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    Never underestimate the dream

    by , 07-10-2012 at 05:36 AM (385 Views)
    I'm at home playing video games downstairs while Dad is working on the front door. I think it's too soon before I go home and become lucid. I look at my hands and I do have 10 fingers... I push my finger through my hand but it isn't working... I know it's a dream though!! I pinch my nose closed and find I can breathe!!
    I walk out the front door pondering what to do, and meanwhile I take in all my surroundings. I notice how green and real the grass is, and see a nearby patch of dirt. I grab a handful of dirt and shove it in my mouth, wondering if it will really taste like dirt. WORST. IDEA. EVER. I spit it out instantly but it gives me major cotton mouth and I can't get all of it out. I spend the rest of the dream trying to summon a toothbrush to clean my mouth out with.

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