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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Incredible Lucid: Hoverboard, Green Eyes, and Warp Speed! (Feat. Capn Picard)

      by , 08-18-2012 at 09:43 PM
      I began in my bed, wearing nothing but boxers and a t-shirt, and I was in a store-- it was a wooden cabin, all one room, and a bar counter on one side. I walked outside into the daylight and stared in awe at how realistic it was. I must have done three reality checks before I finally believed I was dreaming.

      I was in a mountainous area. For about a minute or so I just stared off into the wilderness on the side of the road: tons of detailed trees, colorful flowers, and then stared at the scene of the hill-side view across me from the top of this hill.

      I finally remembered a couple of dream goals. One was to go nude in a dream, so I stripped down to my skin. These two urbanites (black guys about my age) merely gave me a long hard (hurr) look, and went on. I remembered to try out a hoverboard. I couldn't make the damn thing appear, however I went through the motion of hopping on and riding, and it worked! it was like it was an invisible board. As I reached the bottom of the hill, another guy one a hoverboard (a real one, not an invisible one lol) zoomed past me.

      At the bottom this guy with glazed over, green eyes (With NO pupils) walked up to me. I cupped his face in my hand and brought him closer so i could stare at them--they were gorgeous and otherwordly...
      im a new user, and i like to know a bit more about LD-green_eyes.jpg

      I followed the green-eyed one and his friends into the woods at the end of the hill, and things got weird...they climbed up a tree and into this large ( small car sized) walnut and they turned to green fairie-lights and entered the walnut. I climbed up the tree (stopping to admire a couple spider webs that were intricately detailed as well! Fucking awesome dream so far) and when i got to the walnut it was smaller than I expected and I opened it and ate these small fruits inside. as I ate them, they tasted bland, and this story played out audibly in my mind saying

      "and they were demons, and like sweets, he was told to avoid them." As I heard it, I spit out the fruit, and it was a mouthful of blood. O_O

      Annnyyway, after that I went around a hill and expected a Stargate to be there-- and there was! I couldn't get it to work, but there was a panel on the side telling me the different planets and cities I could go to. As I picked on, Captain Picard showed up to join me (lol)

      I got in my impala, which was right next to the stargate, and we took off into this field, and I shifted the gear, each time going faster. Finally I realized we were going up into space, and I shifted one more time and we hit warp speed into space...the feeling of acceleration was INCREDIBLE...

      but even more amazing was the visuals my mind gave me for the warp speed...these giant, techni-colored neon bubbles appeared and zoomed past in space...I can't really describe the feeling of awe, but I found a picture that surprisingly give a good idea.

      im a new user, and i like to know a bit more about LD-bubble-wrap.jpg

      After that, I had a False Awakening where Hugh Laurie, as Dr. House, sarcasticly pointed out that I was still dreaming. Lol

      The fruits were
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    2. Cylons! (Battle Star Galactica dream)

      by , 06-19-2011 at 03:37 AM
      Cylon Reconnaissance 6/13/11

      I was part of a Two-Man recon mission from Galactica to a planet (probably Kobol). My partner was a female. I think we came down in a Raptor, but I don't recall the beginning that well. We were walking through some dense jungle/forestry, and soon found ourselves at the edge of a cliff, and we dropped down into the grass for cover.

      The female pulled out a large sniper rifle, and I took out binoculars to aid her. There were a few of Cylons (human variety and toasters) in a clearing below. For some strange reason I wasn't able to assist her in targeting; I blanked. They soon saw us and we slid down the cliff side and into the valley, along the wall until we hit the tree line.

      There were weapons all along the ground. My partner manage to pick up a working weapon. I however, picked up two sepearate weapons, neither of which were in working condition (Oh yeah, love my luck =P ). One of which looked like a longbow...I assumed it was an energy weapon, but apparently it was just a bow, or it was busted. The second was a sort of mechanical rapier, with a second blade running from the hand hard, and meet at the tip of the main blade.

      We darted back into the cover of the woods and were running REALLY fast--inhumanly fast. I realized that WE were Cylons ourselves! (Twist!) The other cylons were a few yards behind us, firing at us, but missing. We leapt into the wreckage of another raptor and set a beacon (which marked the a target for Nuking from the ship in orbit) and were "beamed up" to Galactica.

      From this point, it switched to a movie style dream...I saw the other Cyclons looking at the beacon apathetically just as a massive mushroom cloud appeared, shockwave and all. It was pretty intense. After that, it switched to President Rosland doing something...the dream got a bit illogical after that.
    3. You're now approaching...the Scary Door.

      by , 05-31-2011 at 05:15 AM
      The Scary Door (no really, it was scary...) (2/1/11)

      I woke up in a room that definitely wasn't mine and was immediately lucid. I realized just how vivid it was and sorta took it in for moment. I half ran down the hill of my house and found a ramp that led underground, very similar to a subway entrance. It had fencing all around it. it was very old, and pretty rusty. I opened the first and descended only to find another gate.

      After entering the final gate, I noticed that I was half underground. I could just barely see light beaming in from the side, near the top. There were no walls or ceiling, only the earth. I turned to find a massive door, seemingly made of stone, that had carvings all over it. As I approached however, I got a feeling of uneasiness.

      I continued however, until I was right at the door. I wanted to open it, but I could not bring myself to; I was getting bad vibes, and felt that something dark was in there. Despite being lucid and telling myself I was the dreamer and in control, the fear was overpowering, and I high-tailed it out of there. I walked to the church that was across the street, but found that I was unable to open the door. I began walking to a car that had a DC, hoping to talk to him, but woke up.
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