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    The big Dreamviews heist.

    by , 08-11-2011 at 07:44 PM (1133 Views)
    I am on the DV forums, quite literally. I am at the forums. I am showing others "How to do things lucidly" by performing them myself, almost like a video. At one point in the dream I became lucid, and it seemed just so real to me as I was in Aeolar form, standing in the forum with weapons in hand.
    I am with a girl who has brown hair who look a lot like Raspberry, and she had found/stolen a credit card. This was back when they were first getting popular, and there wasn't any security on them. Raspberry left for a while, and when she came back, she had all new clothes, and was wearing a white trucker cap to the side and was all like, "yo". I told her to gimme that card, and I went on a spending spree. I didn't really get to choose my clothes though, and I burst through the doors with all white clothes, a white hat, and purple John Lennon glasses on. Me and Raspberry left the changing room, and Rasp was spraying the hell out of herself with deodorant, but it sure did smell good :3

    Now, a black man who we "knew" came up to us an said "What up?" All 3 of us then headed to the cash register, where there were 2 bald headed rich black men trying to return something.
    "Watch this," Rasp whispered in my ear, and within 2 seconds she had swiped the receipts of the men. We waited and began to listen in on their conversation. The first black man said he wanted to return something, but when he searched his pockets to find the receipt, he couldn't and then told the clerk that he would pay double. The second man did basically the same thing as the first, only, he said that
    "I'll pay with a lot of Zero's. You'll barely be able to see the money sign, because the zero's will block it out."

    After those men had left, we were checking out, when suddenly a black boss-like character came up to us. He and our black man know each other, and it seems as though there is a rivalry between the two. There is no trouble with the transaction, and we buy the clothes. The boss laughs,
    "Hah! You all are doing well for yourselves! I was actually about to go make some money myself."
    I walk up to the boss, "Yeah, but we're not dealing with hard cash. It's liquidated. It's made to flow so we can use it on the go." Heh, that should be a quote I think to myself.
    The boss cracks up when I say that. "Hey, so where is your next job?"
    Our black man quickly replies, "We're taking a quick drive to Vegas."
    "Drive??" I say questionably. "I didn't know we were driving there."
    "Yes, drive. Low profile."
    Some person on the DV forum read my posts to Mayflow and says,
    "Aeolar, I think you are a very nice person and I'd like to hang out." xDD
    This is four months later from today. So it turns out that by this time, I still had not gotten a job, so I decided to go out and push drugs. At first, I was getting pretty damn good at it. I had paid my debts, and even bought myself a pistol. But one day, I was introduced to these high roller big shot guys. They wanted us to do some dirty work for them. I accepted, because each man was getting $5,000, and all I had to do was drive. Easy money, right?

    So, the next day, I got in a pickup truck, and picked up 2 men. I basically drove in reverse while someone manned an MG in the back. Well, long story short, we were ambushed and bound to die. Our contractors had set us up, and only a black man and myself were able to run away. We ran through bushes and out onto the highway. We were being chased by professionals with M16's. We managed to run across a bridge and find a car. We knew we were fucked. And I mean fuuuuuucked. I asked the man what he did for a living, and he said that he pushed guns. I had 2 pistols on me and a plastic revolver. I kept looking at the revolver, it was important in some way. I heard someone on the radio yell, "Jump! JUMP!!" So I did. I jumped out of the moving vehicle and started walking west down the highway. I walked for a while, dodging Lorries and other Semi-trucks. I had my phone on me, and someone had texted me that said "Are you dead, running, packing, or looking for UFO's while packing?" I came up with a plan to end this. I am now watching the gun pusher. He has picked up four friends. All of them have assault rifles. They meet the pursuers out on a hilly road that looks like it belongs in California. The gun pushers have no chance, and as the last one falls, a man appears behind the murderers.
    "It is I, bitches!!" I yell. Then with a silenced 9mm pistol, I drop all 7 of them, and the dream ends.

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    1. neurosisfish's Avatar
      have to say i like the ending of the last dream
      like a pro
    2. Zelkova's Avatar
      Like a BOSS!

      Did you change your name or am I going crazy? I recall your name being much longer and starting with a C.
    3. ty4TheAdventure's Avatar
      When I saw this I was like.

      I had a dream a little while back where Puffin robbed and burglarized the homes of every Dreamviewer.

      DV can be a suspicious, suspicious place. xD
    4. Raspberry's Avatar
      Oh yeah, credit cards

      I had a dream last night of being a ninja. Dark_Merlin had a dream about me too.
    5. Atras's Avatar
      LOL everyone dreams about you raspberry. Youre infectious
    6. Aeolar's Avatar