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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. The Alien Adventure.

      by , 09-06-2011 at 11:33 PM (Aeolar's Lucid Reveries and other Hoopla)
      I am at this place similar to somewhere in the Sierra mountains, and I decide to go off on an adventure. I then decide to go the long way around and climb this mountain. As I am scaling down it, I see all of these small scale cul-de-sacs that are in the midst of a disaster. As I go further down, they get larger scale, and I see this one figure that looks like Bart but with long spiky black hair. I am now in a gift shop, and when I look out the window, I see Christina. She sees me as well, and runs and and hugs me. I see Dad as well, he comes in and says something to me. Now, the DC's disappear, and an older middle - aged man comes into the shop. He asks me if it's OK, and I say yes (There is a lot more dialogue).

      I feel an unpleasant sensation in my man melons, and feel a moving sensation. During this, I can't see, but I feel a feminine presence over me. Now, I am aboard a flying ship, in a room with the old man. I want to know if I can ask him a few questions; he isn't sure because he should be in NY by now. I ask him if he is an "alien", he says yes. He then tells me the word for when one truly reveals themselves to you, whether your a robot, alien, or whatever, no disguises. He tells me this word. It starts with auto, and I ask again what the word was. I repeat it to myself as to remember what it was, but when I awoke, it was almost as if it vanished. He then showed me these pictures of little children on what looks like a curved piece of white leather. He then tells me that "It's best to come in when they are young!" I tell him that I have 1, maybe 2 more questions. I want to know when we will be able to talk through info packets of thought, and he says when we raise our vibrational frequencies, then I ask when that will be, and she simply says "Soon." I wake up.
      I am at my North Grandparent's house, and Jackie some chick from school is sprawled out on the couch. She tells me to make a portal here, here, and here. I do it, then jump into a portal in between the chair and the couch.
    2. The big Dreamviews heist.

      by , 08-11-2011 at 07:44 PM (Aeolar's Lucid Reveries and other Hoopla)
      I am on the DV forums, quite literally. I am at the forums. I am showing others "How to do things lucidly" by performing them myself, almost like a video. At one point in the dream I became lucid, and it seemed just so real to me as I was in Aeolar form, standing in the forum with weapons in hand.
      I am with a girl who has brown hair who look a lot like Raspberry, and she had found/stolen a credit card. This was back when they were first getting popular, and there wasn't any security on them. Raspberry left for a while, and when she came back, she had all new clothes, and was wearing a white trucker cap to the side and was all like, "yo". I told her to gimme that card, and I went on a spending spree. I didn't really get to choose my clothes though, and I burst through the doors with all white clothes, a white hat, and purple John Lennon glasses on. Me and Raspberry left the changing room, and Rasp was spraying the hell out of herself with deodorant, but it sure did smell good :3

      Now, a black man who we "knew" came up to us an said "What up?" All 3 of us then headed to the cash register, where there were 2 bald headed rich black men trying to return something.
      "Watch this," Rasp whispered in my ear, and within 2 seconds she had swiped the receipts of the men. We waited and began to listen in on their conversation. The first black man said he wanted to return something, but when he searched his pockets to find the receipt, he couldn't and then told the clerk that he would pay double. The second man did basically the same thing as the first, only, he said that
      "I'll pay with a lot of Zero's. You'll barely be able to see the money sign, because the zero's will block it out."

      After those men had left, we were checking out, when suddenly a black boss-like character came up to us. He and our black man know each other, and it seems as though there is a rivalry between the two. There is no trouble with the transaction, and we buy the clothes. The boss laughs,
      "Hah! You all are doing well for yourselves! I was actually about to go make some money myself."
      I walk up to the boss, "Yeah, but we're not dealing with hard cash. It's liquidated. It's made to flow so we can use it on the go." Heh, that should be a quote I think to myself.
      The boss cracks up when I say that. "Hey, so where is your next job?"
      Our black man quickly replies, "We're taking a quick drive to Vegas."
      "Drive??" I say questionably. "I didn't know we were driving there."
      "Yes, drive. Low profile."
      Some person on the DV forum read my posts to Mayflow and says,
      "Aeolar, I think you are a very nice person and I'd like to hang out." xDD
      This is four months later from today. So it turns out that by this time, I still had not gotten a job, so I decided to go out and push drugs. At first, I was getting pretty damn good at it. I had paid my debts, and even bought myself a pistol. But one day, I was introduced to these high roller big shot guys. They wanted us to do some dirty work for them. I accepted, because each man was getting $5,000, and all I had to do was drive. Easy money, right?

      So, the next day, I got in a pickup truck, and picked up 2 men. I basically drove in reverse while someone manned an MG in the back. Well, long story short, we were ambushed and bound to die. Our contractors had set us up, and only a black man and myself were able to run away. We ran through bushes and out onto the highway. We were being chased by professionals with M16's. We managed to run across a bridge and find a car. We knew we were fucked. And I mean fuuuuuucked. I asked the man what he did for a living, and he said that he pushed guns. I had 2 pistols on me and a plastic revolver. I kept looking at the revolver, it was important in some way. I heard someone on the radio yell, "Jump! JUMP!!" So I did. I jumped out of the moving vehicle and started walking west down the highway. I walked for a while, dodging Lorries and other Semi-trucks. I had my phone on me, and someone had texted me that said "Are you dead, running, packing, or looking for UFO's while packing?" I came up with a plan to end this. I am now watching the gun pusher. He has picked up four friends. All of them have assault rifles. They meet the pursuers out on a hilly road that looks like it belongs in California. The gun pushers have no chance, and as the last one falls, a man appears behind the murderers.
      "It is I, bitches!!" I yell. Then with a silenced 9mm pistol, I drop all 7 of them, and the dream ends.
    3. My Dragon friend! <3

      by , 08-08-2011 at 04:07 PM (Aeolar's Lucid Reveries and other Hoopla)
      I am with my friend Will, and he's showing me where his family always goes out to eat. It's an ice cream parlour, but before we could get any ice cream, Will's mom said we had to leave because there were dragons. Will and I left nonchalantly, and started walking to their minivan. We turned left around the corner, and began walking. I started looking for the dragon, and I saw one shape that seemed more defined and bony than a bird should be. I told Will to look, and as we stared at the flying creature, it swooped around and began flying towards us. It's skin was the color of gray stone, and it's wings were brown. On it's spine were small jagged spikes, enough for a person to sit comfortably near the neck. It's aura was forest green. As I was inspecting the dragon, I knew that this one was my companion. I had created this dragon as a baby with my own energy, and it had grown up very quick. As we watched it fly away, we walked to the car. I told Will's family that they need not worry about the dragon, it's no threat to us.
    4. Dream Battling Law #1, and More Airplanes.

      by , 08-04-2011 at 05:10 PM (Aeolar's Lucid Reveries and other Hoopla)
      I am talking with Gandalf about the enhance powers of the human mind. He ran a camp back in the 1930's-40's that was filled with people who showed extraordinary abilities. He told me of a man he knew, who could use Psychokinesis on a bullet, while in California, and kill someone in Tokyo, Japan. Then, the man showed me how during WWII, the program was cancelled due to their involvement in the war. The old man began showing me the ways of dream battling, and how to take it into the physical. Just as WakingNomad had been shown, this man explained to me the art of "Push-Pull" attacks: You harm them, then get their attention about the next attack you are going to do. That attention will help give you more power for the actual attack. Of course, it doesn't necessarily have to harm them, it can be anything from healing to distracting. I read an excerpt from the man's diary who had specialized in Psychokinesis.
      "I can remove objects in the wounds, healing them perfectly. It would only take 120 minutes to heal completely."
      There was another person with me, who I was practicing this new technique on. I wasn't trying to hurt him, and we were having fun. It seemed as though we knew each other. Then, the dream started focusing on the Army, and there was a commander there, saying that even though the Project had failed, this time it would turn out for the better. (Unfortunately, we've learned the hard way about military involvement.) There was also a general there who was adorned in a red velvet cape.

      I am now in a church, and my Grandma was there as well. It was full of strangers, and it was obvious that Grandma hadn't the slightest clue who these people were. Grandma laughed,
      "Wouldn't it suck if this was being recorded, while I'm up here making a fool out of myself?"
      Ironically, I looked at a TV screen, and there she was, being recorded with a live sign on the top left of the screen. She was standing in the middle of a big group of people.

      I am at Helio's house, with him and another boy. We decide to smoke some weed, but I only take 1 hit. Helio and the boy are tripping balls. I ask Helio if he still lives in town, and he says
      "No man, I live out here now."
      Then his mom comes home, and Helio starts writing something for his project.

      A bunch of relatives and I are in an airplane again, and it is being flown by a woman, who looks like Amy Adams. We reach the point where we are going to land, except we're landing into the water. We hit the water with a hard smack and start skidding closer to shore, and closer to dangerous rocks. We stop to a halt just moments before we crash, and everyone gets off to a dock on the left. Now, we all get into a car, and Aunt Mellisa asks me what instrument my Dad should play. I tell her trumpet, because I play that. She pulls out a trumpet case, but when I look inside, half of it is foam. I tell her that there is no way this can work. She simply says "Try it then." To my amazement, it's the most beautiful sounding instrument I've ever heard, and it doesn't even have valves or a mouth piece. I play the C scale, and then Aunt Mellisa begins humming "Sunshine of your Love" by Cream. I play the guitar part with the trumpet. Verse one starts, and she starts singing "Candyshop", but to the beat of Sunshine of your Love. I stop soon after, just because it's way too funny. I get out of the car, and we're at Universal Studios. I go into this clothing store, and I find a backpack that's just like the one I have now, except it's too small for me. I set the backpack down, and keep looking around. A man comes up to me and says that he will trade me a backpack that would fit me for the smaller one. I graciously accept, but now I can't find the backpack. I tell him that I can just pay him, but he says no, because according to parole, he isn't allowed to handle money. Instead, we go to this fancy steak restaurant. I look in my wallet to see how much money I have, but I find all these Monopoly bills, and I keep throwing them out.

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    5. Adventures in Space, and an epic lucid.

      by , 08-04-2011 at 02:22 AM (Aeolar's Lucid Reveries and other Hoopla)
      It all began with a prelude. These alien invaders from another planet who were way more advanced than us, had taken over a flying ship of ours and placed it in their mother ship. Now, the humans had no idea that they had been captured, so the aliens had to be sneaky. I'm in a secret room with 4 or 5 different people, all of them important in one way or another. We are inspecting this giant gold monolith that has been there for ages. It was emitting a faint aura around it, and humming. Me and 2 others decided to go out and investigate, while 3 people stayed behind. Somehow, we ended up in a forest, but it was extremely foggy. We all had a bad feeling and soon the other 2 guys were picked off. With them gone, I decided to run back, to see what else was happening. In the secret room, one man had been stabbed, and another was taking cover. The monolith was freaking out, changing colors rapidly and vibrating, so I touched it. When I did, it collapsed into one piece, melded into the floor, and a door opened. I entered, and now I was in the alien ship. It looked a lot like Halo 3, and there were some humans there as well, although it seemed they were there against their will. I scouted for an exit, and I saw a teleporting device straight ahead. I dashed to it, and when I jumped on it, I was catapulted over to another platform, this one just on the coastline. As I flew over, I could see that a full out war was taking place, this area obviously overrun with aliens. Then it turned into a video game, about who could run through the alien lines the farthest. A minimap appeared and also an upgrade screen. There were a few different types of enemies. There were small ones disguised as humans; there were giant plasma shooting aliens, seeker aliens, and several others. I ran in about 500m, dodging and weaving enemies, when I realized I could shoot back. I got an upgrade point, and decided to use it on the minimap.
      "Why is it so difficult to see?" Asked a mysterious voice.
      "It's the fog of war." I replied confidently, focusing more on my game
      "Fair enough," it replied.
      I was running back now, and I was asked by Edward how far I was.
      "Not far at all." I said.
      "I'm about 1000 meters out, but I'll wait for you until you get here."
      This is the part where I woke up.

      I woke up into a lucid dream. Mr. Bean, Edward and I were in this area that resembled Medieval Rome. We were walking along, talking, and I'm not sure that they knew I was lucid. I told Mr. Bean about using the 5 senses to keep you lucid longer, and it seemed to me that he knew exactly what I was talking about. We walked a bit further, and I rubbed my hands together for better clarity. When I did, it was almost as if it got really bright, and then vividly clear. Either way, we stopped at this place near the water, and I remembered that I wanted to create my companion. Mr. Bean and I sat down, while Edward was up searching for something. I closed my eyes, and concentrated on my companion. A dragon. I had not given it too much thought, and that's why I made it a baby dragon. I opened my eyes, but it took a second for the dream to come back. I warned the 2 about the fact that the dream may collapse. My dragon appeared in front of me, curled up into a ball. I picked it up, snuggled it against my chest, and telepathically spoke to it.
      "Your mine."
      After I said these words, the dragon tingled a bit, like when you get goosebumps, and pushed it's claws gently into my upper right shoulder, like a cat would. I then remembered that I had wanted to fight my pet, so I summoned a sword. I wanted a Katana and a parrying dagger. When I opened my eyes, there was a barrel, but with nothing in it. I focused again, but this time it was a flimsy piece of metal that wobbled around. As me and the dragon faced off, an ambush struck. They were Arabian mercenaries, who had come to kill us. I still swung at my dragon, but nothing happened. So I ran around this square building to my right, attempting to flank the attackers. Ed was supposedly and apprentice witch(Wizard), and Mr. Bean was his master. But secretly, Mr. Bean doesn't want to teach Ed, because the road to the Archmagi is fraught with danger. Anyways, as I ran around, I saw a guy with a sling, and to shoot rocks at the others. I roared a battle cry as I ran toward him, distracting him. I swung at him, hitting him in the right shoulder, then the left shoulder. I missed the next swing and then hit in on the left side of his torso. My blade legitimately sucked ass; it was like a piece of sheet metal. The merc, wounded, decided to run. I said
      "Eh, what the hell, it's my first battle."
      So I chased after him. I rubbed my palms together, but it didn't clear up quite as much as I had wanted. I ran my hand against a wall as I was running, and the scene instantly became crystal clear. I chased him for a while, a few times getting close, but never stopping him. I heard him yell,
      "We've never had this much trouble with an easy fight before! Maybe a medium fight, but not this!"
      He then was cut off by the others. Now the others were an adventuring party, and we were in a place that more resembled Stormwind from WoW. My dragon was gone but I knew it would be back. We talked for a little while, before I ended the dream.

      3 others and myself were walking around in an abandoned city. It turned into Gears of War, but with gigantic bosses; such as the Broodmothers, and a 50ft tall mutant spider. My gun interface was exactly like Red Dead, so another and myself decided to suicide bomb while the other 2 escaped. I got there a little later than the other guy, and he had stirred up some major trouble. I whipped out gun after gun, one of them was an AA12 auto shotgun. I saw a piece of pie in inventory that Ed gave me, and decided to eat it now. I had no dynamite, which confused me. Then, the scene changed dramatically to a period way back in time, about the 1600's. A scientist was talking to a wealthy man about his new discovery. He used Magnesium Sulfate and something else, to make a concoction that exploded.
      (I searched Magnesium Sulfate the next day, and to my surprise, it WAS actually used in primitive explosives. I had no previous knowledge of this. )
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    6. Olddd Dreams

      by , 08-02-2011 at 06:25 PM (Aeolar's Lucid Reveries and other Hoopla)
      I had a lucid dream last night, and the reason I became lucid was because I found someone last night, and I was pretty sure it was someone we were trying to share a dream with. Unfortunately, I had a false awakening after, during which I wrote down all of the details of the LD, so now I don't remember anything.

      I was in NYC with Pete Simmons and Rosie O'Donnell.

      I am in this TV Show called Blue Mountain State, and we were in a classroom. I was sitting at a table, and there were 6 other girls at this table as well. We got a test, and had to finish it. I finished it really fast. This blonde girl sitting next to me told me that she had to make out with me, that she had to feel me on her. She told me she would be waiting outside. All the other girls scoffed, calling her a slut, among other things. I was talking to the other girls when a girl came back and said the blonde had left by boat. I went out into the hall, and called out to her. She had just came back, and was preparing something to say when she would come into the room. It was really awkward. I thought to myself, "Hell, It's a dream, why not make the best of it?" So I pinned her against the wall, and had some intense sex. God it was fun.
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    7. Shared dreaming attempt #2

      by , 07-06-2011 at 02:50 PM (Aeolar's Lucid Reveries and other Hoopla)
      Small lucid about controlling your energy. I was talking to a girl with blonde hair about taking energy from dreamers' attacks, and using it against them. She showed me her energy, and how she used it, and I showed her mine. Hers was colored like vanilla ice cream, I believe mine was purple.

      I had 2 false awakenings where I wrote down my dream.

      I was with my mom, and we were going across a bridge to a camp. We were one of the first ones there, so we looked around for a place, and we found one. It had an overpass, and umbrella and a swing. Then, a bunch of prepubescent teens came seeking shelter. It started to pour and storm extremely hard.I gave mom 50 cents and she left. I passed out and woke up in a really weird location. I walked a little, and then arrived in a parking garage. There were people all over. I saw people I knew, like Ashley, and Nick B. These people were wandering around, looking for something. I saw this 1 person staircase, that I had to crawl up. It led to the second story, and as I got up there, I almost got stuck, and had to push my self out. I saw Zach and his girlfriend. Zach had given her a white popsicle, which he called an HP bar, and after you ate it it automatically refilled itself, so you got as much HP as you wanted. I then saw Ronnie, and Matt Cook. Later on, I saw Jesenia. Then, I was in a house, and Ally Westfallen was there. She was telling me about when she went on a field trip, she got this funny shirt that had something to do with Haxx0rz. Before all this: I was in a spy group, and we were uncovering hidden secrets from the White House. I believe we were Russian. I was talking to a hacker, and he was telling me that the files were constantly monitored, and that we would only have 10 seconds in and out. As we were about to begin, American spies broke into our stronghold, and began attacking. We started the hack, and got the files. Inside, it was about the Truman Doctrine for the Cold War, and they were forged by Eleanor Roosevelt to start war. Me and my mom ran away, and crossed a bridge...
    8. Yesterdays dreams.

      by , 07-06-2011 at 02:27 PM (Aeolar's Lucid Reveries and other Hoopla)
      I was a wizard in Runescape. I had a blue robe on, wielding an air staff, and I also had a dragon dagger. I had just uncovered a teleportation spell that sent me close to home. It cost 10 water runes and 5 earth runes. Bri said she had already taken a picture of the surrounding area. Then I joined about 6 other people. We were going to do a quest, the name was Desert Treasure. We had to go wayy uo into the mountains to get a frost gem. As we went up into the mountain, we stopped at a gate. There was a man sitting there, as if it was a toll booth. We looked past the gate, and there were giant wolves prowling around. The man was talking to some others, and I mentioned to James, "You see those wolves?? They're level 125!" I guess someone pissed the man off, and he took up arms. I had a poisoned dragon scimitar, and a poisoned dragon dagger. The battle raged for a while, going back and forth. When the wolves died, they turned into people, and started battling with swords. I don't know what it is about me and swords, but every time I use them, I had to bend them back into place; they're always extremely flimsy. I was getting better at sword fighting, and as I looked around, there was a black paladin fighting others. He got pummeled and flew into the upstairs of an abandoned house. I chased after him, as he shouldn't have been there to begin with. As I searched, I heard a shower turn on, so I ran to the bathroom. The man was cleaning himself!! I threw him out of the shower and picked him up.

      "Who are you?!" I yelled at his face. He told me that he was a robot from the future, who had come to collect something after the battle. Obviously, the battle hadn't ended yet, and he needed to hide. There was more to his story, but I was fed up with him, and I jumped out, leaving him. Earlier in the battle, I was using my staff and casting spells, but now, I only had teleportation spells, so that was useless. There was one main man that I was battling, and there were only about 4 of us scattered about fighting. I knew I would see that man again, as he disappeared. I had dropped my scimitar, and was using my dagger until the end. The setting had now changed to a playground, and I was asking and searching aloud, "Where is my dragon scimitar?" By the end, the two blades had become yellow with some sort of bodily fluid from them. I gave up the search quickly, and I noticed that a lot more people had arrived. More like popped up. I walked toward the group, and stood in the middle of it. As I did, the dream collapsed, but the people remained.

      I heard someone yell, "Oh no! We lost clarity. Quick! Dreamer! Visualize the scene again!" And I did, as I didn't want to wake up. That queue instantly made me lucid. It took a few seconds, and I was doubtful, but it reappeared and I was content. Now, there were a lot a lot more people around. This time sitting or propped up against walls. I walked in between 2 buildings, and decided that I wanted to gly. I jumped to the height of the building(It was about 10 feet up) and something up there had caught my eye. I jumped again, this time higher, and.. Yes, it was! There were little kids sitting on top of the building. I told someone at the foot of the building about it, and asked them why, but they gave me a vague answer. I think that they had to escape themselves. I jumped onto the roof of the building, and I looked to my left. A small Japanese girl was staring at me. I asked her why she was up here ,but she simply stared. I noticed how the sky was oddly colored, and walked out to the front edge of the building. I wanted to increase my clarity, so I focused on my hand. I didn't do it at first though, because when I did, the space around my hand seemed to warp in a cool way. I did gain more lucidity and clarity after another try though. I looked up into the sky, and remembered what AL3ZAY had said.

      "Pick a space, somewhere within the billions of miles in the Cosmos, and create a spherical piece of land just for you and invited guests." An inner voice told me that it was not yet time for this, so I moved on. I jumped off the roof. I still wanted to fly, and there was a huge auditorium right there, about 25 feet tall. I made it to the roof of that, but still no floating effect. I landed, and looked to my left to see a big group of black people fist fighting. I wanted to work on my hand to hand skills, so I ran over there. I got there, and immediately punched one guy right in his nose. I turned to my right, and evaded a punch. I countered with a left hook. Behind me, a man was shouting a battle cry and running towards me. I jumped and 180 kicked him in the chest. The fight stopped, and the people moved back to form 2 parallel lines.s The 'leaders' were talking back and forth about me, saying that it was uneven now. As I walked down the line, a black girl held out her hand. I took it, and the dream ended.

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    9. Near-miss, and 'In the life of a 21st century Jew!'

      by , 06-07-2011 at 12:19 AM (Aeolar's Lucid Reveries and other Hoopla)
      I had a dream that there was a bird, that had the characteristics of a pigeon but it's feathers were colored like that of a seagull. This bird was stuck in my room, for god knows why. I tried many different ways to get it out, one including putting my laundry basket over it and throwing it out. None of them worked, and they simply ended up with me getting pecked by the bird. Eventually, I just opened up the door to my room and opened up the side door, and the bird flew away.

      I remember that I was having a dream, and I realized it and said 'I'm dreaming!' but this was the end of the regular dream, and the end of the lucid as well.

      I am a Jew, and Germans have taken over the modern world. I am wandering around, and I decide to take my chances and go to a Wal-mart. Instead of employees being present, there are SS guards everywhere. Me, with a shaved head and no shirt on, exposing my half-starved self, must have stuck out like a sore thumb. I am near the middle of the Wal-mart now, and an SS tried shooting at me with his MP40, but I simply push his gun to the side. As he tries to reload, I kick the magazine out of his hand. Then, 2 SS ladies come towards us, one of them with blonde hair. She challenges me to a duel. I set the rules down for the duel.

      We must stand at opposite ends of the aisle, and whoever gets the most hits onto the other person wins. We start, and I begin shooting single bullets at a time at her, and while I'm doing this, she is sprinting towards me. I'm out of bullets, and she is 20 feet away from me, with a full clip of ammo. I call bull shit on her, that she is cheating, because she was supposed to shoot from the other end of the aisle. The other girl was talking about different bullet calibers for MP40 magazines, and most of it was nonsense. I decided to leave, and it was a lot easier than I would've expected. I went outside to the right, and I remembered (Falsely, from a movie I had seen) that I had stashed a lot of money somewhere, when I saw Kym. She was going home, and her mom was waiting for her by the loading dock. I asked if I could come with, and she replied exuberantly "Of course!" The two of them were Jewish as well, and they said that if they didn't tithe to the synagogue with their names, addresses, etc..., that they would later be assassinated and half of their wealth would be taken away. Kym's mom remembered how her husband put some juice from a plant root into Kym's eyes as a baby so they the irises would turn blue and she would look Aryan. I woke up.

    10. The Amazing Chase(es)!

      by , 06-05-2011 at 05:52 PM (Aeolar's Lucid Reveries and other Hoopla)
      So, to start off, 3 other guys and I were all riding in a red camaro, and we all had beers, and were having a blast. We were driving on the highway, and one of us needed to take a piss, so we stopped at a rest stop. We all got out with beers in hand, and did our business. An old lady then pulled up next to our car and asked for something. One of us, drunker than the rest, walked up to the car window and started messing with her. The lady could tell he (and all of us) were drunk, so she asked if we had a license or registration. Secretly, we didn't, but we said 'Yeah! Of course!'. She then told us to wait there until we sober up, so we don't cause any further mayhem. We laughed as she pulled of back to the highway. Just at that moment, we heard on a police radio (That happened to be in the car) that there was a report of rape at the rest stop we were at (That bitch!).

      We looked back, and sure enough there was a squad car hurtling towards us. We had to go, and we had to go now. We scrambled out of the rest stop and put the pedal to the metal, praying for our lives. We took a left turn into a canyon, and the highway led up to a bridge. Now, this was no ordinary bridge. This was literally the worlds highest bridge, and to top it off, there was construction going on. The guy driving, obviously smashed, started to slow down and drive at the speed limit. We're on a one way part of the highway, and there are 2 lanes. The lane we're in is relatively empty, but the one to our right is bustling with traffic, and all of that traffic is trying to turn into the lane we're in. The bridge is going north, and the incline is about 45 degrees. We all yelled at him for only going 40mph, and he said "Oh yeah! Whoops, I forgot. I should probably go faster now." There were now just floods of cars turning in front of us, and there were quite a few cars in between us and the cop car. The driver started weaving through traffic, and was doing a horrendous job at steering; he was swerving and almost hitting everyone. The alcohol was doing what it does best.

      Finally, we managed to get to an open area, and the put that red camaro to work. We started on a decline in the bridge, the rose, and rose, and rose some more, this time at a higher angle. We got so high up, that the sky turned black, and all you could see around was stars. Now, here's the crazy part. The cop car was directly behind us now, and suddenly I think to myself "Aww. Now we're never going to make it to Japan." Then, the construction comes into view. We glance at the workers, though we couldn't tell what they were doing, and when we look back, there's a huge "ROAD CLOSED. DO NOT PASS." blockade in our faces. We smash head-on into the sign, and every one of us fly's out of the windshield, going 250mph, straight up into the sky. We reach the point of equalization, and we sit in slow motion in the air, as we begin our descent. Then, all of a sudden, we all have snowboards, except for 1, who has skis. The 'bridge' literally ran up the side of a huge mountain, and we were preparing to land on it. Forgetting completely about the cop, we braced for impact.

      Everyone stuck the landing, but the speed at which we landed threw everyone off balance, and we started tumbling down the mountain side. Occasionally, one would recover, but then you'd loose the hold, and continue to tumble down. Out of nowhere, a gigantic cliff basically swallowed us whole. We fell down what must have been 200 feet, and landed onto a powdery 50 degree angle. I was in the front, next to the skier, and then 2 snowboarders behind us. I, having a snowboard, started flipping in the air uncontrollably. I glanced over to my right, and the guy with the skis was trying to stabilize in the air by extending his legs out in front of him, slowing him down. As soon as we hit the snow, however, his leg completely snapped, and he emitted a bloodcurdling scream. I had landed face-first into the snow, and skidded to a near stop. I looked up at the cliff, and the other 2 guys were flipping and spinning so fast and uncontrollably, that when they hit the snow, they tumbled a bit before slowing to a slide. We all were sliding, but we all were still alive. We took a second to recap on 'what the fuck just happened', and simultaneously, even the guy who broke his leg, let out whole-hearted laugh. That was incredibly awesome and fun. Hell, that was an amazing feeling.

      I was playing the life of a kid who screwed up his life in one night, after getting drunk. He had been drinking rum and playing pool. Then, it flashed to the next day, where Dawn and I were downstairs. There was broken glass on the pool table, and also a note. Dawn was investigating/interrogating me. She had said that I had done a lot of things, and she said that there were 3 of us. I remember just me and another. Then, I remembered that there was a kid 'Tim' was his name, there with us too. I got the impression that Dawn thought I murdered him. Then, my Dad comes down, and says something. I give him an honest reply, and he makes a sinister remark to that, and picks up a golf club. Dawn sighs, "Oh, not again..." Dad runs at me, his eyes red with anger. I sprint out of the house, and notice that my backpack is on, and that my shoes are slowing me down. I reach the end of my street, and I slow my running down to a jog, and look behind me. Dad is running in tennis shoes after me. I sprint to the right, and take another right down the next block.

      Now, I see Dad pass by on a bicycle, looking for me. I figure, he can't ride a bike in the grass, so I walk into someone's backyard, put my backpack down, and take off my shoes. I walk out to the street, and there he is, searching for me, although he hasn't seen me just yet. I sprint towards him, and he sees me, stops, and braces for impact. I leap on him, hoping to push him over, but to no avail. He drags me back towards the house, screaming in my ear all the 'things' that I did wrong that night. Now, it goes dark, and I'm back in my living room. I decide, I can't handle this anymore, of course I'm dreaming. I walk to the staircase, and as I'm about to walk down, I think, "Hey! I can just fly out of here!" I fly right through the roof, sort of like phasing through it. Unfortunately though, when I do, everything turned black, except for the sensation of flying and landing back in my bed... There was a voice saying "Who's flying again? Him?"