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    Laden With Lucidity

    Laden with Lucidity [EP.2]

    by , 01-17-2012 at 04:04 AM (737 Views)

    EP. 1

    "A Raid to Remember"
    As I step through the door, a white light blinds me. In the confusion I discover several things I hadn't known before. One: I was holding something metallic in both hands. Two: There were loud sounds all around me. Three: Men were shouting, both in front of and behind me. My vision clears; I'm staring down a white barrel at a blurry figure ahead. I open fire, though I don't know at what. Before I have time to think, the firefight is over, and a young soldier is forcing me onward.

    The light comes to me again, though now I stand in a large room without windows. I've no way of knowing, but it feels as if I'm underground. A hand rests on my shoulder, but I'm looking away. I hear the voice of a man, and turn to face the Dark Knight himself. He continues to speak to me slowly, but I pay no mind to him. I notice I'm unarmed now, and ponder the implications of this. The Bat shakes me, yelling now, but my attention is drawn to the Flash rushing past, down a tunnel to God knows where. I feel I must follow, but my companion urges me in another direction; I grudgingly follow.

    I find myself nearing the end of our journey now. I turn once more to find my companion, but his identity has changed. No other than Bruce Wayne was standing beside me. I speak for the first time, asking, "It gets old losing your stuff every time that happens, doesn't it?". Bruce nods in reply, then states, "Yeah. It doesn't help having to put on that armor over and over, either." I share his pain for a moment, then we press towards our goal. As we close in on an armored door near the end of a hallway, a loud snap comes from my back. I jerk in shock to find the source, but I'm faced with only a dark wall and two white pillows.

    EP. 2

    "A Night on the Ocean Blue"
    As the cold water rocks the frigate to and fro, I can feel the mist of the ocean breeze dance across my face. A deck hand shouts in alarm ,"We'll never lose him this way!", and I scan the darkened waves for the pursuer. The man who was after our very lives was once a brother among us. This much I remembered. The very why as to our current situation eluded me at the moment, though. No worries; I'd have plenty of time to ponder the implications of his betrayal after we no longer feared for our safety. My train of thought is shattered as our rear port side was rammed again by the pursuing vessel.

    His ship was submerged under the wake by some strange mechanism. Being the smaller of the two craft, his was the faster as well. This was a huge advantage in the current situation, where we had no means of retaliation against him. How had I ended up in such a situation? My mind wandered to the events that began this awkward chase. While these memories were illusive, I remember a battle taking place at port. Somewhere in the chaos, our forsworn ally had turned against us. Using the fog of war to gain the upper hand in a fight that was all but won. Now we were running, and he was in pursuit. The sharp cracking of wet wood and the sudden seizure of the ship signed that he had already injured our chances of escape.

    My eyes searched the horizon for some sign of safety. All I needed was one hope of reprieve. My search brought a large water spout to my attention. It would be perfect. I jut my hand forward, shouting to the man at the wheel, "There! Sail straight for the spout!" His eyes lit ablaze with fear. Surely he thought me mad. Despite his initial fears, his hands followed the command. Leading the bow directly towards what he knew would be our end, our speed picked up. As we were drawn into the twister, I begin to doubt the validity of my plan. Our pursuer had taken the bait, though, and I could see his vessel leaving the water below us. Within a matter of moments, our weight had exceeded the strength of the storm. We fell back into the water, almost on our starboard side. I give the order to ready the guns, looks of bewilderment gaze upon me. The hands follow the command, and the pursuing craft is decimated by cannon fire immediately after landing.

    EP. 3 [Coming Soon]

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    1. Astrosomnia's Avatar
      You have an intriguing writing style for a dream journal; looking forward to keeping posted on these!
    2. AlphaxAngel's Avatar
      Thank you. I enjoy reliving my experiences in my dreams, and find it helpful to the recall process. I plan on writing later of some of my earlier dreams before I practiced ld'ing, so I should have some new entries whether I dream again soon or not.