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    1. Just Weird and scary

      by , 04-29-2017 at 05:14 AM
      Well the first thing i remember is that i was laying down on my bed on my left side facing away from the wall looking towards my window. I didn't know it was a dream at first, until i faced the other way. As i faced the other way i came in contact with another body, My hand was resting on a torso and a armed draped over my shoulders, i stiffened, scared to even look at who i was touching, and thinking why the hell are they on my bed? I looked up and saw my ex boyfriend's face, he was smiling down at me and said something around the lines of, "Hey, did you want to finish watching this show?" I pushed off of him and sat up, "What the hell?! What are you doing here in my bed? How- When- Oh my gosh!" i yelled quickly. He shrugged and leaned in closer to my face, "You were the one thinking of me." He said with a smirk. I pushed his face away but when i did that i made my self fall off the bed. I squeezed my eyes shut instinctively as i fell backwards.

      I felt my self falling but never felt any impact, even if a dream i still feel a numb thud when i fall down but this time i didn't, i just kept falling. I opened my eyes and i wasn't in my bedroom anymore, i was outside full of people, tents, animals and clowns. I looked down at my clothes hoping i had any, and i was wearing some sort of costume colored with bright pinks and blues. I got up quickly and looked around for something to give me clues. A guy noticed me and waved me to come over to him so i did. When i walked up to his table area he started to shove random items in my arms, "You're late, hurry up and get to your booth, the show must go on!!!" He yelled. I stared at him, i didnt know what i was suppose to do, i was lost, and afraid to do anything wrong.

      He must've notice how dumbfounded i looked cause he just did this dramatic sigh and shoved me to a booth, i stumbled but made it to the booth and the guy had left by the time i turned around to ask him what i should be doing. I sighed dramatically. I looked at the front of the booth to see a sigh to show me what i should be doing. all i could read was, "Lucid Magic." and thought, 'I really don't want to be here.' i tried to walk away but i took one step and my whole body shifted to another area.

      I was now standing in front of a glass room with a red button in the middle of the room and a large sign above that read, "Roast Yourself." and i laughed because i was thinking of random roasting sayings, my attention was brought back to the glass room when i saw a guy enter and he was smiling big. i went up to another guy who was the room keeper or something and curiously asked him, "Sir what is this booth suppose to be?" He smiled and said in a weird accent, "Well little lady this is the roast yourself room, when life isnt for you anymore, you come here." i was still confused. "Now see this young lad, his wife died in an accident and he wants to go with her." he finished. "Wait what do you mean??" i asked worried.

      The guy in the room spoke up, "Im coming Ellen!!!" He yelled as he pressed the button, then from all directions of the glass room, blasts of fire sprung up and he started to burn. I panicked, "Hey! wait no! Hes Burning!!!" i yelled as i started to run to the guy but he raised his hands and i stopped, he didnt say no words but he was just smiling at me creepily as his face started to burn into a black char, then he was gone, fire stopped and everything was normal, i kept staring at the glass room and the room keeper stepped in front of me, "Would you like to give up?" He asked in a scary deep voice. I just started to run the other direction and just kept running, i was afraid the room keeper would come after me but when i turned back he was just there waving at me then turned to other people to continue to do his booth's job.

      I grabbed my head and shut my eyes, i kept telling my self to wake up overs and overs but i couldnt wake up, i opened my eyes and the room keepers face was smiling at me ugly right in front of mine, i screamed loud and the dream ended.

      (it was 7:04am when i woke up from the dream, i didnt really jump up or scream in real life like you see in movies but i just opened my eyes to my normal room.)

      Well this was one of my crazy dreams when its hard to control because you barley feel like its a dream, so youre force to follow the plot no matter how scary. If you have any question or comments, you are able to leave them below.

      Until Next Dream~
    2. The Bank Heist

      by , 11-15-2016 at 11:48 PM
      So this dream can seem scary and cruel to other but for me in the dream i could care less since i knew it was a dream but still acted along. Anywhoo, lets begin.

      The first thing i remember in my dream was riding in the back seat of my dad's car with my big sister driving and dad in the passenger seat and im guessing it was Friday morning? Because i just got paid and i was heading to the bank before work and i was so happy cause of money! So i went inside the bank and there was a good amount of people, old people, mother's with their kids, adults and such. I stood in line and i was thinking to myself, 'why didnt i go through the ATM? I guess i dont have my debit card.' I didnt really care i was in a good mood. "Hey Alma!" I heard, i looked around to see my friend from high school Angel, he's a short guy, glasses, i knew him since 1st grade. I smiled, "Angel! Whats up!?" I said.
      We stood there while wating in line to talk and catch up. Then we heard gun shots, everyone started to scream and panic. "Shut up!" A man with a mask said. He held the gun in the air, then started to point around at everyone, "Everyone on their asses NOW!" He yelled. We all did as we were told, everyone was scared and shaking but i wasnt, i knew that this was a dream and it isn't real, i usually act along but this time i sat criss crossed on the floor with the most bored looking face ever. I was kinda thinking to myself, 'This asshole had to show up while im here, the day i got paid, ugh im annoyed.'
      I heard alot of honking and it was my sister and dad in the car, "Close those blinds!" The man yelled at a boy, the boy around his young teens got up and started to close the blinds, i looked my sister and dad and carefully signed(i made my family learn sign language) "Hostage Takeover", and "Get Help". They looked terrified for my life. But they understood, they quickly drove away. The young boy was having trouble closing the blind because he was too short to reach. The man was getting annoyed, "Hurry the hell up, you little f*cker!" He yelled as he shot at the boy's feet. The boy started to cry, the man was about to hit him.
      "Stop it. If you where smart you should have known hes too short to reach!" I said while standing up. "Alma shut up!" My friend Angel whispered. The man turned to me, "What did you say bitch?" He asked. 'Ah shit, i had to open my mouth, dont care about the other people its a dream!' I thought to myself. "I mean i will close the blinds for him." I muttered. I made the boy sit down and i closed the blinds for him, i walked back to my spot and sat down again.
      The guy came up to me and i looked him in the eyes, "Yes?" I said. 'Screw it, im annoyed.' I thought. He pointed the gun at me, and everyone gasped. "You got a smart mouth dont cha?" He continued, "Ima teach you a lesson." I smiled. "Go ahead and try." I muttered. He brought up the gun to hit me but i dodged it and head butted him in the nose, he dropped the gun and staggered back he was holding his bleeding nose, he saw the blood on his hands and glared at me, "I'm going to kill you!" He yelles and he charged forward, i used his strength against him and flip him over my shoulder. He fell to the floor with a loud thud and i ran to the gun and picked it up, i pointed it to the guy, "Now your going to stay there while we all leave." I said sternly. He was laughing and i was confused until someone hit me on the back of the head. I fell to the floor and the gun slipped from my hands, "Really bro? Getting beat up by this little girl? Boss gonna be mad." I heard the guy who hit me say.
      I tried to get up but he stepped on my back restraining me. "I sgould have known you had little friends." I said to the bleeding nose guy who now got up and took back his gun. "Nah he doesnt work for me." He said smiling as he used this opportunity to kick me on my side. "And thats for my nose." He finished. I laughed loud, "awh still mad about that? I did you a favor, it probably looks better now." I said. He growled and kicked me again and again.
      "Enough." I heard another voice say. I didnt look up but the two guys seem to know this person. "Boss, your here! We already got the money." One of the guys said. "Good, now stand her up." The boss guy said. "Her? Shes nobody, just a brat," the guy with the bleeding nose said as he stepped on my head. "A brat who put you on your ass, now stand. Her. Up." The boss said in a more stern voice. The two guys lifted me and i pushed them off, "Dont touch me." I yelled. The boss guy walked slowly towards me. Now that i actually got a good look at him, he wasnt wearing a mask like the other two but a suit? 'Who wears a suit to a bank heist?' I asked myself that while chuckling to myself. "Your laughing?" The boss guy said. I quickly stop laughing. "Your not afraid?" He asked. "Who the hell would be afraid of you?" I spat. He smiled. "Im going to take you as well." He simply stated. "What? Boss no!" The guy with the bloody nose said. The boss guy sighed, and swiftly took out his gun and shot the bleeding nose guy in the head, with out even looking. I gasped and looked away.(i always hated gore in my dreams) The boss guy looked at me a smiled big, "oh? Your scared of killing? But not of your own death? Well dont worry about that, you'll get over it, the first one is always the hardest." He said as he stood in front of me. I tried not to feel threaten but damn his eyes stared into your soul. "What do you mean?" I said. He didnt awnser me just smiled and snapped his fingers, then out of no where more men in masks showed up. "We're doing "that" again, get it ready." I heard the boss guy say to one of his men. Then in sync all the men started moving, some where forcing the people into the empty bank vault then some came for me, i painced as i felt one of the men grab my arm forcefully, "let me go!" I yelled as i used all my strength to fight, i punched and kicked but these men where more stronger then the other guy. I could only fight off two men before they pinned me down against a chair, they tied my arms and legs to the chair, i struggled to get out but i couldnt. "It had to be one of those dreams where I can' use my powers." I muttered. They beought me to the vault where the other hostages were.(it was kinda funny cause they just lifted the chair to take me to the vault and i felt like i was at a jewish party) The vault was pretty large, kinda long too, the people were all gathered at the back of the vault and i was set down on the other end of the vault opposite of the people. The boss guys men stood all around us pointing the gun at the people and me, at this point everyone was crying and afraid, i felt bad for them. I was lost in thought until the boss guy clappes loud. "Now! We are going to play a game!" He said to me. "A game called, suffer or end it." I was confused, I didn't understand what he was talking about. I guess he saw my face so he continued, He gestured to his men, and one of his men brought out a man from the crowd, he made the man stand a few feet in front of me. "Okay so heres the deal," the boss guy said, "Your going to kill him." He simply said with a grin. My eyes widen and then my head went back with a laugh, "And what makes you think im going to listen to you?" I said. The boss guy stared at me for a bit then grabbed my face forcefully and looked me in the eyes, "Because, if you dont, I'll torture his life and he'll die a slow and agonizing death, and if you dont want that," he continued as he put the gun on my lap. "Kill him." I looked at the man, he looked terrified but yet he was trying to be strong. I looked away quick, "I won't kill him!" I yelled. I heard the boss guy snicker, he walked up the man and quickly shoved his pocket knife into the mans thigh. He yelled a yell that made me flinch, my head hanged down as i heard yells from the man. "What are you doing?! Just kill me!!" He yelled at me, i just kept shaking my head, "I won't! I cant!" I yelled back. I kept hearing the boss guy laugh, after a bit i stop hearing the man yell. 'Finally its over' i thought to my self. But then i heard a old lady cry, i looked up quickly to see an elderly lady standing where the man stood. "Sweetie, its okay to kill me, i understand, please." She said. I started to cry and shake my head, "no, i cant please, dont make me!" I whispered. I looked away, but then the boss guy grabbed my head and made me look as his men torturing the old lady. "Stop! Please!" I yelled and i try to get out of his hands. "Take it all in, let it sink that its your fault these people are suffering." This went on for a while, hearing the screams and pains from each person, there was only about 5 or 6 people left before one of his men dragged out my friend from the remaining people. They stood him in front of me. And once again the boss guy whispered in my ear, "Kill him, end his suffering before it begins, you'll be doing a good deed." He said. I didnt want to hear any more screams, this felt so real and i just wanted it all to stop. Before my friend was about to be hurt, i said, "ill kill him, just please stop" the boss guy untied me from the chair and i slowly picked up the gun that was laying on my lap. I stood up and aimed the gun at my friend, he was crying, "please just hurry up and do it, its okay, ill forgive you." He said. My hands were shaking i felt scared but yet i didnt care, i remember that this was just a dream, "im sorry" i whispered as i pulled the trigger. My friend's lifeless body fell to the floor in a loud thud. The boss guy was laughing, "great! Now kill the rest of them!" He yelled. I quickly walked over to the remaining people and pulled the trigger one after another. I remember seeing thier faces of sadness but forgiveness. I drop the gun after finishing off the people and i fell to my knees, i was crying, alot. The boss guy came up to me and i looked at him, "I killed people! Im a murderer!" I yelled at him. He sighed, "Yes my dear, you are, you cant go back to your old life, your a killer and everyone will hate you, you'll be put in jail, your family will never want to see you, you'll be alone." He finished. I shook my head, "No please! It wasnt my fault!" I yelled at no one in particular. "But you dont have to be alone." He continued, i looked at him. "Come with me, ill protect you, ill give you all the love and company you need." He said with a sincere smile. I was kinda dumfounded, "i wont be alone?" I mumbled. The boss guy crouched down to my level and looked me in the eyes, "Thats right, be mine and you'll never need anything else." He said. I felt like I was blushing but I wasn't sure, i was thinking to my self, 'If i dont go with him ill be put in jail, everyone will hate me because ive killed people' I let my head hang down. "I'll go..." I whispered. "Im sorry darling i couldnt hear that." The boss guy said. I looked at him in the eyes, "Please take me with you!" I said. He gave me a big smile and laughed. "Yes! Finally, it worked!" He said happily. "Boys were done here, lets go" he stood me up and brought me close to him, "This is Alma and NO ONE is allowed to touch her, she belongs to me!" He yelled at his men. I for sure know that i was blushing then. After that his men distracted the cops and we got away, i think time passed and we were in a dark van and it was night driving somewhere, i remember sitting next to the boss guy with his arm over my shoulder, he was asleep. There was another guy sitting in front of us, he looked like the right hand man to the boss guy that I always see in movies. "You know im surprise you made it, the boss never picks out a girl." The guy said quietly. I looked at him, "what do you mean?" I asked. He smiled, "Every heist we do, the boss chooses a new member, usually a guy and does what he did to you." He finished. I thought for a bit, "He made them kill people like how i did?" I asked. The guy nodded, "yea, he does that and if they dont kill them self before its over then they become the new member as one of his men." He continued, "But he's never chose a girl before, well one time but she shot herself, she was weak, guess you got his attention." He finished. "W-will he kill me like he killed one of his men?" I struggled to ask. "Dont know, right now your like a pet, just dont get on his bad side." He said. I didnt say anything i just turned to look outside the window, looks like were driving over water? Wasnt sure, i was kinda mumbling to myself. "I kill people... And i dont even feel bad anymore...dont care about my old life..." Then i started laughing, i laughed so hard that the boss guy woke up, "why are you laughing?" He asked. I turned to him, "I killed people! And i don't care!" I said whiling laughing, "im crazy right? I've gone insane!" I finished. The boss guy grinned, "yes you are, and its okay! Embrace the madness!" He said. He suddenly hugged me tight, i was trying not to blush but i don't know if I was or not. "Your mine and only mine right?" He whispered. The one thing i said before waking up was, "Yes!" While we both laughed. Then i woke up.

      Well this dream was a nightmare? But also a romance? Im not sure, i went along with it, i forgot it was a dream at times because it felt so real but whatever, i guess it was fun? Idk i have a bit of maddness in me lol well if you have any questions, please feel free to ask me. Until next dream~