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    Airport Hospital

    by , 07-10-2011 at 12:47 PM (737 Views)
    I'm in a very strange dormitory where the genders are separated by floor, and the bedrooms are large. I am on-call for a position on the third floor. It is midnight. Heading to the second floor, which is all men, I find their lounge is actually a furniture store. Because of this, they have the most comfortable 'lounge' in the entire building. Continuing down the hall and to a new set of stairs lands me in the middle of an illusion. I must defeat two giant peahats to pass. Armed with only a boomerang, eventually I down the foes, feeling very proud (somehow, I knew in the dream that they were monsters of anxiety). I continue to the staircase.

    On the third floor, headless female forms are giving birth to strange things on a hospital bed. They give birth to animals, foods, and miniature people. As strange as it sounds, they are actually supposedly unconscious vessels for a new, organic delivery system. Their seed is manipulated and combined to grow the different products and people they birth. For people, somehow their consciousness is transported. With a friend also on-call, I am supposed to aid the deliveries. I hold down the torso of a body while my friend eases the exit of a wolf pup. Doctors monitor our progress behind glass windows, at times directing. The items coming out of our subject become stranger as it writhes in blatant pain and suspiciously coordinated throes. Cobs of corn pass through, and then a human skeleton, dancing with a new soul. That was not supposed to happen, and the doctors rush in to destroy the abomination. I wake up.

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