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    1. Some cool voices

      by , 03-21-2018 at 10:12 PM
      I got all my dreams on a voice recorder so I might not type them all. But there were some cool ones.

      After one dream, I had sleep paralysis, and heard a voice saying, "Scissor hands is killing me. Please, please, free me. Please" over and over. It was little kids voices.

      I had one long dream that ended in a false awakening. This voice said, "There ones was a PUNK who wanted to know what he dreamed about. But then he couldn't." After that, my mind was totally, totally blank. I was like, WTF, did that voice just erase my dream? But I didn't give up. I salvaged a good amount of the dream. It was actually a very significant dream, too.

      In my last dream, this woman was saying how people can be too concerned with whether or not they eat follow specific rules, forgetting the Higher Power's "unconditional love and acceptance". I "felt" this very deeply.

      I recorded a lot more dreams on voice recorder but typing wouild take me hours!
    2. March 19 to 20th dreams - couldn't Sleep that much!

      by , 03-20-2018 at 04:33 PM
      Dreams from march 19, to 20, 2018

      I couldn’t sleep after the second round of dreams for like hours. I slept a little around 6 A M. So I got 2 rounds of dreams and then a little dream in the morning.

      Fight with Dad

      There was a guy at a computer, making some kind of rap video that was supposed to be funny. He was doing his lyrics, then just sort of hummed over the instrumental, planning his melody. He also had a video where he said something kind of funny with a straight face.

      There was another part where my Dad had started smoking cigarettes. I was closing some curtains and then he came in. We were all going to sit with my sister. He said something like he was going to get a pack of cigarettes for 50 dollars. I was mad at him and told him that was so stupid of him to smoke that first one. Now he would obviously be addicted again. But he better quit. People on his side of the family are trying to get me off his case.

      They were chasing me and I realized they would definitely beat me up or something. So I ran. I kept looking at doors as I ran, because maybe I could hide in one, but I doubted any would open. I jumped over this railing into a kind of outdoor dining room full of tables. I took some salmon from someone, ate some of it, and then threw it at people.

      I damaged some sliding doors so he was putting on new ones. They hung over this bar almost like curtains. He was making sure we didn’t get charged for damaging the room.


      There was a scene where I was in a library. There was a stack of Magic the Gathering cards. I had to place them with Rattata cards. It seemed like it would take a while to compile a deck, because I had to do each card separately. There was a baby Rattata card that was mandatory, so I put that card. The whole Rattata family was mandatory. I put all those Rattatas and after putting 3, it showed this pile of Rattatas, like a snow man made of Rattatas. There was a specific move written in a box above one of the Rattata cards. The backs of the cards were brown and looked more like Magic the Gathering cards than Pokémon cards.

      My user name in this dream is Dark Therapy. I guess it has to do with a forum. I think the name Dark Therapy will weird people out, so I plan on changing it to “Jark Jerapy” or something like that. The Rattata cards had swarm, so they could either all attack together, or all sleep at once. I had to right click to change the card.


      I had a lot of tension in my legs on this night. Not sure why.

      Round 2 of Dreams

      I had a list of dreams in my mind but they vanished when I went to record. It is so weird how they can all just vanish like that. I think I have them then, boom, vanished.

      There was this part where I was playing some kind of football game. I was in the guard position. They said something about how I would need to defend the running back or something. I was afraid to be hit by whoever was going to come barreling through.

      My friend was about to make a touch down but then he stopped. He stopped because the coach had told him he couldn’t score a point from too close or something like that. I was yelling at the coach because this was a lie. And it caused my friend to miss his chance to get a goal. The coach was this thin guy with glasses. There was a pile of dirt on the left side of the end zone. The game field was kind of in my Nana’s back yard. There was a guy telling me he thought my language was mean and maybe that he didn’t want me there any more. I was afraid one guy would call the police on me.

      There was this thing about how a lot of people listened to “positive” books in the morning on A I Reader, but I was listening to angry books. There was a woman who needed lots of “positive” or “woo” stuff because she got bored easily. I was judging her harshly for that.

      There was something about getting nuts from a jar.

      There was something where a Spanish or Latin American guy was in the locker room and needed to borrow some coat hanger things. But the coat hangers were just a long thin metal rod with a little bend to hang them from. There were a handful of them. We were looking for a locker to put them in. The lockers along the sides of the room were too likely for someone to see them and take them. So we picked a locker in the middle of the aisles. This way the guy could use the coat hanger things and put them back and I could grab them later.

      Then ☻was there. I was going to try out for the 300 pound weight class (in Physical Matter Waking Consciousness I am 150 to 170 pounds). I felt strong and kind of confident. ☻asked me to do some kind of over head press. I could put my right arm up, but my left arm wouldn’t go very high. There was another part about having kids to Upright Rows. I thought this was a bad idea since I heard Upright Rows are bad for the Rotator Cuffs.

      ☻said that younger kids can have all this fresh and new excitement for weight lifting, but when people get older, they lose that enthusiasm. I said that I would always have enthusiasm for training, at least until I am 40.

      Then we were in this class room thing, with metal fold up chairs. There was a white book on one of the chairs. I think someone got up from one of the chairs. Someone was saying not to get too big or something like that.

      At the end, there was something about ☻ in the locker room. He was teaching someone to Lucid, Dream. There was this interview where he showed 6 Lucid, Dreaming abilities. One was something with his face, but then a hoodie, and crab legs. It was called “Crab Hoodie Aspect”. Then the next was called “Dream Mind Control”. And there were 4 more with thumbnails and a picture.


      After that round of dreaming, I couldn’t sleep and just laid in bed for hours. I lost my patience around 4:45 A M and got up, thinking it must be 6 by now. But it was 4:51.
      non-lucid , memorable
    3. The importance of the second RC!

      by , 03-19-2018 at 01:20 PM
      Dreams from March 18 to 19, 2018

      Round 1 of Dreams: Beast Wars, Blue Potato and More!

      I couldn’t get all details from the first round of dreams, but here is what I did get.

      There are some parts with Beast Wars. In one part, it seems Megatron will be taken to court. There is a hill there. In another part, the Maximals are outside Earth’s Orbit. The dream shows a yellow space ship thing which looks like Cheetor’s. It is like an oval. Cheetor’s gun is supposed to go into it to complete it so it can return to Earth. Optimus is mad at Cheetor because he can’t complete the space ship. Maybe something bad is happening to Earth because of this.

      There is a guy on a cafeteria line. It is all stainless steel. The guy is having a huge blue potato cooked. The chef is poking it with a fork. They are saying how it is for his dietary plan. I am unaware it is a dream, but I question this.


      LD: Computer Virus, Stuck on a Wall, Wait… I *AM* Dreaming?!

      I forgot the beginning of these dreams but here is where my memory begins.

      I am at this new apartment. I have to pay the rent. I keep telling the people I need another day. This goes on for what seems like 3 days. I am expecting my Dad to mail me cash for the rent. My mail is delivered, but the cash isn’t there. I am suspicious that the people who own the apartment are intercepting the rent money.

      There is a part where I am with 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢talking about how we both slept over at 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢 house. But 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢 slept over his mom’s while my apartment is at his Dad’s. 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢I see my Aunt 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢 and sister. 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢I skate out of that room and I am in a mall. I am actually on skates. I see 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢 and I think she might like the way I look with my new beard. I go to talk to her. 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢I keep skating.

      In another part, I am trying to sleep. I am close to falling asleep. However, I know it is mid day, and I haven’t paid the rent. I am just really tired from the previous night of sleeplessness (within the dream). I can’t get the idea of paying the rent out of my head. I decide to just call my Dad and ask him about the rent, then quickly go back to trying to nap. However, it doesn’t go that way. I try to call my Dad, and I can’t quite think of his number. I can get the area code but for the first few digits I am trying to figure out of it is 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢 like my old cell phone or what. I am getting really frustrated because I was supposed to be able to do this quickly and go right back to sleep. But now it is keeping me up. After some difficulty with getting my Dad’s number, and my contacts menu not working, this icon of a stoic Einstein kind of face pops up. It looks very stoic and intellectual, as if to say, anger is primitive, or something. This makes me even more mad because they are clearly just dissociated.

      I am on my computer, trying to do something. I have some awareness of having lent my computer to someone earlier. What am I trying to do? I click on some things and a bunch of ads come up. The ads seem to pop up all over the windows I am currently on, as if they become a part of the program I am already on. 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢I think someone must have downloaded something and got a virus. I think of some things I downloaded that might have got me a virus. Well, okay. It will slow me down, but I will just go to Control, Alt, Delete, and run the task manager. Whatever is creating the pop ups will be a simple dot E X E program and I will be able to end the process and uninstall it. So I press Control, Alt, Delete. Also, I do a reality check. I really think it is waking life, though, and I am just doing a reality check to “build the habit” in case it happens in my dream. My finger doesn’t go through, and I am totally sure I am in waking life.

      When I press Control, Alt, Delete, the window that comes up is almost metallic. It is way different than what Control, Alt, Delete brings up in Physical Matter Waking Consciousness. I click through and there is something like Window Manager. What do the windows look like? I find where it says Task manager and try to open that. There are all these tabs with bold black text. What happens after that?

      It transports me to where I am standing on this big metal screw on a wall. The metal screw or metal rod is kind of rusty. It pokes out of the wall maybe 6 inches, and is thick enough not to bend under my weight. I am really freaked out. I am convinced it is Physical Matter Waking Consciousness, especially due to my finger not going through. I am really high up on the wall, with only this screw to balance on. There is no way to climb up or down. I continue trying to balance. When I look again, there is some ground 20 to 30 feet down. I definitely don’t want to make that jump. No one is around. I reach up again and I can just reach the edge of the top of the wall. I can get my hand on this blue P V C pipe poking up out of the wall, and maybe on another white P V C pipe. There is not enough grip to do a pullup though. What color is the wall? Blue? I just sort of hang there by my finger tips with my foot on the metal rod. Even without the fear of being stuck there, it is just an uncomfortable position.

      I wonder if there are people around. I decide to try screaming out for help. At first I think that people will come hurt me or something. Maybe it is a trap. But I decide to try anyway. I scream really loud, like, “Help! I’m stuck here!” What exactly do I say? After a while of that, I get the idea to just jump down. It seems shorter of a fall. I jump down and land just fine. How high is it? 10 to 20 feet? I land just fine. I am relieved to be down from there. I still think I am in Physical Matter Waking Consciousness.

      I think it must be a restaurant I am in. There is a door way up to the front of the room. It is brown with glass panels. It is like a door, a little coat room, and another door. Before I go to it, I notice a bunch of note books on the table. When I look, they are my personal journals, or dream versions of them. I think they are my actual journals and I want to hide them before I leave, so no one reads my private journals. They are titled “guitar memos” in hand writing. Different color covers on spiral note books. I can see some cursive writing in thick green marker in one of them, and other colors in others. It reminds me of my dialogue journals. Some of the covers are ripped. I gather them up and more appear. One appears on the seat. Once I can get them all, I bring them over to this cabinet. The cabinet looks to be in use, but I figure the journals are safer there, than out in the open. I cram them into the cabinet and plan to come back for them later.

      Without taking any longer, I run to the front door. I almost expect it to be locked. It turns out to be easy to open, and I get out into the street. What time of day is it? Day or Night? I run left as I exit the door, and hear some people in the building across talking about how someone’s business plan won’t work. What exactly are they saying? I slide down this slippery red velvet carpet, which is kind of fun. When I stop sliding, I kick off and slide some more.

      Somewhere in there, I realize I am dreaming. What triggers the lucidity? Just a gradual realization? Once I know it’s a dream, I run and fly. I fly up to a roof. I think it is somewhat light out at this point. There are some people on the roof. I interact with them a little bit. Is there a dog? What else happens before I wake up? I wake up and think through the dreams, pretty amazed at that adventure.


      Round 3 of Dreams: The Importance of the second Reality Check & Reconciliation with Uncle

      A lot of beginning parts are missing from my memory, and parts intermittently. I will just write what I do now.

      There is definitely a part where I gain lucidity and then lose it again throughout the dream. What happens in that part?

      Where my memory starts more clearly, I am in a movie theater. Then I fall asleep. Within the dream, I dream of being in a kitchen. There is some food on the stove. The flame goes really high. Something makes me think it’s a dream, so I finger palm test. Instead of going through, it just feels like I am touching my bones. But because my finger doesn’t come out the other side, I conclude it is Physical Matter Waking Consciousness. There is some water almost boiling. I am listening to something on my phone through the headset. I try the other finger through the other hand and that won’t go through either. Something makes me try a nose pinch breathe. As I walk away from the kitchen, I see some lights on some buildings. I feel my fingers pressing my nostrils shut, and yet, air passes through. Wow! I am dreaming! I am so glad I did that second reality check.

      I want to take a bite of this big dessert food that’s there, and change the audio on my head set. Then I am like, maybe the audio that’s already on is fine. I take a bite of the dessert food and maybe some red bacon bits that are there. The kitchen is kind of dim the whole time. 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢The dream within the dream ends and I “wake back up” in the movie theater.

      On the movie screen, a human cartoon and a Snoopy the dog type of cartoon are eating bacon bits. To my sister, who is at the movie with me, I am like, wow! I can’t believe they are eating bacon bits in this movie! I just dreamed about that! The screen shows the people eating bacon bits but then I can see the bacon bits inside their head. They human and dog go around in the movie world and come to another creature. What kind of creature is it? One of them spits out some bacon bits into a thin sheet of paper kind of shape and trades it with the creature. Then they go on.

      In the next part I am running from some people. There is something where a pudgy baby is involved. They are like make sure to give the baby not too much or not to little of something. There is a quiet tan woman who demonstrates how to sleep on your side. She is saying to put one leg on top of the other, not one off a little in front of or in back of the other. They are saying this way its not uncomfortable. She demonstrates it on some kind of couch. What happens next?

      Next thing I remember is I wake up in this room at my Nana’s. I talk out loud. Am I recording a dream? Anyway, I notice the door to my room is open. I am embarrassed and worried that people outside my room heard what I was saying.

      夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢I am looking at a T V screen. My Uncle, who is downstairs, is getting a call from a 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢number. My Uncle is mad because that guy shouldn’t be calling the house, the guy should be using his cell phone. He is saying how that guy doesn’t even have the land line number for my Nana’s house.

      Then Uncle 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢comes in my room without a lot of regard for my personal space. It is like because I am a guest there, he doesn’t respect my space. He sits at a desk with a phone and a big stack of money. He is complaining that his girlfriend needs more money. 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢I am like you know 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢is right there and you shouldn’t expose her to that stuff. 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢is like, “Oh, no, they’re fighting.” I am like, you know, its bad enough you smoke and drink in front of her, and set that bad of an example, but now you are exposing her to all this bad stuff you are saying. I am really mad, and not holding back. I am aware of my harsh tone, and intentionally continue with it, so my point is known. After some time of my scolding, 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢are both crying. I am thinking to myself, well, too bad, it is true! My Uncle stands up and is crying. He stands on the bed and his face is behind some kind of support beam.

      He starts to explain why he has so many issues. 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢Then I say something like, yeah, I guess 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢really does affect you guys a lot. What else do we say to each other? I am seeing some shadows on the wall.

      I remember thinking that even though he wasn’t attacking me up front, he could come out of nowhere and attack me, any time.

      But overall I think this was a really significant dream because I have always fought with Uncle 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢in my dreams. This was not a lucid dream, just a regular or unconscious dream. In some ways I think that makes it even cooler, because it happened on its own. However, I did wonder If it was a dream at one point, while yelling at Uncle 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢But I just convinced myself it wasn’t.

      Plant Dream

      another dream I remember I have these plants and I'm trying to plant them and it goes with this song that you plant them along with a saw like comes with the plant and there's something with like honey in the planters and like singing I'm singing a song along with the planters but then I'm like I don't know like I don't want any wants to hear this I hear some parts um-hmm

      More Uncle Stuff

      There was another dream where I was drawing something. What was I drawing? My uncle reached over my shoulder and put a pencil drawing of a spiky monster kind of thing in front of me. I was like, cool, thanks, that’s great. (I saw that as more dreams of getting along better with my Uncle.)

      There was another part with my Aunt saying something about having a job where I don’t need to wear my retainer all the time. Like, you could take a day off wearing your teeth. Luckily, there’s a lot of chlorine in the food.

      There was a part where I was in a bedroom. The sheets on the bed were grey. I was thinking about this religion where they would beat the crap out of me so I would feel sorry, and then give me forgiveness. I was considering going, then I was like, no, I don’t need the crap beaten out of me. There was a square of sun coming in through the window. I had a recliner chair I wanted to sit in and write. But it was like I had just gotten up and gone to the bathroom, and I wasn’t sure if I should lay down and breathe, or sit up to write, while having breakfast. The idea was that I had the morning and early afternoon to watch a show, do my writing and get some food. Then I had work from the afternoon into the evening, like a restaurant shift. I was trying to get the back of the recliner chair up against the wall. At the store, I needed chicken and/or eggs. I was thinking it would be under a dollar a pound.

      There was this other part where I was in the local food store and it was only open seven more minutes. I had on a black ski mask and my orange glasses, but not to rob the place. It was something else. Why did I have that on? There was a bunch of cold medicine on this one shelf. I was looking at it, thinking it sounds like a bad idea. There were like 8 different boxes. I made a joke to the store manager about being there to rob something, but it was a joke. One of the cold medicine boxes said cheap energy. There was a doctor in the store. The doctor’s advice was, “You need to go to sleep.”

      Then I was walking down the side walk with these women from the store. I was like, yeah, the doctor is right. I need more sleep. The women were like, yeah, you’re always sleep deprived. So I was like, yeah, but not because I stay up all night on the computer. It’s just the trauma. I think that was a significant insight. I already knew it intellectually but experiencing that conversation in the dream might have helped.

      There was another thing where we were walking through my neighborhood. There was this idea of how a person needs to make sure they are working with the trauma effectively. There was a counselor guy who lived on one of the side streets I was working with. I felt triumphant about working with my trauma effectively.
    4. Played guitar in an LD!! And tried to use my phone + Weird O B E vibrations and other dreams

      by , 03-18-2018 at 11:22 PM
      Dreams from march seventeenth to eighteenth, 2018

      These dreams made me pull out the guitar the next day so I could play guitar in lucid dreams again. It was so cool.

      Groop 1

      These were the dreams from the first time I woke up. I think I had a job at a department store like Sears somewhere in there.

      My memory starts with this guy (hidden)and some other people on line to get food. (hidden) has prepared some kind of red meat dish. The red meat looks really tender. I am second in line. I seem to get a smaller piece than I expected. I go to try to get another piece. I am picking up an onion out of the tray and saying how I can’t tell the difference between the onion and the meat.

      We all go to sit in this room to eat. I am sitting along the side of the wall with some other people. The guy next to me is saying something about (hidden) and how there was some predictions for 2017 and 2018. In the dream it might be 2023. I am skeptical of the whole group at first. But then I am telling the guy next to me how they are good people because they helped me order a ower tool I needed. (hidden)The next parts I can remember are in some class room settings. In the first class room setting, I have some kind of thing that needs to be graded in the teachers office. The class is in session and I am sitting there with the other kids, while the teacher teaches. My plan is to put my head down on the desk, close my eyes, and use telekinesis to move my project around in the teacher’s office. I just hope no one will walk in while it is floating around. This seems like a viable plan.

      In the second class room setting, there are students taking turns giving a presentation about apples. The first student goes and finishes. It becomes the next day and another student goes. There is something where I have a text menu on my phone that shows I have 23 to 24 videos. It reminds me of my You Tube channel. I have to select an option from a drop down menu. The lettering is orange and the back ground is white. The selector is a little sideways triangle. There is something about needing a paid account.

      Also, in the class room part, there is something about how if I just play a sport, or go into weight lifting, and take classes, and get good grades, it’s like I won’t really be a person on the inside. I will be focused on all these external results but not really looking within myself.

      There is something about being at a mall, with signs around.

      (hidden)Before I recalled these I was thinking about something with a grey garage door in a walk around the neighborhood. At first I felt like I would totally blank on dream recall for these but they started to flow back to my mind. I think my affirmations helped me stay more optimistic.
      (hidden)I woke up from those and thought them through. They seemed to come to me alright. This is a pretty good dream recall compared to other first groops of dreams.

      I had some trouble falling back to sleep. I got on my exercise bike and my legs went for what seemed like a while. Then I stretched and fell back to sleep a lot easier. I need to use my exercise bike more anyway since my knees are on the fritz.

      Guitar Chords!

      Here is a fun L D I had. It started out with me being in a fight with my Dad. Maybe something to do with a chalk board. And I was listening to some Binaural Beats. There was a peaceful woman’s voice playing, giving some kind of instructions for a pre bed meditation. There was also something about how I needed to go into the hall way or bathroom for something, but I didn’t want to get the hall light or night light in my eyes, since this would disturb my sleep. I was also kind of justifying the angry things I said to my Dad, in my mind. I think I went to sleep within the dream? Or did anything else happen? Well, here is the next part I remember.

      I find myself in a replica of my basement at 15 Swoo, playing my Ibanez guitar. I realize it is a dream. This is cool. (I am not sure what triggered lucidity but I just suddenly saw it as a dream!)

      I am trying to play an E minor chord, without labeling it in my mind as such. My fingers keep slipping to the first fret of the A and D strings though, instead of the second fret. The basement is very brightly lit. I can see some white square across the way. Once I get my fingers to go to the second frets to make an E minor Chord, I think of the D minor chord. However, I put my fingers to what is actually a C major chord, while in the dream, thinking of it as D minor. The sound is really loud and like a previous guitar dream, I fear it will wake my Dad, even though it’s a dream. It sounds cool. I am excited to be playing guitar in a dream, lucidly. I start to realize the dream might lose stability, and wonder what to do.

      The affirmation, “My Lucid Dreams last long and remain stable,” comes to my mind. I say this aloud within the dream. It actually works, and the dream seems to get a second wind. That is exciting!

      I get up from the guitar, looking at my hands, and repeating this affirmation. I decide that writing it on something in the dream might help. There is a white countertop with a piece of ripped paper over to the side. I find a pencil there and write, “My, Lucid, Dreams,” and then sort of lose interest. The writing comes out pretty clear though.

      Next thing I remember is I have my phone in my hand. Where did that come from? Well, I am looking at my phone, knowing it’s a dream. What’s on my phone at first? I flip through the screens to get to Ad Block Browser because I want to try looking up something on my phone in the dream. I am still repeating “My lucid, dreams, last long, and remain stable,” In my mind. The icon for Ad Block Browser is about the same. But instead of the words, it just says A B B. I tap it with my finger, and a screen comes up. I can see the place to put the hyper link and tap there. A little grey touch based key pad pops up. Wow, this dream phone is so similar to my physical phone. A (hidden) type of pod cast is playing. At first, it bothers me, but I just tune it out. (hidden)I begin trying to type in, because I couldn’t find the microphone for speech to text. I am able to type, “How to control an,” and then I am about to type, “L, D,” but then I realize that I should use the full words, not the abbreviation. So, I go to back space the “n” out of the word “an”, and the dream ends.


      I woke up from this and thought it through, pretty excited about it all. My memory of the guitar part is so solid. Somewhere in the dream, I remember the guitar being covered in a white sheet, on a shelf, under some other stuff. I also remembered something about a bright Note Pad screen, and my Dad typing.

      Groop 3 of “Dreams”

      I had a series of dreams and sleep paralysis sensations take place before recording again.

      Dream: 400 Bucks!

      The first dream of these I remember is of me at the (hidden)kitchen or dining room. I was sitting there and my Dad gave me an envelope or a card which looked to have money on the side. I think I was complaining about being low on money. At first it looked like just one dollar, but then I saw four hundred dollar bills inside. (hidden)I wondered what it was for. There is something written on the card about the car being worth $5,400. There is some map my Dad wants me to go look up. It’s working kind of funny. At first it was a smaller place, but then showed a whole continent, surrounded by an ocean, kind of badge shaped.

      L D: Leaf Blower Trigger

      I think I woke up from that, and thought about it. It wasn’t really enough to break sleep paralysis and record, so I just kept it in my head. In the next dream, I am in my bed room of (hidden)I can see a guy getting a leaf blower going outside. I am angry about this starting up. Maybe it is around 3 P M in the dream. I am sitting on the floor. There are two grey bunny rabbits in the room, hopping around. I guess all my practice of doing dream state checks whenever I see or hear leaf blowers kicks in, and I try a finger palm test. I think I might be dreaming. Sure enough, I am dreaming! The finger goes through my palm. Then, I wake up.

      O B E Vibrations: Rolled out and Pinned

      I thought through that one and got some kind of O B E vibrations. The vibrations come on quickly, and I am rolled out of my bed sooner than expected. I roll out onto the side of the bed nearest the wall, only my bed is rotated 180 degrees and with the head board to the closet, not the opposite wall. I see a kind of white glowy hand as my own hand. I think I might actually be out of body, but I hope it will just become a lucid, dream, like the other times. I can see the window with the black out curtains drawn, so that’s another way I know it’s a dream. There is an orange jug on the floor which isn’t there in waking life.

      So I am like, okay, I just rolled out of body. Here I am. I will just stand up and it will be another OOBILD. I start to push myself up and feel if there is a body on the bed, and I am pulled towards the ground. This really scares me because I can’t move. I am not sure what this is. I try to fight it a little bit, but it avails me nothing. Something is holding this “dream body” or “astral body” of mine, down on the floor, on my back.

      As I lay here, I can see this sort of hologram of me appear above me. It is wearing a grey shirt. It begins appearing from its feet, then like a door is opening upwards in front of it, its body is slowly revealed from behind the “door”. I wake up from that in my physical bed, a little spooked. Not a total night terror but kind of spooky is all. I have a huge fear that if I go out of body, something will block me from going back into my body, and something else will enter my body right in front of me. Then it will “possess” me or something. So I guess I will see if that really happens or not. Either my belief in this concept will create the experience from my imagination, or there are really entities trying to do this. Or, a mix of both. But I know my dream or non physical exploration will never give me more than I can handle at any one time. And if something like that were ever to happen, whether imaginary, or actual, I am being prepared as we speak.

      L D: Who’s the Boss
      In the next dream of this groop, I am in a class room. There is a teacher, teaching the class. I realize it is a dream. (What makes me realize it is a dream?) All I remember is he instructs me that I have to go find some information. I have to go find out who the boss is, or why he is the boss. (hidden)I have to put on a metronome and go walk around somewhere, to the beat of the metronome. I vaguely remembering walking around a side walk outside and then returning. (hidden)I look to the boss guy and say something like, “I did it! You’re the boss!” I vaguely remember his face, just that he was a white guy.

      O B E Vibrations: Jaw Shock

      So I woke up from that and tried to think it through. But then I got more O B E vibrations. These were very intense and also kinda spooky again. But the O B E vibrations that came along probably came before I could form a full memory of the dream.

      I was spooked by the sleep paralysis stuff but I just kept telling myself internally to just relax. There are some swishing sounds, and/or some mousey sounds. Then I feel my body really quickly lifted up out of my bed like 4 to 6 feet. This is a lot faster than I am used to, so I am surprised. I feel like I could push into it, but I tell myself to just relax. I don’t resist it or push my way into it. Relaxing lands me back in my bed though.

      When I am back in my bed, the vibrations continue. They feel very electrical. I am feeling like shock waves are being sent through my jaw bones. It feels like they are being squeezed. I am still trying to tell myself to just relax. It is more than I am used to but I am confident that it can’t harm me.

      Like the last O B E vibrations thing, my bed is rotated 180 degrees, with the head board up to where the closet is. There must be some kind of bluish white light source behind me. I am more spooked now, because it is flickering in this ghastly kind of a way, casting some shadows of a lamp. I am trying to remind myself that the window curtains can’t be drawn, and I can’t see the curtains the way my physical body would be facing in the physical world. So this must be a dream. But I just keep relaxing, instead of getting up to look. Also, I wear a blind fold in waking life, so I shouldn’t be able to see anything. The other main thing I notice is this really low opacity little white cloud, like barely 10% opacity. It seems to float around, but maybe it is something else.


      I stayed still after that last set of O B E vibrations ended, wondering if anything else would come my way, replaying all the dreams and other stuff in my head. I was surprised that I couldn’t remember the L D with the teacher because it may have been more eventful.

      I think the jaw shock thing had to do with tension in my jaw. Maybe it released tension from my jaw.

      Groop 4 of Dreams

      I laid back down on my right side and eventually got to sleep again. For these I just let myself drift and dream, waiting a while to record. The memories were a little jumbled so I will do my best to put them in order.


      The beginning of what I can remember is. I am with (hidden)and other people. We are doing something, maybe watching a show. There is something about how I have O B E’s. Maybe I have an O B E within the dream before that point. I think I was thinking how people need to just have their own experience.

      I go into this dream bathroom to go make some dream #1. The dream door has some see through parts. My face looks different, so I make some faces in the mirror. I kind of like it. (hidden)I don’t realize it is a dream from my different face though. There are two toilets. I don’t want to use either because these women are right outside the door, and could see in if they wanted to. Near one toilet, there is a peanut jar full of #1. I wonder who did that.

      Spooky Staircase

      In the next part I remember, I am walking along (hidden)and I notice someone to the right needs help in their garage, or might. Suddenly I am in their garage. They are kind of startled. I am like, do you need help? They’re like, no, my Dad’s coming to help me. Its like (hidden) or someone tall. They have a standard barbell with a 25 on each side, and some 50 pound plates around.

      Next thing I remember is I am running out of there. Except now I am seeing it all from the outside. And a black haired guy has taken my place. The “camera angle” is showing the chase from in front of the person being chased, and showing a longer haired bodybuilder guy chasing him. He reminds me of someone from the local gym I used to see there a lot. Then the long haired guy falls head first down this long set of cement stairs. He sort of slides down them, hitting his head on every step. It becomes somewhat gruesome, and I am noticing the nightmarish turn it has taken. (I’m not sure if I got lucid, but I did something to change the channel, maybe without knowing it was a dream.)

      There is also some really spooky screaming voice that comes on as he falls down the stairs. It is like a gruesome monstrous scream. I sort of “turn it off” and it passes.

      Oily Candle

      There is another part where I am in a truck, driving with some people. I am at the back of the big moving truck, near a ramp. I think I am getting a ride somewhere but the other people are getting a ride from their flight. I’m asking what they’re doing. They seem to want me to stay out of it.

      I want to go to a gym. It is night time. There are some store fronts with dark glass windows. Two store fronts are illuminated with yellow. I pass by one gym on my right, thinking, that gym isn’t my gym. Well, if that one is open, mine must not be. I keep walking though, and my gym is also lit up. I think it might not be the best business plan to have two gyms right next door to each other, but I go into my gym.

      Instead of working out, I go to the side room of the gym, where they have this video game. But then, instead of playing a video game, I have this writing on some paper I am trying to do something with. What is the writing for? I light a candle. I am hearing something where some lucid, dreaming author is saying something about how the candle wick needs oil on it for it to burn right. I am seeing a candle drip off the sides. The flame burns down the wick. My paper is to the right of the candle, and the words start to melt off it or dissappear from it. What is this about? I am kind of sad now that my words have been erased by the candle.

      Then an Asian guy comes in. he is supposed to be the owner or manager. He says please don’t do that. I say something back, maybe about remembering dreams. Maybe it is a dream journal entry. He says he really doesn’t need to know a lot about his dreams. He has an Asian face but stretched out more or twisted. I can sort of picture his face now. There is something about workout partners.

      More Spookiness!

      I am in the passenger seat going somewhere. There is this little lizard guy walking around on me. He lays on his back and either dies or pretends to die, kind of dramatically. I notice he is on my giraffe pillow.

      There is a part with these witch people who are actually bad guys. They have this audio program that they want people to listen to in the morning. They say it is free, any anyone can listen at any time. No one has to wake up at any specific time. I sense they have some ulterior motive.

      Then one of the witch ladies with grey hair has this little person running around on their hand. The little person has a head the size of a thimble, and a little thin small body. They run around on their hand and fall over. The lady has her grey hair down over her eyes like some kind of mask. She is saying, “Do you see how small this is?!”

      During a lot of these dreams I was thinking of how to get my dream journal done. So for this one I realized it was like 8 or 9 P M. And I was like, oh, man, it’s past bed time, and I haven’t even wrote my dreams, let alone done my waking life recall. Oh, man!

      Pickup Artist Guy

      (hidden) is doing a You Tube series on how to meet girls. He has it all set up and I am looking onto the You Tube videos. I click on the first video, which is 50 to 60 minutes. I am skipping ahead a little bit and then going back to earlier.

      He’s saying he sits on the benches at the bus stop, to prepare to approach women. He has to almost compulsively approach women to prove himself. He sits there to work up his courage. He has this mirror that he holds up and uses it to look at women’s necks to see what they are wearing. Then he prepares some kind of pick up line based on that. Before he goes up to them, he lays on the grass and rips the grass out of the ground to psych himself up. He is saying how he needs to approach women because he is just driven to do so. There’s the idea that the people at the bus stop think he’s weird but he keeps at it anyway.

      Then it changes into a talk about this guy who he is really nice to. He is really outgoing towards this fellow, (hidden)He waves to him, and his hand gets really big, like a camera zooming in kind of thing. At some point he makes the guy’s brief case fall in the water though. But the guy doesn’t even mind. Another guy falls in the water too. The guy just jumps in after his brief case, like its no problem. They are on a dock by the water.


      I tried to fall asleep one more time, but that was it.
    5. Another day, another dream!

      by , 03-17-2018 at 10:12 PM
      Dreams from march sixteenth to seventeenth, 2018

      I had difficulties tonight with my dream recalling. I did my best but it just wasn’t there. The last few nights have been very good and hopefully the following nights will be better.

      Round 2 of Dreams

      I woke up from these and found myself on my left side, when I had fallen asleep on my right. With some idea that this would dislodge the dream, I still rotated back onto my right side, where my microphone was. I should have stayed still on my left side, thought it through, formed a solid memory of the dream, and then rotated and recorded it. I really regretted that bad move and was pretty mad at myself. My recall of these dreams could have been so much better.

      The earliest dream memory from this that I can remember is something with my Nana, Mom and/or Sister. Something do with with eating or not eating.

      The next thing I remembered was a detail I am sure I would have gotten if I hadn’t moved too soon. It was a cool one, too. Something to do with Terrosaur, Waspinator, and Star Scream, like the Beast Wars Episode where Star Scream possesses them. There was something about Megatron saying you will never betray me again. And Terrosaur or Star Scream kind of screaming as he is being destroyed or blasted.

      Then, in the dream, I was going around trying to get people to listen to me, but no one would. I had some kind of thing to tell everyone, maybe from the previous scene. But no one would listen to me. I remembered some kind of orange gold fish shaped thing, and climbing up on a shelf. This was just on the tip of my tongue, but I couldn’t get it.
      There is a thing about how having hair would be an indulgence for monks. I am thinking about this as I drive or travel down B Avenue, near the high school. I am thinking that I don’t chew on my hair all day, so it is different from indulging in food.

      Next I remember, I am following this guy down a narrow hall way to his room. He is on some kind of strict monastic diet which relates to the idea of hair being an indulgence. He has some kind of fuse thing that he will lay out and then put the end of it in the water. He will light the other end and then the contraption will create some kind of water pressure or bubbles or heat so that he can swim. He is wearing some kind of wet suit. He is saying how it is not environmentally friendly but he just needs it to swim. The Native Americans are mad at him but he is like, just get off my case! And the swimming device thing is still vibrating in his arms.

      What else happens in the middle there?

      We get to this lobby kind of thing. I am still thinking monastically. There are some people sitting at this table. I am messing around with this clear plastic bubble wrap balloon thing, thinking that the monks here are so ascetic. This is why I like this monastery. Even moving a finger to them is considered an indulgence. I might not be at that level but I like to aspire to it. I am aware that I don’t have much money. One of the monks, an older, bald fellow, is holding a stack of papers. It looks like they could use a paper clip. There are all these office shelf things on their desk that have paper clips, thumb tacks and that kind of stuff. I want to ask the monk for a penny and then use that penny to buy him a paper clip.

      Next thing I remember is a woman there is like, we need to people able to work. I want to do it but it looks like the swimming guy and his room mate are going to do it.

      Really Long Dream!!!

      I woke up in my physical bed like woah that was one of the longest dreams I ever had all at once. I recalled a few scenes back from the end but couldn’t get back much further. I had a lot of trouble falling back to sleep, so by the time I slept, I was probably really exhausted.

      The first thing I remember is of trying to set my Dad up with some M P 3 files. I was trying to think of a way to get them onto his electronic device. I am thinking of setting them up on an S D card and then having him swap out his current S D Card. We were at 1 6 24. He was trying to go do something, maybe somewhere with bridges over water. What was it?

      There was a part with G S.

      There was a part where I was trying to tell someone about what I have been doing since 2016. Only I was telling them about my life from around 2013 or 2014. Some of my waking life memory got into this, but not exactly accurately. I told them I wasn’t working now. I told them something like I had dropped out of college, but I actually finished college in waking life.

      The dream was so long. I forgot so much of it because it was just HUGE. I had no clue any of it was a dream at any moment, but I had some moments within it when I thought I had woken up from the dream, and tried to write it.

      In one part I was driving around in some parking lot, like to go to an A T M. I think my friend M was on the phone with some women or something. They were saying something like we don’t want you here. That was one that felt so close to being remembered, but not quite. I tried to be optimistic about how much of the dream memories I would retrieve.

      My memory of it gets a little more clear around these parts. I was standing on B P Boulevard, and a friend was driving by us in a white convertible. He stopped for us to get in. I guess we were teenagers because he was definitely under driving age. But his Dad was letting him drive this really nice white convertible. So we all got in there.

      So there are two girls and 3 guys in the car. One of the girls is the driver’s girlfriend. The other 3 of us are single. But someone thinks that the remaining girl is dating me or the other guy. But really, the other 3 of us are single.

      Then it becomes a talk. N M, M B and G B are there. N M is saying something positive about me and G B is saying I’m a hard worker. I am saying how nothing is panning out on my job search right now. M B is saying how he delivers pizza. He says I should just get into pizza delivery because he gets fat stacks. At one point he is rubbing the side of his head. M B says he makes “fat stacks” delivering pizza and makes a symbol with his hands meant to show the height of his “stacks” (of money).

      Then I’m with (personal info) at this place that is like where you pour your own soda at fast food places. There is some chart on the wall. We are carrying ice or pouring drinks, something like that. He is saying how it is a lot of money, like 15 to 25 dollars a delivery. He also says he gets 23 dollars an hour. That seems like a lot to me but I make sense of it using dreamy thinking. The ice feels cold. I am like, what if people don’t tip? And he’s like, yeah, I guess so.

      What else happens there?

      The part I woke up from involved something in a religious church. The religious music is helpful to me at points in the dream. So I have this whole parchment pamphlet thing out that I am trying to write my own script of religious music. I am thinking it is meant to help people with finances, relationships, and everything in life. I am wondering why I would put so much work into this when I could just listen to it on You Tube. But I continue copying it down in my own order. As I do this I am also journaling the dream so far. I get something like the first half which is already a lot. But then I am working on the whole second half. There is one song that I mark as optional. I realize how much writing this is going to realistically be, and that I will have to pace myself. It is too much writing for one sitting. I am starting to want to get breakfast, and so I try to just jot down some dream notes to come back to little by little. I am feeling overwhelmed by how much writing it is. It seems I have forgotten a lot of the dream.


      Then I woke up in my physical bed, so surprised that I hadn’t recorded any dreams for hours. I was able to think back a few scenes, and didn’t move at all. Due to all the time that had passed, I had to go #1, so that was putting some pressure on me. But I managed to hold it enough to get some detail. At some point, I might have got kicked out of somewhere. I liked having had all the dreams but having them all at once makes it difficult to recall.

      There was also a part where I was in a bed and had a container of rocks near my bed. I was trying to use them as crystals.

      I tried to recall the dreams by thinking of what I wrote in the scene with the parchment paper, because I was and am pretty sure those notes were of the dreams I actually had. But, I couldn’t really get a clear picture of what I’d written in the dream.

      Maybe there was something with M M from N J.

      Round 4 of dreams

      The first thing I recorded was a song lyric from a song that had been playing the whole final dream. But by the time I started saying it out loud, the second half slipped my mind!

      I think I had one dream and thought about it then fell back to sleep. It was hard to fall asleep again. The next dream I remember was of me playing this side scroller video game with Piglet as the character. I could see it pretty vividly during the dream but it was hard to describe upon awakening. There were ladders and cows. It reminded me of a Mario Maker video I saw. As I was watching that, I was like, wait, is this a memory of the previous dream? And then I woke up.

      I thought about that and fell back to sleep. There were some people in a convertible. I was standing near a building, maybe trying to go #1. The people in the car looked angry at me. They were like, hey, you, do you have a problem with that? I was like, Huh? With what? And they pointed to some cigarette butts on the grass between them and me. I was like, well, I can’t smell them. So, it’s not as bad as it would be if I smelled them. I hadn’t even noticed them! But the guys were glaring at me. Then I noticed a dark skinned woman sitting in the car, next to one of the guys. I was like, hey, you were in one of my earlier dreams! Did I know this was a dream? I’m not sure. How did she respond to that? I got excited it would help me remember the previous dreams. Then I might have had another short dream.

      The last dream I had was of this whole family going somewhere. Was it my family? There was a big moving truck leaving, but from inside the house. This guy I see walking around the neighborhood a lot when I go for walks was there. I heard his voice, and it was really high pitched. (personal info)There was something about how I put popcorn on, but then I was afraid it was on for too long. I was afraid it would burn or explode. I was trying to do something though while the microwave ran. I went into this other room as the moving truck left out the front door of something like my Nana’s house. It was like a closet. For the last few “dream minutes” of this dream, there was some song playing. It was like a dream tune. When I woke up from that, I was relieved I hadn’t really left the popcorn on. I probably could have snoozed some more, but I decided to recall the dreams. I couldn’t get back to sleep after that. I got up around 7:30 A M to start the day.

      Oh, in one part, there was something about how I was giving someone my credit card information. I read them the last 4 digits of my account number when they asked for my credit card number. Then they asked me for other verification information. That dream probably came from stressing out over typing my banking information correctly on my little cell phone keypad and having to re try over and over.


      So, those were my dreams!
    6. Fiery OOBILD, cool video game dreams, song lyrics

      by , 03-16-2018 at 10:35 PM
      Dreams from March fifteenth to sixteenth, 2018

      The dreams tonight had somewhat of a different flavor. I am also paying attention to how I fall asleep now. I think I fall asleep the fastest when I stay still. But sometimes I compulsively fidget. So I am noting how I do with falling asleep and whether or not I stay still.

      Earlier Dream Pieces

      R S is there. He is doing 100 pound dumbbells on incline. I am seeing if I could do more than him but on flat bench.
      C H and R M may also be somewhere in the dream.
      A lot of my first dream memories are vague so far.

      A Chance with B R

      In the first round of dreams I actually go on a date with B R. I have this job I am just starting at, at the same time, within that context. It is like a grocery store job. So she is like, you should go into work. And I’m like, no, I have to wait until I’m scheduled, so I don’t become workaholic. I am taking some apples out of the fridge while we talk. It looks like the apples in my 15 Swoo fridge, except in my room. B R asks another guy a question about himself and I feel insecure that now she is more interested in him than in me. I am thinking I should do affirmations about not being insecure, or being secure, but then if B R found out I did them, she would think it was weird. Like it would “bias the situation”.

      When I am done in the fridge, I am sitting diagonal from B R. She is sitting against the adjacent wall, diagonal to my right. I’m hinting to her that I have time off work, so we can connect on a deeper level. I am sort of pointing my knees at her or something. I think I will just be insecure forever.

      I mention to her the last time I got carried away with work, a writing project on my birthday. (Dream context.) Since then I have not got carried away with a work project.


      I fell asleep almost using like a WILD method except my mind conked out. I wasn’t trying to WILD, but I was just trying to stay still. Once I stayed still, sleep came on pretty easily.

      Long Adventure: Parking Panic, Borrowing Pants, Coloring, Dream Forum

      My memory of this dream begins with me parked behind this car. The front of my car is right up to its tail. It must have backed in front of me because I never park that close. Another car is pulled up and about to parallel park behind me. I realize they will probably block me from getting out of the spot by parking too close on either side, and hurry up to get out of there. I hit the ignition and push up into the place where the parallel parking driver is. The cars are red and grey or silver. What kind of cars are they? Who are the other drivers? What road is it on? What else happens after this?

      Something with G A comes to mind.

      I am in a parking garage after talking to some friends about a job. A T is telling me something about how I have to work hard. I am wearing a white T shirt and doing I T Band stretches by hanging on a beam. Who else is there? What is the job?

      At some point some of my clothes get wet. Near some lockers, a woman lends me her clothes to dry myself off. Not her regular clothes but her spare clothes. I see her walk through the hall and thank her for giving me her pants. I realize this sounds awkward in front of other people who don’t know the context, and apologize. What else happens between this and the next part I remembered?

      Well, next part is, I am in this class room. I hear three women from high school, E R, A T and maybe another. They are singing this song that goes something like, “Ain’t no tool, just pick up the phone! Ain’t no tool, just pick up the phone!” It is about not being self-sufficient with self-help tools and instead asking others for help. Apparently it is some kind of recovery concert. I’m thinking to myself how since I got into recovery, I have seen so many changes I never would have expected.

      Next thing I remember is I am in the class room listening to an African American woman with short black hair say how she doesn’t like the way she looks. She is saying how she doesn’t like her nose and face. I am telling her she looks great, and is probably just judging herself harshly. Without me noticing, her hair gets all these bright yellow highlights in it. I notice the way it looks with her skin color. She continues talking to me about stuff. Then T S comes in. He is wearing a white shirt. He starts talking to me. I ask him to please wait because I am already listening to this woman now. So he waits. Does he disappear?

      Next thing I know the woman’s hair is short and spiky. She might become a completely different person. The thing is, I notice the sudden change, just without realizing it could be a dream. Still, I am questioning how it could have happened. It seems to have happened instantly. I am like, did you just change your hair? And she is like, oh, yeah, I just got a quick hair-cut. Throughout all this there is another woman I am trying to impress. I guess by being really nice.

      Next in the class room we are all sitting around drawing. I am trying to draw Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z. The sensations of drawing within the dream are pretty vivid but something seems uncoordinated. I am thinking I really need a reference drawing. The woman I’m trying to impress won’t think less of me for using a reference drawing.

      Another guy is standing around and there is a seat next to me, so I invite him to come draw. I tell him that he is more than welcome and there are plenty of crayons. (That was nice!) He sits down in the open seat to my right and I pass him some crayons. There are these two really short crayons, the size of a tiny pencil eraser from a clicky pencil. He uncaps one and it draws a whitish grey color. He calls it black though. I guess his vision must be inverted, but still I question that for a moment. The next crayon thing is gold. He calls that one gold. I figure gold must be the same whether colors are normal or inverted. So I am questioning things but making sense of it with dreamy thinking.

      Next thing is that people are coming in t take a big class picture. We’re all in a class room and when I look around there are a lot more people than before. They have all these cameras taped together, like a grid of cameras. The idea is that we have to tape together more cameras to be able to take a big picture of everyone. So I decide to jump in and help. I find some fold up tables to use as a work bench for taping together more cameras. (This is funny.) One table is broken or difficult to set up. One of the tables is a reddish kind of wood. One of them works well and that is the one we set up.

      At some point my Nana calls me and it is Christmas. I start to think it must be Santa Claus’s birthday or Nana’s birthday but I don’t say happy birthday to either of them. So I think I should say happy birthday to either of them.

      There’s a part with these two older program guys at a table talking. They say something that catches my ear. Or something like that. So I am kind of laughing and then they notice I am there. So then they change their conversation and start saying how everyone who goes to the program has to have a “religious experience” in their dream and all this spiritual stuff has to happen to them. They have to have a dream that saves them. I’m overhearing them while looking at this basin of water. It is in a kind of religious room. What comes after that? Do we ever take the picture?

      I think I start looking into a cabinet and then I am on a computer. I am browsing a forum about dreams. My user name on the forum is Charles.phone. I am thinking of a dream I had. (I am not sure if I really had this dream or if it was just implanted context. But the dream seemed really familiar.)

      I click on a thread and it has a grading chart for my lucid, dream. There are all these numbers next to various aspects of the dream, such as getting lucid and stabilizing. The dream is about being in this under ground place. (Did I ever journal this?) I am thinking, well, I have this whole point system already, I guess I am ready for the competition. Somewhere in there is the word rapping. In my dream journal entry I get a Dialed and then points for attempting to stabilize it.

      Then I am reading another person’s dream journal, or a post she has made, about her dream. It is only a few lines. It says, she is on a beach, and there’s someone there. On the beach, she wants to smoke, but she doesn’t know if she should. She ends the post by asking what it means. I get an adrenaline rush and jump to reply, “YOU SHOULDN’T SMOKE!” There’s something about how she wants the beach to be a peaceful place, not a smoky place. Did anything else happen after that?


      I woke up in a funny way. Without me even doing it on purpose, my whole body just contracted and stretched with a big yawn, and I found myself awake. I was not expecting that. So I was like, okay, stay still and think about the dreams! My body doesn’t usually have a wake up surge like that.

      When attempting to go back to sleep, I was staying still a while. I was in and out of consciousness and then some small itch came along or some discomfort, and I adjusted. Once I adjusted, I really lost so much progress towards getting to sleep. A little fidget is no small thing! I tried to tell myself I will just adjust this one thing, and then stay perfectly still. But after that, my legs were going wild for a good period of time. Eventually I got them still again and managed to get to sleep. But that one little itch probably cost me like a half hour. I think I fall asleep faster when I stop myself from all the fidgeting so I need to do that, even if its uncomfortable at first.

      At the end of that long dream there might have been something with brushing my teeth. That came to mind as I was almost asleep the last time.

      Small Buses

      This is just a dream flash. There is a school bus going by my house toward the main road. Two more buses are coming the other way down my street. It is raining out. The two school buses going the other way are tiny, like the size of compact cars. They have bright head lights.

      I woke up from that realizing it was a dream flash. So I was like, okay, just stay still. And you will be in another dream soon.

      Stacking Salmon on the Phone

      Another short dream. I am at 1 6 24 and on the men’s meeting line. Someone is having a turn talking and they ask something about what its like to give or receive feedback on a meeting. Someone else says well you already are doing that or something. G or C is on the line. It is dim in the 1 6 24 living room. Then there is something where S doesn’t get a turn to speak in the meeting, but he was moderating. So, he asks if he can speak or check in. So then he is speaking, and in the meeting so we say hey can I check in. So he goes hey guys my boss rejected me today. Then this guy Todd comes in (not anyone I ever heard) and goes, “Hey guys, I’m here!” With no regard for Scott’s share.

      While listening, I am stacking these salmon fillets on top of each other. I put them skin to skin, wondering what will happen if I eat the skin. I stack some others fillet to fillet, so they are kind of alternating. I think they are partially cooked. Maybe someone else in the house comments on the salmon.

      Telekinesis on a Cantaloupe

      In the next dream I am at the Arboretum near the map. The map is a table though, with all these pizzas on it. I walk down the trail with the bubbly trees, thinking it is cool how in my dreams, I can eat whatever I want. All those affirmations that I could eat whatever I want really paid off in a way, without me needing to even eat them in waking life. Somehow I realize this too is a dream, maybe as I walk by the map again, going the other way. The table surface is white. The pizzas are not on the table this time, but I remember them from before I got lucid. I want them to appear again. I quickly think, “Pizzas will appear there!” And then turn around. At first there seems to be nothing, but then I see a tall pizza shaped slice of cantaloupe! Well, close enough, I’ll take it! Just then people start walking out of that middle trail there, and the cantaloupe falls or jumps away.

      Telekinesis comes to mind. I put my hand out and try to use Telekinesis to draw the cantaloupe to myself. It flies in my direction but a few feet to my left. I turn around and try again. Then the dream ends.

      Fiery OOBILD

      As I think through the previous dream, I feel some vibrations and O B E kind of sensations, start to activate. I try to go with them and see what happens.

      I am laying on my left side. It is like if I “push” into the bed, and through it a little, I bounce back up, to the “right” which is “up” toward the ceiling. I bounce back and forth like this a little, seeing if anything happens. I hear some voices and feel some prescence in the room. There is some voice phenonmenon taking place. Some voices are whispering, “Yes! Yes!” and other voices are saying “I’m Nervous!” It’s funny because those are my thoughts but I am hearing them as voice phenomena. There is a while strobe light kind of thing here and there. I am like come on we can do this it will be alright, in my “inner” voice.

      I roll my right shoulder down so I would be on my front, and this kind of rolls me off where my “bed” would be. There is a table there between my bed and the wall but no pillows like in physical world.

      I notice that my dream desk is on fire. It is a bright yellow flame with a hint of orange. It looks kind of holographic. It bounces all around the desk. Behind it is a note book that has the words TRY and another word in big bubble letters. The word TRY is in black. The other word has the letters L and Y and is 3 letters long, but those letters are outlined, but not filled in. I know it is a dream.

      I feel heavy and scared. Some things seem to flash and flicker in the room. I think it is really an O B E this time. I manage to pull myself up from the floor to my bed on my elbows, and push myself up. It takes a lot of energy. I am ready to just crawl back into my body, expecting it to be on the bed. However, when I put my arms there, I don’t see a body on the bed. I am kind of relieved that it is just a dream, and not an O B E. I have fear that if I have an O B E, I will be standing outside my physical body and then some other non physical being will fight me off and go into my body. I have never experienced that but it is just a fear. So I am all ready to fight the thing off if need be and go back into my body before it can get in.

      The rest of the room is dark. I step over my bed, moving a little more easily now, and go close to my burning desk. More holographic looking flames appear. I try to touch the fire a little bit. I don’t feel heat. But it is something.

      Even though I know it’s a dream, and my physical desk isn’t really burning, I still want to put the fire out. I am thinking about how to get water from the bath room to the desk, or what else I could use to put it out. I am basing this all on my expectation of what would be there in Physical Matter Waking Consciousness.

      Bright Room

      Eventually I was back in my physical body, in my physical bed, or so I thought. Then I noticed the light was on. That couldn’t be the case so this must be a dream. I am glad to have caught it, but I want to lay down and think of the dream so far before I go engage this dream. I figure the L D will be so solid that I will get up and write the whole dream, but within the dream. Well, the dream doesn’t wait around for me. It ends, dropping me back off in Physical Matter Waking Consciousness.

      I wonder what would have happened if I had got up. It could have been a fun L D! Well, next time.


      I had really good recall of these dreams. The OOBILD was kind of scary and ominous. And very vivid. I told myself, well, that’s part of being an oneironaut. Exploring the dreams. I am not hurt or anything like that.

      So I fell back to sleep after recording the dream, trying to stay still.

      Funny Game

      Something happens with my sister earlier in the dream. What happens earlier in the dream?

      Well, here is where my memory begins. I am looking through this Pokemon screen to select a team of Pokemon. I decide to select a dragon type team. There is a big array of Pokemon that it says are Dragon types. It says Diancie and Cacturne are Dragon types, and this makes sense to me in the dream. In fact it says Diancie is Dragon and Flying but I think it should be Dragon and Fairy. So I scroll through that and select some Pokemon.

      Next I remember, I am flying or falling down this side scroller video game level. It is like a free fall. This Star Fox looking thing or eeveelution thing is falling down next to me. It seems like I am supposed to battle it. I get the understanding that it is a ground type eeveelution. When it hits the ground, it will make a big Earth Quake. It has a big body and a small head. It is falling head first.

      When we land, it kind of stalls. I am between it and a stone wall. It seems like I won’t be able to jump up to the top of the ground monster thing since it is out of my jumping range. Some how I dodge out of the ground monster’s way and get past it, out into the open. A spring appears like the springs in Mario or Sonic. I jump on that, hoping it will bounce me up on top of the ground monster.

      It makes a really funny boing noise and sends me flying off the screen to the right, totally unexpectedly. Then I return from off the screena nd land somewhere near it. I start laughing and realize it’s a dream as I wake up. It just seems really funny to me, the way it bounced me.

      So I thought back through that one, and stayed still, to get back to sleep, after recording it.

      Chrono Trigger!

      How did this dream start? My memory of it begins with me walking out on this World Map of a video game, similar to a Golden Sun world map. It is like a Chrono Trigger game though, with the red character with the sword chucks. I walk onto a spot on the world map that is like a cave, and battle music starts. Then, when I step into the level, it is like a cave, but right when you step into the door, there is a hole you fall into, and lose a life. This seems like a really cruel video game design. I hear a sound effect when I fall in to the hole like when Mario loses a life. The second time I fall into this hole, I look and notice on the top right corner I have 5 lives, like in a Mario game. The third time I go in, I somehow manage to move this grey panel beneath the hole before falling into it. I have no idea how this is possible, but it works, so I go to the left in this video game style cave.

      Then the game becomes more 3 D like a Nintendo 64 game. I am walking around by this brown hill with a ledge at the end. I am trying to pause the game or get the camera angle to be from behind me but it doesn’t exactly work. I am controlling the character from outside more telepathically, instead of with a video game controller. I am not aware it is a dream though.

      I slowly begin to notice a big shadow of a big monster towering over me from behind. I am like, wow, cool, the video game makes this shadow effect. I try to pause the game to buy some time, but it won’t pause. Then this blue electric jelly fish thing appears in front of me. It seems like something I have to battle.

      What else happens after that? I don’t remember if there was more or it just jumps to the next part.


      Next thing I remember, I am running or flying alongside this pink humanoid rabbit kind of character. It is either that, or a big dog with a Majin Buu kind of head, all pink. I am thinking of getting an R 4 D S to play Pokemon Sun and moon, but that might not work because it is for D S, not 3 D S.

      The pink thing’s head turns red and it speeds way ahead of me. There is this song playing. It goes something like, “If it means something to you, it means something to me. I’ll surrender to you, if you surrender to me.” The first line might be “It means something to you, if it means something to me” which would change the meaning. It has a tune to it that I tried to capture on my voice recorder once I woke up.

      I look ahead and there is this big robot head looking thing and it looks like it has a giant cigarette poking out of its mouth. I am speeding straight towards it. I start to realize it could just be a car exhaust pipe. But the way it turns to face me it seems more like a smoker.

      Sleeping in a truck

      In a brief false awakening, I am sleeping on my front in the back of a truck. My head is hanging down off the back of the truck and I can see the road pass beneath my face. I think to myself, wow, this is a great way to sleep on my front. Almost like a massage table, with no pressure on my face.


      The dream song played for a while in that dream. I had it fresh in my mind once I woke up, but as I laid there thinking through it, I fell back asleep. When I tried to recall the dream, I could get the dream memories, everything I had before, except the song! Only a little of the song came back to me and even then, it was just a guess. What I learned from this, and previous times, was, if there are song lyrics, or If there is some specific kind of phrase, record that right away. Those things have tended to slip my mind more quickly, especially song lyrics, for some reason. Of course, moving to turn on the recorder and speak too soon might dislodge the rest of the dream, so it is a trade off. Got to “play it by ear.”


      I couldn’t get back to sleep after that last dream. It just wasn’t happenin’! After the previous night, I was really looking forward to a similar level of dreaming. Tonight didn’t seem as high a level of dreaming, but last night was like way above average. Tonight was an average amount and of course all the dreams are special in their own way. I don’t know who produces these dreams but it is my favorite channel!
    7. I crossed the universe and tasted all the flavors!

      by , 03-15-2018 at 10:36 PM
      **I omitted the first 3 sets of dreams because they contained a lot of personal information. I might go back one day and just modify them to be general enough to post publically but I didn't yet because it seemed like too much extra work**

      **But here are the last few rounds of dreams which were pretty spectacular IM

      Writing on my Hand
      In this dream I am at my college fraternity house, in the basement near where the downstairs bathroom, laundry room and hockey shelves are. What is going on there? Who else is around? I am in a bathroom at the fraternity house. What else happens?

      At some point I get lucid. My legs are in a urinal, up to my knees. I wonder why. Someone is talking about pooping. N D and R C are pointing out something in the bathroom stall. I am not interested. I am trying to get everyone to have a good time and stay on a positive vibe, without using drugs or alcohol.

      What else happens around that time? Next thing I remember is this. I find myself in front of my High School, by the white cement wall near the bus stop. There are some people talking. I know it is a dream. I have a pen with me. I try to write on my hands because it might be there when I wake up. I am amazed at how clearly I can write, "Legs in Urinal" on my left palm. I switch the pen to my left hand and write on my right palm. There is ink all over and some green. What does it say?

      A kid wearing grey tries to talk to me. What does he say? What do I do? I think I tried to push him away or even fight him. Why? I am not sure.

      With these dreams, it was a dream chain. So, I would wake up, try to formulate some memory of the dream without moving, and then another dream would begin.

      Feeding Mousey!

      In the next dream I am at the kitchen counter of 15 Swoo, near the sink. I am trying to eat some kind of cereal, like bran flakes, with special milk in it. The milk is like a white protein shake, instead of just milk. I notice a mousey on the counter as I mix it and start to eat it. The furry grey mousey is walking around the counter, slurping up spots I had dribbled, or pieces of food I had dropped. I am like, oh, that's nice. A little mouse. (Did I think it was a pet? I realized it might be un sanitary but decided it was just another mammal like me, and could stay.)

      At one point the mouse finds its way into my bowl of cereal! It is at the bottom of the bowl, and I can see only a little island of its grey fur from the top of the bowl, wet with protein milk. It is making very loud slurping noises. I may or may not know this is a dream. I think that it would definitely be un sanitary to eat that cereal, so I will just leave that bowl to Mousey, and make another bowl of cereal. I am afraid the mouse will drown, so I try to pour out some protein milk into another bowl to the right. The mouse slips into the other bowl without me realizing and I wonder where it's gone off to. Then I notice it in the other bowl, slurping away.

      At another point in the dream chain I remember thinking about changing my clothes, but I forgot when.


      At some point I was flying. I think I was on top of a roof, wondering what to do with my lucidity. I think it was a separate dream from the others.

      Funny Bed Location

      In another false awakening my bed was in the road near W H Drive. I didn't realize it was a dream, but in later dreams, I was like, oh! I should have known.

      Accross the Universe!

      I open my eyes and see thin trees in front of me. I know it is a dream right away. I realize it is another false awakening. (Did I do a finger palm test, or just know it was a dream?)

      I fly up in the air with some ease. There are power lines near a roof top that I am careful not to touch. They have black covering but still, I just want to stay on the roof, but not touch the power lines. There may have been some other things in the sky i was fighting or interacting with.

      I feel bored on the roof. I feel like I have been here a million times, or at least once or twice already in this dream chain.

      All the other times I have tried to go to space and stopped for one reason or another come to mind. I decide that this will be the time I go to space. It is just that simple. So, I fly upwards, thinking of space.

      I see the ground zoom out beneath me little by little, then faster. When I reach Earth's atmosphere, some doubts come to my mind, but I am able to go ahead anyway. I think the next thing I am going to see is the whole Earth zoomed out, from outside it, and then there it is. Then the space flight takes over on its own. I am amazed as I zoom so far out that I can see all the planets in this solar system, then more planets and stars outside that. The further I go away from it all, I see several spheres from outside, one after another. It is like there is a sphere within a sphere within a sphere, again and again. The spheres are transparent. Some are tinted white and at least one is like a red orange. I think I am seeing a galaxy within a galaxy within a super galaxy or something like that. Next there are these wavy membrance kinds of things. They are shiny and white. It reminds me of what I have heard about membranes between universes and how they sort of ripple and bounce when passed through. They have a whitish glow. They don't take up the whole "dream screen" though but they look like I am continuing to get further and further from the whole multiverse as I could possibly get, way off into space. It all happens fairly quickly, but slow enough that I can see these things happening. It is everything I ever hoped it would be, and more. My first time crossing the universe in an L D!

      I am surprised when suddenly I find myself in a body of water. It seems I am on Earth again, but maybe it is like a similar planet to Earth, but in another dimension. I feel I could have looped around and come full circle. This is a big body of water. There is some kind of Goomba ish Mario world monster in the water that looks menacing. It is not really noticing me, but it seems like an option for me to battle it. Instead, I fly somewhere else. What exactly does the monster look like?

      I expect I might have to go back and battle that thing as I walk around other parts of this world. I find a floating cube like the ones in Mario. I feel a game controller in my hands, as if I am playing a video game now. There is a thermometer kind of thing near the yellow cube floating there that is black and white. I can affect its level by pressing the Z button which I guess is where R 1 might be on a hand held Nintendo D S. From here on, any time I move my character, I need to press these buttons. I can feel them on my fingers each time.
      The box is floating above this small little pond. If the box was one pixel, it would be like a 3 by 3 circle of pixels. The box is over the middle, where there is another small circle. It seems like it will be a healing pond. I want to use it to at least charge up to full H P in case that monster comes to get me.

      Does anything come out of the box? Yes. A Red Shell. The Mario theme for when he rides the shell plays. (It is called "Powerful Mario" theme on Youtube. This is so exciting. I hop on the red shell. Knowing exactly what to do, I surf around. It is a lot like the game, only now I am more immersed. There also have been green shells around. This dream is a dream come true.

      Next I am on this grassy hill. There are giant grey mice. They are just walking around innocently and I go around them. I surf around on the water's surface, having lots of fun. I go beneath a water fall.
      That is all I remember of that. How does that part end?

      I either woke up and thought through it before one more dream began, or it ended and one more dream happened.

      Flying with Timer

      The next thing I remember, I am flying through this corridor. There are other guys and gals flying through there, too. There is a Spanish guy saying emociones liabilidades which I think means vulnerable emotions, or emotions that are liabilities in some way.

      As I fly, I am trying to adjust this thing on my phone. It says something like 31 34 37, going up or down in 3's at first. When I adjust it, it starts to go up or down in 2's or 1's. For example 32, 34, 36 or 35, 34, 33. I want to get it to where it is one second per second, moving forward in time, like 31, 32, 33, etc. So I keep flying trying to get that to work. It reminds me walking with the metronome app on my phone, because I was walking with my metronome in the 30's earlier that day in waking life.


      I gave myself 2 L D's for that. The writing on my hand and the space travel mario world ones. Those were clearly separate dreams and I got lucid in both.


      I almost gave up on getting back to sleep, but I did get back to sleep after all. So, that was good. I am just wondering how to recover those missing pieces of the dream? Once I feel I have really maxed out on memory. Also I usually think I will remember a dream next time if I wake up, without recording it initially, but some times I don't. So that is something to be mindful of. Try to record the dream before falling back asleep unless you are intentionally dream chaining. I also thought that I might have flown over water in one of the dreams.

      Seemingly Dreamless Sleep

      I managed to get back to sleep AGAIN, much to my surprise. But I had no recollection of dreams from that time. Maybe something really vague, but too vague to record.

      Trying All Flavors

      I got back to sleep again! And had another very cool L D. I felt like I was dropped off from another dimension. What happened in the beginning? I forgot some earlier parts as some false awakenings took place after the initial dream. But I am glad to have remembered what I got. Here is where my memory begins.
      I am cleaning some dishes at a sink. (I think I went away from the sink, did some other stuff, came back, and did more dishes. I may have became lucid at that point but for some reason I continued to do dishes.) I realize I am dreaming yet still choosing to do dishes. I'm like, wait, why am I doing dishes? That's silly. It's a dream!

      I turn around and there is a sliding door, kind of like the E Q kitchen and back yard we lived in. I slide the door open, step out, and fly up. The dream feels very stable. The sky is bright sky blue and I see some reddish flowers. There might be a creek in the back yard. There seems to be some kind of barrier to how high I can fly, so I decide to just fly slower, which is nice. I can control the speed of my flight this time. What do I do next? Go on the roof? There are some missing pieces to my memory of this.

      The next thing I remember is this. I am a mouse! I find I am a mouse scurrying around. I have been really nice to mice in my dreams, and now I am one! I might be eating some food or something. After a few moments of realizing I am a mouse, in a dream, it occurs to me that there might be a... CAT! Somewhere around here. So I run under the cabinets for safety. Sure enough, a black furry cat goes by! So I hide further under the cabinet, perhaps running from underneath one cabinet to another. It seems like it can still get me under the cabinet. What else happens? I become a human again. (The shape shifting was un intentional.)

      Here is the "Trying All Flavors" part. I am flying around this semicircle wooden shelf or ledge thing that is kind of high up. I am totally aware its a dream and it feels totally stable, like I am right at home. I am able to fly from point to point on this semi circle thing. I am eating a bunch of delicious dream food. Every few feet, there is another one of these Snapple bottle kinds of things, with a different flavored smoothie thing in it. Two I remember are lemon lime and orange, but there are lots more. I am flying around guzzling from each bottle, just really enjoying it. Each flavor is like what it says on the label. I am even drinking from one bottle before I finish swallowing the last sips from the other bottle. I just want it all so fast! What other flavors are there? There are at least 5 to 10 flavors. I start to think I might be replenishing my "dream energy" for another bout of dream exploration before this L D ends. I start to think I might manifest some ice cream while I am up here.

      I woke up from that in my physical bed. My body felt heavy, so it was easy to stay still and think it through. What were the missing pieces to that dream? I think I was doing some lucid activities before eating all the flavorful dream food, which was why I thought of it as replenishing. I started to feel some vibrations as I laid there, and I got ready to potentially re enter that dream. in I'm gonna get a another whole thing here so I feel the vibrations and I get a whole nother thing and I kind of feel like go forward and I think I fall like I was expecting a whole nother dream like that. I told myself I would remember it all once it released me, and got ready to dive back in. I wanted to dream forever!

      Drippy Ceiling False Awakening

      Well, I lost consciousness somewhere in the transition to the next dream. I "woke up" into a false awakening, in my room at 16 2 4.

      I am woken up by some water dripping from the ceiling. I kick all my blankets off and spring up with a startle, unaware its a dream. My Mom is like, there's water coming from your ceiling! From the side of my bed, I can see where the water is coming from. There is this tent or awning that is supposed to go over my bed, but its fallen off. So I pull that back over my bed. I worry the water will run off the edge of that and onto my electronics to the side of the bed. I realize it is almost noon (in the dream, not waking life) and decide to go straight to typing the dream, instead of voice recording it. I figure I've already thought it through and can type it well enough.

      I am thinking that when people read this dream views entry, they will be like, man, that guy dreamed forever!

      I am thinking of setting up my recliner chair with my lap top, like I would in waking life. The chair would be under the window by the side of the house.

      I realize it is morning though so I go through getting my breakfast and all. I can feel my "body" is so heavy and I really disdain waking life. I am so bummed out to be back in waking life, (not knowing it is still a dream!) I go to clean my tupperwares which are full of green spinach juice and mushy black beans. I am cleaning them in this bath tub with hot water. I keep leaning on the wall of the shower, which is covered with a layer of black bean goo. Every time, I am like, aw, man, I got black bean goop on my shirt.

      What else happens there?

      It's a Business!

      There is something with people from two fellowships I am a member of. One fellowship is smaller than the other. The big fellowship they are saying that people go their whole lives. So that big fellowship has a credit card and bank account for each meeting. While the smaller fellowship is more casual. They are ringing up some items with their credit card on a cash register. There is white powder on the cash register conveyor belt.


      I was surprised to slowly awaken from those last unconscious dreams in my physical bed. I had high hopes for letting those vibrations suck me in to another dream before recording. I think its worth the risk though because some dream chains can culminate in more and more expansive dreams. However, yes, some dream chains can just end in a series of unidentified false awakenings. Then again, every false awakening is a chance to become lucid!
    8. So many dreams!

      by , 03-14-2018 at 10:33 PM
      Dreams from March thirteenth to fourteenth 2018

      Tonight's dreams had a different feel than usual. I had a feeling that I dreamed less. Also when writing these, if there was a part I couldn't remember more of. Like, someone was there, but I couldn't remember who. instead of saying, "I can't remember who it was." I am trying to phrase it like, "Who was there?" So thats what the questions are for. It is kind of a change in style.

      365 x 8 DL

      In one dream, I was in the gym. I had 365 pounds set up on an olympic barbell. The plates were black. I said some words before beginning my set. What were the words? They were something to pump me up. My arms were really jacked. I remember doing the set and then reviewing the video of it later, realizing I was bouncing the weight more than it felt like I was. Also I did the set facing away from the mirror. I had short brown hair and a sleeveless shirt.

      After that scene I was in front of a bed. There were a bunch of sheets of paper all over the place with different affirmations or song lyrics written on them.

      Don't know what to say

      I dreamed I was in this group meeting type of setting. But some of the seats were down a hill or in a tunnel. What exactly was that setting? My turn to speak was coming along and I had been thinking of different thoughts in my mind. I expected my share to sound a certain way. There was some rule again about no cross talk. When I actually opened my mouth, all I got to say was something like, "I can't decide what to say in such a short time." And then my time was up. Who else was there? It was light out.


      The above dreams are from the first round of dreams. Then I recorded what I could and fell back asleep. It took me a while to fall back asleep after that, but the rest of the night it was pretty easy to fall back asleep.

      Surprise Knockout

      This dream was interesting. I dreamed I was playing in a Pokemon battle. Who were the Pokemon? The opponent Pokemon did an attack that was expected to bring me down to 50% H P. However, there was some kind of critical hit, and it knocked me out all the way. Above my H P bar it said something like W 4 X or W R 4 X. Then a rainbow colored heat wave kind of effect played on the screen, like where the image ripples. But it was rainbow tinted. I heard a specific phrase. What were the specific words? I remembered them initially upon awakening but they slipped my mind. Something to do with Energy or Abilities. What were they?

      This caused me to realize it was a dream. How did that make me realize it was a dream? I started to feel my "body" float up from the game. I tried to fly up through the ceiling and woke up.

      What else happened before the Pokemon game? Where was I? It seemed like the back yard of my previous house at some point.


      I had a dream after recording the above one that was with me in a bathroom. I had just gone to the bathroom and then I looked down and saw a bunch of poop in a plastic jar. I went to dump it in the toilet, wondering how it got in that jar. There was also something about a video player on my phone that had to do with the previous dream. Did I get lucid in this? I am not sure. How did this lead to the next dream?

      Teachers Concert

      After the above dream, I went right into this one. Was I lucid? I am not sure. I was flying around though. There was something about a cruise ship and going to Europe. What was the going to Europe part about? Did I fly over water? I came accross this concert of my teachers from High School and my Uncle P. I grouped Uncle P with the teachers even though he wasn't a teacher at my school. Who were the other teachers? I remember ree cognizing them at first. They were singing songs to a crowd of people that I imagined was full of other people I went to school with.

      I noticed a girl, K S or N H, playing a black flute. What did it sound like? It didn't look like or sound like she really knew what she was doing. That seemed kind of silly to me.

      Did I fly anywhere else? What else happened?

      Sister's Dream Ability

      Right after the above dream ended, I had a false awakening in this out door place. I was looking right at a tree when I "opened my eyes". It was day time. Where was this location? I was wondering how I got there and preparing to get to where I could dream journal the previous dream. I looked at my phone and noticed it said 6:10 P M. The letters were kind of cut off. I looked away and looked back, not really on purpose, but happened to notice it said 9:25 and the letters were cut off. That didn't make me instantly lucid. (It would be interesting if that was just a habitual thing from double checking clocks in waking life, finally going through to my unconscious dreams.) What made me get lucid? It was partly the clock thing but mainly that I realized I didn't remember getting to that location near the tree. So it must be a dream.

      I do a finger palm test. It takes a little pushing but yup, it goes through. I notice some people at a picnic out of the corner of my eye. I am happy to know it is a dream. Who is at the pic nic? My sister gets up from the picnic and walks right by me. It seems like she is heading into the building. What building? She is wearing a navy blue shirt. I stop her and say her name. She stops and looks at me. I am like, "Hi, M!" and we are making eye contact. Her eyes are blue like in waking life. I can see her face very vividly.

      I begin to tell her about the dream I have had so far. She says something about how we have to use a certain dream ability. The dream ends after a bit of us talking.

      I wake up in my physical bed, still hearing my sister's voice from the dream. Her voice continues on for maybe even a minute. This is interesting to me but I can't reply due to my vocal chords paralyzed. Where as in the dream I could reply.

      What was she saying? It was something about dream abilities.

      When I woke up, I originally remembered what she said, but waited too long to record it. And it slipped my mind. What exactly did she say?

      Who Turned that Fan on?

      I found myself in the bedroom of my previous house. My bed was between the two windows. My microphone for my voice recorder was there as well as something that looked like my jumble of pillows. What color were the sheets? I think white. I was having trouble arranging my pillows before laying back down. I was getting annoyed with all this rearranging of pillows. Was I trying to dream journal?

      It was light in the room. I noticed the sound of a fan. I looked, and towards the door, a fan was running. Who opened that door? I thought. I figured my Dad must have come in and put the fan on. I hoped he hadn't heard me talking in my sleep, or seen any other indication of my dreaming.

      The false awakening got me and I didn't realize it was a dream.

      I recorded those dreams and fell back to sleep for the next set of dreams.

      Sister Visit

      My sister came back to visit in the next dream, but as far as I can tell, I didn't realize it was a dream. I think I was on the phone with my friend L before my sister got there. Now I remember. I was also on a conference call. There were women with U K or Australian accents talking. One was saying how she had to quit coffee, but couldn't make it through the day without a cup. Another was saying how she wanted a pot of coffee but couldn't make it. They sounded sad or child like.
      Where was I? I think I was in the same room as the previous false awakening. My desk was facing away from the wall, not towards it. I still had the dividers on the desk. I remember looking at a sheet of paper, that had a type of schedule on it. It seemed that I had slept from 3 to 6 or 7 P M and now it was 6 or 7 P M. My Aunt B's name was written on the 6 or 7 P M line, as if I had something scheduled with her. I figured I had just slept through some of the day and so I would eat something before going back to sleep. Some pizza got into the equation and I was eating pizza.

      How did my sister get there? Well, my sister was there, and talking to me about dreams. She was sitting on my desk, to my left, while I sat in the chair at my desk. I was mentioning how my emotional range was only 10% of normal, making a signal with my fingers. Was there something to do with a watch? My sister was eating pizza, too. Only she was making a joke by putting a paper towel into a triangle and taking a bite out of that. Silly!

      She was asking me what she was doing in the last dream. I was trying to remember. I told her she was talking about abilities. She was like, "What did I do in my dream?" and I was like, "Was that really you in that dream?" What else happened? Did anything happen after she left? I think she was there to help me remember the previous dream.

      After she left, I was in my room by myself again. Maybe I heard more of the phone meeting. I remember putting the phone down on the side of the desk. I remember my black desk. I remember grabbing my hamper and putting in my Grey Pokemon shirt and another shirt. It was like the hamper I use now in waking life. But then I went #1 in the hamper, right on the clothes. L O L. Why did I do that? After going #1 on them, I was like, wuh oh. Why did I do that? And then I figured I would have to go out to the hall way to wrinse the clothes so they wouldn't be ruined. But it was late so I was afraid of the night light waking me up. I started to panic over this a little. Once I woke up in my physical bed, it still took some time to realize that I hadn't really went #1 on my clothes, and my actual clothes were fine.

      I woke up from that one and recorded it, before falling back to sleep.

      Remote Control Car

      I had one dream in the next chain of dreams where it was kind of dark in the ground floor of 15 Swoo. And I was plugging in this remote control for a remote control car thing. It was black and had a red L E D on it like the space heater. There was something about plugging in a double prong plug into the remote control itself. I wondered how it would fly since the car or plane seemed connected to the remote control, but by a shorter cable. What else happened in this part? I might have got lucid again but not sure.

      In a School

      In this next part I was in a school. What happened in the beginning? My memory of it starts with me walking by a class. What was going on in the class? I saw a woman I know. Maybe they were taking an exam. I walked up some grey stairs and almost stepped on someone's glasses and phone. His head was right by the stair my feet were on and I said, "Are these your glasses?" he said yes and took them. Did he take the phone too?

      I continued walking along through this hallway. What else happened in the hallway? There were some people I knew. Something with a phone and or another electronic device. This video player kept coming up on my phone. I remember the bright orange screen.

      Eventually I got to the lobby of a reddish auditorium. Who was in the lobby? I talked to more people I seemed to know. Somehow my phone fell all the way down the stairs of the auditorium and looked to have broken. I realized it was a dream. I knew I could just walk down the stairs and get it. But the idea came to my mind to fly down. So, I did a dive sort of thing down the red stairs, probably attracting a lot of attention from the people sitting in the auditorium. I wanted to look like I was diving head first, and then suddenly catch myself a few feet from the ground and land gently in a seat. So that's what I did. A few people around seemed to notice this. What happened with the phone?

      Someone in a seat ahead of me seemed to be bothering me. What did they do that bothered me? I turned them upside down somehow and then felt bad about it. It was kind of impulsive. Some other people around didn't seem to approve of me doing that. The assembly thing started to end and the guy in front of me was walking out. His appearance changed from I think curly brown hair to now short dark brown hair.

      He said something about dreams. Something about when we are in dreams. What did he say? It wasn't that this was a dream. But I knew it was a dream. I was trying to tell him that we were both dreaming now. I apologized a lot for turning him upside down or whatever I did to hurt him. I was almost pleading with him to be my friend. My idea was that we could be lucid, dreaming buddies and explore the dream world together, helping each other stabilize the dream as time went on. He sort of shook his head and walked away from me. Did anything else happen? I think the dream ended around then.

      Poopy Head WILD

      I woke up from those dreams and thought them through. I felt my body feel very heavy. Then I felt like my body was being sucked into a portal or something. It didn't happen all at once so I tried to relax and just be open to it. I couldn't really think about the previous dream during this part because it was just too much sensory and or extrasensory experience. So I just went with it and trusted that I would remember my dreams when it was over.

      I saw some extra bright hypnagogia and maybe the room flashed some lights on and off. Then I saw a bunch of yellow note pad style text on a black background. It was all shifting and moving really fast, except some text in the middle. I remember the text in the middle was bigger and in bold. What did it say? I remember looking at it and specifically reading it, but it slipped my mind. There were some other words in the bottom left portion of the "dream screen" that I also read, but they too slipped my mind. What were those words?

      Then the text sort of went away and a drop down menu appeared on the "dream screen". It had 3 to 4 options. The option I selected was "Is this possible?" or something like that. What were the other two options?

      Then I found myself in this room that was flooded with water about 3 to 4 feet high, around waist height. There were 3 men in orange suits who looked like prisoners of some sort. As soon as I appeared they began to come towards me, as if to beat me up. Was I in trouble for hurting the guy in the previous dream? What did I do? Did I try to swim underneath them? I am not sure. But then the water seemed to drain without any one noticing and I was drawing these diagrams on white paper boards for the 3 guys. I think I was trying to convince them not to beat me up. What were the drawings? Something with a blue circle.

      Now I am seeing the "dream screen" from outside. The character I was is now a guy with long black hair and I am seeing him from outside. I still identify with him as myself though. I feel what he must feel. He puts his face behind one guy's bottom and the guy pulls up the orange jump suit and POOPS ALL OVER HIS HEAD. The black haired guy is crying as his entire face and head is covered in greenish brown poop. It is not too solid but not too runny. It sort of slowly drips down his head and onto his back. I still know it is a dream. I am like, why are they doing this to him?

      During the pooping on the head, there is some mention of the guy being a cyclops. Like if they poop on his head, now he is a cyclops.

      Then the same guy lays down his head between another guy's feet and that guy POOPS ALL OVER HIS HEAD TOO. (L O L.) The poop is the same gooey brown green stuff. The guy is crying from beneath the layer of poop covering his face. What was I supposed to do about all this, if anything?

      Did anything else happen in that dream? I think it went to another dream.

      Casualty of the Dream Chain

      What was the dream after the above dream? I am not sure. I knew there was something, but could not remember! Why didn't this one come back to me? How could I have made sure to remember it? I put a title space here to honor it and mark where it would have been.

      Sister Diagram

      I dreamed I was laying in my bed, and didn't want to get up. This was after the previous dreams, before I recorded the chain. I heard my Dad and sister talking. They were walking around stair cases that were on the walls of my room it seemed. It was something about how my sister got into some activity. she was drawing some diagram with circles and arrows as if on a chalk board all around the whole wall. What did the diagram show? What was she saying?


      I woke up from that last dream in the chain kind of disoriented. Maybe with some other thoughts in my mind. As I thought back through them, I almost fell asleep, or felt another set of vibrations start. After I broke sleep paralysis to record the dreams, I thought I might have fought off another dream, which I didn't mean to do. But I am glad I got them recorded before I forgot more.

      Pulled Over!

      What happened leading up to this part of the dream? I am not sure.

      I am driving down B Avenue, from around the high school or my Nana's. Where am I driving from, if anywhere?

      I am on my cell phone with a hands free headset. I begin to notice flashing white lights in my rear view mirror. Uh oh! I think. The lights seem to have been going on a while. I must not have realized they were for me. I don't remember hearing any sirens or seeing red or blue lights. Just white. I figure this is normal for police and pull over. As I pull over, I realize I am not wearing a seat belt. I throw on my seat belt, take off my head set, and put my phone to the side. I can picture the little red hang up button on the phone but I might not have time to press it. I hope the police officer doesn't notice me doing all this. If he comments that he saw me put my seat belt on last minute, or take off my head set, I have some replies in mind to deny it. I don't think I've done anything wrong.

      The police officer gets up to my window. He is wearing a police kind of hat and uniform. I expect him to flash a light in my face, but he doesn't. It is night time, and pretty dark out. I realize this must be a dream. What makes me make that connection? It seems to just pop into my mind that this is a dream. Without any direct state checks, I am gradually sure it is a dream.

      One confirmation is that for a moment, the police officer's nose is really long, but then it returns to normal. The police officer's eyes are a dark color, like dark brown. He is telling me that I have been swerving or coming too close to the edge of the lane. Then a sky blue van and another car speed right by his back, really fast. It is startling. The people are yelling something out. (What were they yelling?)

      I want to tell the police officer that he might not want to stand there. Although I know it is a dream, not much else comes to mind to do right away.

      I woke up from this dream right about there. I was happy that I even ree cognized it as a dream. I tried to remember what happened before the lights flashed. What happened? Nothing came to mind.

      I recorded this before going back to sleep. Even though it was just a simple dream I wanted to play it safe.

      Remembering Dreams

      I vaguely remember one dream of it being light in my room, and me thinking something about remembering dreams. What was it? Was that the only dream from that sleep cycle?


      It is a very interesting night of dreams with some continuity between my sister's appearances and other themes. It seems lower in total volume of dreams. But the quality of dreams is high. I am happy with the night of dreams. I feel fulfilled with these dreams and look forward to what the next night brings.
    9. Vivid Vivid Vivid

      by , 03-13-2018 at 10:45 PM
      Dreams from March 12 to 13, 2018

      **If you don't want to read it all, my top 2 dreams about be "...That might wake me up!" and "Your Shirt Matches the Wall" (just Ctrl+F the phrase without quotes and it will bring you to the title)**

      I don't like to call any dream my favorite over any other though. They are all wonderful!

      I slept a little deeper than usual and was more groggy than usual. So my initial records of the dreams were a little more jumbled. But still got decent recall.

      Dad's Food

      There was one early dream about my Dad wanting me to give him a ride somewhere at night. Or there was something else he needed help with. I think He was wondering what to do with his chicken he cooked, and I told him just leave it out over night, kind of as a joke. There was also a part where his cup of water touched a bag of raw chicken, but on the outside. Still, I didn't think he should drink that water now. I also was afraid the water was too cold. He also wanted to leave rice in his water to add nutrients.

      Friend Oriented

      There was one part about giving my friend M a ride somewhere. These dreams had a theme of me helping others and being a friend.

      I met this older guy who reminded me of the guy who lived behind a restaurant I worked at. I was trying to remember his name. John? Joe? John? Joe? It turned out it was Joe.

      I was at a meeting with all of these people. It was kind of like a support group. We were all sitting around a big square of tables arranged like a square. My left hand had been jotting down some notes. But then people were going around the room taking a turn sharing, and everyone else was supposed to listen. The monitor of the group said that if we wanted to give any advice, it would have to be really brief, and we mainly had to focus on ourselves. I realized that it would be difficult not to give advice unless I distracted myself from the person speaking, so I let my left hand do some more writing while they spoke. Mean while someone else was saying how they were paying perfect attention to the person. They said their page was totally blank because they were just listening so attentively. I had a black binder with some paper.

      Someone next to me wanted some paper. I had only 4 sheets in my binder, and they all had stuff on them. but one sheet, I was able to spare, because it only had a small drawing on one side. So I gave that to them and I think there was a memorable phrase.

      The group had a program involved and at first I was really buying into it. I thought I could ask Joe to be my mentor and then finally become someone who is more "friend oriented" when I have kept to myself most of my life. I thought I might finally do it right this time. I felt hopeful about it for a moment.

      Then I thought, well, pull back a little. Be skeptical of everything they say, instead of buying it. Don't listen to anyone's advice. Definitely don't ask for a mentor. So I guess I shut back down.


      There was a guy moving out of this apartment. I think another older guy was sub leasing it to him from the land lord. The land lord may have been the Joe guy from before.

      Blue Screen

      After a part I put in my private notes, I was at my high school, where the buses pull in. My friends S S and D H were in this dream. They were commenting on this app. It had to do with all these check boxes. They said my computer screen was very bright blue. It was so bright blue we could see it lit up from accross the parking lot.


      Something with me at gym doing chest presses.

      Uncle C and Sister

      I vaguely remembered a part of being with my sister. And maybe in my Uncle's Den, on the couch by the T V.

      Youtube Couple

      I vaguely remembered a dream of a Youtube Couple who made a video or a song and made money doing that. Something about having to be read by their voice?


      That was all from the first time I woke up. I remember waking up very lightly a few times and dozing back off before I really got up and recorded dreams. Then it took some time to fall back asleep and I had to unearth an old sleeping position, the diagonal front. It worked and also I had to try to do progressive muscle relaxation until I slept. So these next dreams were all from the next sleep cycle.

      I Always Loved You

      I am sleeping in a tent, outside the back yard of my previous house. There is a big black dog outside the tent and I am afraid it will get me through the tent. (There are more parts I forgot. )

      I am walking outside now and the dog is gone. I come accross a glass table top that is like the one in the guest room at 15 Swoo. It has some scratches. When I turn it, some words show up, based on the lighting. There is one phrase that is kind of long. (I don't remember it.) I notice another phrase from K F. It says something like, "I always loved you." Because I think this is waking life, I am very excited. I hope she still loves me.

      Tiny dogs

      In this next scene, I was in my Nana's room. There were two tiny dogs, one white, one golden yellow. They were smaller than cats. I still had some fear of dogs that carried over from the previous dream. I woke up from the bed in my Nana's room. I think I was trying to record my dream. I sensed these dogs were coming, or someone in the hallway was beckoning the dogs to "come". I was worried about the dogs in general or perhaps how they would interrupt my dream recall.

      I considered closing my Nana's door but that seemed weird. I also looked down the hall and saw one of those child proofing fences at the top of the stairs. it was made of wood. I thought of putting that in place, but also decided against it. I thought if anyone came up the stairs or to the bedroom, it would seem weird.

      Then the white dog ran in. I remember it jumping up 4 or 5 feet to the top of my Nana's mantle, then needing to get down. It wasn't even a foot tall. I think I picked it up by the mid section and said hi to it. The other golden yellow dog came in too.

      I know I forgot more of this cycle of dreams.

      You Need Supplements!

      In this one I was running down B P Blvd and onto B Avenue, towards the mini golf course. There were 3 women running in the same direction, one kind of tan with dark hair, the other ones were "white people" as they say.

      This guy pulled up along side us and said something like, "You need supplements! You need more than just food and exercise!" And I was like, really? He is trying to spam us to buy supplements?

      I may have become lucid or just conscious but without knowing it was a dream. I decided to entertain the guy's suggestions and explain to him that I already take multivitamin, fish oil, B complex, and all the other supplements I take. Then we were walking down this hallway thing. We went down some stairs. (As I type this dream, glimpses of the parts of the dream I forgot come to mind. But not enough to bring into focus.)

      The guy was ahead of us. I was behind him, then the 3 women were following. We walked through a narrow part, and then I stood to the side to hold the passage way open while the 3 women passed. The tan woman had black curly hair that had a shine to it. I saw her face more up close and she looked like D P. We decided she couldn't fit because I was suddenly wearing a giant grey coat. So I went on ahead and then they kept following.

      I was hoping that the women would like me because of a few reasons. One, I felt I would look good compared to the sales person guy who they might have been annoyed by. Two, I just got a sense they liked me.


      That was all I remembered from those drorms. I knew there was more but I couldn't access it. I figured I would take the three scenes, and record them, before falling back asleep. Maybe it was good I did that because I could have woken up next time without memory of them.


      There was something about how I slept and had an O B E but within the dream.

      There was a part with my Aunt being up early in the morning to do her "wellness morning". She looked really healthy. Her hair looked healthy and her skin had a glow to it. I kept opening and closing the door knob of the kitchen we were in. It was gold and shiny. Maybe I was locking and un locking it, deciding whether I would stay and talk with my Aunt, or go outside. Outside was a little chilly. My idea was to stand out there, fall back asleep standing up, and dream some more, while I ate breakfast, but asleep.

      I was putting together a meal with something like rice and lentils, kind of groggy. I wanted to say how I do my own wellness routines in the mornings, too. I accidentally spilled some jelly in the fridge and M M appeared to my right. She picked it up. I was embarrassed but I thanked her. Some jelly was dripping down my face. I thought it might impress M M that I had an all day wellness routine. The main point of me saying it was that I didn't need to start the day super early, because I practice wellness all day. So its not just something I get up a half hour early to do a half hour of, then go on with my day. All day is wellness. But I was also defending why I was not up as early as her.

      Water Bottles

      This one dream or dream segment was at a grocery store check out. I had a cart with some big water jugs in it and then some cases of smaller waters. Other people were buying waters, too. Something about how I put out four 64 ounce water bottles but then there were five because another guy brought his own. An older woman wanting some water. I wondered why there were not just two 32 ounce bottles per person so they could have equal water in each hand.

      Maybe I'll Float

      I was walking around on this dock. It was sunny. It seemed like the water was up above the dock. It was towards the Summer. I was thinking I would like to float around in the water every day, during July, August and September, while its hot. But then I was scared, because maybe a fish would come near me! Floating seems like a good idea though.


      That third cycle of dreams was really vivid and eventful. However I was so groggy upon awakening I just couldn't think clearly enough to record it coherently. I think I dreamed a few times of recording it all and then woke up like, wait, I didn't record that. I think that was a mechanism to keep me asleep! I just felt physically and mentally tired. Also some of the dreams were more surreal and not as easy to put into words. I can think of a few glimpses, like something with my sister and a golden pin, and she was running away around some stairs, but nothing really solid. Most of the time I wake from dreams with my mind very alert. Alert enough to think up the whole dream and record it. But some times, like this time, I wake up in a daze. So, I just do the best I can.

      Football Practice

      I dreamed I was practicing on the H S football team. There were a row of football players in pads and all the uniforms. The quarterback had special lettering on his helmet that said Q B. Then, I was seeing the team from behind. Maybe it was a game. The quarterback didn't seem to have enough protection. The center and running back from the left hand side were going to trade places. One was B D. It seemed weird for the running back, who was smaller, to be the center. But the idea was that he would be able to hit someone pretty hard before getting ran over. I don't know if I was on the team or just seeing it from everyone's back.

      ...That might wake me up!

      There was one part with my Dad drinking about 16 ounces of soda really fast. He had this little glass bottle that was like 16 ounces, like a snapple bottle. He had filled it with soda and drank it all really fast. My sister was accross from him, and I was behind him. I wondered if that was really a good idea to drink that soda so fast.

      This was all one dream I think. After the soda part, my memory begins with me in this room. There was this idea that if I drew this green thing on a piece of paper, and lines coming off it, the cat would be attracted to it. So I drew it, and colored in the lines, and the cat was hissing and meowing and coming towards it. I think I shut the door so the cat couldn't get in. I am not sure.

      Then I remember going out to this other room with a woman at the head of the table and some guys sitting around the sides. I joined them, sitting at the corner of the table, right near the woman, to her left. I thought this might seem like a weird place to sit. But I did it anyway! I told them about the thing with the cat working.

      I forgot some other parts.

      Then I was in this auditorium, for an assembly. A lucid dreaming author and researcher was going up on stage to give a talk. He put on a red orange hoodie and then a gold chain with a cross but it was one of those plus sign, equilateral ones. It was a big chain and hung from his neck, shining golden yellow. I wondered why he was doing that and figured he was trying to look like the Pope.

      I think there was something in these dreams when I was like, "Why am I watching this?" and almost woke myself up. Then I realized, wait, its a dream, stick around!

      He came into the crowd and knelt in front of this little girl who was sitting on the outside row, talking directly to her. The little girl looked away, kind of scared.

      I forgot more parts in the middle here.

      Then I was at this cabinet or fridge. It was like a black mini fridge. It had lots of square containers in it. I was sorting through them and accidentally knocked over a beaker of reddish tea on the bottom shelf that was nestled behind more containers. At first I was afraid it was red wine but then I saw the tea bags, and knew it was only tea.

      Just then a woman came up behind me and said that I should really clean that up, since I spilled it. She wanted some tea and was upset that I spilled it. But there was another tupperware of tea with a blue lid anyway.

      I told her it was her problem she had a caffeine addiction. She could make tea in 5 seconds if she really wanted. (L O L!) And how dare she get on my case for spilling the tea. I didn't spill it. Blame whoever put the open beaker in such a bad location in such a tiny fridge.

      The woman argued with me some but I basically told her to back the F off. I felt really angry. I thought it might help to put the mini fridge up on a counter top so it would be easier to reach the bottom. But when I stood up, it was a full size black fridge. Huh?

      I went to the bathroom, still angry. There were two bathrooms but neither had a label for men or women. So I was going # 1 and then a woman came in. She had one of those plus sign crosses on her nose, in black. I ree cognized her as L N. She had short brown hair.

      At first I thought it was weird to be in the same bathroom, but then it just seemed normal. I was ready to defend myself about why I didn't clean up the tea. But she looked happy to see me. She actually asked nicely, "Aw, are you having trouble with the tea?" in a very nice way that kind of made me feel better.
      So we started talking and she got close to my face. We sort of went into a hug and we were kissing each others faces. I realized it was a dream somewhere around here. I was looking into her eyes. Her face seemed to morph into a different woman's face a bit. I pointed out that the plus sign dissappeared from her nose.

      She was smiling a lot as we were close together there. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed someone else walked past her. I started to realize I might wake up, and tried to will myself to stay in the dream. I started to tell her, "You know, this might make me wake up..." To try to slow things down. But then I felt myself waking up.

      I was glad I got back to sleep for this dream because I almost thought I wouldn't. So it was like a bonus dream.

      Wheel Chair?

      I dreamed I was on the ground floor of 15 Swoo. I was deciding whether or not to put a load of laundry it. It seemed too time consuming. The laundry was dirty towels and some other stuff. Maybe the kitchen towels.

      I also remember seeing this black leather wheel chair thing as I walked around. at first it had a back, but then it just had a long seat part. I figured this was for my Dad to help his knee recover. I wanted to wash it or wash the cover of it so he would be able to use it sooner. Since otherwise he might just leave it sitting there. It looked electronically operated. It had 4 smaller wheels, not 2 big wheel chair wheels. I almost forgot about that dream but was glad it came back to my mind.


      This was a dream about some monster things that looked like magic the gathering cards. Or similar to Transmetal Rattrap but with more striations in the metal. Like made of cabling. The one I remember seeing was this rat mouse thing with a human in its mouth. It was in this dungeon thing.

      Your Shirt Matches the Wall

      I found myself in this class room setting with computers around the room. I was at one of the computers. Two teachers were this guy Elijah and then the president of a company I used to work for. I noticed the walls had this grey pattern with red and black pixelated looking parts, like a pixelated camoflauge but with modified colors.

      I noticed that Elijah's shirt blended perfectly in with the wall. The company president's shirt almost did but it was tinted with neon or electric lime green.

      I realized it was a dream partly from that and just in a general way. I decided to point out to them that their shirts matched the wall. It took some coordination and focus but I got to where I could talk to them.

      One cool part of this L D was that I felt it start to fade at one point. It was as I stood beside the two teachers as they talked, trying to find a moment to get a word in. Somehow I managed to re stabilize the dream but not with a technique, just with a thought.

      I forgot whether or not I called them by name. But I pointed out their shirts. I put my hand on the company president's shoulder and told him he was giving a great lecture before. (I didn't realize until later that although both him and the guy giving the lecture earlier had the initials S L, it was a different person. So he didn't know what I was talking about. but still it felt like a good thing to do. )

      When I put my hand on his shoulder, I noticed he was built like a 220 pound body builder. So maybe the dream shape shifted him into someone else.

      I wanted to burst out and tell them it was a dream, but I held myself back from saying that.

      There were four teachers in all but I only interacted with two.

      I forgot exactly how it ended.
    10. Dream Food

      by , 03-12-2018 at 06:16 PM
      Dreams from March 11 to March 12 of 2018.

      **The 2 dream food LD's are called "Room 10 treats" and "Have a nice dream" if you just wanna read those since I know its alot, use Ctrl+F**

      I had some difficulty recalling dreams that seemed vivid and eventful. But still got a good haul. I had two great dream food L D's.


      Something about a football game, A S, R M, other people from H S football team.

      Charlie Morley

      I had one dream of Charlie Morley saying some wise things about L D but I couldn't remember them. (In waking life I listened to some Charlie Morley the previous day.)

      Indian Torture Guy

      There was this scene I couldn't remember much of, but this Indian religious guy was torturing me. I was begging him not to. There might have been some kind of injection, or some kind of spell that he cast. I think someone saved me, or I figured my way out of it.


      A C was giving me plants in this white basin thing. The plants were in pots and then there was water in the basin. Like how I set up draining for my indoor plants. But something about how it the way it was in the dream would flood the big basin and flood the plants. I remember four green plants standing straight up, and, with the dirt in the pots. Maybe I was thinking the plants would be watered from underneath?

      In Love

      In the context of this dream, there was a woman I was in love with. We were both in the program. I was helping her move into this new apartment. The doors were glass with silver framing. I was ripping paper out of a big book to give her my number or some code. The pages felt like construction paper.

      We were sitting around a table. A guy was giving her a hard time about sleeping late, so she was saying that was hurting her sleep pattern. I was trying to get the guy to back off.

      I remember looking through the pages of my book, and thinking they corresponded to the pages of the book from waking life. I can remember seeing the chapter headings and getting a good feeling from it. But now that I think about it it might not have really matched.


      I woke up from these dreams, kind of in a daze. I don't remember too much trouble falling a sleep. But I couldn't think of any dreams right away. I got up to go #1 thinking there hadn't been any dreams. Then they started to arise in my mind as I went #1. I sure did dream. Maybe if the memories would have started flowing to me sooner I'd have remembered more. I don't know why they didn't.

      Funny Dogs

      I was in this Boys and Girls club kind of place that I've been to before in dreams. I was helping fix something on the wall by standing on this shelf thing. I remember slowly sort of falling off. It was high up. I grabbed onto this fixture on the wall and hung 10 to 20 feet up from the ground. They had to put cushions on the ground to break the rest of my fall.

      I forgot a lot in here. I remember thinking how long a dream it was at some point, but I don't remember being lucid.

      I was on a couch, trying to use my zoom recorder to record dreams. My Sister was there. Some dogs were there. Then I think I was laying on the floor. The dogs were sort of pushing me around so I slid on the floor. I thought it was funny.

      F A D J

      I had a false awakening of trying to use my zoom recorder to record the dream. Only none of the red indicator lights were on. And the microphone I use wasn't connected. It was light in the room. There was some back ground noise, maybe music by a female singer. I started to panic because I realized this was all wrong. But I didn't know it was a dream. I was like, oh, no, the microphone is missing! I must not have recorded the other dream either!

      Then I woke up in my bed, relieved that was just a dream. I had a hard time thinking of any of what had happened. Just really grogged out. I felt some dream chain sensations come on though and another dream began.

      Room 10 of Treats

      This became a fun L D. So at first I don't think I was lucid. There may have been a lot I forgot as I remember thinking during the dream, how long it had gone on. I was concerned about remembering any of it. So what I recalled might just be the end of a long L D. That's a bummer but I did my best.

      Where my memory starts, I was non lucid, walking up these gray stairs. They were like a spiral stair case. I started to run up them. I was like, wow, it is so easy to run up stairs. I should do this every day. (The context was it was in a college dorm and I was going up to my dorm I think. Something led me to use the stairs instead of the elevator.)

      (Switching to present tense.) I am running up these stairs. I feel hopeful about my fitness. I think it should be tiring me out more. I arrive at this gap in the stairs, cut off by a rail. It looks like someone would have to jump about 4 to 5 feet accross and then climb the other railing to continue going up the stairs. This seems silly to me, and even dangerous. But I imagine most people just jump the 4 to 5 feet, and no one ever falls the 20 to 50 feet to their death. There is an Abraham Lincoln Painting on one wall. I am amazed at the art all along the walls of the stair way. I think I am one of the few people who actually stops and notices it.

      As I wonder how I will cross, I notice a white door, with a glass panel window. I decide going in there might be safe. I could probably go around and come out the door to the other side of the stair way, instead of jumping. Maybe thats how everyone does it. But I start to sense something is silly here.

      I know I am heading for Room 10. To my right are a few more similar white doors. One has the glass window and has a sign with room 10 and an up arrow. I figure that must be the one. The other doors must be closets. There is another door that has a Room number sign on it too. Above it in construction paper, written in marker.

      I go up to the left and there is a class room that says room 10 on it, too. (I guess I lost track of going up the stairs.) I go in there. I say, this can't be room 10. The people are all at tables, doing some class room stuff. The teacher guy is like, yeah, you're probably right. I think we wrote the wrong number. L O L. So silly.

      Something makes me think it is a dream. I do a finger palm test. It hurts my left palm just to touch it, and a weird buzzing goes off when I try to push it through. After two times of that, I am sure its a dream.

      (I am not sure if I interacted with the class mates at all. parts of my memory seem missing. )

      I walk up to a silver fridge, excited to get some dream food. I repeat my affirmation, "I remember all my dreams," a few times, hoping this will help. (I am glad that it is coming to me!)

      The fridge is pretty empty. There is a lime and an orange. The orange is already cut into. I figure it is a dream so I just grab the lime and bite it, skin and all. My mouth is really dry and it is card board ish. I try the orange. Same kind of result. I close the fridge, and think, "Pizza!" I open the lower level which is a freezer and there are all these bags of small triangular pizzas. Excitedly, I grab one, and take it into the kitchen.

      Throughout this dream I notice it start to fade. When it starts to fade I can half feel the dream and half feel my physical body. Realizing that it hasn't fully ended, I somehow pull myself back into the dream. (This happens a few times during the dream. )

      In the kitchen, I see more bags of these pizzas on a lower shelf, as well as some open pizzas. Maybe I should put this new one back. Nah, it will be fine. I look to the left and there is a big pot of red sauce. Awesome. When I look back to the right, all the pizzas are gone, and just bread is there. I look at my bag of pizza, still there, and the red sauce. When I look back, a few slices of chicken stuffed pizza has appeared. Wow. Beyond my wildest dreams. My favorite. I grab it and take a big bite. It has some taste. My mouth mainly feels dry though. I consider a beverage but none is around. I see one jug of something liquid up on a shelf but it seems far away. I am afraid to drink liquid for some reason.

      Then to my right, two big bowls of blue, white and other colored sugar cookies. They are shaped like animals, as if made by children. I look at a white Snoopy ish dog cookie in particular. Maybe I will draw this when I wake up.

      The cookies are delicious. I happen to be wearing a hoodie with two pockets, so I stuff giant handfuls of cookies into my pockets. My plan is to walk around the dream, eating them. The dryness in my mouth seems to have gone away.

      The teacher guy walks in, holding some plates. I realize he is cleaning up. At first, I don't want to help, but then, I think it might be fun to help clean in a dream. So I offer to help. But the guy says no thank you.

      At one point as I am eating the food, I notice the dream start to fade. I pull out my dream hands and look at them with a lot of focus. This actually works and the dream gets stable again.

      The dream ends somewhere around there though, as I walk out, eating more cookies.


      That last L D was tons of fun. What a nice surprise. But I was so sad to have forgotten so much upon awakening. It took me a while to fall back asleep and so I was groggy. I did the best I could, stayed still, and all, but, could not dig any deeper. I think my intermittent attempts at A D A had a reverse effect in tiring out my brain too much. Also I did a lot less affirmations the previous day. I don't know what it was, but I just hope next time, I do remember it.

      Dream Enhancers

      There was this old man saying how another medication became addictive, but dream enhancer pills never became addictive for him. He said that they were much safer and he preferred them anyway. He preferred dreaming over the other part of his life the other pills affected.

      Library Thing

      This was a dream there was a lot more to but I forgot.

      The first thing I remember was this set of train tracks, but also like a ramp like near high way rest stops. I remember seeing the train tracks looking all loopy and maybe going over the edge of something.

      Then I was at this library place. I had a bunch of drawings and I think I was making more drawings. Maybe I was trying to draw the previous dreams that I had forgotten. There was this librarian woman asking if I needed help or something, who I didn't give much consideration.

      In one part I was on a You Tube video where the Rug Rats talked about Growing Up. I was like, oh, wow, the Rug Rats talk about growing up. That must be helpful for kids. Then I scrolled down to the comments. The top comment was a guy saying something like how he took a personal inventory, noticed what was already perfect about himself, and then whatever was imperfect, he shamed the crap out of, until it too became perfect. Somehow that comment was the top comment, with hundreds of likes. I was so angry because I think shaming is ultimately unhealthy. I was mad at myself for even scrolling down to the comments, knowing that people can say such offensive things. Well, I went to hit dislike on his comment. The second highest rated comment was about life. It said that the best advice the guy learned in life was just to keep his life, or stay alive. I think it was a hint to not commit suicide for those who were troubled. I didn't find it as offensive as the other. But neither comment really was what I was looking for. I didn't read any more though, because all that might do would be to offend me further.

      There is another part where I was looking at something like google images. But it was drawings I had done. One was a cartoon of my past girlfriend and I talking. Another was Angelica from Rug Rats but instead of a mouth she had a box of text on her face. Other drawings were there, too. I didn't want the librarian or others to see them. They were very vivid. But my recall of this dream wasn't great. I might have been lucid but not known.

      I saw my friend J V who I will run into in a later dream.

      There was something about my sister saying we have to draw strawberries. Like, when life gets tough, draw strawberries?

      And a bunch of children. One was crying a lot. When he or she came near me, they seemed to stop crying.

      I think that was all of that but it was a lot more vivid and eventful. I was lucky to recall any of these. I felt so groggy, and afraid I would forget all.

      "Have a Nice Dream!"

      This was a really fun L D because it was just simple. I had been laying there remembering dreams and then found myself in this dream. I was walking behind my friend J V. I saw his black hair and thought it must be him. I realized it was a dream kind of spontaneously and caught up with him to talk. He had a plastic grocery store bag of these big yellow circle cookies with smiley faces on them. They looked like giant emoticons, but made of sugar. I was instantly like, "Dude, I want one of those!" and he gave me one. He had a bunch. Then he turned left to walk into his house. As he walked away, I said, "Have a nice dream!" Then I was like, oh, no, what if he didn't know it was a dream? Well, he deserves an L D for sharing this cookie with me. I walked on, maybe near a train track place or another road. I took a bite of the cookie and it was delicious. I woke up in my physical bed with my mouth moving, still tasting the cookie, as often happens with dream food.

      Lucid Dreaming Gurus

      This dream had me in another building. in the first part, I wasn't aware it was a dream yet. I was watching this thing with Brock from Pokemon. Only his head was like Pichu's head with diamonds on the cheeks. He had his roster of 6 Pokemon out in front of him. But he was going to add two more to the Pokemon party. This seemed against the rules to me but maybe it wasn't for battles, just for them to all hang out. One Pokemon was Onix. Onix made a funny sound as it brushed against the others. I forgot who the other Pokemon he added was. There was another Pokemon trainer there, too, maybe Ash. maybe a Pikachu. Maybe I was the other trainer. I don't remember.

      Then it kind of transitioned to where I was in this bathroom. I had gone #2 and was wiping my bottom! I slowly realized it was a dream in a general way, not related to any one event. I noticed that two very well known lucid dream authors were talking about lucid, dreaming! I won't say who they were.

      One was saying how it was tough when you are lucid, dreaming, and in the kitchen, and the dream keeps telling you you need to wash one more dish. He was saying how it is almost like the dream doesn't want you to realize its a dream. So it keeps distracting you with more dishes.

      Then the next lucid dream author started talking about how in his dream, he wants to write massive words with fire on the ground, for the "Creator" to see. I thought it was going to be about anger at the "creator". But he was meaning to write how the "Creator" created everything, including dreams. So it was a form of praise.

      I don't know if either of them knew it was a dream at the time. I was just in the bath room, but the door was open to the kitchen. Actually, two walls of the bathroom had an open door to the kitchen, so the kitchen wrapped around the bathroom. I was thinking of wiping my bottom with soap and then using a towel. I wasn't very lucid. I figured as long as I used soap, I would be clean enough to continue with the dream. The turds in the toilet were light brown and floated in a funny way. The toilet was like stainless steel. Also, I was going to use the towel, because it was a dream, so it didn't matter if I got poop on the towel. L O L.


      I was so scared I almost forgot all of those last dreams. For whatever reason, I woke up in such a daze. I couldn't get back to sleep after the third "round" of dreaming either. Trauma coming up recently.

      Also sometimes those details are such a tease. Like the dream details are so close to my mind, I can almost get them into solid form. But not quite. I call those glimpses or dream detail teases. Maybe there is some way to pull those into clarity but maybe that's as close as I can get to them. Dream recall is definitely such a skill in itself.

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    11. 9 LD's from 1 DILD and 2 dream chains... Probably too much for anyone to read!

      by , 03-11-2018 at 10:28 PM
      Dreams from March tenth to eleventh, 2018

      I thought I woke up once without recording dreams. But then forgot the dreams from the second cycle of sleep while I thought back to the first. But then when the first actual dream detail came to mind I don't know why I thought that.

      Graduation party

      There was something about a party about my Nana's house. Maybe a school graduation thing. Something with my Mom and Sister about how I needed to pick my own food to bring. I could only recall that vaguely.

      Ground Worm!

      I was with my friend S S or G F and then his girlfriend C P was there and my dream girlfriend was with us. I think we were going to go on a double date but S S or G F had to read this book. So he was walking around reading this book. He seemed kind of obsessive about it. He wasn't really looking where he was going, but nothing bad happened.

      We walked down some stairs and over this dirt ground. These green worm things expanded up from holes in the ground. They had like circular mouths but then thorns coming off the side like a vine. First just one, but then another, and another. I remember three.

      One tried to get near me and I felt scared. I think it was saying something to me but I forgot what. I almost let it touch me with its mouth but then I sort of ran away. I don't remember much else of that.

      Tangled Beard

      I forgot some parts in between. But then there was this thing about how people could get an executive fired if they wanted to. It showed a screen with a grid of icons, 3 wide. Related to that was some parking garage.

      There was a guy talking about how he had to give up certain things, but it was a good feeling. He had black hair and a curly beard.

      There were these clamp things that people could put around their ankles for some effect. There was a headset thing for one leg and the other side had this screw in clamp thing. I was asking the guy if I could use them, mainly to humor him. Forgot more of that.

      Forgot more of this too but I was at the sink with the guy. I was trying to build a rapport for some reason. He was washing a dish, and there was a white ramican in the sink, too, all caked up. I got in there and started cleaning it with my fingers, with some misgiving. I felt grossed out.

      Some more parts I forgot. I hugged the guy for some reason. My brownish blonde hair got stuck in his beard and there were some strands of it in his beard. So I was taking them out of his beard, and more appeared.

      Then he, myself and another guy were holding hands forming a circle and saying something.

      Walking and Thinking

      I had a dream of walking near the end of K Road and thinking about the previous dreams, without knowing it too was a dream. That made it confusing to recall it when I woke up.


      I also had a vague sense of having dreamed about something with water. My early dream recall was weaker than usual but I just accepted it. I tried, but it just was what it was. I think I moved a little without realizing it upon awakening.

      Dream of D J entry

      One dream was that I was dreaming of a dream journal entry on a website.

      Cube Thing

      In this dream some other stuff happened before it. Then I was looking down into this little slat at the bottom of a metal cube I was in. There was something to do with someone in that slat producing steam. Or if you poured hot water into the slat, it helped more than cold water. It was some kind of competitive feel to it. I realized it was a dream momentarily. It was scary when I realized I was in this creepy metal cube. It was kind of dark. I think I looked out from the metal cube a moment.

      Jib Ipplication

      I had another smaller dream that I was doing a job application online and I wrote a really "primitive" kind of sentence. I didn't make a more detailed note than that, so I don't know whether or not I remembered the exact sentence. Or even membered it to begin with.

      Trip to Europe

      This was an interesting little dream that led to a fun L D chain. It was as if I was in tenth grade again going on the school trip to Europe. The bus was leaving at 7 P M that Wednesday, and I thought it had already left. So my plan was to drive after the bus and catch up with it while it stopped to rest, and get on. I was only an hour behind. I saw this little itinerary and it had the name Ilenny on the bottom right side. Two columns of names, black text, white paper.

      Then I went into the hallway and saw my Dad. He was vacuuming, which he did a lot in these dreams tonight. I asked him if I should go to Europe and we determined it was only Monday actually. In physical calendar it was Sunday early morning though. Anyway I was wondering, wait, how will we pay for this? But figured it would work.

      Maybe some other stuff happened that i forgot, but I was on the bus to Europe. There was something about asking the bus driver if I could use the bathroom. I was contemplating whether to address her as "miss" or "Mizz" or "M'am".

      I was sitting in a seat and watching the road lights go by on the black night. I felt myself drifting to sleep on the bus. It felt not much time had passed.

      OOBILD #1

      After that dream I was laying in my bed trying to think through it. Then I heard these loud buzzing or ringing noises and felt these vibrations like I have in the past. I started to separate from my body and kind of rotated so that I was in a child's pose from yoga, with my head at the foot of my bed. I noticed I was about to lose the dream and caught myself, staying in it.

      (Switching to present tense. ) I stand up in what seems to be my physical room, but I remember how I exited my body, and so I look around to affirm it is a dream. There are some small white square posters by my left closet door. I read one of them. I can see the words pretty clearly.

      I try a finger palm test but it doesn't go through. However, I am still pretty sure its a dream.

      I look out my back window and a couple things happen. I can hear a guy next door to the left running a bunch of different power tools and lawn equipment at once. I am surprised he is running them all at once, just leaving them sitting there, making all this noise. In waking life, this would anger me, but instead, I just yell over, "Those sound great!" I ask him, "Are you starting a band out of those?" Or something like that. He is pulling the choke on another lawn mower thing at the time. He kind of laughs back and goes inside. The sounds are very physical. They go away without my noticing.

      When I look out my back window, I look for any other differences from waking life. There are all these tall furniture things, one like a Cradily from Pokemon, standing up on the deck below my window. They are so tall and I am like, yes, this is definitely a dream.

      I notice it is snowing big flakes of snow outside. They are getting in the wide open window, as if there is no screen. I can feel the cold. I have a sense this amount of snow wouldn't be likely to happen in physical matter waking consciousness. I close the window.

      (There is some other stuff from in my room I don't quite remember. )

      I go into the hall way and my Dad is there. I follow him to his room. He says he got me the Pokey Cable which is like a Pokemon game thing. It is like a hand held game with just one big screen and no buttons, more like a computer monitor.

      My Dad might have been pouring one barrel into another at some point. He called me into his room because he wanted to talk to me.

      I have my cell phone and this other electronic device. Every time I look at either screen, it shows some sort of monster pulling its arm back and then throwing a massive punch at the direction of the screen. I wonder why anyone would want their phone to start up with the effect of a scary monster about to punch them. To turn it off, I have to go to a menu called "Core". It seems difficult to change the settings. The app has to do with movie previews.

      There is another part of the screen where this creature is hanging from the top left corner, down toward the bottom right corner. It is a long creature like Night Stalker from M T G but with a green beak type of thing. I think it is towering over a smaller character. It looks kind of scary. I want to try drawing it. Its beak looks like it has teeth marks.

      Most of the dream I narrate my surroundings to myself. Orange, shorts, red, thing, whatever I see, I name it, or name its color, or both. It seems to help me engage the dream to do it out loud within the dream for now.

      When I go to talk to my Dad, I am afraid that I am entering a new dynamic. Because I am around another person, I can't just narrate things to myself around them. I fear this will make the dream end and it kind of does. I feel it is easier to keep calm when I am by myself in the dream.

      (I woke up from that in my physical bed, trying to think it through. I got more vibrations and ringing sounds, and eventually wiggled out into yet another OOBILD.)

      OOBILD #2

      (Somewhere during this I decided I would call these OOBILD's, O O B I L D's, or Out of Body Induce Lucid Dreams. Because I start separating from my body but then I am in a dream. So it is a form of WILD. But I will just call it OOBILD for now on. On Accounta That I think WILD is more like Tipharot's video of "What Does WILD Feel like?")

      I am having some trouble getting my body to separate this time. I push it a little, then try to relax. Then as I try to move, my eye cover falls off, and the room is brightly lit with yellow light. At first I am upset that this will wake me up, but then I realize that if the room is lit that way, it must be a dream. Catching this dream sign, I get on up out of bed, lucid.

      Standing up in my room again, I can definitely tell it is a dream. My back window is wide open and I talk to my dream reflection. I remember my intention to practice dream recall within a dream. I talk to my dream reflection about the dream so far. I am also talking about my OOBILD term with myself, and watching my reflection move as I talk. I like the way my face looks in this dream. At times I also narrate my surroundings to myself some more. The room is brighter.

      I start to think I need a real mirror because in the window my reflection is dim. To the right, on top of a dresser, there is a small square mirror at face height. It barely fits my head. There are two dressers along the wall on either side of my back window, or a long table.

      I talk to myself some more in this mirror. My hair seems shorter, but is the same color. My face seems a good replica of my physical face. I try to talk more about the dream, but maybe just energy flows out. (I can't remember exactly what I said. ) I start to think I will do that for the whole dream, and it will last a while, but then I get bored.

      On the other side of the window, I see some dishes with food in them, on top of the dresser. I am narrating them all to myself. They look like mixed nuts, maybe with macadamias. I am narrating it to myself but when I eat it I can't talk. The food gets stuck in my mouth. A shard of a nut gets lodged in between my back teeth and gums. I start to lose stability.

      I notice these triangular pastry looking things with candles poking up out of them. I think they are for my birthday even though my physical birthday is in October. I want to eat them but I am afraid my Dad intended us to share them for my birthday.

      I start to lose stability and the dream ends.

      (I was in my physical bed again after this, or so I thought. I was adjusting my body but it might not have been my physical body. For example I put my hand under my other arm and when I woke up it wasn't there. Or I felt my pillow was blocking my nose but when I woke up it wasn't there. So I think I dreamed of being on my left side and messing around with stuff. )

      False Awakening

      This would have been another OOBILD but I thought I had really gotten up. I had more ringing and vibrations but it seemed to end. I looked around my room and there was a blue or white light, like from a cell phone flashlight. (This wouldn't have been likely in waking life. ) The walls are actually orange red and I have two beds. One in the normal place and one on the other side of my covered window. At the foot of the two beds are a bunch of shelves.

      Something seems silly about all this but I still think it is waking life. I go to one of th e shelves, thinking something is there. I hear my Dad vaccuuming outside. Why is he vacuuming in the middle of the night? I think, but I realize I am already awake anyway, so I will just wait for him to finish, and then go back to sleep. I have to record my dream anyways.

      I figure I will just go to the bathroom and drink some water. I drink the water and the dream starts to end.

      (When I got back to my physical body for "real" this time, it was a totally different sensation. It was like, I knew I was really there. Where as the other times, it felt like I was, but I must not have been fully there. It was also difficult to think through the previous dream as the next one began this time. Maybe because the vibrations took a lot of my attention. I tried to form what memories I could between dreams in the chain though. )

      Liquor Store

      There was this part where I was going into a liquor store with a red liquor or wine bottle. I was F D, a big guy I knew from the local bars. I was asking for more of it. So we went in the back room and the manager or myself pulled out two white wine bottles. For a moment I kind of questioned, wait, wasn't my other bottle red? The white wine bottles were on this high shelf behind white paper. It reminded me of the guy's office in the first Italian Restaurant I worked in.

      Crazy Dessert

      In this dream some stuff happened that I forgot. maybe a game on a T V. but I remember taking a piece of this pie or cheese cake thing and then cutting it in half height wise. Then inserting some more food in between, like another dessert food. Then I microwaved that together. I felt bad because I thought the cheese cake was my Dad's.

      I ate a bite and felt high as a kite. Oh, and the microwave was in my 15 Swoo bedroom. it had double doors and a T V screen when you close it.

      So eating that, I felt off to the races. I was like, all this sugar will really boost my dream recall! Then I was afraid because I thought it was waking life and it would trigger my sugar addiction. I put it down after one bite. There was a T V on top of a dresser and some other stuff on the walls. I didn't know if I was dreaming or awake.

      In another part in this bedroom, my sister was writing some thing in a little sketch book. Or drawing. I notice it is a little sketch book. She has a hand ful of thick washable crayola style markers. She seems happy and goes off to draw.

      There Arrrrrrr definitely parts i farrrrr got from all this, matey.

      Then my Dad came in the room after some more stuff. I was wearing these pajama pants that I am always afraid my you know what will pop out of. My Dad points out that it is showing. I already know it is a dream at this point. I try to put it away or something, slightly embarrassed. I think it is my dream telling me to be careful when I wear certain pajama pants.

      Still in the same modified version of my 15 Swoo room, now lucid, I notice an ominous feeling begin. A monstrous sound comes from the hall and I feel fear. I remind myself it is a dream, but still, it is intense. An adult sized black dog comes through the door and kind of tackles me. At first I fight it. I fight the fear and I fight the dog away. But then I remember it is just a dream and so I just relax. Relaxing seems to turn the monstrous dog into a small black puppy and the fearful or chaotic energy passes. Well done. I think I wake up a little or have a sense of waking up.

      (If the dream ended and began again, it was still in this same bedroom place. I feel some parts are missing from my recollection. This was a super long dream chain. )

      I notice a clear jug of orange ish liquid up on a high shelf. Knowing it is a dream, I feel excited. I grab it and start dumping it in my mouth. I lay on my back on the floor and keep dumping it in. It seems nourishing. (I don't remember reading a label or anything!) It is very sweet. I worry that I am consuming sugar, but then I remind myself it is a dream. So I get all the flavor, but none of the calories or chemicals.

      Through Sky Light into Sky Dark

      I go out into the hall way and my Dad is there, vaccuuming. He looks like he has been drinking. He looks grim, like he is angry at the world. There are some tears in his eyes but it pushed me away because it looks more like a glazed over drunk stare than genuine heart felt emotion. He seems to be vacuuming up baking soda.

      (I think I went to the bathroom from the previous dream. While I drank that juice, I was afraid it would make me need to go #1, even within the dream. So walking out of the bathroom I might have been afraid to look at the night light, even knowing it was a dream. )

      I say hi to my Dad, but my main thought is to fly through the sky light. I jump up and easily fly through it. I am confident about it because I have done this in past dreams.

      I fly pretty easily into the dark sky. It is dark with white clouds. I can see some houses in the neighborhood.

      (I forgot if there was anything else to this or if it just ended. )

      Boat Party

      The next dream begins with me out doors in a grassy place on the main road behind my parents previous house, W S Road. I realize it is a dream and I am like, cool, another one.

      I see someone jogging and decide to jog along the sidewalk, too. It is drizzling lightly. As I jog, I start to feel really good. I like it better than flying. I know it is a dream for sure because I feel so light on my feet. There is no sense of any impact, although I can feel my feet lightly touch the ground. I realize this might take some focus, to run in the dream, so I set my goal to this bridge at the end of the road, where there is a Marina in waking life. As I run, I notice a dirt path to the end of my old block, like there is in waking life. The sky is kind of grey. I want to catch up to the other jogger.

      The dream seems to teleport me to the bridge. There is water and then a boat. I want to dive into the water, impressing any on lookers, but it is too steep or close a dive to the hull of the boat. So I just go on the boat. (I think some parts of being on the boat did slip my mind, though I remembered it mostly well. )

      I arrive at the top of this balcony or beak shaped diving board thing high up on the boat. I want to jump down but there are people swimming maybe 10 to 20 feet down in the water, right below it. One guy passes slowly and another person passes. That person must be 10 or 15 feet tall, with another smaller person behind them. Someone behind me wants to dive. I decide not to dive.

      I walk down into the boat again and pass some Spanish speaking people. There are some books above a bunk bed type of seat near them. There are two women sitting along one bench and then a man on a perpendicular bench.

      I stop and ask the woman, "Es Usted Mi Amigo?" Careful to use the formal second person instead of the informal, which I always was when I learned Spanish. The woman said "Si" or yes. I talked with them a little, thinking that this might take away my dream stability, talking to others. Because it brings up more emotion. But my Spanish is coming out good. At another point, I ask, "Como se llama usted" or what is your name? The woman says a name, and I ask the man, and he says a name. I didn't interact with the woman between them much.

      Then I went to leave. The woman asked me to stay with them and keep talking. She asked me to tell them about myself, now in English. I considered if I should tell her I am a lucid, dreamer, and I am in this dream exploring. Maybe I should, maybe I shouldn't, and the dream ended there.

      Movie and Audience

      Unless I forgot another dream, the next thing that happened after that dream ended was I began to see this blue sky with clouds.

      So I see this blue sky with clouds. I am so surprised for this to be happening. I am familiar with this kind of dream. Words in white text begin flying towards me. For example one word is "thoughts". But other than that, I can't really catch the words. At first I try to dart my eyes around and catch all the words. Then I decide to just focus my eyes in a darker spot of the sky in the middle. That feels less frantic.

      I look away and to the left. I am surprised to see a theater full of people all illuminated from the front by the movie screen. They are all staring at the screen. I appear to be the only one not totally absorbed in it. (A few moments before this, I had no idea I would look away and see this movie theater effect. That is so cool. )

      I know it is a dream, so I try to stand up in my seat, facing the back of the theater. maybe I will talk to everyone and get their attention off the movie, or just fly. However, I feel my body is too heavy. I sit back down, look back at the screen a little, but then look away again. At first I am afraid to miss out on the movie, but then I realize watching the watchers is more what is "really going on here".

      Just then the movie begins to end. I stand up. The guy in front of my elbows me really hard as he puts on his coat, without any acknowledgement. It seems like an accident, but still.

      A kid to my left is asking me if these quarters have any use any more. (I guess this dream is set in the future.) He shows me one state quarter, then another. The image of the state quarter from the front is very sharp and clear. I explain to the kid that, yes, quarters have a use. Although "most money is electronic now" (in the context of the dream) the quarters can still be used to buy some items. The quarter on the back has the name of a state I can't ree cognize. I tell myself it must be a state I never heard of, but now I think the dream made it up. The name starts with an "A" (but I can't remember it now). The back of the coin has a guy on a horse.

      (I woke up from that, thinking it must be over. But...)

      Invisible! & Invincible!

      I find myself in a brown room. "Another false awakening!" I think. "Ha! Gotcha!" I have a sense that I have been dreaming quite a while now.

      I am in a bathroom with brown walls. I jump up and fly up towards the skylight. It is too solid. I fly back down and land. I feel like this might be a set up for a fight. Like another dreamer or an entity has been wearing me out with these other dreams and now has trapped me here for a final show down. I think he won't let me wake up until the fight is over, based on someone else's dream I heard. (This doesn't actually happen, it is just my assumption.)

      There was a way out by one wall, but when I turn around, it is gone. I see some cabinets. I see some windows with accordian like blinds, like in 15 Swoo. I try to pull them open to see if I can fly out. Although I feel somewhat ready to face some adversity, I think it might be wise to get to open air if at all possible. It is a healthy mix of fight and flight.

      Every time I draw the blinds open, another smaller set of blinds appears, or a type of door thing. Eventually I realize, after 5 or 6 times, that that might go on infinitely. I decide to look for another option.

      I walk the opposite direction of the opening that closed, and notice a circular sign that says Women. I must be coming from a Men's bathroom and there must be that Women's room accross the way. It seems like I am in the lobby of a hospital, almost like the P V hospital, with the guards desk at the front. I walk towards the Womens room, thinking there might be a way out through there.

      As I walk, I remember my intention to practice dream recall within a dream. My "dream recall affirmations" from the M P 3 playlist come to mind and I start repeating those. "I remember all my dreams" is the main one I can think of. I am saying this aloud as I walk through the building.

      To my right, there is a huge open door, as plain as day. Ah, I think, that must have been there all along. The fear was just in my head. What a relief.

      Two smaller people and a big guy are walking toward the door, about 50 feet away. The big guy is in a police officer style uniform, but instead of navy blue, it is red. They are like, "That is him!" And the guy in red pulls a gun and shoots me. I dodge the bullet, still repeating my affirmations. (Well done, mate!) Knowing it is a dream, I am not too scared.

      Just to be safe, I start repeating dream affirmations in my mind instead of aloud. And, I sort of summon a protective shield as well as invisibility, all at once. When in need, my shields can usually activate. People can blast me all they want, stuff can attack me, but my shields are really strong. However I don't have much in the means of offensive tactics. I can protect myself from harm at will but I can't harm others it seems. I think this is a good trade since I don't need to be violent if nothing can harm me anyway.

      So I kind of fly out the door, and the red guy and the two people run past where I was. More red uniform guys run into the building. Sure enough, they run right by me. I am sitting by this wall to the left of the door as you walk in. It is like there is a dark grey wall heater behind me I have my back to.

      I am really surprised my invisibility is working so well. I continue to think to myself, "I remember all my dreams", as I watch the guys run by.

      One guy in red shoots this blaster gun thing at me, but I don't feel anything. Then they all continue running by. I am not sure if I was hit, or if I was shielded. I don't feel any pain from it at all.

      A younger looking kid, who looks like Sean from when I was young, stands near me, his eyes darting around. I stare at the pupils of his eyes as they dart around. They are sky blue. He tells another guy that "It looks like it went straight through." I don't know if he just sees a hole in the wall behind me, or if he is looking at me, with a hole in me.

      (I don't know which really happened. One possibility is the guy shot at me, but somehow I was like transparent, and the blast just hit the wall behind me. Or, the blast hit me, and left a hole in me, but I just didn't feel it. But why would the guy have aimed at me and shot if I were invisible?)

      Someone behind the guy standing near me has an alarm go off. It sounds like a standard alarm clock sound, like a beepy thing. The kid with the sky blue eyes is now saying, "Man, thats a powerful alarm" or something like that. The dream starts to end with me still repeating "I remember all my dreams" in my mind.

      F A D J'd!!!

      I then found myself writing on something like Fii Write but it was like a parchment note book with really tall but thin sheets of paper. My left hand is writing dream notes in black. It is weird because the dream notes can only fit like 5 lines on a page, and with a space between each note, it is hard to space out. I am not lucid in this now. I really think I am recording my dream.

      One note I write is about how the alarm went off at 6 A M. this makes sense because maybe one of the dreamers on that team of red suit people had an alarm set for 6, and it was waking him up. So the sound could have got into all of our dreams. I see "3:03" somewhere on the page. 3:03 A M. I think this connects also to something in the dream, or maybe the dream lasted from 3:03 to 6 A M. (When I looked at the timing of my notes, the entire dream chain was under an hour, counting the time it took to fall a sleep!)

      I wake up from this sort of gradually into thinking about the dreams into my physical bed. Then I realize I am really in my physical bed for "real" this time, and I can tell the difference. I think back through it and pull as much as I can into my mind.


      WOW. This dream was one of my craziest dream chains. Maybe because I had trouble sleeping last night, I got REM rebound. I am so happy about this. It was so much work to record it all, but, so worth it, to have these memories.

      My theories about the red suit people: I think what happened was, they were a team of dreamers doing some kind of mission to defeat some zombies in the hospital (or to destroy all the circum sizers!) and I just happened to spawn in that bathroom at the same time as their mission. Then they thought I was one of their enemies and shot at me and stuff. But I wasn't their enemy.

      Either that or I was having such a long dream chain that I attracted some attention from "dream agents". Because I neutralized the dog attack, flew, drank the power juice, had in depth conversations with other dreamers on the boat, and attempted to disrupt the movie theater thing, they saw me as someone who was making waves. And I had to be stopped. That is my other theory.

      Again, I was able to type it up at least 90% without even going back over my voice notes, even hours after awakening. My dream memory is definitely getting stronger. When I look back at older Dream Journals I can see how I just have a much higher volume of recall now than I did then. It is encouraging to see that. Also I can see big gains in my dream skills and dream quality that are harder to notice when just comparing to yesterday's.
    12. Dreams from march 9 to 10

      by , 03-10-2018 at 10:13 PM
      Dreams from March ninth to tenth of 2018

      Um... I dreamed!

      Pokemon Game

      I remembered way, way, early on in the dreams there was this Pokemon game. Something with a fire type legendary. Something with an electric type move. I couldn't remember any more but the sense I had of it was. That it was vivid. Maybe if I didn't need to move so soon upon awakening, I could have gotten back that far.

      Scenes in a house

      There were some scenes in this house that I forgot. My dream sister was trying to run the dream dishwasher. Something about loading it with dream dishes and running it before a certain time.

      There was something with a dream person and showing them how I do my quad stretch in a bunk bed.

      There was something about a cleaning person. Something about how I didn't hold a job. In this scene I had a bottle of lotion and I was squeezing some into a tablespoon.

      Smokers can Burn in hell

      There was this whole story line of a woman. She and her partner had broken up. She was feeling down about it. She had come into my life and she was at my Nana's. I was living in the kid's room again, as in many dreams. There was this thing where I walked into my Nana's room, and my whole family was sitting all around in there. At least my Mom, Aunt B and nana, and others. Nana wanted me to sit with her on her bed, and I didn't want to, but I felt bad, because she was old, so I sat with her. It was a pink salmony kind of color. She had an ash tray on the bed and I was already angry, even though nothing was lit. Some conversation took place between everyone in the room.

      Then my dream Nana lit a dream cigarette with me right there. I couldn't smell it, but that didn't hint to me that it was a dream. So I got up in fury. My Aunt B was saying something to me. My Aunt B was sitting in a direct line between my Nana and I. I raged at the two of them about how they are cigarette smokers and they should burn in Hell. That felt pretty good and I had been setting an intention that day to vent some of my anger in a dream, where I didn't have the best outlet in waking life.

      I went back to the kids room and seemed to forget about that whole thing. The woman had been talking to my family. Then my sister was in the kids room with me and we were talking. There was something my sister was eating that I didn't think was a good idea to eat. So I tried to make it so she couldn't eat any more of it. That's the last I remember of that.

      More stuff happened between this and the next dream, maybe other dreams or something transitional.

      Alien Invasion!

      This dream seemed to transition from the previous dream. Maybe it was all one dream. I couldn't remember it all exactly. There was something with me or my friend Mike being taken somewhere in a van. Not kidnapped but just not handled nicely. I was kind of seeing it from the outside I think. Then a guy with long brown hair and some facial hair was in a wheel chair in the back of another van. A woman or two people were lifting his wheel chair to put it on the ground, on the street. He said the word, "Narrow! Narrow!" to caution them I guess that his wheel chair was narrow and they need to be careful how they put it down.

      Someone tried to wheel his wheel chair into the intersection, as if it would be run over. But I think it was in jest. They wheeled him back towards the van.

      Then there were these big aliens and alien ships flying all over the city. We were in a city kind of place. It was really intense. I don't remember the exact alien forms. But people were running around like mad, in fear. The aliens were dropping "bombs" but they weren't acually bombs. They were like those plastic 10 pound standard weight plates filled with cement that I have. But people thought they were bombs so they were running. The weight plates hit some people or damaged some things but didn't blow up.

      Then there was this part where people were being held hostage in a mall type of place. It was like a clothing store. Again, I don't remember it perfectly, some parts just didn't come to mind. but there was something about no one being allowed to the stair way at the back of the store. There were guards lining the back wall, wearing black ear muff headsets, maybe with guns. I heard something about crawling under the clothing racks, since it was a clothing section in the back, and trying to get out that way. But a warning that the guards were expecting this. So some of us tried to climb under the clothing racks anyway.

      The guards were human guards, or in human bodies. I guess the aliens had them under some sort of mind control, to use their bodies. This also made the actual humans less likely to harm them.

      So then I got to the end of the clothing section and to the guards. There were 4 of us and 3 of them. My red haired friend and 2 others who had been with me got dragged back to the front of the store, but I noticed I was standing at the back of the store by myself.

      I still knew that even if I got down the stairs, they would probably catch up to me, and it might make things worse. So I decided to just walk down the stairs, and right back up. I think I even said it aloud, as if to notify the aliens.

      Something about the aliens was dreamishly anti climactic. The "bombs" were not really explosive. The guards just dragged the people back up front without much fight. And this next part was silly. So it all seems kind of funny to me now.

      I walked down the green stairs, expecting to come out around the city streets. I walked sideways down them and I think there were 7 one leg, 7 the other, and back up the same way.

      When I got back up, I could tell I was in trouble. This giant, super freaky spider thing that I wish I could draw, was ready to come and get me. It had this straw thing for a mouth and was brown. Boy, was I scared. The spider thing was going to come lick my face and I really didn't want that to happen. It was all furry and twice my height.

      I wasn't lucid for any of this, but I started apologizing to the spider thing. Saying I was so sorry I did that, and I would never leave you, and you look so great. I put my hands in a prayer position and prayed to the spider to please have mercy on me. It seemed angry but didn't come nearer.

      Then it somehow transformed into this fast food menu screen thing. The writing on it was using food to make the letters. It still had elements of furry brown like the spider's body had. At first I was afraid it would morph back, but it didn't.

      The screen said that there are "Solid food meals for everyone" but only enough potatoes for 7 people. There had been something like 28 potatoes on the stairs, so I figured they thought each person should have 4 potatoes, if they have any at all.

      I went up in line to get some food. There was some meat or poultry but I wondered what the solid food meal was, since there didn't seem to be a starch or vegetable. Then I saw there was a bunch of pasta and ravioli. There were Carraway Seeds all over the top, but not stirred in. Before I got my food, I started to stir them into the red sauce, but people behind me were complaining. An Indian guy I knew was behind me, but I forgot his name. I said, okay, fine, you can go, but make sure you stir in the carraway seeds first. That was the last thing I remembered.

      Recall Notes

      I woke up from those dreams, thinking them through. It was my first time awakening all night. I had trouble falling asleep on this night even though I had lights out by 6 and was super tired. When I woke up, I had rotated to my left side, and kicked my pillows all over, so I was on them funny, and had pain. My hand was also in a weird position and it all made me have to move too soon. Unfortunately this just happens sometimes and I always hope to wake up in a position I can comfortable stay still in, so the dream recall can be to the max. I thought of a few details, got up and did my #1, and then more memories flew to mind once that pressure of holding in my #1 was released. So I recorded them and tried to pull up anything else but that was really it. There were some parts I wished I remembered more of... As usual! But I can see signs of improvement in my recall, so its like, just keep practicing and you will remember a higher and higher percent of dreams as time goes on. It will be worth it when in 10 years of recall practice you recall dreams in such clear detail.

      Blacking Out

      I had this dream that I woke up from, thought through, but was very groggy and fell back asleep. The next time I woke up, I could only get the end. Something about walking on Hickory. Then, in the woods, with a guy I knew, maybe J M. Apparently he was doing some kind of mind altering substance, but every time he took "another hit", I would black out while he did it and not notice. This was where I briefly realized it was a dream, during one of the black outs. I was hearing some words or lyrics but I also forgot those. There was at least a bit more to this but I was too groggy. I count this as an L D even though I compulsively woke myself up.

      Learn to Draw

      I fell back to sleep while recalling that last one. I found myself in this dream where my sister was sitting with my Dad on one side of the table, and another man was sitting accross from them. My sister was much younger, maybe 5 or 6, and had a very high pitched child like voice. She was saying how learning to draw is fun! And it's not going to be hard because everybody needs to do this! I don't know if there was more to that dream but I was so groggy, that was all I recorded.

      One of my longest dreams ever

      I had one of my longest dreams ever. lucidity seemed to fade in and out. I forgot the parts when I became lucid but I remember being lucid here and there. Also there were some dreams where I "woke up" but was still in a dream, but not false awakenings, more like dreams within dreams. I don't know if they were separate dreams but it feels like all one thing to me so I will write it all as one thing, in the best order I can. And of course there was a lot I forgot.

      I was in my room eating an apple. Then i went to teh bathroom and ate the apple at a table while sitting on the toilet. L O L. It twas at my parents previous house. A bee was trying to get some apple. I wasn't too scared but then its thorax thing swelled up and I got a bit alarmed. I left the apple for it and went to my room. When I got to my room, there was another bee. It was more of a bumble bee, but still seemed big. I shut the door so the other bee, more like a stinger bee, wouldn't come in. I think I looked out my front window and maybe saw a squirrel.

      In another part, in front of our old neighbors house, there was my Dad's red subaru. The passenger side had no walls or windows, just wide open. So was the front of the neighbors house. My Dad was helping them remove a big grey carpet and fold it up. It was all being stuffed into the Subaru. The Subaru looked really weighed down. It seemed unusual to me.

      By a heater on the side of the wall, some of us were walking or standing. There was this black C D case kind of thing, or a game. I forgot what it was. Someone was asking, but I didn't know what it was. It seemed like "not mine".

      There was some stuff with a video game we were playing that I sensed was super cool. But I totally forgot.

      In another part I remember finding myself sitting at the top of the hill near the local woods. I was looking down at the Earth as it rained. I had this sense that people really should be just sitting with the Earth, paying attention to the dirt, and grass, not so busy. Something with going #1 or water coming down.

      There was something when I was trying to sleep on the floor in this room. I think I was lucid here. It was like I had woken up from a dream within the dream temporarily and needed some water. I was thinking it would be good to have a little water before I continue dreaming. Maybe something about needing to go #1, but when I awoke, I didn't need to.

      Then there was this thing where my sister was showing me a conceptual chart she made. It revolved around the idea of "We Shame" or "Me Shame". I took this to mean that people are shamed into conformity with the "We" and it seemed very wise. I told her that T S must have started her Youtube channel with 0 viewers and somehow built it up from there, so my sister could, too! It was like a bubble graph or flow chart or mind map.

      There were these "classes" going on. I was a part of one or the other. Some ladies from one wanted me to join theirs. They were trying to tell me I was in their class, and I was like, no I'm not. So I left the room or something.

      I know I remembered barely 50%. It was a huge dream. Even as the dream went on, during my lucid parts I was concerned about how I would remember it all. Plug for my intention to practice dream recall within the dream state!

      There were a bunch of parts with my sister. I remember she was showing me this map thing. The "dream screen" kept moving along the map. One part said "Latin America" but it had only sea above it, not North America. What looked like the East Coast of the U S had all these differently named and shaped states. it was all green or grey. It took me a little while to notice that it was a different map than the "official" world map.

      My sister was poking me or pinching me in this really uncomfortable way. I asked her to stop and kind of moved. When I did that I had the feeling I had broken out of sleep paralysis, but I was in a dream. I had just woken up from a dream within that dream. That is what I think led into the false awakening below.

      False Awakening: OCEAN US

      I had a false awakening after the above dream. I had begun to think of how long that whole dream had been so long and I better remember it soon. Then I had my Panasonic land line in my bed. It was starting to make noise. I think some people weere talking in it and then I tried to turn it off. I think in this false awakening I was also adjusting my eye mask a lot. Then the phone had a menu with 3 options, all in all caps. Two, I forgot. The one I remember is "OCEAN US" or "OCEANS US". I selected that option and the phone started playing Pokemon theme music in the ring tone sound that the land line has. I tried a few times to shut it off, and couldn't. I got pre lucid in that I tried a finger palm test, but it didn't go through. I could clearly see my dream hands. Some dream light was beginning to filter in the dream window. But it didn't seem to be a dream, so I panicked more. I was laying on my right side just like I was in waking life.


      I "woke up" from that F A in my dream version of my physical bed, thinking, "Ah, man, I can't believe it got me again this time." I thought it would be crazy if it were another false awakening but seriously doubted it. But, I thought to myself, if it was another false awakening, it won't trick me this time!

      Then I was standing by the corner of my bed in the corner of my room. I thought to myself, wait, I don't remember standing up... And I tried a little checking if it was a dream. Nothing really was clear so then I walked around to the end of my bed. Suddenly I flew to the wall accross from where I was and pressed against it.

      Oh, wait a second, I thought, I am flying. Perhaps it is a dream after all. I still wasn't sure though. Maybe I was on the floor, but just not feeling my feet. Then, I landed on the floor, and that was when I knew I had been flying, so I knew it was a dream.

      What should I do? What should I do? I thought to myself. By some miracle, the CLEAR technique came into my mind, from Llelwyn's guide, I think its called.

      C, I thought, C. C means Calm Down my emotions. I don't remember what I actually did to calm my emotions but when I thought this, I guess I just got calmer.

      L, L, What is L? I thought. Look around. Okay. (Switch to present tense.) I am looking around. I see some things dimly, like some shapes, of things in my room. I remembered that looking around didn't always help me. Sometimes it was destabilizing. So i got nervous. But then I started to blink. For some reason, blinking made things get more vivid and the dream felt more stable. I looked out my back window down and to the right, and saw this funny village of colorful amusement park types of buildings. With like rainbow clown hair and a funny face. I remember telling myself not to focus too hard on trying to form a memory of it, just keep blinking and looking around. I remember one white square building with a big red plus sign on it. I might have seen the sky.

      Look Around was going well, so I moved onto "E". E, I thought, What is E? E is Engage the dream. I realized I had already been doing this by pressing on various walls. I continued to rub walls and they felt grainy like my physical room. I was feeling really good after having got over that initial hump of instability. I couldn't believe I was about to really make something of this false awakening L D.

      (Whoops I lost track of present tense.) Then I went to my front wall and saw a mirror. I noticed my reflection and my hair but not sure how close it was. I saw a mural with some people on it. One person reminded me of me, and I tried pulling them out of the mural and into my room. It was kind of impulsive. The person slowly materialized into "3 dimensional" form and while they did this I went back to stabilizing the dream. I never made it to A or R though in the CLEAR technique. I got kind of side tracked by the person, interacted with them a bit,
      and woke up physically.

      I was very excited though to have remembered the CLEAR technique and really worked it up to the point that I did.


      I remembered the Blinking LD and the F A before it very well. However the dream before the False Awakening was so long that I wasn't able to remember it as clearly. But it was definitely an L D I am proud of. A culmination of my study and practice so far and a sign of progress.

      As I was laying there recalling it, I almost thought I would get another dream! I drifted to sleep a little but still had as much recall as I did before falling asleep, the next time I awoke. I really wanted another dream after that, but the sun was up, and I couldn't sleep again.

      I also want to note that I was able to recall 90% of what I recorded over night in my voice recorder, in the morning, without having to listen to the recording. I think it is because I am forming conscious memories more strongly at times. But still it helps to have a recording for that last 10-20% and in case I had a morning where I wasn't so fortunate. Plus I think the act of recording it also solidifies it in memory. Ironically recording it makes me remember it better such that I don't need the actual recording as much. haw haw.
    13. March 8th to 9th dreams

      by , 03-09-2018 at 06:33 PM
      Dreams from march eighth to ninth, yo!

      I had lots more vivid dreams tonight. They were cool because there were some longer dreams, not just a bunch of cut scene type things. I don't know what exactly caused this improvement over the last two days, but I am happy about it.
      Bus with M M and K F

      In the first dream I remember, I was on a bus with M M and K F. There was something about M M kissing someone and K F sitting with me. I felt shy around K F. I always liked her. there was more to this dream but I forgot.

      Pokemon Menu Too bright

      I was with some people in my Nana's room. We had dream game boy D S's or 3 D S's and were playing them. It was a new Pokemon game. There was something about Pokemon Y Y or a pokemon with the letters Y Y in the middle of its name. Maybe it was in someone's signature in a message board.

      I found one of the menus too bright so I hacked some settings to make it not too bright. However this made the game not function as well.

      Job with M

      This was a much longer dream. It had a lot of scenes and locations but felt like all one dream so here goes.

      My memory of it begins with talking to my friend M early in the morning. There may have been stuff the previous day. There was something about a job that Dream M was starting. He said they had a job for me too. He was leaving early. It was 7ish and then it was 8:38 A M when I looked again. I was afraid that if I worked too early, I would have to blow off my writing. There was this part about how M or my Dad was saying how he only had 45 dollars left in the bank and so he was really lucky to get a job.

      I decided to go with him to the job place. I thought if it was a long drive I could write while he drove, but I thought I would feel bad for ignoring him while I wrote.

      Instead of a car trip there, it was like I was in front of my friend dream A M's house on the main road in my dream town. It was 3 stories tall. I don't think I was lucid but I flew up to where I was level with the top of the dream house, then back down. Something about trying not to make too much noise whenst I landed.

      Dream M's new job was located at a dream gas station. There was dirt out front. Actually his house had been made into a gas station, which I imagined was not fun to live next door to. The whole drive way was all dirt.

      Then it was like I was down this hill behind the dream gas station. I heard a woman talking who made me think of a woman from You Tube. She was saying how dreams are not stressful or something like that. I walked or glided up the dream hill. I remember the colors brown dirt and green grass and bushes. One path of dirt seemed to open up.

      I got to the dream gas station ready to start my job. Dream M was there doing his job. I got to this counter top and there was a toilet underneath it. I peed in there. There was an orange container of dish soap on the counter. I expected something else.

      There was a talk of some kind of Physics concept.

      Inside the dream gas station, my friend Jo had 6 giant bags of laundry. He needed them all done. Because I was in a money making mood, I said I would clean all his laundry. But because it was so dirty from being left for so long, I would use a grabber. I could tell there was some fear of seeing his underwear in the laundry. But then he started pulling out his dream pajama pants and touching me with them. L O L.

      Because I was in the mind set of making money, I decided to be patient with him and treat him like a customer. I thought this while looking at a bunch of framed photos on the counter and a little bowl of nuts and bolts and coins. I was thinking there were a dollars worth or so of coins in there, but even that was a lot to me. (I think this dream job stuff came because my friend M called me and mentioned some job suggestions.)

      There was also something when I was flying up and then landed. I was in a circle with 2 other guys. One was a guy I knew from a nearby Pokemon tournament. I bumped into him when I flew back down. I was really excited to be flying, but he was hurt. Where we had collided, we both had these red wounds with a gash in the middle, and white puffy stuff coming out. It seemed pretty gross. He was really worried about his wound and was kind of in a daze at first. Then he ran downstairs to the basement. I was yelling to him that he should tell people I had bumped into him and then describe the wound that formed. I wasn't thinking much about my own wound though.

      Then it transformed into this mall type of setting. There was a memorial for the guy who had gotten the wound. A big guy in a black shirt with a silver cross was standing near a square pillar, mourning. Lots of other people were standing all around. One family was bickering. I walked by my Nana and gave her a nod of knowingness. I felt weird for giving her such a small acknowledgement but I felt like I was on the inside of something top secret.

      Then it morphed to where I was walking down this sidewalk in a neighborhood. I saw the bottom of a cell phone hanging off the edge of someones roof. I kind of worried that it would fall, but decided to leave it. I had something in mind about telekinesis. There could have been a lot more about it that I forgot. At least how I was doing telekinesis or what I did with it.

      Something about how I was a big football player. I had a blender and was preparing some food. I had to whack the protein powder scooper on the sides of the blender to get all the dust off the scooper.


      That was from the first time I woke up that night. Well, the second. The first time I woke up I might have remembered a dream but I kind of rotated my body. I woke up on my front and remembered to stay perfectly still the next time I woke up, so I could think through the dreams. I didn't need to go #1 too bad so I was able to stay still long enough to recover a lot of detail.

      B R or L K?

      I had a dream I really wish I remembered the beginning of. I moved as soon as I woke up and I think this dislodged it. The funny thing was I actually fell asleep while struggling to recall these. Then when I woke up, I was in sleep paralysis again, so I was able to remember more of them, plus another dream. Usually that happens the other way around!

      It began with a woman, either B R and/or L K, and we just woke up. We were around a bed or rectangular table trying to remember dreams. I felt this part was such a good part of the dream but couldn't remember details. I certainly tried my best to remember them though.

      We were at my Nana's. I saw my Uncle out on the back patio, talking, either to himself, praying, or on the phone. He may have been smoking but I couldn't tell.

      I went out front and saw B R or L K. Maybe they were blended or something. I remember having a really great conversation with whoever it was. There was a lot to it but the details were mostly lost. I felt like she really liked me.

      There was some kind of cut scene where I was with her out in the day time on this cement ramp thing. A younger kid and some other kids were walking up to us. I remembered the younger kid's face. L K or B R was with me. The kid asked me if I wanted something from last summer. I realized he was asking me if I wañted some kind of drug and I didn't want B R or L K to know about that. After that it seemed B R or L K left me. She seemed to dissappear. There were other guys walking down the ramp in that groop.

      Then I was back at my Nana's. I was in some kind of class thing in the dining room. Then I remember my Uncle and another guy sitting together, making some joke. They were saying that I sucked, and laughing.

      I wasn't too offended. I walked backwards down the stairs, making some kind of gesture.

      When I got to the living room, I saw that B R and L K were sitting on the couches by the fire place with my sister and another female relative. I felt relieved. It gave me the sense they had been waiting for me, and they hadn't left me after all.

      They walked towards the other part of the living room, closer to where you walk in. There was this big square table and I sat with the T V behind me. I was sitting on a series of stools that were breaking or caving in. One was my white kitchen stool thing. The other was this brown sewing table thing that I saw someone throwing out, only shorter. It seemed too short to reach the table.

      I was telling everyone how I just took an important class. I was saying something about how I am going to sell fruit. I had a bunch of cut onions in front of me as well as other fruits and vegetables. Dream Aunt C brought me a Dream Pitcher of Dream Water and I thought this was silly. because she had filled the pitcher to the top but now how will I put the fruit or veggies in it to blend?

      There was also a brown dog there.

      Ups and Downs

      I had this dream after falling back to sleep after the B R and L K dream. I had a good instinct to realize I had just fallen back asleep, and try to see what that dream was, before going back to the previous dream I hadn't yet recorded.

      So in the dream I had relapsed on caffeine. I was going to talk with a counselor. Even though I had relapsed, I was trying to do 20 minutes of a T M style meditation in the mornings. I was showing him this graph with some sort of sinusoidal wave form thing. I was explaining how I had high levels of the wave form around the morning meditation time, and lower levels at other times. I was explaining to him how all this would even out. He just agreed with me about it.

      Help in Store

      I had another dream that I wasn't sure where it fit. Maybe it was in the same sleep phase of the "Ups and Downs" dream above. But I dreamed that I was in this grocery store or department store. I was asking a dream woman at a help kiosk for help with getting a dream A T M to work. The dream woman seemed to speak a different lañguage, like Spañish or Portuguese. I tried to say in Spañish that I don't speak much Spanish. She led me to another dream woman at a dream desk who spoke Eñglish.

      Surreal Sequence

      I had a surreal sequence of dreams or dream scenes. They all seemed like the same dream but maybe they were separate.

      I was at the local Stop and Shop. I had a thing of dish detergent in the cart, but I called it deodorant. I said something out loud about getting more deodorant. Then I saw J A on line at a register and felt embarassed, because I wouldn't put dish detergent under my arms. I tried to explain to her how I meant to say detergent but couldn't think of the word. It was bright in the store.

      In one scene, there was a little child who was crying for more chocolate. His older sister got mad and put her finger in his throat. He coughed up the chocolate. She was like, "Theres your chocolate!"

      In another part I had my head by the wall and pressing into it. I was laying on the floor, perhaps hiding, under a table. Maybe I was trying to sleep and I didn't want anyone to find me.

      There was a part with this stick figure or outline of a body made from twine.

      There was a part with these three dogs near the Petco in G C. They were running by themselves along the sidewalk. one of them jumped up and bit a flag that was maybe 5 or 6 feet up from the ground. Another dog tried but could barely jump a foot. That dog looked sad.

      There was a lot more to these dreams, but I forgot. I had the false awakening listed below, directly afterwards. After that false awakening, I moved immediately to check if my microphone was there, and that may have dislodged the dream.

      Not Until I Dream journal!

      I had a false awakening after the previous dream. In the F A I was in my bed but in my previous house. I had my voice recorder and microphone, even with the pop filter, but it wouldn't line up right. I turned it over and it seemed to work.

      I even dreamed that I was laying in bed thinking through the dreams and then decided, I better not wait too long, and recorded them.

      I noticed some light filtering in the room and was surprised morning had come already. I grabbed for my extra cloths to put over my eyes, to block the light, and it blocked it.

      Then I heard some dream sounds from the dream hallway. My dream sister was talking about saturated fat on the phone with someone. I was surprised my dream door was open. I felt fear that my dream details would slip away, the actual ones I had just dreamed about. My dream sister was trying to get my attention.

      It was 11:14 or 11:34 A M or so in dream time so it wasn't like she would know I had just woken up. But I was mad. I yelled at her to go away until I was done. She cried. I could hear her high pitched crying.

      I woke up in my physical bed feeling really bad about this. It took me some time to realize I was in my bed at 15 Swoo and my sister was upstate, so it was just a dream. I think it shows me that I would be so mad at someone if they interrupted my dream recall.

      Back over to You

      I fell back asleep while recalling this and couldn't remember the beginning. It was a dream of a guy who had a lucid dream and did something weird that used all his lucid energy. Then there were some guys taking him away on a boat, and he couldn't get away because he had used all his lucid energy up. I wasn't lucid, as far as I know, but I was watching this. I remembered something with a block of wood or a boat rig but couldn't remember what it was he did. I know the dream clearly had something he did but the detail vanished. I could remember the guys faces on the boat who captured him so I thought I would get that detail but that was as far as it went.

      The dream also showed him making a youtube video or pod cast about his dream. I think I was at a computer watching or listening to it. He kept saying, "Ok, back to you", as if he was taking turns talking but with himself. I was like, why is he doing that? Maybe listening back before he records more.

      There was also a part I think had to do with this all, where I was staring into security cameras. There were 3 up in corners and I was looking into them. I wanted them to see and hear me. I forgot how it all went together, or if this was a separate dream.

      Pokemon Display

      This dream had something about how I was supposed to help at a Pokemon Symposium thing. There was some kind of Pokemon screen showing while a guy talked. It was showing this Pokemon sprite that rapidly flipped between Pokemon. His voice lined up with the Pokemon at times and I thought that was good timing. The buttons on the bottom of the screen had play, pause, fast forward, rewind and other media player types of options. But I couldn't get them to work. I had black gloves on and thought they were touch screen gloves but they weren't.


      Very vivid and interesting dreams.
    14. March 7 to 8 dreams

      by , 03-08-2018 at 03:37 PM
      For these dreams I am writing some in present tense and I wrote some in past tense. It just depended on the complexity of the dream. Also Instead of just writing "Round 1 of dreams" "Round 2 of Dreams" etc, I am trying to title each thing that I thought of as a separate dream. Sometimes it is harder for me to tell where to draw the line between what is a separate dream or what is just a dream with multiple events in it.

      Fighting with new Room Mate

      I was living in my current room at 15 Swoo. A husband and wife had moved in. The husband was living accross the hall from me, but the wife actually moved into my room. It had to do with the wife being a really busy community involved person and never home anyway.

      One day it was mid afternoon and I was in my bedroom. The woman tried to come into the room. I did not want her to come in at that time. I held the door shut, only letting it crack open a few inches, fighting to close it. I needed my privacy until I was done, but the woman was insistent on getting in. I was afraid she was going to go tell on me and I would get in trouble.

      There were lots of little episodes with this woman during this dream. Another one I remembered clearly was that she was telling me I shouldn't sleep so late. I had slept in until 9. She was telling me I should use an alarm clock. I was telling her how I need the rest and it isn't her business any way. But the fact that she was trying to give me advice or whatever didn't get under my skin too much. I could see it was her own problem. She just couldn't focus on herself. I wanted to call my friend M and share about how I succeeded in not taking her comments personally, even though she directed them at me.

      Dream Recall Dream

      I had some dreams at some point about dream recall itself. More like conceptual dreams I think. It was something that needed to be recalled a certain way. As I clicked back through it on a computer, my computer slowed down, and I was seeing it all slower. I was wishing I had done it earlier. This part I don't remember well.


      With my first sleep cycle, I actually woke up before I needed the bathroom, and thought through the dreams. I usually wake up after those first few hours of sleep, like, "Huh?" Pretty disoriented. But then it all comes to me. I actually fell back asleep thinking through them. "I will just stay still and think through them a little more, a little more..." And then I wake up however long later with more dreams. Oopsy!

      Yelling at Smokers

      I was at the local arborteum and on a trail up ahead I saw a guy smoking a cigarette. I yelled at him for polluting the trail and ruining the fresh air, and walked the other way. I think some people ganged up on me or we all fought some more. There was a lot more to this dream but I couldn't remember.

      Guy Jumps

      I had this one eventful dream that I could only remember vaguely upon awakening. It was farther back. But a man was in a relationship with a woman. He felt bad about it and so he climbed up to somewhere high up, like a wide chimney, and jumped down, and died. Then the dream showed the woman feeling kind of lost, maybe lost at sea. I couldn't remember much else in detail but I sensed there was a lot to this one.

      Xerneas and Lugia Deck

      I was in this college class room type of lecture hall. I got a free box of pre workout supplements. They contained caffeine though, so I was going to give them away. Then I looked and everyone had packs of Pokemon cards in these wire paper trays. My box had turned into a starter box of Pokemon cards, too.

      One kid asked me if I would trade cards in my set for packs of his. I was thinking that I want to keep them because I could sell the cards, but maybe I could trade for more valuable cards.

      Then I was playing a game with someone. I had a different deck at first that I forgot. But then I had Xerneas and Lugia in my deck. One Pokemon's move was titled Lugia, but it wasn't a Lugia card. They had interesting graphics that I can't remember clearly.

      I was battling someone with my Xerneas and Lugia deck, a deck I actually built in waking life and had some fun with. I hadn't put out a Pokemon but I was just putting damage counters with the numbers 10 in orange or 30 in green where the Pokemon would go, as a form of preparation. My friend already had a few energy cards down. I think I explained why I was doing this.

      Need Oil

      I was at the local grocery store and my friend George was the cashier. I was trying to return some books. One was a personal book that had lots of highlighting in it and white dust. There was another personal text book too, and some others. I couldn't remember much of this clearly but there was a lot more to it. Apparently I worked at the grocery store in this dream, too.

      Then I was walking up a hill, thinking I need more energy cards for my deck. This was related to the Xerneas and Lugia dream above which is why I think that that dream happened in the middle of the local food store dreams. But, I wrote it this way because it seemed clearer to me. But I was walking up the hill near the local library and local woods, thinking about adding energy cards to my deck. I would have to buy them on line somewhere. But I figured I already had 24 and that seemed like a lot.

      Then I saw my friend Ryan and his girlfriend at the top of the hill. They were asking me for a ride somewhere. I had to shower and change my clothes since I had just worked at the food store. There was a shower at the food store I was going to use.
      Some more stuff happened that I forgot.

      Then I was in the back corner of the food store with my sister. I knew the managers and other workers there. My sister wanted Olive Oil but felt bad asking for it. I told her I had plenty of coconut oil. But the manager came back after just getting off break. In this dream everyone took a break every hour or so. So when the manager came out of the back of the store, from his break, I asked him if anyone could get oil, where they would get it. I phrased it in a way that didn't reveal it was my sister who wanted the oil, so she wouldn't feel bad. But I thought it seemed obvious that I was doing that.

      Then the manager realized it was for my sister somehow and started rubbing her head, saying like, "Aww, its okay that you want olive oil." I thought this was kind of weird or inappropriate of him.

      My sister and I were walking out of the store toward my Dad's car. My sister went to the window of the manager's car to talk to him. I went to my Dad's car. My Dad was kind of mad that the manager was hitting on my sister or something. I forgot the rest.

      Lucid Dream Count

      I had a dream I was walking around this neighborhood with big houses in the day light. I was thinking about my L D count and that it was only 25 or 26. I had estimated it was much higher but in the dream it came to me that it was lower than I had estimated. I was thinking of someone who had 55 L D's and how that seemed like a lot more to me now than it did when I assumed I had over 100.

      I think I actually do have over 100 L D's but I didn't keep a formal count from the beginning. I have a plan to go back through all my dream journals from the beginning and get a count together, but going back through them all isn't as easy as it sounds.

      Black Jump Suit?

      I remembered one dream of something in a black jump suit, but nothing more about it.


      Some dream detail about playing a Pokemon R P G game. The Pokemon could use the H M for Surf.
      Zelda type of game

      I am seeing a Zelda type of video game from above. It is like 16 bit graphics. I bring my character to the "tile" next to this red villain guy. I feel pretty confident that I can defeat him from this "tile". But I am unable to really attack or defend myself. He puts a big red blade through the body of my character, who is like grey or beige in color. The red blade pokes out the other side. My character slumps to the ground. I can feel that my character is totally dead.

      Video Game Raft

      In this scene I was floating on a raft. Someone else was saying how I wasn't doing it good enough or something. I couldn't remember any more about it. I saw it from a top down view at times.

      Red Melon

      I am at my desk in my room. I have an orange shake in a cup with a hole in the bottom. I am blending it with an egg beater somehow. There is a bunch of cut dark red orange melon next to it that I am adding in. It is the size of half a large cantaloupe. As I add the dark red orange melon, it doesn't seem to add any volume to the orange shake.

      Vitamin Burst

      I am standing over my bed, looking into my tupperware of vitamins. There are small circular vitamins. The thought comes to me that they are dessicated liver. I realize that dessicated liver must not be vegetarian or vegan so I decide I will finish this bunch of them and just not buy more. I can see my fish oil capsules, yellowish, and my multivitamins, orange ish. On the bottom there is yellow oil and it looks like a fish oil capsule has exploded. I start to worry that I will have to throw away all the vitamins now.

      M's Life Insurance

      This one had to do with a big hole in the ground some how. And walking near the smaller dawn red wood at the local arboretum.

      My friend M thought me might die soon so he asked for my bank information so that his life insurance policy could be transmitted to my account. It was for 65 thousand dollars. He wanted me to give some to his girlfriend.

      After I gave him some information from my Debit Card, I worried that he had my bank information now. But I thought that it was only enough information to deposit money, not enough to withdraw money.

      Childhood Photo

      I am looking at a T V screen or computer monitor. On the monitor is a picture of me as a child and my sister as a child. Perhaps she is 4 and I am 8. She is wearing a shirt with pink and blue designs. It looks like we are both wearing my Mom's home made shirts. I am using my phone to try to take a snap shot of this photo and it is very clear, especially for a photo of a screen.

      Suddenly I transition to where I am in the scene of the photograph. It is in the 15 Swoo Kitchen now. My Mom walks in the back door and looks heavier or older. My Sister turns into her friend Christine. My Mom is holding a tiny, tiny baby that might be my sister. But I notice that I am 8 so my sister couldn't have just been born. I am seeing it from a third person perspective.

      Someone is wearing some kind of cow costume with fuzzy fabric spots on it. Either black spots on white fabric or something with beige, maybe both. A hand is touching the soft spots on the fabric.


      I had some other details like something with my Aunt B or Aunt C at some point but not sure where those fit. These dreams were pretty easy to type up today. It seemed like less dreams than usual and I wonder what is up sometimes. It seems I haven't been dreaming as intensely in the last week or two as I ever had.
      non-lucid , memorable
    15. March 6 to 7 D to the J

      by , 03-07-2018 at 10:48 PM
      March sixth to seventh 2018 Dreams.

      Tonight I actually slept like 6 hours before I woke up and recorded any dreams which is different. Usually I wake up within 3 to 4 hours of going to sleep. So I seem to have had less dream activity than usual.


      In one I remember seeing this motorcycle guy from behind on the way to the beach. He was on his motorcycle and I was seeing his black jacket with some logo on it. There was more about the beach too but I totally forgot it all.

      Childrens Rankings

      There was another part with something about children who were ranked differently. One of the children was in the "Third Reich" and I was offended by this due to the historical use of that term. But then I realized it had nothing to do with any of the World War Two stuff, it just meant he was ranked third among his siblings. This was also when my sister and her friend needed a shower.

      Vague Fragment

      In another part it was early in the morning. I was with my friend R A. We went out a window at one point. There was somewhere we had to go. I only remember this vaguely but I think it was eventful. Something about raw chicken or cooking and eating chicken.

      UFO Cover-Up

      I only remember this dream vaguely. My friend's Dad (J S) was there. Some kind of U F O thing had landed out by the water or something like that. I was looking into it but my friend's Dad was saying we shouldn't be looking into it. I wish I remembered more of this.

      Aunt's House

      I had this one dream scene by the back sliding door of my Aunt B's house. On her dinner table that's there was one of my black shelves, upside down. I was scraping a toy against one of the ridges and putting it in one of the square support beam things. My sister's friend showed up. I couldn't remember exactly what was going on besides that.

      Unintentional Diss

      There was this part where I was at this desk, watching something. I remember hearing something about a basketball game. The basketball player wanted to have no regrets. But I was thinking that the regrets might be important. Kind of like my physical desk, I had clothes and electronics all scattered about. I think I had my dividers up. I was gathering them all bunched up in my arms.

      I got up to sit at a table with my food. I hadn't heard one of my friends try to get my attention, maybe S D or D W. They were upset that I seemed to ignore them. I tried to explain that my headset had malfunctioned, or wasn't plugged in, but they were still like, "Hmph." So they went and sat at a further table. I felt bad about it even though it was just a technological issue.

      Then I sat with a group of friends who was watching the Simpsons. I was playing the same exact thing that was playing on the T V on my lap top next to me, wearing a head set. I wondered why I didn't just use the T V except that so many people were watching, it might make noise or they might block the T V. I was eating some food. Maybe some kind of fried food. I was seeing if anyone further back in the crowd wanted to use my monitor since I had a seat in the first or second row. My friend Jon was dismissive of me in some way.

      Action Figures, Legos and a Profound Quote

      These seem disconnected or like they should be different dreams but they felt like the same dream somehow. First I was at this support group meeting. I had a yellow piece of paper in front of me. I am not sure if I was speaking. I think I was waiting to speak. I think E R was there and maybe other girls from high school. On my paper I had what I thought was a very profound quote about staying sober. Kind of like an approach to staying sober that was very original and wise. When i woke up, I couldn't remember what it was.

      Then I was at a table somewhere playing with Optimus Primal and Megatron beast wars toys. There were other beast wars toys on the table, too. I had this single peg red circular legos that were kind of a clear kind of red. I was putting them on the little ear things of each robot's helmet. I wondered if I should give Optimus Primal and the Maximals an advantage by giving them more red legos. But I gave Megatron an equal number of legos on his head as Optimus. they both got two. Then I thought I had done the wrong move when Megatron revealed some grey shoulder missles and fired them at Optimus. They looked like Silverbolt's missles from the action figure. Also I don't think Beast Wars Megatron had shoulder cannons.

      Potty Dream

      In this dream I had got up to use the bathroom. The bathroom was up a short set of stairs and my bedroom was the only room beyond it. I think in the dream I was standing there, about to pee, when I sensed my Dad was about to need the bathroom. So I stopped myself from peeing and went and waited by the railing of the stair case while he used the bathroom. There was something about my Dad looking in the mirror. There was a white towel. I don't remember it very clearly.

      Removing the Seeds of Violence.

      I am walking around in the woods at the bottom of a hill. My mind feels very clear in this dream, but I am not lucid. I am imagining this gun which could have a little slider on the side to specify how far away the target is. So my idea is that I will walk around with a tape measurer, whip it at my target, get the distance, and then shoot the gun, all instantaneously. L O L. I am imagining practicing this on trees and perhaps hunting. I catch myself thinking about this harmful idea and the thought comes to me that it is a chance to remove these seeds of violence from within myself. I actually feel fear that I could become a harmful person if I entertain these thoughts. So I do this thing where I just set an intention to remove the seeds of violence from within myself. I have a sense that someone is coming or I am supposed to walk up this hill and to the left.


      I dreamed something about a fish rolling around in a bed of coins. Surrounding colors grey sidewalk and green lawns or trees.

      Apples at Nana's table

      I was sitting at my Nana's kitchen table with my sister. She was at the head of the table and I was to her left. We had a pile of apples. They all had produce stickers on them that seemed weird. My sister opened one apple up and it looked too bruisy on the inside. It looked like she had made bite marks going all the way around it in a half circle of bite marks. There were brown spots. She rejected the apple because it was too bruised. It actually didn't look that bad compared to some really bad apples I have got.

      Inner Child Hero

      There was this reporter type of guy on the couch at 15 Swoo. He was saying how he met his inner child and either he, became his inner child's hero, or his inner child, became his hero. I forgot which. Then there was something with some kind of beverage as a treat. More to it but Very vague recall.

      Family Guy Clip Thing

      There was this Family Guy Ad. At first I saw Peter Griffin's head, but his hair was very long and pulled down around his head, into the shape of a coffee cup. That was like a brown layer of the screen. Peter Griffin was saying something but I couldn't remember what. It was probably funny.

      Then there was this light blue layer to the screen beneath that, with some thumb nail icons. Each had various languages written on it. The one for Canada had some Japanese type of lettering on it. I thought it was going to be a parody of Canada. But it didn't sound Canadian when it played. It went back up to the Peter Griffin part.

      Yellow Sac Spider

      I am walking into this trailer or school bus type of thing with a loose celery stalk type of plant. (At first, I thought the plant was poison ivy, so I was afraid to touch it. But then I just wanted to re plant it.) I am aiming to plant it in a bucket of dirt and walk back out. My stuff is on either side of the trailer bus thing. It is like a school bus because it has that black slatted rubber walk way part. But it is like a trailer because instead of bus seats, it has more of a home layout, but with lots of stuff crowding it on both sides. Until the only place to walk is the black walk way part, maybe a foot wide.

      Still carrying the plant, hoping to plant it, I see a spider. It is one of those yellow sac spiders that we have around here. Its webs are around. It seems like it is going to get on me. I start to feel fear.

      I turn around to leave the trailer thingy. Turns out the spider is walking up a web toward the front of the trailer, the same direction I am going to walk out. There is also another yellow sac spider up to my left. I am really getting freaked out. I run out the front of the trailer, ducking under a web that is at face level. I can feel this creepy crawly fear in my body now.

      As I was going through all that, I was also thinking that I want a written as well as auditory record of all my dreams. It was kind of a tape of thoughts playing in my mind as I went through this trailer thing. Maybe it was kind of a green house.

      Big Bath

      There was one dream of a giant bath. Not super giant but like 6 by 6 by 5 or even 8 by 8 by 5. I was adding some warm water to it for a woman who was there. I also swam in the water a little.

      Uncle R

      In another part, I remember seeing my Uncle R sitting with two other people. The context was that he had moved into our house. And we were living at the last house I lived in. I didn't want him to live there. Maybe it had to do with him smoking. I remember seeing his face pretty clearly. I was sitting on one of the chairs in the living room.

      Driving down back rounds

      I was driving on some local back rounds around L V. I couldn't remember exactly the roads but it reminded me of when I would drive to my driver's exam. Maybe something about a pack of Pokemon cards. The roads were very black.

      Nearby Road

      My last dream of the night was of me walking on this near by road. Just a little history, I got in a big argument with some people on this road one day and its never been resolved. They are obviously in the wrong or else I would have just made amends.

      So first I saw the back of a cigarette box on the ground. It was black. Then I looked up and saw the guy's yard which is on the corner of a side road and a busier road. He usually has one of those little windmill things there but I am not sure if I saw it in the dream. Then I looked and his garage was open. I was looking into it as I stood there. I think it looked kind of empty or spacious. I was kind of expecting a fight to start. Then this black S U V pulled up behind me. I started walking away fast to get away. I heard a honk that had a very physical quality to it and woke up. I am not sure if the honk was something that got into my dream from waking life, such as neighbors, or if the dream itself generated it. I wear ear plugs over night so it isn't that likely I heard a honk from a physical car unless it was right outside my window.


      I think my dreams know how much dream activity to give me based on what is coming up the next day. Even if I am not consciously aware of all that will come up the next day. I had a big day of waking life today that I wasn't expecting and barely got all my voice notes transcribed by days end.
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