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    Shared dreaming attempt #2

    by , 07-06-2011 at 02:50 PM (393 Views)
    Small lucid about controlling your energy. I was talking to a girl with blonde hair about taking energy from dreamers' attacks, and using it against them. She showed me her energy, and how she used it, and I showed her mine. Hers was colored like vanilla ice cream, I believe mine was purple.

    I had 2 false awakenings where I wrote down my dream.

    I was with my mom, and we were going across a bridge to a camp. We were one of the first ones there, so we looked around for a place, and we found one. It had an overpass, and umbrella and a swing. Then, a bunch of prepubescent teens came seeking shelter. It started to pour and storm extremely hard.I gave mom 50 cents and she left. I passed out and woke up in a really weird location. I walked a little, and then arrived in a parking garage. There were people all over. I saw people I knew, like Ashley, and Nick B. These people were wandering around, looking for something. I saw this 1 person staircase, that I had to crawl up. It led to the second story, and as I got up there, I almost got stuck, and had to push my self out. I saw Zach and his girlfriend. Zach had given her a white popsicle, which he called an HP bar, and after you ate it it automatically refilled itself, so you got as much HP as you wanted. I then saw Ronnie, and Matt Cook. Later on, I saw Jesenia. Then, I was in a house, and Ally Westfallen was there. She was telling me about when she went on a field trip, she got this funny shirt that had something to do with Haxx0rz. Before all this: I was in a spy group, and we were uncovering hidden secrets from the White House. I believe we were Russian. I was talking to a hacker, and he was telling me that the files were constantly monitored, and that we would only have 10 seconds in and out. As we were about to begin, American spies broke into our stronghold, and began attacking. We started the hack, and got the files. Inside, it was about the Truman Doctrine for the Cold War, and they were forged by Eleanor Roosevelt to start war. Me and my mom ran away, and crossed a bridge...

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