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    9/25/11 - "Being a Bad Student" and "South America and 2001"

    by , 09-25-2011 at 08:18 PM (292 Views)
    9/25/11 (Non-lucid)


    I'll post multiple dreams per entry.

    1. Being a Bad Student

    I was in my AP French/Film classroom. Except, it wasn't my AP French/Film classroom. It was one of those unexplainable dream-location-switches...and, despite the elongated desks, the real blackboards, and the sky's unnatural purple color, I believed every second of it. We were doing some dull pre-production work, and Mr. Casinghino, my eternally busy AP French/Film teacher, was supervising. As usual, I was goofing off with my good friend Keith Congden, and Mr. Casinghino's passive-aggressive frustration was reaching exciting new heights.

    I don't remember much besides that. I've always been afraid of losing this teacher's favor, and he's seen a little more of my goofing off lately, so I guess my fears have decided to manifest themselves this way.

    2. South America and 2001

    In this dream, I was somehow stationed somewhere near the Amazon Rainforest. I can't remember exactly what my excuse for being there was, but, naturally, I started by exploring the surrounding forests and rivers on my own. It was all Indiana Jones-like, with lots of dry dusty temples and large tan rocks. The climate wasn't Amazonian at all, though; I'd consider it a mix of the Outback and the African Rainforests, but with some misplaced Mayan culture scattered at random. And, though the foliage wasn't very dense, I found the setting confusing enough to get lost in.

    Eventually, I started bringing new "friends" -innocuous, non-existent beings whose made-up names I cannot currently remember- with me on my trips into the Afro-Australian wilderness. And we continued to get lost, until we got so lost that my parents decided to gather a search party and find us.

    At that point, the imaginary friends and I had finally found our way to the mother of all ancient structures; a giant, carved rock precipice, covered in forgotten symbols. By the time my parents arrived, we had already scaled near half of it, and we waited for them in a creepy stone cave. When they reacher us, we (or the bizarre nature of the rock's markings) convinced them to climb higher. However, all was not well when we made it to the stone's top. In true 2001: A Space Odyssey style, the rock Monolith was an artifact from an alien civilization. But, as I discovered when they tortured and killed my family, not a benevolent one.

    I woke up saying, "Arthur C. Clarke was wrong, Arthur C. Clarke was wrong." And, if I'm to rationalize this dream as well, I'd say it was the product of reading far too much H. P. Lovecraft.

    And, er...I'm back.

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