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    Alucinor XIII

    Wheel of Time Dream

    by , 06-06-2011 at 05:53 PM (1212 Views)
    Saving Aviendha (6/6/11)

    Matt Cauthon and I were on a mission to save Aviendha, who'd been taking captive by some random people (some of which wore armor akin to the Imperial Guard's armor in Oblivion). The initial setting was sparse fields with wood buildings; almost like western-movie houses.

    Who ever was holding her really, really hated the Aiel, and that was their primary reason for holding her captive. We initially were arguing with them, trying to convince them that the Aiel weren't all that bad and that they should release Aviendha.

    When that failed, Matt and I went sneaking around and found her bound in a wooden building about the size of a shed. We released her and ran for the raft. We maneuvered down small swampy, winding channels, knowing we had to escape to the main river. For added fun, we were being chased the entire way.

    Time lapsed and we were ashore. It was night time, and we were bedding down by some ragged sheds that belonged to a poor fisherman or something. While sleeping, a Imperial Guard guy came and inquired about us. We managed to talk our way out of it and celebrated once he was gone. Fun dream.

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    1. Zombie's Avatar
      Lol, wish I had more fun Dreams!