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    My LD journey

    , 08-01-2020 at 10:25 PM (283 Views)
    Let's start from the beginning, I was born in Jan 7, 1999 and I had nightmares and bad dreams when I was really young. Floods and monsters were reoccurring themes. I remember some sleep paralysis that was pretty bad. I was bullied a bit in school in China and that was reflected by the lower dream quality, I think the handful of good dreams were as low as my six star rate overall.

    When I moved to US near 2011~2012, I had Fish and Superheroes, my first truly potentially good dream, then I had My Heroine, my first 4/5 dream which I originally rated as 5/5. My first recorded lucid dream seems to be Defeated sister, but the date looks really wrong and I probably randomly assigned it. The true first LD is likely "Too easy, let's go back".

    After Nice Meal With Sister, (2013) my best non-lucid dream, I had a year gap with nothing significant, except Table Turn, the first time I had turned around a nightmare, which was from lucidity. The "Great Adventures" hinted at the pattern of awesome dreams that would soon come next.

    Within half a year after I watched Sixth Sense, I had a series of excellently unpredictable dreams. The real catalyst was SERENDIPITY, which was so incredible that it took three years to have another dream better than it (not including Enigma and OZ). I attempted WBTB sessions, MILD, dream journaling, etc. resulting in an overall 20% LD rate in that time. After only four months I had OZ&SHIOM, my best dream ever, which has not been beaten for 5 years, as a result of wanting to defeat SERENDIPITY.

    After 2015 I was satisfied for the most part and mostly only LD'd a little. Nothing that impressive happened until mid-2016's with the best flying dream ever, SOAR. Within three months I was off to another small streak with DEJA VU, RISING AGAINST, X-Rated, and at a stretch SPORTSFECTION (induced on purpose). I like to nickname this the "silver age". [visualization: https://prnt.sc/tsfs9s]

    2017 however was not a great year, I got split up with my crush Abby and I had no awesome dreams for three months in a row. I was therefore extremely goddamned lucky that I had ACTION! ROMANCE! my second favorite dream, in August. It was incredibly ground-breaking and even challenged Oz for its title. The rest of 2017 was relatively uneventful though.

    2018 was a weird year. It started off with my worst dream, and one of the best. I still wasn't over the split up, especially since A!R! didn't help, and so that explains why I had "Angry Abby". However, what makes this really unusual is that the very same night I somehow, somehow managed to have A Piano Battle of Fire and Ice. I have a bunch of weaker awesome dreams like IT COULD HAPPEN and THE CONCERT, before one night I watched a comic-based music video and had "Badass Soul Mate", that let me regain a bit of my sense of self (along with 50% lucidity rate across two months).

    Sadly, 2019 was/still is the worst year yet. I think the grades pressure got to me. It started off with a very promising True Path to Victory dream relating to my intuition, but nothing else matched it. After "Hidden Falls" I decided irl to go to a boot camp to reset the mindset. In boot camp I ironically still had two awesome dreams which were silly but nice -- dream quality actually went up which was cool.

    In 2020, my mind was refreshed, and I built up a mystery involving Virsieras, the dream architect. Then, I had ENIGMA, an incredibly unique dream revolving around finding Easter eggs in past dreams. I had been determined to have at least one awesome dream each month and I've been successful so far. The year is looking good. The dream titled "L" in particular deserves a mention due to its incredibly strong gimmick. Had it not been for Enigma, "L" would've taken the cake for this year.

    2021 was sadly not very eventful overall. The first half of the year I got busy with school, outside activities such as DND, internships, etc. however, I had played Genshin Impact extensively and influenced a non lucid dream rivaling the power of Nice Meal —AQUARIUS, an astounding display of flying red fish in space. With the dwindling of dream recall, only Alter Ego and Ingenious Gauntlet kept the awesome dream streak going.

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