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    Alucinor XIII

    1. Resident Evil? [Lucid]

      by , 06-30-2011 at 03:17 AM
      Flee to tranquility

      My first memory is of a friend and I getting shot. His condition was dire, and I laid him upon the couch, and turned around to go call an ambulance. I was very conscious, but had not yet realized I was dreaming. I hobbled out of the room and into the hallway of an apartment--what appears to be the second floor.

      I remember thinking "Just call 911...," my hand gripping the bullet wound at my lower left abdomen. A twinge of what seemed to be pain shot through my side. I remember reciting my address, preparing for the call to 911... I realized however, as I remembered my address, that I was certainly not at home, and that despite the gunshot wound, I wasn't actually feeling any pain.

      Halfway down the hallway, I decided on impulse to make it an action packed dream. I armed myself with a .45 handgun from a conveniently placed holster at my side and ran into the nearest door, ready to fire. I pause, however, as I see two guys stealing from someone's apartment.

      I ran up and grabbed the nearest guy in a choke-hold and held my firearm at the other henchman--who I recall had blonde dreads. I was trying to coerce them into telling my what was going on when a man in a trench coat, much larger that the other two, rounds a corner. He was obviously the head-hancho, the brains, etc.

      As I was about to interrogate him, he yells at me to get down on the ground as a dark, grotesque figure bursts through a window, sending glass everywhere. He was mostly covered in shadow, but it had a look of raw, decaying flesh-- similar to a zombie or demon, etc. At this point I'd forgotten about my gun and we were running out into the hallway to escape; I had a feeling my little gun wouldn't do much anyway.

      But, unfortunately, the dream was destabilizing, and I was losing lucidity, and didn't think to to do anything innovative as I started to awaken.
    2. Double Lucid, all the way.

      by , 06-24-2011 at 03:52 PM
      Woke up for a 25 minute WBTB, and attempted WILD...I don't think I succeeded, but I must have retained some awareness.

      [Lucid Training] 6/24/11

      I had transitioned to an FA, and remembered the dream I just had about a coffee shop. I looked at my clock twice to do a RC. It went from 6:00, in green letters, to a Flashing red 12:00. Definitely dreaming. I ran to the front door, summoning a sword as I did so. I kicked it open and ran down the porch steps and into the drive way.

      I jumped a little when I heard the rustling of leaves, but turned to see that it was just a squirrel...I hopped onto the sidewalk (which was raised about three feet. I remember having to vault myself onto it, and felt the ruggedness of the concrete) and onto the road. I tried to run at super-speed, but I think I only got up to 15-20 miles per hour. When I got to the intersection, I fooled around with flying but couldn't get any speed going.

      False Awakening #2: I found myself in bed right after the previous lucid. When I got up, a tall, french man walked in and said he was suprised that I hadn't over-reacted. I realized at that point he had walked out of my Mother's room.

      At that point I surveyed the room and it was covered in posters, as well as a small mural of the french guy. I realized I was dreaming immediately and walked out into the hall. The french guy had shifted into one of my friends, but remained tall, making him look a little...stretched, I suppose is the word.

      To sum up the latter half, there was a really hot chick in the other room....so yeah. Kinda feel bad for wasting the lucid.
    3. Where'd everybody go?

      by , 06-21-2011 at 11:12 PM

      Kinda fragmented. In short, everyone but my dissapeared. I ended up driving around for what seemed like an hour, just seeing how empty and desolate it was. Eventually they popped back up, and when I asked about the dissapearance, no one knew what I was talking about.

      Strange. I did become lucid for a 15 seconds in the end, and I attempted to meditate. I got a crazy body buzz (sleep paralysis) and woke up shortly after.
      lucid , dream fragment
    4. Cylons! (Battle Star Galactica dream)

      by , 06-19-2011 at 03:37 AM
      Cylon Reconnaissance 6/13/11

      I was part of a Two-Man recon mission from Galactica to a planet (probably Kobol). My partner was a female. I think we came down in a Raptor, but I don't recall the beginning that well. We were walking through some dense jungle/forestry, and soon found ourselves at the edge of a cliff, and we dropped down into the grass for cover.

      The female pulled out a large sniper rifle, and I took out binoculars to aid her. There were a few of Cylons (human variety and toasters) in a clearing below. For some strange reason I wasn't able to assist her in targeting; I blanked. They soon saw us and we slid down the cliff side and into the valley, along the wall until we hit the tree line.

      There were weapons all along the ground. My partner manage to pick up a working weapon. I however, picked up two sepearate weapons, neither of which were in working condition (Oh yeah, love my luck =P ). One of which looked like a longbow...I assumed it was an energy weapon, but apparently it was just a bow, or it was busted. The second was a sort of mechanical rapier, with a second blade running from the hand hard, and meet at the tip of the main blade.

      We darted back into the cover of the woods and were running REALLY fast--inhumanly fast. I realized that WE were Cylons ourselves! (Twist!) The other cylons were a few yards behind us, firing at us, but missing. We leapt into the wreckage of another raptor and set a beacon (which marked the a target for Nuking from the ship in orbit) and were "beamed up" to Galactica.

      From this point, it switched to a movie style dream...I saw the other Cyclons looking at the beacon apathetically just as a massive mushroom cloud appeared, shockwave and all. It was pretty intense. After that, it switched to President Rosland doing something...the dream got a bit illogical after that.
    5. Wheel of Time Dream

      by , 06-06-2011 at 05:53 PM
      Saving Aviendha (6/6/11)

      Matt Cauthon and I were on a mission to save Aviendha, who'd been taking captive by some random people (some of which wore armor akin to the Imperial Guard's armor in Oblivion). The initial setting was sparse fields with wood buildings; almost like western-movie houses.

      Who ever was holding her really, really hated the Aiel, and that was their primary reason for holding her captive. We initially were arguing with them, trying to convince them that the Aiel weren't all that bad and that they should release Aviendha.

      When that failed, Matt and I went sneaking around and found her bound in a wooden building about the size of a shed. We released her and ran for the raft. We maneuvered down small swampy, winding channels, knowing we had to escape to the main river. For added fun, we were being chased the entire way.

      Time lapsed and we were ashore. It was night time, and we were bedding down by some ragged sheds that belonged to a poor fisherman or something. While sleeping, a Imperial Guard guy came and inquired about us. We managed to talk our way out of it and celebrated once he was gone. Fun dream.