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    "Timelines" in dreams

    , 03-06-2021 at 06:44 PM (74 Views)
    in Nov 2020, I had a dream that presented four different timelines with different ideas (with the dream being on Timeline 1). Here, I try to humor the dream and try to group my dreams into four worlds where each has similar theme.

    It is implied that the dream guide and I can travel through timelines at will.

    Timeline 1: "Time Paradox"

    Theme: time, mystery, dark

    - "Logicae" (confirmed)
    - Timelines (confirmed)
    - "Detective 9sk" (theorized)
    - Perfect Plan (theorized)
    - Dream related to future self (theorized)

    There is not a lot of information given based on the black and white recall along with time-related theme. It's difficult to say for sure what Detective offers, but if we include my future self, that's quite a handful of dreams.

    Timeline 2: "The Utopia"

    Theme: Freedom, kindness, family (?)

    - Nice Meal (Confirmed)
    - ENIGMA (Confirmed)
    - SOAR (inferred)
    - CHARISMABBY (inferred)
    - TRUE SYNESTHESIA (inferred)
    - Ice Ice Baby (inferred)
    - Beautiful Garden (Inferred)
    - To the Sun (theorized)
    - ACTION! ROMANCE! (theorized)
    - Abby related dreams (theorized)
    - Sister related dreams (theorized)

    Nice Meal and ENIGMA actually share very little in common, making this transition extremely difficult to connect together. Though ENIGMA's components connect to Nice Meal with being awesome, romantic and independent, the problem is that ENIGMA as a whole is completely different. While both dreams are outstanding, Nice Meal represents familial bond, simplicity, and a small interaction speaking large volumes. On the other hand, while ENIGMA offers subtle changes to big scenes, the message is a culmination of my own effort, my power, and the mystery offered within each scene -- especially with the dream guide encouraging me to mix up the events however I want. A powerful dream like "L" could be an outlier and impossible to decide whether it belongs, because it has incredible amount of power that contradict ENIGMA and Nice Meal's message

    Non-serious guess: The dream actually gives a lot of information merely by showing Nice Meal and ENIGMA to be on the same timeline. It's implied that this timeline is the utopia where all my incredible dreams are connected together. As all Abby related dreams share similar theme, and my sister dreams as well, it's easy to see that Timeline 2 is arguably the best time line possible.

    Timeline 3: "The Organization"

    - OZ & SHIOM (unclear)
    - SERENDIPITY (unclear)
    - Badass Soul Mate (theorized)
    - DEJA VU II (theorized)
    - Soul Mate related dreams (theorized)
    - Mastermind related dreams (theorized)
    - Virsieras related dreams (theorized)

    Timeline 3 is a bit of an oddball. Within the dream "timeline", OZ& SHIOM was either shown to be on timeline 3, or near it. Similarly, SERENDIPITY was in between timeline 2 and 3. That implies that there are dreams where other time lines may interfere. Because New York city is part of ENIGMA, it's then implied that the crossover is somewhere else, perhaps with Mastermind's involvement within OZ& SHIOM. This also implies the soul mate, as she is also being chased by mysterious people. Timeline 3 is hence not very safe, but SERENDIPITY is an odd ball out and I can't figure out completely what being in between means. Perhaps the awe of serendipity is complemented by the "coolness" the my soul mate and mastermind usually offers.

    Virsieras would also be theorized to be here since her city looks a lot like the NYC idea. Even though Demonstration is probably in timeline 2, leading to the city shown in Virsieras, it's possible that this was a transition from timeline 2 to timeline 3.

    Timeline 4: "Survival of the Fittest"

    Theme: fighting, sports, conflict

    - Fighting and Bending (theorized)
    - Sportsfection (theorized)
    - Haunting x Moonlight (theorized)
    - Critical Condition (theorized)

    It is difficult to say what timeline 4 could be, but I noticed the one genre could be competition. In many dreams, I have to fight or meet a dangerous conflict (in contrast to Timeline 2). Therefore, all the dreams that have an intense and even harmful competition could belong in timeline 4.

    Outliers: Despite my best attempt to group my dreams into four timelines, there are a few notable outliers that are very difficult to pinpoint which timeline they could possibly belong to. For example, it's hard to say which timeline nightmares belong to, if any. I would guess Survival of the Fittest, though my power varies vastly so it's confusing as a result. More ambiguous dreams like Master of the 7 Seas blur the line between timeline 4 and timeline 2.

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