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    1. Back again with a lucid.

      by , 08-22-2016 at 05:26 PM
      Due to an unexpected event in life I had to take some time off of lucidity for about 2 weeks. But now I'm back and can continue.

      A few notes
      -dream recall has dropped. I get the sense of having multiple dreams, but can't quite remember. I'll probably get my previous dream recall progress back very soon.

      -I'm still able to wake up easily just by mantra, so I'm thankful for that because it took a lot of work to get to that.

      -my practice is basically the same as before, but I'm lacking a good night time technique to go along with my WBTB.

      D1 (lucid)- I was walking along an old stone pathway. It was narrow and strait, and surrounded by old brick buildings, and a black iron fence. It was night, and there was a moon shining light down on me. While walking I realized I was dreaming. Instantly I began loosing stability. I could for some reason see my left side of my face, and these vertical lines of all colors began appearing in my view. I had trouble keeping my eyes open, and soon found my self awaken.

      I went back to bed, and found my self semi lucid in the same scene. I walked on the path, and walked into a gym. It war really bright, an had a few people playing basket ball. I lost any trace of lucidity at this time, and also forgot what happened.
    2. I've got to stop being lazy!

      by , 08-12-2016 at 05:15 PM
      I remembered more that 1 dream, but was too lazy to write them down.

      D1- I'm walking down the stairs in this building. I'm slightly I from of my cross country team. Someone decides it will be funny to pants me, and the end taking everything off . I fall to the bottom of the stairs, and was a little embarrassed. Everyone was laughing, while I just fell down the stairs naked.

      I'm now with my team outside. I'm still a little embarrassed, but go on a run with a few kids. While running we talk about it, and they tell me who pants me in the first place. I go back and confront the person. It's someone I know in real life. He denies it, but I know it's him. I think I eventually go back to running with two people. We come across this dirt road I've never seen before. It's kind of steep, but we run up it anyways. At the top we emerge into this dirt trail surrounded by trees and shrubs. We follow the trail untill vcoming upon this old looking dilapidated house.

      We get closer, and it appears to have been abandoned while under construction. We all walk inside, and I get an uneasy feeling. The floor has many hole in it, and underneath there seems to be a dark basement. I'm still exploring the place with my friends for a while. There some stairs that we go up, and wild doing so I look down into another crack. This time there's a dim light shining not his person whose looking right back at me. I get scared, but don't tell anyone about it. We continue exploring, and I look back in the floor to seethe guy again. He looks old and worn out. He has a large beard, and is cramped up under the floor. I still he's scary, and ignore it.

      Im now in a city with the my two friends. We're running again, and find an old run down building. I think we go inside, but it's very dark, and I wake up soon after.
    3. Another great night of recall!

      by , 08-10-2016 at 07:43 PM
      D1- I'm at a gas station, and buy something. The clerk is talking to me,a Ned he says something important, but I can't remember. I walk outside around the back of the store, and head on to this trail. It's cloudy out and the airs a little dark. While walking there's this small black and brown dog with a sweater on. I bring it home to show my family. They're surprised, and I take the sweater off. Then I put it on myself. It grey with dull colored stripes on it. I like it, but it's a little big. After this the dream become very hazy,and I think I wake up soon.

      D2- I'm with my mom and brother at what seems to be an industrial warehouse of some sort. We're walking outside, and my mom sees a large truck of asha me dirt. My brother and I notice that theres a really large skeleton skull sticking out. My mom doesn't notice though, and goes over. She touches it, and the skeleton moves. My brother and I run back to the car. He yells at me to start it, and while doing so an old lady runs out of the warehouse towards us. She's really scary looking, and had a mouth that looks like it eats humans. I start the car, and drive forward. It feels weird driving the car, and I keep having to hit the breaks. I wake up.

      D3- I'm in school at my Biology class. I'm not prepared, and there was a project we had to do on our phones. The teacher comes around to see, but I have nothing to show. I'm worried, and feel disappointed. I woke up feeling relived.

      D4- my family and I are in our house. My mom has some sort of party going on, and there lots of people and food. There's some sort of competition where we have to eat a lot of food and then run around the house. I decide to try this, and sit at the table where I'm presented with a large sandwich with cheese and meat on it. I tasted good, and I finish it. I start running around, and it's really dark. I get back to the table. Everyone is crowding around me now, and my next food is a bagel with cream cheese. I get it and it's about the size of a basketball, and is more like a cream cheese sandwich. I take a bite, but wake up.

      D5- I'm not sure wether or not to consider this as lucid, or even a dream at all. I remember noticing I'm in a dream, but it's very hazy and seems to be in pieces. When this happens the dream ends, and I'm lying in my bed. I feel like I'm about to enter a dream, so I try visualizing a car. I see it, but nothing seems to work. I also feel really heavy, but eventually fall back to sleep. I'm not sure if I was in a dream, or it was just a dream fragment that I became aware in. It also could have been the very beginning or end of a dream.
    4. 4 whole dreams recalled!

      by , 08-09-2016 at 07:27 PM
      This was probably my best night of recall yet, even though I didn't have a LD.

      D1(reoccurring): I'm going to the beach with my family. We arrive, and walk to this open green field. The sky is a little grey, but it still seems berry bright and sunny. I'm looking at the ocean, and and stumble across this small stream in the grass that has salt water running over a stream. It leads trait to the ocean. I look down, and find 3 quarters. I pick them up, and look in the sand again. This time there's the dollars sticking out of the sand. I try to grab them, but they rip. I get part of the dollar, and it looks really work out. I look down again, and see a stack of 100 dollar bills. Then my brother comes over to me and says something along the lines of this has happened before, and never works (referencing the fact that it's a focusing dream). I myself know this has happened before, but don't become lucid. I go for the 100 dollar bills again, and pull them out of the water very carefully. They're very fragile, and I hold them like they could turn to ash any moment. Then I get upset because I see they're fake. The bills have the number 70 on them, and I notice that there's no such thing as 70 dollar bills. I walk away on the green field, and see my parents standing at this sandy patch. I go over, and see two watches in the sand. One is silver, and the other has a glassy texture and is multiple colors. I pick one up and put it on, but the dream ends.

      D2: I'm arrive at this building. It resembles my school, but is nothing like it. I realize that I have a running meet today, and there's a bus to pick the team up. Then I realize I don't have a unifor to wear. I decide to go into the building to see if I can find one. I ride a bike through the doors, and down this hallway where there's a nurses office, and a lady with curly short hair who tells me or park my bike in the lobby. I feel stupid for not realizing this, and drive over to the lobby where another bike is parked, and put my bike in a corner. I walk back through the glass does, and see this guy who is holding a really big churro wrapped in a paper bag. I wake up.

      D3: I'm with my family and we're going to the beach. We're driving through this forest dirt road. We come across a log cabin like grocery store and get out to pick up some food. Inside it's very big, and has many isles. I'm walking with my parents, and see some girls from school. I walk by and bump I to know of them, and we say hi to each other. Once outside again, my family gets in the car and leaves without me. I run after them yelling they forgot me, but I'm too slow to get to them in time. I'm kind of pissed off, and walk down the dirt road into a highway underpass. I'm standing in a grassy spot by the highway. I can see the beach which isn't that far a way, and get angry that I'm loosing time not being ther. I call my parents, and while I'm waiting to get picked up, these kids approach me, and start talking. I feel uneasy, and my dad finally arives to get me. I remember walking along the crowded ocean, seeing the blue water, and feeling the hot sun. I wake up.

      D4: this dream is a lot like GTA in real life. I spawn into a city. It's night time, and walk into an ally where there's a few cars parked. I get in the nicest car I see, and start speeding down the highway. Everything starts to become a blur, and it feels really great. Then I crash, but I don't get hurt. I drive to this large ware house, and have a mission to power it up. The first thing I need is power to get electricity to start working. It's day time now, and I walk out side, get in a car, and drive up to a highway. I'm looking for someone's car battery to steal. There a motorcycle parked in the road with a battery hanging out. I go over and take it from the car. I turn around and there's this guy who asks me to give it back. I say no, but he persists, so I have to shoot him. He dies, and people start screaming, and the police start driving over. I go over to a woman's car and throw her out. I get in, and try to loose the police, but wake up.
    5. Lucid after a break.

      by , 08-05-2016 at 04:53 PM
      I took a 1 day break from lucid dreaming, and that night had my 8th lucid and remembered a non lucid.

      First dream NLD: I was In an auditorium at school. There were lots of people sitting in the seats. I saw a few friends from my cross country team, and they called me over.

      Second dream LD: I was walking through something. I think it was a river. Then I realized that I didn't need to do this because it was a dream. I tried keeping the dream stabilized, but it slipped away. I woke up and thought about DEILDING, but didn't because I moved around.
    6. Minecraft in my dreams

      by , 07-31-2016 at 04:58 PM
      Im in this type of Minecraft world that I had seen my little brother playing. It was a lot like the neather. The ground was blocky, and there was lots of fire. The air was also a deep red and a little misty. I was floating through this landscape. There were these black fence posts floating as well, and I had to doge them. There were also some chests, that when I passed them I would hit them. Some iron armor, and pink potions would come out. I continued my journey floating in silence, dodging and collecting. I came to the end on this landscape. It dropped off in to an abyss of foggy red. Before I fell, I woke up.
    7. Reoccurring dream comes back

      by , 07-29-2016 at 03:40 PM
      I had a screwed up sleep schedule last night, so my recall is bad for this dream.

      I was at a running meet with my team, but didn't have a uniform. I was worried about this, and on the bus ride there I was talking to my teammates about it. When we got there I still didn't have my uniform, and began to become worried. I don't remember what happened after that.

      In the next dream I was in a city, and thought I had to run home. I ran to this highway, and thought it would be weird to run on a highway, but decided it was the way home. I also wasn't sure which way to go, so I had to rely on the road signs. While I was running, I came across two other teammates doing the same thing as me. I ran with them, and came across where we had to be. For some reason it was just an overpass on the highway. We were all looking down on the highway, and I saw my mom running as well.
    8. Weird poker, lake sleding, and running

      by , 07-27-2016 at 03:59 PM
      The first dream I was with my brother, and we found this person on a highway advertising something really fun to do. They were holding a sign, and shouting something out. Then I was with my brother, and it around dusk. We were on this grassy field with a white church looking building next to it. There were other people outside. Some were kids running around, and others were grow ups. My brother and I walked into the building, and sat at a large wood table. The place was dimly lit, abut you could easily see everyone at the table. They seemed to have Uno cards, and were passing them around. They asked me and my brother if we wanted to play poker. I thought I knew how to play so I said yea. Then I suggested to everyone that we play Egyptian Ratscrew, but no one listened. Then the dream ended.

      In the second dream I was at my school with the cross country team. We were all in the woods right between the two steep hills on the school course. My brother was there, and my team wanted to try him out to see if he was good enough. One of my friends agreed to run a 1 mile course with him. Once they got back, my friend said he did really well, and could compete well.

      The third dream was again with my brother and some of my team. We were all around this lake that was hidden in the woods. I was swimming in the lake with some friends, and we were talking, until we came across this one part. It looked like a passage way to a river, but my team said not to go there because people died there. I agreed, and kept floating around in the lake. When my team left,a no it was just me and my brother we both went over to the passage way. When we crossed, we say a really steep and rocky river. The water was flowing really fast, re were two people. One was a girl with short black hair, and the other was a bay with orange longer hair. The girl had just jumped on a surfboard and was surfing off the water and rocks. Then the boy went, but he fell on his knees. I could tell that my brother wanted to do it, but I told him not to because it seemed dangerous. Then we both had sleds, mine was just a plain circular orange sled. My brothers was about the isle of a queen mattress, and was modified with fans. It looked almost like a raft. We both went down the river, and it was really fun. I ended up,in this grassy side bank of the river, and my brother sled was a little further away. I made my way to the top again, and my brother came back, and said he was burnt. I asked how, and he said the people on his boat lit a fire. Then he said that they also released a lot of Pokemon, and we should go and catch them. I agreed, and we started walking down, but the dream ended.
    9. Kid fighting and racing

      by , 07-25-2016 at 03:13 PM
      These were both long dreams, but I can't really remember them well.

      In the first one I was I was outside on some sort of walkway looking up a payment hill. I was with a group of younger kids, and I myself was a lot younger. Then these grown ups started climbing the hill, and we all knew they were up to something bad. When they came back down the hill they got into this pickup truck, and either had something that wasn't there's, or wanted to take us (I can't remember). So a fight breaks out, and the grown ups try grabbing us. We all punch and kick back. There's this one really big and strong guy in the back of the truck who try's to grab me. Since I'm lower to the ground than him. I swing my first up really hard and hit in the face. He lets go, and I call him an ugly fat steeoids addict or something. Then I can't remember anything.

      The second dream, there's two very expensive cars being tested for their speed. I'm in one car, and there's someone else telling me about the cars speed, and what it can do. The other car has someone in it as well, and we're going to race. We start driving really fast, and the person sitting next to me says the maxspeed is 600mph. I want to get to this, so I go off this ramp. The car dose t land anywhere, and we're both launched into mid air. When we land backs not the track, the guy says we were at 400mph. Eventually we reach the end, and I can't remember who wins or loses.
    10. Weird and vivid nightmare

      by , 07-23-2016 at 02:02 AM
      I'm walking on a gravel trail in the woods. There's a few kids who are a little younger following me, and it's getting dark, so we start to go home. While walking one of the kids finds something and everyone freaks out. When I look at it, I see a burnt chopped up human finger, and get really scared. I look at the ground, and see a human jaw which also looked burnt just sitting on the there. I get the sense that someone's watching us, and decide to run. We all get to a house,a me iits now dark. There's this wood stack in front that's covered in blood. I'm even more scared, and think there's a murdurer hunting us. I go inside, and there's this blond lady there. I decide to leave the younger kids, and go up to a bedroom with the lady. We start having sex after I ask if she wants to, which causes me to wake up after a minute. I'm up for a few seconds, and fall back to sleep into the same dream. This time I still have the worried feeling, and want to prepare. I'm in this house with lots of other people. There's a balcony overlooking a ground floor where most people are located. There's a few rooms branching from the balcony, and I go into one where I find a backpack with a flashlight. I wished I had something to fight with, but I didn't. Then I went back to the room, and a fight was breaking out. Someone through this guy who looked like scar face off the railing, and the guy lost his legs. Someone patched up the guys severed legs, and he started climbing up the railing to kill the guy who through him off. After a while the fight settled, and now there were two groups that formed. One occupied the balcony, and the other took the ground level. I was still scared, then something kind of funny happened. There was this old man, probably in his 80s who was walking and said something like "at least I have my own back and ideas behind me" I look at him and he turns, revealing his back. Except instead of a back, there were human brains,an chopped off heads in the place his back should be. This scarred me a lot, and I woke up.
    11. My best lucid yet!

      by , 07-20-2016 at 06:11 PM
      This was my best, most clear, and longest lucid dream yet.

      I was in my old house, and suddenly realized I could be dreaming. I looked down at my hands, and realized something a little different, but still wasn't sure. Then my sister told me that sometimes I have to look really hard. I looked again, and paid a lot of attention to my fingers. Two of them were much shorter Thant the rest, so I knew I was dreaming. I felt the dream instantly start to fade a way, and become less clear. I didn't want it to end, so I quickly rubbed my hands together, then touched some of my surroundings. At this point I had maid it to my old bedroom, and was touching the hard wood floor. After that I got up to go outside , but before I went out, I thought how amazing it was that right now my real body was actually in a bed, and where I was, and who I was, wasn't real. It was something that really amazed me, as well as really grounded me in my dream. I went outside, and saw my brother and dad over by a stone wall, in a grassy yard. I went over and saw my brother was trying to run a really fast sprint. I had nothing planned to do in my dream, so I tried to run super fast. I wasn't able to do this, and accidentally ended the dream.
      Everything went black, and I probably could have done a DEILD, but it didn't cross my mind.