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    1. Just another spontaneous WILD

      by , 12-18-2012 at 07:21 PM
      Woke up around 7, then around 9. Eventually my body felt strange and distorted and fuzzy in certain parts all at once, and I recognized that I was entering a dream. I waited until the transition was complete by attempting to see without opening my eyelids. It worked, so I sat up. No temperature change. I stood up and wandered around my apartment, rubbing my hands together to stabilize the dream. For some reason my bra was loosely on (on, but not clasped on), so I took it off.

      My boyfriend was sleeping in the exact position in which I last saw him in real life.

      "I'm dreaming! This is a lucid dream!" I exclaim.

      "Very good," he responds, falling back asleep.

      I want to check out my dream guides, who are faggots and like to hide in the woods. I live in a city now, so I reshape my apartment such that it has a sun room which connects to the forest. My two dead dogs are there, though I didn't put them there or think about them much at all, and I figure they want to go in the forest. I open the door and go through the forest. There is a fence, but I go under it. Unfortunately, behind the fence is an open field. I can see tall buildings from the city, so I jump once and fall, twice and fall, and then the third time I jump very high and turn off gravity. I start flying towards the downtown area and then. . .

      My boyfriend bumps into me and I wake up.
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