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    1. Starting a new training regimen today.

      by , 01-28-2014 at 03:48 AM (Aeolar's Lucid Reveries and other Hoopla)
      Hello fellow DVers, whats going on?

      I am starting a new schedule to help me focus on lucid dreaming, and it goes like this:

      Each morning when I wake up, RC. Then I will recall and record my dreams, and write down my day's experience and results from the training. Then I'll drink a glass of water, go pee, and meditate for 20-30 minutes. And then I will exercise for 30 minutes too.

      From there I will RC every hour or so, stopping everything for two minutes, pausing and examining the surroundings. Looking for any inconsistencies, differences or strange things. I'll check my hands, count my fingers twice, then rub them together. Did the world just get clearer? Question everything, then after two minutes, ADA until I forget.

      At night I am unplugging from all electronics at 10pm, going to the kitchen and doing an RC check while I get a glass of water. Drink it, then refill and take it back to the room. Sit and recsll everything that happened over the day, then meditate/MILD on the breath. Ending visualization of what my dream goals for the night are, the get into bed and do a final RC check.

      I'm going to do this every day for a week and see where I stand at the end of it. Wish me luck!
    2. Awe

      by , 07-18-2012 at 06:16 PM (Aeolar's Lucid Reveries and other Hoopla)
      I am in "The Deadliest Catch" TV series, and I am sitting in this diner section of the barge. I'm eating a crust of bread by myself when I wonder where the rest of my meal went, I certainly don't remember eating it. I think about it for a good minute, nibbling on the crust and looking around the room at the other people. I do a hand RC to find that the pinky & ring finger on my left hand have fused together! I get on a boat(I think) that takes me to the nearby beachhead, and I get off and walk up into the sand. There I look at the backs of my hands and marvel at the little hairs, freckles, and pores that I can see. I bend over and pick up a handful of sand and inspect each of the tiny little grains and pebbles of sand. I turn around to look at my surroundings and am shocked when I see the barge and the boat still behind me! I had thought they would have left by now, but I guess I underestimated the dream.

      I turn back towards the beach and ponder what I should do. The beach is eerily quiet, so I should aloud to the dream sky, "I want to summon a DC to me!"

      I turn to my left to see a little brownish boy wearing a green shirt running towards me in the sand, and turn to my left to see two girl bicyclists coming towards me. I turn back and forth, looking at each and deciding which one I want to talk to. I decide to talk to the bicyclists, and by now can get a good look at them. The one in front is tall and wearing all black, with a black bob cut to match. The other is smaller, has long blonde wavy hair, and is wearing a long white shirt. The tall cyclist reaches me first and gets off her bike.
      "Hi! My name is Jason, and I've got a job for you!"

      .... Jason? WTF?

      I am so confused that I loose focus and lucidity.
      I am struggling to keep the dream fluid and get lucidity. I get patchy images of standing in a band room with a lot of other kids. Now I am standing on a styrofoam lunch tray and flying round in circles, conducting the band. I dismiss the class, but a few students linger and I decide to follow them. They walk down a staircase and into a dark hallway. I wait after going down the stairs and attempt to "engage all my senses" I see, hear, feel, and touch everything around me, but I don't taste anything. I lick a nearby fire hydrant handle, a doorknob, and a wall that has puzzle pieces on it. It tastes soapy, dirty, and sweet, respectively.
      I lost the group of people but keep walking down the hallway, giving a hearty "Hello!" to whichever DC crosses my path. On of the DC's I greet tells me that she'll "Clear the deception" for me so that I can find them again. Now I can either turn left or right, and I choose to turn right down a hallway and through a door. I am now outside in a small courtyard, and decide to get a better look at the whole place, so I levitate up to the roof and see the group I was following, standing together by a fountain. I walk over to them but get distracted and find myself taking family portrait pictures.
    3. Exam day?

      by , 07-18-2012 at 05:35 PM (Aeolar's Lucid Reveries and other Hoopla)

      I'm in school taking final exams and I see Aldo, my old school friend. I get all excited when I see him. We hug and I stay in his class for a while before I get kicked out by the teacher. I try to go to my regular class to take my exam, but I see Aldo again. Dreamskip. I'm walking down this forest trail with my cousin James and I notice two naked women lying up ahead in the path. One of them runs when she sees us and the other stares at us. The dream begins to fade as we walk closer and I become lucid, trying to stabilize the dream. I turn really fast trying to look at everything, but I can start to feel my body lying in bed, and lie very very still. James yells something which helps keep me in the dream. It fades and soon I see this spinning Super Mario sign like the one in SM64. I reappear in a room with James and the two girls but also with my little cousin Jacob. I walk outside and stabilize, and think how cool it would be to ride in a limo with a hot tub with two girls!

      Sure enough a black limo does pull up, and it... Does have a hot tub. More like a hot foot bath, for one person. It's so disappointing, but I say to myself beggars can't be choosers and get in anyways. But just to put salt on fresh wounds I get kicked out by one of the girl DC's who tells me I'm not good enough for it!! xD
    4. Das Goop

      by , 07-18-2012 at 05:33 PM (Aeolar's Lucid Reveries and other Hoopla)

      I'm with three other boys, we're all outside looking for this bird right outside a huge forest. We're running around in the grasslands searching hard for this bird. One of the boys sees it and shouts to us to help him grab it. We chase it in the grass for a while and we catch it finally. It looks like a pheasant except it looks like it's been cooked in the oven and it's skin is starting to peel off. The three boys want to eat it right there because it will give you "special powers " One boy can't wait and throws his face into the live bird and starts ripping it apart with his teeth. Disgusting.

      As he is devouring it, I look around to see this yellow goop seeping out of the earth and worming towards us from all directions. The sky begins to turn black and I get rather frightened. Lightning begins to strike around us as thunder rumbles the earth, and we hear a boy next to us yell as he gets taken away by the goop monster. We sprint back to our home and lock the doors. Inside is our family: 3 girls and 2 older men. We frantically tell them to shut and bolt all the doors and windows in the house, before the goop gets us. They don't listen and very soon after this goop breaks through the windows in the shape of hands and attacks the family. Once it touches a person they turn yellow and try to eat us! I'm terrified and run out the front door, hoping to run to town. Outside it's completely black, a void, and I think that the town would be a much worse place if there were infected. I turn around and the whole group of people is coming towards me. I panic and the dream fades.

      As I'm lying in darkness, I become lucid, and think to myself that I could have handled that a whole lot better than I did. I hear a voice telling me to "face your fears", so I re-visualize the dream and enter right where I left off. They're about to attack me when I say, "I'm sorry! We didn't know what we were doing! I'm sorry!!"
      Everything stops.
      My infected family forgives me, and immediately changes. I hardly believe it, but I have to. I turn to see my normal family next to me, and the infected family in front of my. I ask the infected's what they're going to do now, and they reply that they are going to live upstairs now. I feel satisfied and ask one of the infected girls how she feels. She kisses me and thanks me.
    5. Never underestimate the dream

      by , 07-10-2012 at 05:36 AM (Aeolar's Lucid Reveries and other Hoopla)
      I'm at home playing video games downstairs while Dad is working on the front door. I think it's too soon before I go home and become lucid. I look at my hands and I do have 10 fingers... I push my finger through my hand but it isn't working... I know it's a dream though!! I pinch my nose closed and find I can breathe!!
      I walk out the front door pondering what to do, and meanwhile I take in all my surroundings. I notice how green and real the grass is, and see a nearby patch of dirt. I grab a handful of dirt and shove it in my mouth, wondering if it will really taste like dirt. WORST. IDEA. EVER. I spit it out instantly but it gives me major cotton mouth and I can't get all of it out. I spend the rest of the dream trying to summon a toothbrush to clean my mouth out with.
    6. Technique!

      by , 07-10-2012 at 05:35 AM (Aeolar's Lucid Reveries and other Hoopla)

      I'm looking at my hands. I become lucid. I stare at my hands until they begin to fade, then I look at the surroundings. I look around until these begin to fade, then I look back at my hands.
    7. Princess Isabella

      by , 07-10-2012 at 05:34 AM (Aeolar's Lucid Reveries and other Hoopla)

      I'm in Illinois at Grandma's. I become lucid and walk up the hill. I think of what I want to do, and stand there and take in my surroundings. I take a minute to stabilize the dream, and notice a ton of DC's all around me. I see a naked women and think to myself "why not?" She's very defensive when I touch her so I leave her alone to bask in the sun, nakedly, and go about my business. I walk forward out and near the train tracks. There, on the other side, sitting under the shade of a tree, is a woman. She has long flowing black hair and is wearing a cutoff white t-shirt and blue jeans. She gives off the impression of a Spanish girl. Her arms are sleeved with tattoos, and I touch her left arm and sit down next to her.

      "Are you dreaming right now?" I ask her politely.
      "No, but I had a dream last week," She replies, much to my surprise.
      "What was it about?"
      At this point she says a phrase in French or Spanish, and ends with "An older life of mine."
      "Ah, a dream about your previous life?" I clarify.
      "Yes, yes. I was in Spain during Queen Isabella's reign, and I was struggling."

      At this point, she gets up and walks to a nearby wooden chair in front of a large wooden banquet table. I stand on the other side and ask,
      "Were you a princess?"
      She nods her head, "Yes, I was. Though there was no prince because there were.. Complications"

      It's interesting because I did some research and found this article which seemed quite similar to what this DC described to me!
      Isabella; I.E My DC?
    8. Smile Try Sliding

      by , 06-29-2012 at 09:10 PM (Aeolar's Lucid Reveries and other Hoopla)
      Goals: Go through a door to a city park [x] Talk to a DC [x] Meet a Master of Lucid Dreaming []

      I'm walking around in school for a while, when I notice something isn't quite right. I look around, and I look at my hands, and everything is very foggy and groggy. My left hand only has three fingers! But oh no! I'm fighting to keep in the dream, and I start stabilizing as fast as possible, turning around slowly and looking at various things. I notice that there are a lot of DC's around me, and a lot of writing on the walls. Some of it is drawings or posters or banners, but there is a lot of just plain writing on plain white walls. I see a set of double doors in front of me down the white hall, they're blue. I prepare myself, and visualize where I want to go: A city park. Fight for stability again. I feel half awake half asleep. Stay very still and just look around. Alright, ready to move on, I walk through the double doors.... I'm still in this school? Darn.

      The hallway turns to the left and I see in front of me a large group of DC's going about their normal schoolish business. The walls and tiles and ceilings of this hallway are still white, but I glance to my left and see a little piece of writing on the wall: 3 words arranged in three lines from top to bottom. Smile Try Sliding
      I took this to mean try sliding through the door to a different place, but it could have meant something else. Further along the wall is a shabby unused door, still blue, but sort of neglected. I walk up to it and visualize the city park. I walk through and end up in a maintenance shaft of an underground subway!

      "Hmmm," I think to myself, "Cities have subways.. If I just find a way out of here I'll find my way to a park!" I jump down the shaft, and start walking, looking for a way out. It looks just as a normal subway station would, all concrete with various signs and shops. I start to wander and start thinking about why I chose subways instead of where I wanted to go. I start seeing subway restaurants popping up. I take that as a queue that I should leave soon. I turn a corner and find some stairs, and at the top of that large staircase is another set of double doors. This time though they are greyish-white and have glass panes. Through the glass I see tall buildings in the distance. I go through with high hopes and almost burst with enthusiasm when I see it. A city park! It worked! Okay, what next?

      The park is set with a very modern style. Long rectangular sections of bright green grass intersected by small square strips of concrete, the corners of which have benches or lamp posts. There's a fountain far off to my left. It's replete with DC's, and I can't wait to seize the opportunity. Let's have a conversation with one! I see an elderly couple and approach them. I'm about to say hello, when I see my high school friend Becca in the distance, with red roses in her hair, and wearing all black. She's walking with a tall boy, and I run over calling her name "Becca! Becca!" When I catch up the boy tells me that's not her name, it's "Jayme(maybe?)" Anyways, I know it's Becca, and we start talking about my recent dreams. I tell her all about this girl I used to have a crush on and all this drama she had with her friends. It's so easy to talk to her, because she completely understands!! Who would have known that I know everything about myself?

      I get immersed in the conversation and the dream fades out, but I don't move. Soon the dream shows me this schedule/time chart that seems to be of that dream. It scrolls down to the bottom of the list and focuses on a line. "9 PM - a Competition" Now I am standing with a huge group of people and there is a lady with a megaphone announcing groups. I quickly learn that this is a game based around dreamers and is organized based on their skill levels. I see myself stand up exuberantly, jumping with joy that I was assigned the "Adept" group of dream skill. The whole group gets put in place and we start walking down the road. Behind us are policemen holding flashing yellow lights, and talking into hidden microphones like secret service agents. o.O
    9. I run away from scary girls!!

      by , 06-29-2012 at 09:09 PM (Aeolar's Lucid Reveries and other Hoopla)
      6/28, or Day 1:
      Goals: Fly [x] Summon a master of LDing [] Open a door to a completely different place []

      It's quite a jumble of dream stories, but I end up having to wait for my grandpa to get up at 4 AM so that we can go fly kites. I get out of my room and walk down the hall to see my cousin Amanda. Except her face isn't that clear. Is that really her? I tell her that we're flying kites and we need to go, and that she needs to wake grandpa up. I walk outside, thinking it strange, somewhat sinister that Amanda was in my house at 4 AM. I do an RC and I can't really see my hands, so I fly up into the air to see Amanda running out the door looking for me! She was looking all around and seemed furious that I got away. I felt relieved that she couldn't get me up here, and I floated back into my bed.

      Synopsis: My first attempt at lucid dreaming, and I did it! I went to bed at 10:30, woke up naturally at about 3:30, then performed a WBTB for 45 minutes.
    10. ^.^ Parking Garage

      by , 02-20-2012 at 03:00 AM (Aeolar's Lucid Reveries and other Hoopla)
      ^.^ (DILD)


      I'm in a parking garage walking around. A whole lot of people are down here too. A red-headed woman(DC?) is pestering me, talking about dreaming, asking a bunch of philisophical questions..

      She tells me I can make all these other DC's disappear, and sure enough, I can!

      I feel my body for the RC; it's a bit lighter than usual.

      To sum up the lucid: I casted lightning, summoned fire, did a Hadouken and a Kamehameha blast, flying, teleporting, picked up some winged armor and a baseball bat named Sword, and ate some steak.

      Now i'm in some canyon/beach place.

      My Dad's side of the fam is there and D. is onto me dreaming, I say ok w/e just don't make problems!


      On a beach with a man with a mustache. He's a pilot. I look down by the water and I see a lot of people running towards us frantically. I tell the pilot and he says to start the plane engine; he'll be right behind me.

      There is a giant hurricane headed towards us.

      I turn around and see the plane on the beace, run over and turn the engine on and get ready for takeoff.

      The hurricane is getting closer and as I stare at it, I see that it's blanketed in lightning.

      The pilot jumps in and takes off right toward it!

      "That's an electical storm!" I yell

      "Don't worry! It won't bother us!" he reassures me, though I don't believe him.

      We ride right on through and past the hurricane and the skies instantly get calmer.

      Am making a story book and I'm choosing an interesting monster that lives in the water.
    11. Toaster Roach

      by , 02-20-2012 at 02:59 AM (Aeolar's Lucid Reveries and other Hoopla)
      Toaster Roach (DILD)


      I'm in my house, trying to clean my toaster. I empty all the little bits of bread inside of it and a bunch of bugs fall out. I throw the toaster into the dishwasher really fast and close it before more bugs can get out.

      I open the door and peek inside to see if they're still there, but it isn't.

      I turn around and check my hands to see if I'm dreaming. It fails, but I do a nose pinch RC to double check and it wo

      I walk out onto the porch and fly up to the roof of my house.

      I feel my body and stabilize and it gets really heavy and starts to fall.

      The dream fades.

      I'm back on the porch, and I do another RC, yay! It works!

      I walk inside, and Dawn my stepmom is by the sink.

      I know she's a DC of mine so I ask her a question..

      "Why don't I skateboard anymore?"

      She says something about Sheldon and finding "my one true love" and goes on and on.

      Just then someone comes in the front door. I run to the stairs to check who it is.

      This red-frilly haired woman comes in wearing a tan shirt and jeans, with groceries. Something clicks in my mind that she is "the one" so I run down the stairs and kiss her, and we walk back up.

      "Is Nance here?" She asks. Her mom maybe?

      "No, she isn't. Do you want to go flying?" I ask her.

      "Well..." She says undecidedly. I grab her by the arm and we run out the porch door.

      "Come on!!"
      4 UFO's are flying in a triangle formation.
    12. Lotza dreams!

      by , 02-11-2012 at 08:22 PM (Aeolar's Lucid Reveries and other Hoopla)
      Lots of dreams! (Non-lucid)


      Moon: Waning
      100mg B6 taken

      Skating around with S. down a road, suddenly he takes a different path and goes the long way around to a bus stop.

      I pull out some matches and light a cigarette for some reason, but I don't like cigs so I drop it after a few puffs.

      I got on the MCAT bus which S. was on but he didn't want to talk to me :\

      The bus is going into town, from Bradenton Beach.

      When we finally get to the courthouse the doors open and the bus starts to vibrate. I look down and the whole bus is pulsing because there are hundreds of thousands of ants!!
      Out in the plainlands with 4 other people. We're running around having fun, when we find something like a dead animal on the ground. We're looking at it and suddenly a stone tables falls behind us from nowhere.

      About 10 seconds later a giant stone winged monster with no head appears and we haul ass outta there.

      Now the scene rewinds and I watch from the monsters perspective. A bunch of these monsters are trying to destroy a large portal that's standing up, lined with stone.

      A different being sneaks up and throws the tablet through the portal, and just before it was destroyed one of the monsters slipped in to retrieve it.
      Chef makes cocaine now and puts some in every eggplant parmesean.

      The radio is playing an ad about people who speak Italian and how they're 95% more likely to get a job. xD
      In a trailer park with someone else, C. maybe. I hop into the back of this pickup truck and it fills up with water.

      I see a little mouse trying to escape the water and I jump up and scream like a little girl. lol.

      Then I turn around and see 2 baby raccoons come out from the forest, but suddenly they turn into rabid wolves.

      I play it off as my eyes playing tricks on me, but the 'leader' of the wolves; a large yellow/orange wolf with huge mangled teeth walks almost next to me.

      I make eye contact but try to slowly move towards the truck anyways. Wtf
      Suddenly I'm in a little ice tunnel slide thing with people in front of and behind me. We're sliding really fast downwards and it's super fun.

      I can tell this is a dream. I yell out "I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming!" and I try to stop myself but I'm moving too fast.

      I slide down all the way and into a lake full of relaxing water and the dream fades.
      I'm in a warehouse with a team of people who's fighting another team of enemies.

      It's filled with large shelves and other obstacles.

      The warehouse is separated into 2 rooms with openings on the north and south sides. The whole warehouse is a brownish color, the floors, the walls, everything.

      We're all using swords.

      I pick up a knobbly wooden scimitar and it's name is "Not what you expected". It's pretty cool looking and it one hits the enemies, so I use it.

      We are all chasing this one enemy and we're playing cat & mouse with him. Someone stabs her with a metal katana while she's hiding behind a box.
    13. Dragons!

      by , 02-05-2012 at 04:56 PM (Aeolar's Lucid Reveries and other Hoopla)
      I'm in a snowy vale somewhere in the north.
      Name:  dun_morogh.jpg
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      I've killed Alduin the greatest evil, but his body still remains, like an empty black shell. I must bring the next greatest dragon to his corpse so that it can feed off it's energy and reanimate. I summon the leader of the red dragons to me, and venture out onto the frozen lake, and upon the other bank lies Alduin's body. Just as planned, the red dragon's life energy is stolen from him and the body comes to life, and I fight a mighty battle and slay him once and for all. The red dragon's energy diffuses and Alduin's body supernovas Click image for larger version. 

Name:	massive-star-supernova-gamma-ray-burst.jpg 
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      and implodes upon itself. The undead dragon reaper descends from the heaven with two zombie chameleons on either side of his body, shooting energy missiles into the skies. He is here to collect his toll and signifies the start of the next great age. An old sage and a woman appear out of a green and red wormhole, respectively, from the sky and descend towards me. They're riding broomsticks, and the sage tells me to get on before it's too late. I hop on and ride up into the wormhole, and the energy missiles are flying past our heads.
      I am in pre-Colonial America, and I am one of the early settlers. We are having a great feast with the Natives, who are our close friends. I put my arm around a standing chieftain, who sings me a wonderful song. His body is completely covered in marks and tattoos. We then walk over to the feasting table, and we have great fun. I hear a loud voice of a woman in my ear, and abruptly stop talking. There is a girl there who is speaking telepathically to me. I see who it is who's talking to me and I burst out laughing at all the others. They just stare at me. I laugh hysterically but I can't explain, it's great.
    14. Aeolar's Lucid Delivery Service!

      by , 01-30-2012 at 04:41 AM (Aeolar's Lucid Reveries and other Hoopla)
      This is the longest lucid I've ever had!!
      I woke up at about 9, then decided to go back to bed at 9:30. I had this dream at 11:00! The craziest thing was that at first I was trying to WILD, then I told myself emotionally that I CAN have a lucid dream whenever I want, and realized that I haven't thought this way before, because it's easy! Duh

      So I'm on this giant floating castle and I instantly become lucid. I begin inspecting everything and then looking back at my hands for clarity for every 4 or 5 object I examine. Usually the fingers of my hands were either all curled up and deformed or I had little fingers growing out from inbetween my actual fingers. I can't explain in words how much awareness I had, it was amazing. I walked for a while through the castle which was more shaped like a tree house. I walked up some staircases, and noticed that almost all of it had at least one area that opened up to the outside world, so you could see the clouds and the sky and the ocean. I saw Mr. Frazier (the guy that got me suspended from school yesterday
      ) and he came up to me yelling and complaining, so I challenged him to a fight. He turned out to be really strong, so I had to dodge and deflect whenever he threw a punch, otherwise I probably would've gotten thrown out of the dream. I couldn't do much damage to his body, so I jumped in the air, and noticed that the gravity was much much less than ours. I floated above his head pounding him with blows until I landed on a platform about 2 feet up and 3 feet back from where he was standing. I decided hand-to-hand wasn't gonna cut it, so I pulled out something that would; my Katana! I summoned it to my side, and tried to summon my dream armor too but that didn't work so well. I had a change of heart, so I dispelled my Katana and walked up to him, summoning a blue crystal aura around myself and pushing him off the castle and into the sea. As I did this he turned into just a head and began complaining at something else, but I didn't bother to listen to him.

      With him gone, I turned around, but the dream suddenly changed to a scene that was like a reverse Charlies Angels. Some Asian man was trying to seduce some women to give him information. I walk backwards and fall down a bit back into my original dream. I look back at the scene and they're all sitting in a cargo bed that an 18-wheeler would carry. The women end up catching on, but I don't watch any more. I head up another staircase, going up one level and heading to the right. I see a bedroom with a TV playing inside. Earlier I had been messing around, looking at energy by pointing my pinky finger at object, but I don't think I was seeing much or any energy at all, all the objects I tried it on (besides myself which did nothing) turned slightly golden. As soon as I walk into this room I notice a small golden blob of energy appear on the carpet in front of me, so I point my finger at it but it stays consistent. After I do this it bounces around for a little then flies up into the top corner of the room and disappears. I almost wanted to follow it, but I turned around and saw my friend N laying on the bed, watching TV. I also saw a man in a black suit sitting on a couch, but he got up and walked into a very dark room in front of us. I said hi to N and we talked about something, then I turned around and saw my friend J, but it was only her head, the rest was a small little doggy! She ran up to me and said Hi, I said it back but also said that I had to go explore more, so I ran out of the room yelling Bye to the man in the suit, and ran up to the roof of the place. I was on a giant platform way up in the sky.

      The whole place was out over the sea, but I could see the coastline a little ways off in the distance. I jumped into the air and started to swim up, then I propelled myself super fast towards the coastline
      I thought of how wonderful this all was, and I thought of giant flying turtles, cause those are wonderful too! So I turned around and to my amazement there one was, not 300 feet behind me! I turned back around, dumbfounded but I glanced back and the turtle was crashing towards the sea because of my lack of focus towards it. It plummeted and landed with a huge Splash! in the ocean. I winced and yelled out "Sorry!", then started to look at the landscape. It was full of forests and small sparse towns were scattered throughout the valley. There were mountains off in the distance, and I thought of how reminiscent this all was of 'Kiki's Delivery Service'. I decided to get into the mood and fly on a broomstick!

      It summoned right away, but I didn't know how to fly on one! I'd never done that before! I started to fall really fast towards land, but I caught myself and went speeding off in the air, flying round and round. I looked out and saw a large city sprawled out along the coast. I thought of how cool it would be to see steampunk airships, and right before my eyes they started popping up! All along the coast, zeppelins were flying about or docked. I looked down to my right and saw a clearing with a couple of docked airships and some people. I decided to land there, and slowly made my decent towards the land, but there were these strange creatures all about these people. As I got closer and closer, I noticed that they were these peoples' pets!
      One of them was like a very small bear/cat, and was half hidden in the grass. The others were so magnificent that I couldn't describe what they looked like. I wanted to summon my pet also, but I soon realized that I hadn't put enough effort into creating it. When I landed, I saw that my broomstick was a shade of green. I thought to myself that I would rather have it blue, so it changed into a sort of cyan tint. I put the broomstick on my back, and the dream ended