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    Bear Hug

    by , 05-21-2019 at 09:53 PM (46 Views)
    I was in a glass house, or enclosure, or a restaurant. I saw a big bear in the distance, and it ran toward me and smashed into the glass. The bear was injured by a mass of glass that had wrapped itself around its nose and mouth and formed a muzzle. I carefully peeled all the glass off from around his nose and mouth, then he gave me a big warm bear hug showing we were not enemies but friends. Shortly after waking, I turned on the radio, and a song I had never heard was playing, "Hold on tight to your dream" by ELO, and I took as wonderfully related to that hug. A few days later, there was a helicopter circling around my house, and someone asked me "Have you seen the bear? They're looking for one around here." I've heard reports of coyotes in the area but never a bear. Before he was tranquilized and moved to western MA, he hung out in a tree for a few hours.


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