďokay screw you ima suck on a random womanís boobsĒ and heís like ďfine Iíll put you on a high buildingĒ and Iím like ďnopeĒ and I swing down from there.

      He still yet says ďnope itís real life now here wake up to the alarmĒ and I still say ďscrew you Iím going back to sleepĒ

      And he finally is like ďokay you wanna be perverted? Fine hereís that hot friend of your sister enjoy losing your lucidityĒ

      But I one up him and say ďscrew you Iím going to develop her as an actual characterĒ

      And that, kids, is how I met my wife.
    3. SOAR but itís a meme

      , 01-06-2020 at 08:48 PM
      Falling with style: the anime

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    4. A Pawsitive Adventure but itís a meme

      , 01-06-2020 at 08:43 PM
      So Iím in this box right, and Iím trying to get some pussy, but the only pussy there is my sister which obviously doesnít work. I go around some more but thereís old pussy and child pussy both of which donít work. I move onto watching some Pixar movie but itís sad as usual and I start crying. Oh yeah, and did I mention I was a pussy myself?

      Sigh... sex is weird in dreams
    5. Charismabby but itís a meme

      , 01-06-2020 at 08:39 PM
      So Iím with my crush but I canít even talk nor hear her so that sucks. And weíre stuck in a building that basically is like, for real, youíre supposed to love it forever, which is even worse. And thatís not even the bad part. I am forced to listen to country music, which I generally hate, and I canít even accomplish any of my goals. Oh, when will I have a good dream!
    6. Rising Against the Darkness but itís a meme

      , 01-03-2020 at 05:40 PM
      As always donít take this seriously.

      So Iím in this cave of spiderwebs and Iím horrible at jigsaw puzzles and it takes me forever just to have two fit together, they even fight other pieces. Ugh. So now I have to choose between a chad city and a forest virgin but I stupidly choose the forest and I end up singing some stupid song about friendship which lasts 40 seconds which is 41 seconds too long. Thank for this was a short dream.
    7. Piano Battle of Fire and Ice but itís a meme

      , 01-03-2020 at 05:34 PM
      This is still going on somehow. Iím jumping around a bit with which dream to choose.

      So I like, become lucid, and this animal that eats carrots appears and Iím like okay letís have a DEATH BAó wait no youíll just troll meó PIANO BATTLE! But he tried to burn me with fire 🔥 and I feel blue. Thereís also a vampire standing there menacingly and my sis for some reason. DONT WORRY YOULL BE SAFE SIS! I AM POWAHHH! Sadly the vampire reveals heís the most powerful character so, wahwahwahhhh...
    8. Serendipity but itís a meme

      , 01-03-2020 at 02:47 AM
      The memes continue! Now with my third best dream.

      Iím at this futuristic choo choo station and this robot voice is all like WE WILL TAKE OVERóER I MEAN THE NEXT TRAIN ARRIVES IN... and itís silly. My crush arrives hot and nice but for some stupid reason I choose my friend over her. Whatever. And now I have to save this dumb penguin from being too hot even though Iím too cold. Okay thatís great. And now I canít really fly either. Surely it couldnít get any worse ó AAAAAAA NOW YHE SUN IS IN MY EYES, and dammit I have to pee in real life, and dammit thunder almost struck me, ugh I should just get this over with OH NO MY CRUSH IS HERE, and WHY AM I HEARING A VOICE THAT IS SO LOUD!!!

      Thank god itís over. Worst. Dream. Ever.
    9. Action! Romance! But itís a meme

      , 01-01-2020 at 05:05 AM
      I had fun with the last one so hereís my next best dream as a dank meme

      So Iím fighting a ninja and itís all like stabbystabbystabby and Iím like haha Iíll use my powers but this guys like nope the river has your powers now get stabbystabbystabbed so we just keep fighting and I keep getting stabbystabbystabbed and finally I land one hit but I end up in this stupid step class and I have to steppysteppystepstep and itís stupid so I try to marry my crush but the classic song plays and some old guys like, you wanna get married and we both say YEET and we get all mushy and flower petals get in my face.
    10. Oz&Shiom but itís a meme

      , 12-31-2019 at 06:03 PM
      Just for the hell of it I decided to write my best dream out as a dank meme for fun. Donít take this seriously. (actual entry is at v.gd/oz_shiom)

      So there I was in the ďland of OzĒ (New York City) and I got YEETed out of my wood cabin. These cars almost YEETed me down but I was all like ďthis is my swamp/dream I get to say OHMĒ which are the goals on my hand. For some stupid reason I choose the middle one first and I say ďhaha I bet you canít make me laughĒ and some LEGOs appear and they donít make me laugh. So Iím like come on be more inspired and the subconscious just makes the blocks go like WHAA? And he makes the sun pass over me which is even more like WHAAA? So whatever I ask to get YEETed to the ocean and I see some tennis racket thing made of, you guessed it LEGO. So Iím just like okay you suck YEET me 20,000 centimeters under the ocean but itís just way too fishy for me. Ugh, so finally Iím like whatever why did this random guy fake his own death and heís all like boring whatever morning (even though itís night) and he says SOOprise I am the main character of Charlotte ohohohohohohohojohphohhohhohohho. So I just YEET out of the dream like that.

      THE END
    11. All my 5/5 dreams

      , 04-11-2019 at 07:14 PM
      This is not an entry, merely a list of all dreams that are/used to be 5/5, in order of oldest to newest.

      Italics are ones that used to be 5/5 and are no longer. Full link with all actual entries is 9spaceking's Dream Journal. The ones with big font are the best, and I've starred (*) the ones that I feel are especially unique. I've also listed X onwards for reference to which dreams I have in the first/second half of a year. Sometimes I shift forward/backward a month to give perspective how few/many five-star dreams I've had that year.

      Months that have no 5/5 are noted, and marked with how many 4/5 I had that month. Months that had a nightmare are noted, to see if 5/5 and 1/5 are potentially related. If I had only one nightmare that month, it's marked in its chronological order with reference to the other dreams.

      I have also included the genre of the 5/5 dreams to see further patterns, such as my romanticism or my interest in action/thriller.

      If you are interested in reading these, the common themes previously listed in the "perfect dream" idea may help understand why these dreams are amazing.

      2013 and before (first LD occurred this year, after Great Adventures)
      (Had 5 nightmares with 2013 and before)
      • Fish and Superheroes
      • My Heroine (now the first 4/5 dream)
      • Nice Meal With Sister (SIX star dream, Slice of life)

      The Two Great Adventures [LD] (action, fantasy, romance)

      2015 (LD = 14)

      (One nightmare in February with only 4 dreams that month, following is in March onwards)
      1. Beautiful Garden and New Telekinesis ( slice of life)
      2. Fun Place (slice of life)
      3. The Grand Exploration! [LD] (adventure)
      4. Incredible turn-around [LD] (action)
      5. No One beats me to the airplane! (two in a row, romance)
        June onwards (two nightmares this month)
      6. The Sport of Sticks! (Action)
      7. SLEIGHT OF CARDS * (first 5/5 in a dark location, thriller)
      8. Chronantagonist [LD] (two in a row, action suspense)
      9. Getting the girl (romance)
      10. Getting the lunch box! [LD] (slice of life)
      11. Art of Monarchy (two in a row, adventure)
        July onwards
      12. The Dream Guide [LD] (slice of life)
      13. SERENDIPITY [LD] (SIX star dream, romance sci-fi)
      14. Inside (and) Out [LD] (drama)
      15. Doctor Who; Konami Code; Cloud Castle [LD] (adventure)
      16. Villain of Three Challenges (action)
      17. Insnow Out! [LD] (slice of life)
      18. Space Adventure (science fiction)
        (one nightmare in August's end)
      19. DJ Deathbattle (action)
      20. Cruise With Sister (slice of life)
      21. Of Mice and Women (romance)
        (October, which had seven 4/5 dreams as a side note)
      22. Game Against the Subconscious [LD] (action)
      23. Detective 9spaceking [LD] * (mystery)
      24. Helpful Subconscious (adventure)
        (end of October)
      25. OZ&SHIOM [LD] (SIX star dream, adventure)
      26. Master of Sports (two in a row, action)
        (one nightmare in December, the month with the most recorded dreams — 43)
      27. School of Two Trees [LD] (unknown... slice of life?)
      28. Ridiculous School [LD] (slice of life)
      29. Equestria!

      2016 (LD = 7)
      (One nightmare in January)
      1. Grand Adventure of Tasting Meat
      2. Subconscious's Attempt [LD] (two in a row, SAME NIGHT! Adventure)
      3. Fighting and Bending [LD] (action)
      4. Drive for Science and The Flower I Nearly Forgot That Day (slice of life)
      5. DJ's Attempt [LD] (adventure)
      6. SOAR [LD] (SIX star dream, adventure)
      7. Fighting for JUSTICE (action)
      8. Romantic Reunion
      9. DEJA VU (romance)
      10. RISING AGAINST THE DARKNESS [LD] * (slice of life)
      11. My X-Rated Fantasy Musical Adventure [LD] *
        (No 5/5 in May, only two 4/5, the following is in June)
      12. SPORTS-FECTION [LD] (the first 5/5 to have same date as a previous year's 5/5 dream-- The Sport of Sticks! in this case. Action)
        (No 5/5 in July-- two 4/5-- or August-- also two 4/5)
        November onwards
      13. To the Sun (romance)
      14. Haunting Moonlight Music and Troupe Fight * (horror)
      15. CHARISMABBY (SIX star dream, romance)
        (no 5/5 on December, only one 4/5)

      2017 (LD = 3, I blame it on failing relations)
      1. Predetermined Perfect Plan (science fiction)
      2. ELEMENTS; Iron Defense [LD] (action)
      3. Meticulous Planning (suspense)
        (No 5/5 in April-- two 4/5, May--one 4/5, June--two 4/5, and July-- three 4/5)
        August onwards
      4. ACTION! ROMANCE! [LD] (SIX star dream)
        (No 5/5 in September -- two 4/5)
      5. A Pawsitive Journey *(slice of life)
      6. Critical Condition: the Woman and the Army (drama action)
      7. SIMPLY MAGICAL (don’t know... adventure)
      8. TRUE SYNESTHESIA [LD] (night after a nightmare, adventure)

      2018 (LD = 9, but had a massive 32 lucid dreams in only two months.)
      1. Bittersweet Love Story * (1st 5/5 dream on my birthday)
      2. Ghost, Santa, and the Performance [LD] (suspense slice of life)
        (One nightmare in January, following is February onwards)
      3. Assassination Classroom [LD] (slice of life)
      4. A Piano Battle of Fire and Ice [LD] (SIX star dream, this very night, before this dream, had my worst dream. Adventure)
        (no 5/5 in March -- four 4/5)
      5. IT COULD HAPPEN (same date as Grand Exploration! Adventure)
        (no 5/5 in May -- three 4/5)
      6. THE CONCERT (action)
        (From June 23rd, the two months of lucid-dreaming streak begun)
        July onwards
      7. Badass Soul Mate [LD] (romance)
      8. Cheat Flying and Soul Mate [LD] (romance)
      9. A Fight and the Planets [LD] (action)
      10. Ice, Icy Baby [LD] * (same date as Insnow Out! Adventure)
        (lucid-dream streak ends)
      11. Between Worlds (science fiction)
      12. Island of Wonders [LD] (adventure)
      13. Sleeping Beauty (action)
      14. DEJA VU II [LD] (same date as Of Mice and Women, romance)
      15. The Renaissance (action)
      16. Feelin' Good (Drama)
        (no 5/5 in October-- three 4/5, November-- nine 4/5's, one of which was a 5/5 with forgotten material -- or December-- three 4/5's)

      2019 (LD = 5)
      1. True Path to Victory [LD] (romance)
      2. Flight (adventure)
      3. Dream Hotel (same date as ELEMENTS; Iron Defense, adventure)
        (One nightmare in March)
      4. Buddha and the Ship [LD] (adventure)
      5. Violin Fantasy [LD] (action)
      6. Deja Vu V [LD] (romance action)
      7. Hidden Falls [LD] (adventure)
        (no 5/5 in June -- six 4/5, no 5/5 in July -- one 4/5)
      8. Dream Instructor [LD] (action)
        (Only 6 dreams recorded in September)
      9. Purrfect Defense (action)
        (None in October but one 4/5, nor November with one 4/5, nor December with one 4/5)

      1. Mastermind’s Attempt [LD] (adventure)
      2. Art of Life [LD] (adventure)
      3. Virsieras’s World [LD] (xxx)
      4. World Two: Two Worlds (suspense)

      Letters that 5/5 dreams' title begin with (completed are bolded, just a fun "Misc goal" that I'm working on,
      In order of frequency of first letter in English (only non-complete are bolded, for sake of clarification):

      Reoccurring characters:
      Jamie: SERENDIPITY, Of Mice and Women, DEJA VU, True Path to Victory
      Abby: To the Sun, Charismabby, Action! Romance!
      Clarity, my Soul mate: My Heroine, Badass Soul Mate, Cheat Flying and Soul Mate, DEJA VU II, Deja Vu V
      D J the dream guide: The Dream Guide, DJ Deathbattle, DJ's Attempt

      Stats: 79 five Star dreams, 42 lucid (over 50% LD rate?!)

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      side notes
    12. Commentary on my written out "perfect dream" idea

      , 02-28-2019 at 10:20 PM
      This is not a dream. A long time ago, I wrote a short story of sorts trying to imagine how I'd beat the dream. The story with no commentary except at the end is here, and the TLDR is basically the following elements I analyzed from previous amazing dreams combined together to create a story that sounds like my ideal dream:

      • Companionship Focus.
      • Fantasy element.
      • Conflict.
      • Light/dark balance.
      • Novelty element.
      • Vague location.
      • "Softened ending"
      • Use of music
      • Use of conversation

      The story is as follows:

      It is complete darkness. [This is inspired from True Synthesia, where I gave myself the ability to see music as colors, which was greatly helped by the pure black background)

      There is a timer and a robotic voice .... The display says 300 SECONDS in all red. Then the robotic voice counts down as the clock displays 299. [The sci-fi nature always appealed to me, and SERENDIPITY showed this off perfectly. The "number in red" actually occurred later in [I]Bittersweet Lovestory[I] where a number in red appeared]

      I am instantly aware ....In a good old underwater bazaar, I'm walking down the streets, with medieval Scottish music playing. There is even a piano there... [Underwater was from OZ&SHIOM, and I thought the music theme might help along with my love for the piano]

      270 on the timer I saw; I still had a lot of time, so I decide to play a nice melody that synchronizes and echoes the medieval music well, even though it is more of the science-fiction remix Skrillex style. After I play.... I am looking for something as a birthday present for my friend Jamie. [Jamie was actually the girl I liked from the time that I had written this]

      I wonder what to buy, but nothing seems good. People are selling scraps of metal, paint, and hot dogs among with other foods...With great tension, I search more carefully. Then, I see a man also selling fireworks. Finally, something decent, I think, then go to him and try to haggle for him. Time was running low, so I quickly managed to get a low price. 215. Close call... [Fulfills the "conflict" aspect with little risk of pain]

      I teleport to a different place where I will execute my mission. Wearing a casual-business style outfit, my heels click against the fancy marble floor as I walk forward to an elevator. It is mysterious and a bit dark but I am only filled with the emotion of curiosity along with interest. [The "business but mysterious" fits the mood that Mastermind bought me from OZ&SHIOM] A mysterious narrator whispers incoherently, before finally stating: "I will show you... Selcarim." I walk into the elevator and enter a palace of wonders. The art is amazing, along with ultra-realistic scuptures. The air is fresh and the mood is breezy along with being quite relaxing. 196 seconds left. I walk onto a gateway where I see Jamie there, sitting on what looked like a fancy boat polished with yellow and orange flames painted on the metal, and she invited me to join her.

      I sit beside her. The narrative once again whispers something incoherent before stating once again: "I loved taking those rides on the Retsoac." The song "Burn" begins to play in the background. And with a whoosh, the boat rushed forward. 170, 169,168. Food rained from the sky and we took the hot dogs, hamburgers, and mexican tacos, eating them up, the hot salty taste sizzling in my mouth. The flames became real, but both of us only felt a reassuring unharming heat, warm and friendly, almost as if it was sentient. 140 seconds left. The time was reaching short. ["Adventure of Tasting Meat" showed that food tasted great in dreams]

      ... The narrator continues his explanation..." Lights appeared below, great lanterns floating up to us,the grand sky opening. 110, 109, 108... As the song still playing in the back transitions to its chorus-- "And we gonna let it burn, burn, burn..." -- Blue diamonds dazzle all around us in the sky, flashing from left to right, feeling as if they are passing through us, with blazing fireworks all around the blue diamonds. The diamonds seem to be a sentient being... [the "Lantern festival" was one of my goals, and the blue diamonds was inspired by a dream involving "Merkaba" from dream journal]

      .... "Yes, he is--I am--the Rotarran." A blip indicates I was speaking in code all along. Rotarran rewinds to Narrator. Flashing back to the boat, Feileb was belief, and cigam was magic. Even before that, Retsoac was coaster. Flashing even before that, within the market, I had actually bought from every single person there and used all the products. Despite their looks of simplicity, I had managed to make the result very fancy... [This mystery is a bit stupid if you think about it, but I found the idea of reversing things kinda cool]

      "You don't always have infinite time," 40 seconds, "You have to manage your resources carefully....it's not about what you have. It's about how you use them. Selcarim does not exist without persistence or hard work,"....Even little moments that are not considered Selcarim must be treasured." ..."... Because, in reality, Selcarim is..." And as I kiss Jamie with a meteor shower flying over us-- 10 seconds....the title in fancy font appears. [I tried thinking and writing out a valuable lesson, compared to other dreams about friendships, this is actually quite deep]

      SELCARIM -- The timer quickly counts down the final seconds, as the landscape shifts around us, flowers growing, anticipating reaching a higher level.

      Then it is reversed, with the result being...
      [The mystery is finally solved and it's like a movie's credit scene]
      0:00 SECONDS. Perfect timing.

      The kiss lingers on my lips as I wake up. [This goes back to a lot of romantic dreams where it ends with a great kiss]

      So to recap, I basically believed that a combination of a countdown, medieval scene with music, transitioning to a cool business-like scene, preparing a surprise for my crush, and eating food on a rollercoaster with her all leading up to a surprise ending, would be able to beat my favorite dream. I do still believe that this story is strong enough to beat my current favorite (which is actually still the same), but the countdown and the twist are indeed very hard to pull off, and the business scene seems a bit unnecessary, even if adding further mystery to the story.
      side notes
    13. Significance of colors in my dreams

      , 02-28-2019 at 05:45 AM
      This is not a dream entry. For all my dream entries, visit http://dreamjournal.net/journal/drea...ame=9spaceking.

      I've noticed color being significant sometimes so I wanted to mark down what they meant to me in my dreams:

      1. Synthesia (I gave myself ability to see music as color in a few dreams)
      • Wake Me Up (Avicii) creates a vast multitude of colors
      • Hey, Soul Sister creates soft pink and blue colors
      • Nuvole Bianche is slight tint of blue with hint of pink
      • The Magic Inside is violet
      • Burn (Ellie Ghoulding) is orange into red
      • Crystallize is light blue
      • Replay is autumn orange into green trees
      • Breaking Free is silver
      • Bad Apple is dark violet
      • Any Other Way is blood red

      2. Abilities
      • True Talent/Invincibility is marked as gold
      • Table-turn usually causes the scene to become white(r)
      • Efficiency power (imagining myself doing something in a montage within 20 seconds) causes the scene to grow dark with focus
      • Konami Code (a fence of invincibility) causes rainbows to flow around it

      3. To mark special events
      • A beautiful garden was green (with flowers all over)
      • A crush I had wore a beautiful red dress (in a dream) but I still chose my friend over her
      • I purposefully had a black-and-white detective adventure but color was used to mark important clues
      • The sky is only blue in peaceful/calm dreams
      side notes