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    All my 5/5 dreams

    , 04-11-2019 at 07:14 PM (184 Views)
    NM = Nightmare, LD = Lucid Dream

    A list of dreams that are/used to be 5/5, oldest to newest. Italics: used to be 5/5 and are no longer.
    Big font are the best, and (**) are especially unique.

    Events that occur in these dreams can be found here. my full journal is here .

    I have also included the genres to see further patterns.

    2013 and before (first LD ever was after Great Adventures)
    (5 NM with 2013 and before)
    • Fish and Superheroes
    • My Heroine (now the first 4/5 dream)
      -- second half of year--
    • Nice Meal With Sister (SIX star, Slice of life)

    2014 (near end of the year)
    The Two Great Adventures [LD] (action, fantasy, romance)

    2015 (LD = 14)

    (One NM in Feb. with only 4 dreams.
    March onwards)
    1. Beautiful Garden and New Telekinesis (slice of life)
    2. Fun Place (slice of life)
    3. The Grand Exploration! [LD] (adventure)
    4. Incredible turn-around [LD] (action)
    5. No One beats me to the airplane! (two in a row, romance)

      -- June onwards (two NM this month) --
    6. The Sport of Sticks! (Action)
    7. SLEIGHT OF CARDS ** (first 5/5 in a dark location, thriller)
    8. Chronantagonist [LD] (two in a row, action suspense)
    9. Getting the girl (romance)
    10. Getting the lunch box! [LD] (slice of life)
    11. Art of Monarchy (two in a row, adventure)

      -- July onwards --
    12. The Dream Guide [LD] (slice of life)
    13. SERENDIPITY [LD] (SIX star dream, romance sci-fi)
    14. Inside (and) Out [LD] (drama)
    15. Doctor Who; Konami Code; Cloud Castle [LD] (adventure)
    16. Villain of Three Challenges (action)
    17. Insnow Out! [LD] (slice of life)
    18. Extraordinary Ice Skating; Poor Car Stopping (slice of life)
    19. Space Adventure (science fiction)
      (one nightmare in August's end)
    20. DJ Deathbattle (action)
    21. Cruise With Sister (slice of life)
    22. Of Mice and Women (romance)

      -- (October, which had seven 4/5 dreams as a side note) --
    23. Game Against the Subconscious [LD] (action)
    24. Detective 9spaceking [LD] ** (mystery)
    25. Helpful Subconscious (adventure)
      (end of October)
    26. OZ&SHIOM [LD] (SIX star dream, adventure)
    27. Master of Sports (two in a row, action)
      (one NM in Dec., with the most recorded dreams — 43)
    28. School of Two Trees [LD] (slice of life?)
    29. Ridiculous School [LD] (slice of life)
    30. Equestria!

    2016 (LD = 7)
    (One NM in January)
    1. Grand Adventure of Tasting Meat
    2. Subconscious's Attempt [LD] (two in a row, SAME NIGHT! Adventure)
    3. Fighting and Bending [LD] (action)
    4. Drive for Science and The Flower I Nearly Forgot That Day (slice of life) {400th recorded dream}
    5. DJ's Attempt [LD] (adventure)
    6. SOAR [LD] (SIX star dream, adventure)
    7. Fighting for JUSTICE (action)
    8. Romantic Reunion
    9. DEJA VU (romance)
    10. RISING AGAINST THE DARKNESS [LD] * (slice of life)
    11. My X-Rated Fantasy Musical Adventure [LD] *
      (NO 5/5 in May, two 4/5 and 0 LD, the following is in June)
    12. SPORTS-FECTION [LD] (1st 5/5 to have same date as a prev. year's -- The Sport of Sticks! -- Action)
      (NO 5/5 in July-- two 4/5, 1 LD-- or August-- two 4/5, 3 LD)
      --November onwards--
    13. To the Sun (romance)
    14. Haunting x Moonlight ** (horror)
    15. CHARISMABBY (SIX star dream, romance)
      (NO 5/5 on December, only one 4/5, 2 LD)

    2017 (LD = 3, I blame it on failing relations)
    1. Predetermined Perfect Plan (science fiction)
    2. ELEMENTS; Iron Defense [LD] (action)
    3. Meticulous Planning (suspense)
      (No 5/5 in April-- two 4/5, 4 LD, May--one 4/5, 1 LD, June--two 4/5, 1 LD, and July-- three 4/5, 1 LD)
      August onwards
    4. ACTION! ROMANCE! [LD] (SIX star dream)
      (No 5/5 in September -- two 4/5, 2 LD)
    5. A Pawsitive Journey ** (slice of life)
    6. Critical Condition: the Woman and the Army (drama action)
    7. SIMPLY MAGICAL (adventure) {900th recorded dream}
    8. TRUE SYNESTHESIA [LD] (night after a nightmare, experimental)

    2018 (LD = 9, but had a massive 32 LD’s in only two months.)
    1. Bittersweet Love Story * (1st 5/5 dream on my birthday)
    2. Ghost, Santa, and the Performance [LD] (suspense slice of life)
      (One NM in January, following is February onwards)
    3. Assassination Classroom [LD] (slice of life)
    4. A Piano Battle of Fire and Ice [LD] (SIX star, b4 this, had my worst. Adventure) {1,000th recorded dream}
      (no 5/5 in March -- four 4/5, 6 LD)
    5. IT COULD HAPPEN (same date as Grand Exploration! Adventure)
      (no 5/5 in May -- three 4/5, 1 LD)
    6. THE CONCERT (action)
      (From June 23rd, two months of LD streak)

      July onwards
    7. Badass Soul Mate [LD] (romance)
    8. Cheat Flying and Soul Mate [LD] (romance)
    9. A Fight and the Planets [LD] (action)
    10. Ice, Icy Baby [LD] * (two in a row, same date as Insnow Out! Adventure)
      (lucid-dream streak ends)
    11. Between Worlds (science fiction)
    12. Island of Wonders [LD] (adventure)
    13. Sleeping Beauty (action) {1,200th recorded dream}
    14. DEJA VU II [LD] (same date as Of Mice and Women, romance)
    15. The Renaissance (action)
    16. Feelin' Good (Drama)
      (no 5/5 in Oct. -- three 4/5, 6 LD, Nov.-- nine 4/5's, 5 LD's, or Dec.-- three 4/5's, 2 LD's)

    2019 (LD = 5)
    1. True Path to Victory [LD] (romance) -- best dream of this year
    2. Flight (adventure)
    3. Dream Hotel (same date as ELEMENTS; Iron Defense, adventure)
      (One nightmare in March)
    4. Buddha and the Ship [LD] (adventure)
    5. Violin Fantasy [LD] (action)
    6. Deja Vu V [LD] (romance action)
    7. Hidden Falls [LD] (adventure)
      (no 5/5 in June -- six 4/5, no 5/5 in July -- one 4/5)
    8. Dream Instructor [LD] (action)
      (Only 6 dreams recorded in September)
    9. Purrfect Defense (action)
      (None in Oct., one 4/5, 4 LD, nor Nov., one 4/5, 1 LD, nor Dec., two 4/5, 9 LD)

    1. Mastermind’s Attempt [LD] (adventure)
    2. Art of Life [LD] (adventure)
    3. Virsieras’s World [LD] (xxx)
    4. World Two: Two Worlds (suspense)
    5. E N I G M A [LD] (mystery, SIX star dream)
    6. Dream City [LD] (adventure)
    7. Ambition: Deduction! (mystery)
    8. The Demonstration ** (horror)
    9. 9sk - Hypothesis [Official Music Video] ** [LD] (experimental) [inferred contin. of Demo]
    10. Sanctuary [LD] (slice of life) [inferred contin. of Hypothesis]
    11. Breaker (action)
    12. Princess Cliche (experimental drama)
    13. Music Maestro (musical)
      -- July Onwards --
    14. Splash Free! (romance)
    15. Sacrifice (tragedy) [LD]
    16. "L" (experimental) [LD, same day]
    17. ~Tasty Dungeon~ [LD] (adventure)
    18. Gathering an End [LD](experimental)
    19. The Epic (drama)
    20. Dream Competition [LD](adventure)[inferred contin. of The Epic]
    21. Nostalgia [LD] (adventure)

    1. Sentinel's Abyss (adventure)
    2. Lucid Dream [LD] (slice of life) [two in a row]
    3. Miraculous Ladybug [LD) (adventure)

    Reoccurring characters (3x or more):
    Jamie: SERENDIPITY, Of Mice and Women, DEJA VU, True Path to Victory
    Abby: To the Sun, Charismabby, Action! Romance!
    Clarity: My Heroine, Badass Soul Mate, Cheat Flying and Soul Mate, DEJA VU II, Deja Vu V
    Virsieras: Oz&SHIOM (inferred), SERENDIPITY (inferred), CHARSMABBY (inferred), Virsieras’s World, Dream Competition
    D J : The Dream Guide, DJ Deathbattle, DJ's Attempt, Piano Battle of Fire and Ice
    Subconscious (not physically): OZ&SHIOM, Game Against Subcon., Helpful Subcon., Subcon.'s Attempt, The Demo
    My Sister: 9sk - Hypothesis, The Demo, Nice Meal With Sister, Cruise With Sis
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