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    LD two days ago

    by , 08-19-2019 at 04:40 PM (118 Views)
    I was at my town hanging with my friend, then something pops in my head and i realize it's a dream, i go running to my grandmother's house and grab a biscuit. I take i bite out of it but it doesn't have any flavour, so i leave it.
    I go out and try summoning a sword (I never knew how to do it), and when i turned around, there it was, but i was too anxious i left it there without almost even looking at it. Then i try to summon a friend of mine, but she escapes in a spider-man suit. (wtf) I know there was something after this, but i can't quite remember.

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    1. Tygar's Avatar
      That was an awesome, albeit brief, lucid dream. The key is to try to stay calm and stabilize your dream before you start running around and doing things (which is something I often forget to do myself because I don't lucid dream very often).
    2. adrez's Avatar
      I'll try, i was running around bacause it was because it was the first time i was able to slightly control my sorroundings, and i will try to stabilize it to make it last longer.
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