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    1. Misunderstood creature

      , 08-11-2010 at 01:57 PM
      I prayed quietly to myself that one night you would come, my angel, my guiding light, my soul. And you came as a friend and as a beautiful murderer, bringing me a letter from a mind that I could never truly conceive. I told you, that you are not welcome in my house, that you can not come through the door and yet you miraculously found a way through the loggia window. And there we were, standing on the opposite sides of the door, looking in each otherís eyes, a few moments away from awakening, connected in this flawless, deep understanding.
      And I loved you, and I was terrified from being with you, and I needed you, I always had...
      I once read that a man can truly be himself, if he can choose between artificial and reall insanity...and here I am thinking if Iím really going mad or am I just still very,very young?
      And here I am, feeling the butterflies in my stomach dancing around a perfect ambrosia!