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    Aeolar's Lucid Reveries and other Hoopla


    by , 07-18-2012 at 06:16 PM (415 Views)
    I am in "The Deadliest Catch" TV series, and I am sitting in this diner section of the barge. I'm eating a crust of bread by myself when I wonder where the rest of my meal went, I certainly don't remember eating it. I think about it for a good minute, nibbling on the crust and looking around the room at the other people. I do a hand RC to find that the pinky & ring finger on my left hand have fused together! I get on a boat(I think) that takes me to the nearby beachhead, and I get off and walk up into the sand. There I look at the backs of my hands and marvel at the little hairs, freckles, and pores that I can see. I bend over and pick up a handful of sand and inspect each of the tiny little grains and pebbles of sand. I turn around to look at my surroundings and am shocked when I see the barge and the boat still behind me! I had thought they would have left by now, but I guess I underestimated the dream.

    I turn back towards the beach and ponder what I should do. The beach is eerily quiet, so I should aloud to the dream sky, "I want to summon a DC to me!"

    I turn to my left to see a little brownish boy wearing a green shirt running towards me in the sand, and turn to my left to see two girl bicyclists coming towards me. I turn back and forth, looking at each and deciding which one I want to talk to. I decide to talk to the bicyclists, and by now can get a good look at them. The one in front is tall and wearing all black, with a black bob cut to match. The other is smaller, has long blonde wavy hair, and is wearing a long white shirt. The tall cyclist reaches me first and gets off her bike.
    "Hi! My name is Jason, and I've got a job for you!"

    .... Jason? WTF?

    I am so confused that I loose focus and lucidity.
    I am struggling to keep the dream fluid and get lucidity. I get patchy images of standing in a band room with a lot of other kids. Now I am standing on a styrofoam lunch tray and flying round in circles, conducting the band. I dismiss the class, but a few students linger and I decide to follow them. They walk down a staircase and into a dark hallway. I wait after going down the stairs and attempt to "engage all my senses" I see, hear, feel, and touch everything around me, but I don't taste anything. I lick a nearby fire hydrant handle, a doorknob, and a wall that has puzzle pieces on it. It tastes soapy, dirty, and sweet, respectively.
    I lost the group of people but keep walking down the hallway, giving a hearty "Hello!" to whichever DC crosses my path. On of the DC's I greet tells me that she'll "Clear the deception" for me so that I can find them again. Now I can either turn left or right, and I choose to turn right down a hallway and through a door. I am now outside in a small courtyard, and decide to get a better look at the whole place, so I levitate up to the roof and see the group I was following, standing together by a fountain. I walk over to them but get distracted and find myself taking family portrait pictures.

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