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    Hogwarts, the beginning.

    by , 09-06-2011 at 04:51 AM (369 Views)
    I instantly know I am lucid. I am in my house, but the rooms are different. I begin searching for the girl of my dreams, but my search bears no fruit. I walk past my room and think that I need to cleanse it of unwanted presences. I walk into my room, but it is too dark, so I cast Lumos, after like 10 times of saying it, it finally worked. I remembered that I had to go to the Sorting hat first, so I set my intent to go to Hogwarts and spun in a circle. The dream went black and I lost my lucidity.

    I am in a room looking for this blonde haired girl, and I am having a conversation with this being, but I wasn't really listening. I do remember stabilizing the dream by studying this person's face and my own hands. Surprisingly my awareness was very low.

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