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    ^.^ Parking Garage

    by , 02-20-2012 at 03:00 AM (549 Views)
    ^.^ (DILD)


    I'm in a parking garage walking around. A whole lot of people are down here too. A red-headed woman(DC?) is pestering me, talking about dreaming, asking a bunch of philisophical questions..

    She tells me I can make all these other DC's disappear, and sure enough, I can!

    I feel my body for the RC; it's a bit lighter than usual.

    To sum up the lucid: I casted lightning, summoned fire, did a Hadouken and a Kamehameha blast, flying, teleporting, picked up some winged armor and a baseball bat named Sword, and ate some steak.

    Now i'm in some canyon/beach place.

    My Dad's side of the fam is there and D. is onto me dreaming, I say ok w/e just don't make problems!


    On a beach with a man with a mustache. He's a pilot. I look down by the water and I see a lot of people running towards us frantically. I tell the pilot and he says to start the plane engine; he'll be right behind me.

    There is a giant hurricane headed towards us.

    I turn around and see the plane on the beace, run over and turn the engine on and get ready for takeoff.

    The hurricane is getting closer and as I stare at it, I see that it's blanketed in lightning.

    The pilot jumps in and takes off right toward it!

    "That's an electical storm!" I yell

    "Don't worry! It won't bother us!" he reassures me, though I don't believe him.

    We ride right on through and past the hurricane and the skies instantly get calmer.

    Am making a story book and I'm choosing an interesting monster that lives in the water.

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    1. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      solar storm. now.