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    Cute Animal Class, Our Fate Is Sealed

    by , 03-04-2012 at 04:57 PM (779 Views)
    I can't wait for Link to read this one.

    #1 - Cute Animal Class [Non-Lucid]

    I'm back in a middle or high school class, but it's taking place in my room at home. I don't perceive it as my room at the time, though. The class was strange, and generally involved petting cute animals. I spent the first part of a dream petting a black cat that was sooo fluffy, and I remember a white cat walking around in the background, and at some point some dog that was cute but upon waking up I'm pretty sure was horribly mutated, or at least not remotely what a dog should look like. I think she was based on N's dog, too. Class ends, and I remember thinking that winter break was about to start. I reach down and grab a random blue jacket that's sitting on my bed and struggle to put it on for a minute, then I turn to look at the door and notice that Linkzelda41 is there! I said something along the lines of "Merry Christmas" or "happy holidays", and I ask him to wait up for me while I grab my stuff so we can leave the class together, but he heads out. :< I try to grab all my stuff and run after him, but I start to notice that there's a LOT of my stuff in this classroom. (Still haven't realized that it's my room. ) I start panicking and grabbing as much as possible, thinking "I can't just leave all this stuff here, I need it at home!!", and my arms are starting to get really full and I'm not sure how much more I can carry, but then I wake up.

    Fragment - "Large class, black midgets with dog heads that turn into trucks, singing, P."

    #2 - Our Fate Is Sealed [Non-Lucid]

    I'm with a bunch of other people my age in a house (based on D's?) sitting on a couch facing the kitchen counter. Apparently, we perceive it as being stranded or locked in somehow, and we have been for a couple days. We're trying to keep spirits high, and one guy has been smoking weed with the guy who's cooking our meals because he was freaking out, and we all joke that the food is way better now. A girl tries to play a prank on them after they're coming back to the room from smoking a bowl, but isn't fast enough. He makes some small plates of food and hands them out (and I mean really small, but I suppose we're rationing), and I offer some to the girl sitting next to me on the couch but she declines. Finally she says "It's going to happen... we're all going to die." She has some prophetic powers or something and laments that after all this being trapped it's just going to end. She warns everyone that if they want to make the end of their lives worth it they better do it now. She points at me and says she can't say why but I'm the only one who can go home, but it still won't save me. She also claims that some of us may temporarily come back from the dead but not for long. As a result, when I get home she wants me to make a list with all of our names on it, that way it'll add to the mystery when we die, and when she comes back to life she can get the list and sell it for millions. I woke up after she said that, though.
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      YOU WERE--Wearing0--blue jacket--I knew --- seomthig--was--O


      I was..but ..but...BUT BUT BUt..I WAS SO b..fa.dsg.fg.gfdflahkahdflg OMADGHJADFHKJADHKDg

      This is hilarious, oh my god. Oh my freaking god.
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      Hazy as always. If I had to guess on clothes I'd say... maybe dark colors? But it's a stretch of memory, trying to think of it might just be filling in holes.
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      And I'm soo sorry for leaving you, if I was lucid, I could've....uGH!!!!
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      And oooh okay.
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      Hehe, don't worry about, it still made for a good laugh.
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      I've gotta get in the shower since I'm going out to an early dinner with my parents around 1 or 2. Be back in a little bit.
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