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    My Dad and His Vagrant Son

    by , 01-08-2015 at 04:24 PM (237 Views)
    In one dream, I am travelling through the Northeast on a trip to Connecticut. My plan is to visit with my ex-girlfriend Ellie. I remember starting out in Middleburgh and seeing Mom and Frank. At first I'm on my bike. It's a long bike tour and I have everything I need, making occasional stop. At another time I'm in a city bus approaching this beautiful town that sits along a river. Through the front window I see a church steeple as we rise over the crest of a hill. As I enter this town or small city I'm driving in my car but I'm having trouble controlling it. At more than a couple lights I either don't see the red light soon enough or the brakes are weak and I finally come to a stop mid-way through the intersection. In one instance I'm at a T-intersection in town, the brakes don't work in time and I'm out too far. I look behind me and back up to let traffic flow. When cars pull up behind me my brakes don't hold the car on the hill and I keep slipping back. When the light changes to green the accelerator doesn't react quick enough and the light changes back to red before I move. The cars behind me don't seem to mind. Frustrated though, I pull off the road onto a side street that looks like Main Street in Amsterdam.

    Dad appears. He wanted to catch up with my through my journey and see how I was doing. He arrives in the evening and we go up to the hill to look over town. I have my bike again. The town is beautiful. One of the few post-industrial towns on the river that have fared well over the last 50 years. We head down the highway back into town. We're both pretty tired, so Dad and I stop in Dunkin Donuts for two small coffees. Dad produces a bag and I think he wants to pay for it but I wave my hand. "I got this Dad" but it's not money in the bag it's a project I left behind in New York. I was making these little paper buildings for what could've been a model train. Dad had seen my layout drawings, cut them out and glued them himself. He did a pretty good job but I could tell they were glued with Rubber Cement. I'm still impressed. The is also a sheet of sketches I made. one was a construction of a skull. There were some errors, the Nasal Cavity was a little too big, for instance. Dad had written some notes at the top "Wow ! A+" etc.

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