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    by , 06-04-2011 at 05:22 PM (516 Views)
    I had a dream where I was trying to keep these people 'things' at bay, while I searched something on the computer,
    And then I was walking down my street, and I knew I was dreaming, so as I saw a truck pass the street I willed myself to travel towards it, but the dream faded. I then was sitting in darkness, so I attempted to visualize a dream scene around me. It was extremely dark, and I saw a boy riding a bicycle. It was one of the really really old ones, the ones that have the HUGE wheel in the front, and a tiny wheel on the back. I was going to teleport to him but, yet again, the dream faded. Again... I visualized a scene around me, but it was so foggy, that I just flew around in darkness until I woke up. (I probably should have tried to anchor myself into the dream, but I didn't. My family was stomping around in the living room, and I had vaguely heard it in the background of my dream. I guess that is what woke me up.)

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    1. Morte's Avatar
      the big bikes called a penny farthing, just though i'd say
    2. Aeolar's Avatar
      thanks! xD