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    Vibrations and Frequencies

    Hello, my name is Alsroge.

    I became interested in lucid dreaming a few years ago, but only in the past year has it become a major foundation in my life. Beyond lucid dreaming, I see worlds to be explored and experiences that must come first-hand. I am interested in expanding my consciousness, learning as much as possible, and helping others realize the truth, to let them marvel as I do at what is beneath our noses.

    1. November 16 | Fragment

      by , 11-16-2011 at 02:08 PM (Vibrations and Frequencies)
      Sleep: 11:00pm
      Wake: 7:00am
      (Time: 8hrs |5.3cycles)


      • 2 men, 2 women lined up in a row, facing inward toward each other. The man/woman at the end of the row were reaching their arms out for each other.
      • I remember the phrase: "You only wanted to marry me for my sister!"

      -Beach dream? (Can't remember enough to collect this dreamsign. This memory could be contrived....Oh well.)

      Notes: Awaken abruptly by a bad kitty.

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      dream fragment
    2. November 15 | Fragment

      by , 11-15-2011 at 05:23 PM (Vibrations and Frequencies)
      Sleep: 11:30pm-12:30am
      Wake: 8:15am
      (Time: ~7.5-8.5hrs |5-5.75cycles)

      • Margot?
      • Movie theater?

      Notes: Abrupt awakening

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      dream fragment
    3. November 14 | 4 short dreams

      by , 11-14-2011 at 05:46 PM (Vibrations and Frequencies)
      Sleep: 12:30am-1:00am
      Wake: 10:00am
      (Time: ~8, 8.5hrs | 5.5cycles)

      Dreamsigns collected:
      1. work-related dream

      1. At my job in the stockroom. They're cracking down on the drugs in the factory. There are giant columns of products against a black shelf, and it's the only one I can see and as my attention goes to the top of them, I am at the top of one, holding on and looking down. I realize I need to hide the drug(s), and think about hiding it in a lotion bottle near the bottom. The columns were now lotion bottles. As I try to remember the spot of where the lotion bottle would be if I hid it there, I realize it's too hard and decide against it. There is an intercom above us.

      2. -At some weird building. It's sunny outside and has bright lighting. Looks like a school building. One girl comes out of a room in a wheelchair, her mom pushing her around, and she says "I don't hurt." I shake her foot and move on.

      -Looks like a continuation of the last dream memory. I'm at the outside of a building, same setting as the school, but the route I took looks familiar (and I remember dreaming about taking a path that I saw in the dream, so this is just a remembered fragment). I start moving around oddly, jumping up and spinning like a top, and bouncing on the ground and moving faster.

      -Go up to the front of a building, two people walk out among the others. Two guys come forward, one in a wheelchair. The first guy's eyes poke out, he hands out his right hand for me to shake, and I shake it with my left hand upside down. They ask if I'm going to join in something, I say "no, I was, but I'm just more interested in hockey." (I don't like hockey).

      3. At my house. It's nighttime and dark, and I have to walk through my parents room and wake them up to talk to them for a minute, something that makes me uncomfortable.

      4. I'm at the mall, and I'm standing outside of a store. It's my job to try on different soaps. I'm rubbing it all on me, mostly shameless. Some army guys come up and ask how they can try it. I say they can't basically. It's just me. Then an older friend, Lucky, looking super gothic/'hardcore' with tattoos and frizzy hair, and her friend walk past me. Then Scrappy walks past, and laughs and shakes his head "no." He walks away, I smile and wave him off.

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    4. November 13 | Rivers, oceans, pathways, choices and sides

      by , 11-13-2011 at 05:52 PM (Vibrations and Frequencies)
      Sleep: 2:00am
      Wake: 10:00am
      (Time: 8hrs | 5.3cycles)

      Dreamsigns collected:
      1. Futuritistic city
      2. Giant buildings
      3. High school with high schoolers

      1. In a more futuristic-looking city. There are tall, metal buildings, and giant bridges in the sky that connect the buildings so cars can go across. The tracks were broken and twisted, curling off of their usual path, even looping upside down. One guy in a red car was going along the tracks of one of building, but falls off of the broken tracks, and crashes on the ground near me. I go over to him, and we talk about how those tracks need to be fixed.

      2. I am looking at what seems to be the Earth from above, seeing only water below me. I am discussing things with others, listening to them talk mostly. To my right is the Pacific Ocean, and a long waterfall or waterway is ahead of me. I am imagine a country perpendicular to the waterfall, and me and the voices are discussing about moving the country more into the waterfall or not. We talk about it being in different spots before. There is another spot/island already in the waterfall.

      3. I'm showering, and there happens to be a girl to the left of me. I'm in blue Hanes, and they're getting wet in the shower, and she grabs me and says "whoops." I tell her I'm really not interested, but I start to get a little excited, and end it.

      4. -It's a beautiful riverbank, with people on both sides. I'm on one side, sitting down and playing the guitar. People are gathered around listening, and I decide to go to the other side for a walk. I get to the other side, and see my old drama teacher with the people I was with earlier on the other side.

      -I somehow get on top of the roofs of the buildings on this side of the riverbank (or something some way, I'm walking on something and can see both sides below me). I see lots of people on both sides. On the other side is the guitar, but I see the boat is on the other side as well, so I don't attempt to cross it. Suddenly, two people run by. It is dreamdimensions and his friend. DD has long, blonde, straight hair and is shirtless, muscular. It seems like they are out for a jog. His friend seems like a little kid, and I don't pay him much attention. As I thought of DD , I realized I needed some motivation and to improve. Another kid comes and gets me and brings me inside a building.

      5. I skiped class for my second/other high school drama teacher. I was walking through the dining room, and my friends Jenn&Haley come out and are mad at me for missing class because they had to "rap it out," which is the reason I think I skipped the class. They said "rapping it out" was in the instruction plans, so they had to do it.

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