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    Significance of colors in my dreams

    , 02-28-2019 at 05:45 AM (145 Views)
    This is not a dream entry. For all my dream entries, visit http://dreamjournal.net/journal/drea...ame=9spaceking.

    I've noticed color being significant sometimes so I wanted to mark down what they meant to me in my dreams:

    1. Synthesia (I gave myself ability to see music as color in a few dreams)
    • Wake Me Up (Avicii) creates a vast multitude of colors
    • Hey, Soul Sister creates soft pink and blue colors
    • Nuvole Bianche is slight tint of blue with hint of pink
    • The Magic Inside is violet
    • Burn (Ellie Ghoulding) is orange into red
    • Crystallize is light blue
    • Replay is autumn orange into green trees
    • Breaking Free is silver
    • Bad Apple is dark violet
    • Any Other Way is blood red

    2. Abilities
    • True Talent/Invincibility is marked as gold
    • Table-turn usually causes the scene to become white(r)
    • Efficiency power (imagining myself doing something in a montage within 20 seconds) causes the scene to grow dark with focus
    • Konami Code (a fence of invincibility) causes rainbows to flow around it

    3. To mark special events
    • A beautiful garden was green (with flowers all over)
    • A crush I had wore a beautiful red dress (in a dream) but I still chose my friend over her
    • I purposefully had a black-and-white detective adventure but color was used to mark important clues
    • The sky is only blue in peaceful/calm dreams
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