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    amazing re-experience of dreams

    , 07-03-2020 at 02:47 PM (109 Views)
    A few months ago I had this incredible dream I title E N I G M A. It's not entirely lucid, but I hope this inspires people. This is re-typed up in a more usual way since the official entry (https://www.reddit.com/r/LucidDreami..._2020/fj5r395/) I tried to show how mysterious and unusual this dream was.

    The dream begins in New York City and I sense something out of my vision, so I go to check it out. I re-experience my best flying dream, SOAR, where I see the clouds trail by in the blue sky, feeling the wind blow past my face. I grab a cloud and feel it against my skin, with my previous shout "Sugoi" used as a powerful anchor. The scene transitions and I lower myself down to the ground, where I am in CHARISMABBY, a dream where I hung out with my crush in Taj Mahal. With the sweet nostalgia remaining in the background, I see a golden diamond trinket in the middle of the hallway, and pick it up. I then see myself in a big beautiful garden from my dream New Telekinesis, and pick a flower from below. This leads to another completely different scene: I'm in Ice, Ice Baby, where I had experimented with ice powers in a cold landscape. I see a hint of the northern lights, and I transition this to complete darkness, resembling TRUE SYNESTHESIA, where I had seen music as colors. Here the colors flow very nicely, as if the song originally from CHARISMABBY had been transposed to this dream. I become lucid and summon my dream guide to talk to her for a while. The rest of the dream is in darkness, but it is reaffirming the strength of the beginning.

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