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    1. Just Weird and scary

      by , 04-29-2017 at 05:14 AM
      Well the first thing i remember is that i was laying down on my bed on my left side facing away from the wall looking towards my window. I didn't know it was a dream at first, until i faced the other way. As i faced the other way i came in contact with another body, My hand was resting on a torso and a armed draped over my shoulders, i stiffened, scared to even look at who i was touching, and thinking why the hell are they on my bed? I looked up and saw my ex boyfriend's face, he was smiling down at me and said something around the lines of, "Hey, did you want to finish watching this show?" I pushed off of him and sat up, "What the hell?! What are you doing here in my bed? How- When- Oh my gosh!" i yelled quickly. He shrugged and leaned in closer to my face, "You were the one thinking of me." He said with a smirk. I pushed his face away but when i did that i made my self fall off the bed. I squeezed my eyes shut instinctively as i fell backwards.

      I felt my self falling but never felt any impact, even if a dream i still feel a numb thud when i fall down but this time i didn't, i just kept falling. I opened my eyes and i wasn't in my bedroom anymore, i was outside full of people, tents, animals and clowns. I looked down at my clothes hoping i had any, and i was wearing some sort of costume colored with bright pinks and blues. I got up quickly and looked around for something to give me clues. A guy noticed me and waved me to come over to him so i did. When i walked up to his table area he started to shove random items in my arms, "You're late, hurry up and get to your booth, the show must go on!!!" He yelled. I stared at him, i didnt know what i was suppose to do, i was lost, and afraid to do anything wrong.

      He must've notice how dumbfounded i looked cause he just did this dramatic sigh and shoved me to a booth, i stumbled but made it to the booth and the guy had left by the time i turned around to ask him what i should be doing. I sighed dramatically. I looked at the front of the booth to see a sigh to show me what i should be doing. all i could read was, "Lucid Magic." and thought, 'I really don't want to be here.' i tried to walk away but i took one step and my whole body shifted to another area.

      I was now standing in front of a glass room with a red button in the middle of the room and a large sign above that read, "Roast Yourself." and i laughed because i was thinking of random roasting sayings, my attention was brought back to the glass room when i saw a guy enter and he was smiling big. i went up to another guy who was the room keeper or something and curiously asked him, "Sir what is this booth suppose to be?" He smiled and said in a weird accent, "Well little lady this is the roast yourself room, when life isnt for you anymore, you come here." i was still confused. "Now see this young lad, his wife died in an accident and he wants to go with her." he finished. "Wait what do you mean??" i asked worried.

      The guy in the room spoke up, "Im coming Ellen!!!" He yelled as he pressed the button, then from all directions of the glass room, blasts of fire sprung up and he started to burn. I panicked, "Hey! wait no! Hes Burning!!!" i yelled as i started to run to the guy but he raised his hands and i stopped, he didnt say no words but he was just smiling at me creepily as his face started to burn into a black char, then he was gone, fire stopped and everything was normal, i kept staring at the glass room and the room keeper stepped in front of me, "Would you like to give up?" He asked in a scary deep voice. I just started to run the other direction and just kept running, i was afraid the room keeper would come after me but when i turned back he was just there waving at me then turned to other people to continue to do his booth's job.

      I grabbed my head and shut my eyes, i kept telling my self to wake up overs and overs but i couldnt wake up, i opened my eyes and the room keepers face was smiling at me ugly right in front of mine, i screamed loud and the dream ended.

      (it was 7:04am when i woke up from the dream, i didnt really jump up or scream in real life like you see in movies but i just opened my eyes to my normal room.)

      Well this was one of my crazy dreams when its hard to control because you barley feel like its a dream, so youre force to follow the plot no matter how scary. If you have any question or comments, you are able to leave them below.

      Until Next Dream~
    2. Day In Prison

      by , 04-27-2017 at 10:43 PM
      Well the first thing i remember is being in a bathroom stall, i looked down at my hands and i was holding onto a small cellphone, then i noticed what i was wearing, some sort of a khakis uniform that looked really familiar but couldn't figure out where i seen the before. I looked back at the cell phone i was holding, i opened it and read the messaged that was on it.

      "I'm coming for you tonight, be ready. -J"

      I closed it and thought, 'Shit. its one of those dreams, okay lets play then.' I put the phone in my bra, and stepped out of the stall, i looked around and pretended to wash my hands in one of the sinks. I looked up into the mirror and the way i looked scared me, i had my normal long purple dream hair, i was paler then usual, and i had scars starting from both sides of my mouth leading up on both of my cheeks. I looked away fast, i finally knew that i would have to act like the Jokers daughter, i was curious where this dream would lead me so i didn't mind going along with it.

      I walked out of the restroom and when i saw other girls in the hallways with khakis i finally snapped where i was, i was in the orange is the new black prison, i smiled big when i caught on, i have been binge watching the show for the past 2 weeks and i was waiting to dream this, but i never thought i would have to play as the jokers daughter. oh well. "What are you smiling about inmate?!" a guard in special uniform asked me. "Nothing, jeez cant i smile?!" i said back sarcastically. He looked at me angrily, "Do you want a shot?!" he yelled. I raised my hands in protest and shook my head. He walked away and i sighed with relief, "3 seasons and i still don't fully know what a shot is." i said with a chuckle.

      The next thing i know, i am sitting on my bed and Piper Chapman is talking to me about some panty business and how she wants me to wear them and then give them back to her, apparently she is my bunk buddy cause after saying no to her panty business she went back to her bed and started to text on a cell phone. I was really starting to get bored so i attempted to use my bending to try to excite things up. I tried to make a small flame in my hand and when i felt the heat to rise something shocked me hard on my neck. I jumped with more of surprise then pain. "What the -" i begin to say. "Inmate Cross, that's 2 shot, try it again and i shock you to sleep." The guard from before said. He was holding up a small remote device in his hands and he was smiling at me.

      I felt around my neck and notice i was wearing a large metal brace, 'These assholes' i thought. I figured that i was being restrained to use my powers in this dream so i didnt really fight it, i sat back and pouted. Piper sat next to me and i looked at her weird, "Can i help you?" i asked. "Is it true that you have powers? And how did you get those nasty scars on your cheeks?" she asked back. i rolled my eyes, "If you dont get off my bed im going to punch you in the face." i said harshly. She quickly got up and went back to her bed. I laid down and closed my eyes, it was black for a bit then when i opened them i saw a clown mask in front of my face. I screamed and punched it as hard as i could.

      "Agh! you stupid girl its me!" Joker's voice said. I got up from my bed and hugged him, "Dad! finally, i was getting bored here." i said happily. I looked around and saw jokers goons shooting in every direction, all the inmates where hiding underneath their beds while guards tried to fight off jokers goons. "Hurry up, make a uh- hole in the wall." joker said to me. "I cant, duh!" i said while pointing to the brace on my neck. He growled and shoved a gun in my hand, "Lets go." he said. He ran out of my bunk and i looked at piper under the bed, "Hey you can come with us if you want?" i asked sincerely. she turned to me with tears in her eyes, "With freaks like you and your dad?! i rather rot in here." she spit back. I sighed and pointed the gun at her, "Suit your self!" i said with a smile, i shot the gun at her but the bullet only went in her arm, she screamed and i laughed as i followed behind joker.

      The next thing i know were running through the yard and i reached to touch the brace on my neck but it wasn't there anymore, "What are you waiting for stupid?! They're coming!" Joker yelled at me, i looked behind me and saw so many guard running towards us. i panicked and raised both of my hands forcefully which cause a huge wall of earth to come up from the ground, it towered high. I knew the guards where on the other side so with one big push i made the wall fall onto the guards, it made a loud crash as it fell. then it was quiet. We stopped running and just looked to where the guards once were, and Inmates in orange and khaki ran out from the building and just ran passed us to freedom.

      I turned around back to joker and he was laughing hysterically and i couldnt help but laugh as well, we were walking until we heard a gunshot. we stopped and joker looked at me scared, i had never seen joker scared in my dreams before so this was new. I was going to say something but when i tried to speak, liquid came out instead. I touched it and it was blood. I realized i was the one who got shot, i turned around and saw piper holding onto a gun that was pointed at me. She was bleeding from her arm and was struggling to stand. I smiled at her and raised both of my arms. The last thing i remember was hearing her say, "Dont fuck with me."

      Damn this was intense for me, but it was fun to play along. Sucks i couldnt kick pipers ass but oh well, hopefully i dream of Orange is the new black, without joker being involved. Once again if you have an questions or comments, feel free to leave them below.

      Until Next Dream~
    3. Snowy Dream

      by , 04-26-2017 at 10:36 PM
      Well the first thing i remember is standing in the middle of what looked like a kitchen? Everything was basically made out of wood and maybe some metal.

      I found nothing I could do here so i started to wander around until I found a door to what I hope led outside, I made a small gasped as i stepped out, what I saw amazed me. I was on a snowy mountain, well the more i looked around me, it was more of a village, small and big wooden houses with snowy rooftops all around. It didn't look like a huge village but big enough for a few hundred people. I was just standing there appreciating this dream already, i always loved snow, even though i never got to see it in the real life but this was the closest i could get to it.

      Anywhoo I took a left turn and started to walk in that direction while looking around more, there was many people dressed up in winter clothing(which looked like brown versions of water tribe clothing from avatar: the last airbender). I tried to look at what i was wearing but i could only see my usual uniform but i had a winter robe over it, i didn't want to look at my face but by touching my cheek i felt the scar I've always had and by touching my hair i had my long hair that i have in my dreams. Everything was good so i continued to walk until i saw someone running towards me.

      "Morning sleepy head, you missed breakfast." The woman said to me, i looked at her with a 'Do i know you?' face. She laughed, "Ey Mija, you're still half asleep aren't you?" She asked me holding onto my face. I snapped as i heard the word, "Mija" and smiled, "Sorry mama, just haven't fully woken up yet." i said with a chuckle. She kissed me on the forehead and just left.

      I looked around and what i couldn't help but notice a group of guys standing in front of a big wooden house, talking and laughing among themselves, and what made me do a double take was they had no clothes on! Well they did have clothes on but only Capri shorts and shoes. They were buff and tanned and for some reason they reminded me of the wolf pack in Twilight.

      So i went along with that, i told myself they are the chiefs 5 sons, and they can turn into wolfs and hunt for the village. They had high body temperatures so they didn't need thick clothing like the rest of us. (Well i didn't either since it was a dream and i cant feel the coldness but i still play along) Anywhoo they noticed me looking at them and they waved at me, I smiled and waved back then turned back the other way to walk. By the looks of it nobody really talked to them, well mostly the girls, as if they were to shy or scared. Most of the girls looked at me strange after i said hi to them but i ignored them and continue to walk, i was curious and wanted to explore more of the landscape.

      I looked around more and saw how the huge white mountains surrounded the village, i wanted to be beyond them but i knew that once i left the village it could disappear when i return. So i just walked to the right of the village where they was an large snow plain area, i wanted to do some testing to see if i could "bend". I moved my hands in a motion which would cause me to earth bend and since i didn't really put much effort into it i could only move a few stones that were lying in the snow.

      Next I attempted to water bend and that was easy since i had nothing but water all around me, i was going to try to fire bend but only got a small flame in my palm when I heard a voice behind me.

      "Careful you might melt the lake underneath you." The voice said with a chuckle. I turned around to see one of the chief's son walking towards me. And it wasn't just any son, it was the next in line, first born son, well by the look of the necklace he had around his neck. He was tall, tanned, with dark brown shoulder length hair and hazel greenish eyes.

      I couldn't help but hear an accent in his voice that reminded me of new jersey, or Brooklyn, the first words that came out of my mouth was, "Jersey" I said in a happy tone. He looked at me strangely, "Whats that?" he asked. I just shook my head and said, "Nothing, but I am going to call you jersey." I smiled, he smirked at me, "My name is Jason actually." he finished. I was about to say something until we heard a loud roar coming from the other side of the lake, i saw Jersey(Jason) take a step closer to the sound and narrowed his eyes. "You need to go back to the village, now." He said in a stern voice.

      "As if, I am not leaving you to fight whatever creature that sound came from." I said back.

      He looked a bit taken back as if no one has ever talked back to him before. The trees across the lake started to rustle and then a monster emerged from the trees, it was a huge red/purple circle monster with a large mouth, it just looked plain freaky. "What the hell is that?!" I asked shocked. Jersey laughed, "Tonight's feast." He said back, then he shaped shifted into his wolf form, a large black alpha wolf, then he started to run across the lake to the beast.

      I kinda just stood there for a moment thinking to myself, 'When he turns into a wolf, where do his shorts go?' I shook my head, ignoring my question. I started to run, following Jersey. I used my waterbending to move the water beneath me so that i can travel faster, and it worked, i started to flow faster catching up to Jersey, who was still running across the lake. He took a glance as i got close to him and just made a noise with his nose.

      After fighting the beast, we had killed it, and now taking the corpse back to the village, suddenly the scene changed to the whole village being seated at the outdoor dining area, people were dancing to music, kids playing, it felt like a real feast i saw in movies. The chief was giving some sort of speech but i was really paying attention, i kept looking at the mountains and the trees, but then I heard my name come out from the chief. My attention was brought back to where he was standing. Everyone was clapping and looking at me, I had never been more confused.

      My mother who was sitting next to me was gesturing to stand up, so i did. One of the chief's men escorted me up to the chief's and his sons table area, the chief gave me a hug as i got up the small steps, "Welcome my daughter." He said. I didn't really give it much thought because i thought chiefs usually call everyone "their children". But it wasn't until Jersey walked up to me and place a necklace around my neck, thats when i knew something was wrong. I looked at jersey, "Whats going on?" I whispered to him. He looked at me confused, and blushed a bit. "We're getting betrothed." He responded. My mouth dropped, 'Since when did i say yes?!?' i thought but didn't say.

      I sighed, "Look im very honored but i cant marry you, you're nice and all but you have the wrong girl." i plainly said. Everyone gasped, and i realized i shouldn't have said this in front of everyone. I felt bad embarrassing jersey so i did an apologetic bow, and quickly left the stage area, i ran away from the dinning area and into the woods, i could hear jersey calling for me to wait but i just wanted to go. When i stopped running, i was surrounded by tall pine trees, it was hard to see in the dark so i made a small flame with my hand to give myself some light, i continued to walk what seemed like forever.

      Then i came to a small cottage with a chimney, i was going to walked around it or in another direction until someone open the door, i got into fight stance but then relaxed when i saw a nice lady come out, "Hello there miss, do you need help?" she asked nicely. I shook my head, "No, i was just out for a walk, im leaving now." i said quickly. I turned around but the lady had grabbed my arm, "Ive made some tea and cakes, you are able to come in and have a rest." she said cutely yet strangely. I knew something was off but she said cakes! how could i resist. , i always love dream food, except for that beast earlier, no way i was going to eat that.

      I nodded to her and we walked to the cottage, i stepped inside first and cursed under my breath when i saw what i saw. 3 scary old looking ladies which reminded me of the 3 old witches from hocus pocus. Apparently that's what they were because one they saw me turning around to leave, they said some words and i couldn't move anymore. "Look at what we have here girls, fresh meat." One of the witches said with a laugh. I was forcefully turned around to look at her eyes, usually i love old people but these ladies where sick looking. "Sleep." I heard, then i wasn't looking through my eyes anymore, my perspective turned into 3rd person point of view.

      I could see the 3 witches chanting as they carried my body to one of their beds, the 4th young lady who brought me inside didn't look like a witch to me but she was chanting along. Suddenly the scene changed to the village dining area where everyone was eating still and my mother was talking with jersey on the side. I couldn't hear what they were saying but my mother looked very apologetic. I was trying to yell at them and get their attention but they wouldn't budge.

      Jersey head perked up though, he was looking at the direction of the wood i went into to, and he was sniffing, then out of no where his four other brother came behind him. "Somethings wrong." I heard jersey say to his brothers. "Its Marina." The chief said sternly walking up the the sons, jersey said something to the chief and then he and his brothers shifted to wolves and started to run into the woods. The chief and my mother were still talking and i could only hear parts of the conversation, but from i understood, The young lady who tricked me is the chief's past wife, she was exile for being involved in witch craft.

      I flowed back to the cottage where i saw the 3 old ladies starting to get younger? 'Great they're stealing my youth.' I thought sarcastically. i heard growling from outside the cottage and the young lady(Marina) gulped as she stepped outside. All wolves where in pouncing stance excepted for jersey who stood in the middle in human form. "Jason." Marina said softly. "Witch." Jersey said back harshly. "Give us back Alma and i'll consider letting you live." he finished with a growl. Marina sniff backed her tears, but laughed a loud and ugly laugh, "Her name is Alma? I saw her necklace, Its matches yours, Is she your betrothed?" She question jersey.

      My attention was suddenly brought back to the 3 witches still chanting around my body, i was fighting to get back into my body so i could kiss ass but it was difficult, the witches could feel me fighting and they struggled to chant. The next thing i know i seeing from 1st person point of view and i knew i was awake, not sure how but i used my firebending to send flames all around me causing the witches to back off screaming, i sent a flame ball to them,which they dodged but burned a large hole in the wall. I struggled to walk to my escape, i was almost through until i black rope circled around my neck and threw me across the room, i was pinned to the wall by my throat, i opened my eyes to see some angry witches in my face.

      "Alma!" i heard jersey yell. He turned into a wolf and attacked the witches, i fell to the ground and tried to catch my breath.
      One of the brothers(Who i nick named Seth) helped me up and told me to ride on his back, i would usually decline but i felt weak to move so i grabbed his fur and hosted my self up. We were riding away from the cottage but i told Seth to wait, i looked back to the 3 witches fighting the jersey and his wolves but they were using my powers. I got off of Seth and started to run to the fight, they stole my youth and some of my powers, only i could get it back from them. Jersey saw me running towards the battle and growled at me,probably telling me to go back but i guess i don't speak wolf.

      I stood there and then started to use water bending to form water around 3 witches, which made them freeze with fear, the water started to glow from my powers and slowly the 3 witches started to age, and i felt more powerful.

      The 3 witches fell to the snow in ash when i fished restoring my youth and powers, i felt to my knees feeling suddenly drained. Jersey picked me up and i didn't protest, i let my head fall onto his shoulder and i could feel warmness from him.

      The next thing i know we are back in the village and jersey is explaining everything that had happened, to the chief. The chief said he was happy that i was okay and that if ill reconsider my thoughts on the betrothal. I simply just nodded, i couldn't speak and my body felt weak, so i knew my time in this dream was coming to an end.

      I gestured Jersey to come closer so i can tell him something, he leaned down eye level, and very quickly i gave him a small kiss on the cheek. He backed up shocked and a red face, his brothers were cheering and playfully punching him as i smiled. The last thing i remember is looking up to see what i thought was the northern lights above the snowy mountains.

      Well i never knew what happened to Marina but i really liked this dream just because the landscape was so beautiful and it was very amazing to be there, even if it was a dream, i traveled to a new place last night.
      If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them, i like to hear feed back
      Until Next Dream~

      P.s. Sketches of this dream with come soon.[/CENTER]

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    4. Dream Suicide Attempt Fail

      by , 09-09-2016 at 11:27 PM
      (First Person Point Of View)
      The first I remember was sitting on the couch in my living room of my old house(always have dreams about old house for some reason). My dad was watching TV and I got up and started to watch TV with him, I believe it was the news or something like that, for some reason I didn't want to be there I need to leave and go somewhere, anywhere. I darted out the door and started running and running.(I realized it was a dream right there because of how effortlessly I was running) I don't know why but I felt suckish and just wanted to be alone. I kept on running until I got to a big street that either turned left or right, no forward.
      I looked left first and saw nothing but more road, couple of cars and trees. Then I looked right, and again saw more road and a couple of cars and trees, don't know why but I chose to keep running right. I kept running and running and I remember seeing a whataburger but I passed it cause I didn't want to waste time there.
      I kept running until eventually I got to some city with many tall buildings, I walked into one randomly and I was now in some cafeteria, I walked past people who were wearing some sort of hospital robes, sitting down eating. 'I guess this is some sort of hospital?' I thought. I saw some stairs and I was about to go up until I heard my name behind me. I turned around to see my best friend(Anita), she came running up to hug me, which I gladly returned. "What are you doing here?" Anita asked. "I'm not to sure, I just ended up here." I responded. I looked at her up and down, and she was wearing a hospital gown too, I was shocked, I didn't know she was in the hospital. "Hey... well while I have you here, there's something I need to tell you." she continued, "so remember I told you I was sick?" I just nodded. "Well it seems like its worst... I'm not going to make it, its terminal... I don't have long, that's why im here." she finished. I was even more shocked, I could feel the tears welling up. I didn't have any words to say, I knew this was a dream but I couldn't help but feel like sh*t. "Hey, its okay... I'm come to peace with it, my life was a happy one and im glad that youre my best friend." she reassured me. I was about to say something until a nurse called her name. "I have to go do some stuff but I'll come find you later when I'm able to." she said with a smile. I couldn't say anything to her as she left with the nurse. I turned back to the stairs and started running up them, I kept going until I came to the roof of the hospital, I was really high up. I remember thinking, what if I jump? will I die? (like I knew it was a dream but I still thought maybe this will kill me?) I sat down on the roof and just talked to my self. "Will it really be that bad if I die? I might as well go with my best friend. heh... life isn't fair Is it? she doesn't deserve this, I do." That's when I felt something in my pocket. I took it out to look at it, a bomb? 'Perfect' I thought. 'A bomb this size will only be big enough to kill me and minimum damage to the surrounding area' I stood up. 'If I jump off the building while the bomb is on I can die mid air without hurting anyone else.' I walked to the edge of the building and looked down. 'Its better this way' I was about to activate the bomb but then I heard something behind me, I turned around and saw my family sanding by the stair door. They looked sad and worried. "Don't do this please." My mom weeped. I saw their faces but this didn't change my mind, I backed up onto the ledge, look at all my family in the eyes and said, "I'm sorry.." I let my self fall backwards. I heard screams from my family but I just closed my eyes and pressed the bomb button, I heard it beeping and I just fell waiting for the bomb to kill me. 'If the bomb doesn't kill me, the ground surly will.' I thought. But that's when in midair I heard what sounded what I thought was a jet, but no, I opened my eyes to see Superman flying quickly arms reached out towards me. He caught me in his arms, he took one quick look at me and grabbed the bomb from my hands and quickly threw it in the air, it exploded in the sky, safety away from us. We flew back to the hospital roof where my family was, once we landed I pushed off Superman with anger. "Why did you do that?!" I yelled. "Your not even suppose to be on earth, aren't you on a mission?!" He looked at me with sad eyes, "I heard you talking from galaxies away, the rest of the leauge will be here soon." He said. I looked him in the eyes, "Why did you save me?! I didn't want to be saved!!" Then for some reason a light flashed before us and I fell backwards apparently losing conscious. (I was still there but not looking threw my own eyes, I was looking at the scene in 3rd person point of view) After the flash Superman and my family saw what looked like another me, but my body was on the ground, this other girl looked like me but with different body features, such as having long white hair, and blue eyes. Superman saw this and was on guard, "Who are you?!" He asked. She laughed a loud laugh, "I am corruption, i live inside Alma, and now after all that time I'm at my peak." She responded. Corruption looked at my body laying on the ground roof, "Pity, she isn't dead yet, well I better make fun with the time I have now." She smiled. With that black lightning came out of her hands and struck Superman, he yelled in pain which was rare for him. I was now looking from Corruption's point of veiw, I tried to stop my actions but I couldn't. Superman was pissed now so he and Corruption started to fight in mid air. After a bit of fighting, Superman was losing until Corruption's powers weakened. "Oh poo, well it looks like my time is almost up." she said. "Not so fast, what did you do to Alma?" Superman asked. "Me? I didn't do anything, she makes her own choices I just help her make them." she laughed, "and dont try to stop me, I'll be back, I'll always be within her, growing, getting stronger, the day she dies is the day I have my body, but don't worry, when that day comes I'll be sure to take good care of it." She smiled. Superman was about to lazer her but then Corruption turned into black smoke that both her and me traveled back into my own body. I woke up with my family surrounding me, i notice that i wasnt in my disguise, i was in my heros uniform. I saw superman land on the roof and i was shocked on how many injuries he had. 'I did that?' I thought. My parents looked at me with fear in their eyes, they looked like they didnt know who i was(which technically they dont know me in my hero's uniform only the desguise) I couldnt dare to look at Superman in the eyes. I stood up, i felt so much guilt to what i did to Superman, what i put my family theough. I started to walk away from them, i felt Superman's hand on my shoulder, but i smack it off, i looked at him with tears in my eyes and said, "I- im so sorry, i didnt mean to, i-" i couldnt even finish my sentent, i flew off the building and just flew away from the scene, i remember hearing Superman flying behind me, telling me that 'its okay'. The last thing i said before waking up was, "Just leave me alone!"

      Well this was a weird dream, it isnt the first but yea it was ome of those dreams when i didnt know it was a dream in the beggining. It was super intenst. Well until next dream, Bye~
      P.s. - Pictures below are drawings of this dream.
      If you have any questions just message me My computer blew up!-screenshot_2016-09-09-17-21-33.jpgMy computer blew up!-screenshot_2016-09-09-17-21-36.jpgMy computer blew up!-screenshot_2016-09-09-17-21-47.jpgMy computer blew up!-screenshot_2016-09-09-17-21-40.jpgMy computer blew up!-screenshot_2016-09-09-17-21-43.jpgClick image for larger version. 

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