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    Astral Travel? Time Travel, and Possessed Dog.

    by , 02-14-2017 at 10:47 PM (320 Views)
    Feb. 8th 2017



    I quickly woke up feeling vibrations through out my body, my first thought was to try to astral project. My legs projected out first, and next thing I know I am hovering in my room. I looked at my body and I was on my stomach but that didn't make sense, because I was on my back. I went to go flew through my window but I had trouble moving into the right direction, I would move left and my body would go right. Eventually I got a hang of it and went through my window, and was flying in my back yard, I head down my road towards town.

    Now I'm in a new scenery, with my girlfriend going outside in my backyard, it is snowing. My girlfriend had my dog on a red leash, she opened the door and my dog ran outside and off. I started to scream, falling to my hands and knees. I went to my girlfriend and told her we needed to meditate, I told her we needed to go back in time 2 hours before my dog ran off. I started meditating and focused on what was happening 2 hours earlier.

    I'm inside my house, in the living room sitting on the couch, my mom is in her chair. I got up and started walking out of the room, where I saw my dog laying by the back door. She was laying on her back in an angle. I asked my mom when she let her inside, and she said about 2 hours ago.

    I feel like I'm inside of a video game, where a evil ghost puts a spell on my dog and I have to walk up to her and slash her, to remove the spell. It was frustrating because I didn't want to play this game, and the ghost was putting spells on my dog when I wasn't near by. This went on for 3 rounds.

    I'm back in an astral like body, and I formed a new body. I'm at my college, with very vivid vision, and stability doesn't seem to be a problem. The other dream characters seemed to be aware that I shouldn't be lucid, and they started to walk towards me. I tried changing the characters into different people but they didn't work. I went in an utility closet, 2 other characters got in, and I tried changing one, however the person I thought of came behind me and had a different hair color, and skin color. My body started vibrating, and I felt my astral body lift up. As it vibrated it slowly back into my real body.

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