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    Fragment of Dreams

    1. Preliminary Trial

      by , 03-03-2013 at 09:18 PM
      At approximately 12:45 PM I decided to ingest 30 mg of a Rauvolfia serpentina extract, reportedly standardized to contain 30% rauwolscine. I followed this up with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, potato chips, and two trefoil cookies. (Girl scout cookies! ) Shortly after I finished eating, I decided to go on a walk.

      The walk was overall uneventful. My anxious mind payed attention to a few mild things that were likely placebo, such as slightly increased heart rate and stimulation. Once I moved beyond those thoughts they seemed to mostly disappear. One thing maybe worth noting is that I yawned a lot, which I guess is a good sign if I intend to take something before bed. I didn't like how it made me feel like my chest was a little tight though, but again, this disappeared when I stopped letting myself worry about it. It's only been about an hour and a half now and that symptom isn't noticeable, and I'm guessing it was just a gas bubble, since I get those a lot. So far the only thing that's really stood out to me is increased appreciation of food, since it's the one thing I didn't think about beforehand. The fruit on the counter and some more trefoils tasted better than they did before I dosed. I wonder if it's linked to rauwolscine's 5-HT2A antagonism? This is said to increase appetite, after all. Hmm....

      Final decision? So far, it doesn't seem like it'd be too bad before bed. I was afraid of the potential stimulation, but if there even really was any then it wasn't any more significant than caffeine with tolerance. The only thought that really comes to mind is that this is probably best to avoid on days where you don't feel at your most physically fit, but I say that about stimulants in general. This may be worth experimenting with....


      I guess I'll include this really quick, too. I smoked myself to sleep with a friend last night so my recall sucked, but I did get this one fragment down.

      Dream Fragment [Non-Lucid]

      I remember being at the bottom of a mountain range and watching people climb up this big wall, and at the top there was a door just sitting there. Beyond that, I just remember that Gajeel (I think it was him...) from Fairy Tail was on the opponent team, but that's it.
    2. Melatonin Experiment #2

      by , 02-25-2013 at 07:48 PM
      So, I decided to do another ridiculous supplement test this time. I took 80 mg of melatonin at 9 PM, and I washed it down with thin mints, for good measure. The result was interesting. First of all, my first dream of the night was lucid. That's pretty odd, especially considering the melatonin... not that I really mind. For the rest of the night I noticed that nothing overly trippy happened, except that all of the dream scenes were very, very vivid and had mostly bizarre video game themes. I was also a bit delirious whenever I woke up, which caused me to lose one or two dreams from memory before being able to write them down, so I actually had quite a few dreams this night. And I could've had even more, but I had to wake up early again, so....

      #1 - I've Yet To Make This One Work >:T [DILD]

      I remember being at a school and walking down a hallway somehow having control over what was playing on the intercom, and I was using it to mess with someone by blasting loud music whenever they started talking. Eventually I got to the class I was walking to and became lucid. I wasn't incredibly aware though, because I kept texting my friend N throughout it, and I can't remember what we were talking about now. At first I just stabilized a bit, and then I kept trying to summon a joint or a pipe into someone's hands so we could smoke, but it never worked. Eventually I just sat down next to one of the guys there and started cuddling with him, but soon afterward I woke up.

      And yes, let it be noted that 80 mg of melatonin was not enough to stop me from waking up several times throughout the night.

      #2 - Dream Fragment [Non-Lucid]

      I think I was playing as a video game character, or maybe meeting one, who was super violent and was accused of attacking someone over one thousand times "outside of battle"...? Or something like that, and I believe there was a scythe involved too, but it's hard to remember exactly.... I almost lost this one, I just barely was able to grab ahold of the memory.

      #3 - Bobolo [Non-Lucid]

      I was trying to help my cousin K with a school paper based on some kiddie game website called Bobolo that was specifically about some kind of disease or diseases, and I was slowly realizing that this topic wasn't really going to be usable to make a very good paper, but I didn't want to point that out to her because I felt bad that her paper was due the next day. What I remember of the website I could most quickly compare to Maple Story, but I wouldn't say it was exactly like that. There was also some set of medical record scans that I was able to unlock and look at at one point, but I wasn't able to make our what any of them said.

      #4 - I Would Definitely Play This Game [Non-Lucid]

      I was with my cousin G, who was living at some kind of trailer house I'm unfamiliar with with his immediate family now. We were in his room and I was playing some video game with pretty strange maps. I'm fairly certain that the way I was walking around and the character I was using were based on Phantasy Star Online, but the maps had colored grid squares with area effects that were very clearly (I even remember thinking it at the time) based on geo panels from the Disgaea series. The way the character jumped also reminds me of a Mario game thinking back on it now, but not enough to say it was based on that. I was excited about something on it, but I can't remember what now, and then I logged off and talked to G about watching kids do something pointless (the conversation is pretty hazy in my memory), and then I left the house. I got in my car and started trying to figure out how to get home while blasting some really crazy dubstep song which actually sounded pretty badass, but just as I was starting to find my way the dream faded.

      At this point I woke up and, after I got out of my mildly hypnotic state, my libido was running pretty strong. I rolled over and started basically molesting my body pillow for a minute, but I tried to do this passively so the energy would wear off and I could fall asleep again. Eventually I started drifting and had some light hypnagogia, I think of some text or something? I didn't make note of it, so it's hard to remember. And the same with not long after, I rolled over and had more hallucinations, I think it was some kind of ladder pattern running horizontal across my vision, or something... but then my mom came in and woke me up because I have stuff do. Ah, well. Not a bad night.

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    3. Four Days of Non-Lucids

      by , 02-21-2013 at 10:25 PM
      I have been completely swamped for the past few days, but I've still been trying to remember my dreams and smoke less before going to bed. So here's what I got from the last four nights.

      Feb. 18

      I want to say that I took 50 mg of zinc a few hours before bed and 10 mg of melatonin at bedtime for this. I think it was this night....

      Almost Like A Lucid.... [Non-Lucid]

      This dream was long and I don't remember a lot of the build up to it, but I do recall that around when my memory comes in I had the perception that I was viewing something that had happened earlier in the dream again from a different perspective, like I had gone back in time to watch it. I'm not sure if this event had actually happened earlier or not, but it sure felt like it did. I was standing in front of a building in some downtown area watching a crowd of people walk through the front doors, and among them was the past me. I also saw this girl walking not too far from me and decided to possess her, but she got into the building before I could get up to her. I easily rewound time and caught her before she went in again and entered her body. Then I just kept walking into the building to see what all the fuss was about. The inside looked just like some kind of mini-mart like a 7-Eleven but maybe just a little bit fancier. As I walked around I started thinking about some imaginary superhero story I was apparently making, specifically in relation to the villain. I had an idea about how to start them out with something like mind reading or telepathy and move it up to body possession through some kind of power increase, but I can't remember exactly what it was now. At that point the dream became a little less vivid and I shot forward through the wall (smoothly phased) and started flying over the field I was next to, since this place was now a stop on a highway out in the middle of nowhere, and as I was admiring it I woke up.

      Feb. 19

      I'm fairly certain I took a 10 mg melatonin here, too.

      #1 - I'm Sure He Can Handle It [Non-Lucid]

      I was hanging out with my friend N when we somehow became aware of the fact that our mutual friend R (who I met N through) had been taken hostage somewhere. We were in a house that I believe somewhat resembles my aunt and uncles' old house from like fifteen years ago, but I barely remember it. I decided to call his cell phone to see if he could pick up, but his voice message had been changed to some guy with a really heavy British accent talking about how we had reached some kind of game development company or something. I tell N that he must have been taken hostage by British criminals who had changed his message so that they could pretend to be a legit company and no one would know to save him, and that we have to go rescue him right away, but added that "I still have a class to go to today. " I turned my head and saw a TV with a commercial playing in the corner of the room. The audio to it was talking about something along the lines of making your own robot, but all the video was showing was a guy wrapping himself in plastic and trying to mold it to make armor out of it. I instantly feel that R might've seen this commercial too and had the same idea, and so he may already have been able to escape on his own.

      #2 - Lucid Dreaming Tutorial [Non-Lucid]

      The main thing I remember about this dream is walking around the park by my house with my mom and coming across these kids, like three or four boys around eight to ten years old if I remember correctly. They asked me how to fly in a lucid dream so I showed them, though I did something totally different than I actually do in a lucid (which this was not), which was like this multiple jumping thing kind of like in a Mario game. Despite thinking that this was my normal routine, I could tell that it felt really odd as I was doing it, though I didn't know why. However, I still did manage to fly, but they didn't quite understand my method. I just told them I'd see them again some time and teach them more later on, because I guess I was busy at the moment.

      #3 - Dream Fragment [Non-Lucid]

      I was giving someone recommendations and tips about which Nippon Ichi Software game to play.

      Feb. 20

      Poor Judgment Calls [Non-Lucid]

      I didn't actually write this one down, so my memory of it is kind of faint now. Basically what I remember is that first I was at my house with my cousin K, then something involving Marona from Phantom Brave happened (I think she might have been my cousin at first that turned into her?), and then I was with JB, this guy I used to hang out with who was pretty sociopathic. We were in my room and my parents kept bothering us, and we were trying to get them to leave us alone so we could have sex (eep ). We never got them to go away before I woke up, though.

      Feb. 21

      #1 - I Wonder What It Was.... [Non-Lucid]

      The part of this dream before my recall really kicks in was at a store, but that's about all I can remember about it. What I do remember is being at a family party at my house, and everyone was gathered in the living room to congratulate this guy I don't recognize for doing something.... I'm not sure what it was, but I know that I felt that either I deserved it or at least he didn't deserve it, or something along those lines. I was being sort of rude and went to the kitchen to sulk alone because I couldn't stand to be in the room for all that, but at one point the guy came in and tried to make me feel better and I started just trying to get over it. My cousin A walked in and started saying something about these bowls of grapes and cherry tomatoes that were sitting on the counter by me and managed to squeeze some open and wear them on the tips of her fingers just to be funny, and then they sort of just absorbed into her fingertips and disappeared and she left. >___> I turned around and my friend M's mom was there too, for some reason (it didn't even look like her, I just perceived that that's who she was). She started telling me about where she grew up, but I don't recall anything she was saying. The dream sort of shifted as it was falling apart, and I got a third-person flash of a Facebook page where someone was telling this girl A that I met recently that she was beautiful and an inspiration to everyone, and then I woke up.

      #2 - If Only This Worked In Real Life [Non-Lucid]

      I was driving around with some random guy and Linkzelda, and I was trying to show the guy how to get to our imaginary school campus by following Link's directions. At one point we parked and me and the random guy got out of the car at this apartment complex, and this guy who I somehow immediately knew was Jewish came up to us begging for help. He had a gun and said he had run out of bullets for it and was being chased by a group of people, and there was some situation with more guns in an apartment upstairs. The guy that we were showing the campus decided to be a hero and ran off to that upstairs place, and the Jewish guy ran off frightened as he saw the group of people coming after him again. At that moment I realized that they might see me if I'm not careful, so I started whispering to myself "I'm not here, I'm not here...." and getting into a meditative state. I dropped the perception of my body and started floating up away from the scene, but then I looked down at one of the guys running by and got sucked into his body. The dream jumped around a little and I was in some hazy perception of something about a guy and some really attractive woman with guns, but it's so blurry that I can't really recall what was going on now.... And that's the last thing that happened before I woke up.

      Final thoughts.... I'm noticing a definite increase in the amount of dream control techniques I employ in non-lucids these days. And it's not just from the examples shown here, it's been happening more and more lately. I wonder if it's because of the way I try to drop awareness in lucids anyway and just run with it; maybe I simply recognize the similar state of mind and use it without acknowledging what it implies?

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    4. Why Won't They Leave Me Alone!?

      by , 11-29-2012 at 05:05 AM
      This is from November 21st, I just didn't get around to typing it all up before.

      Early in the night I originally fell asleep on the couch in the living room in front of my laptop, then I woke up a couple to a few hours later and shut down everything in the house and moved to bed. So that technically makes these with a WBTB.

      #1 - Creeper Nightmare [Non-Lucid]

      Throughout this dream, for some reason all of the windows in my house had open blinds and were larger than normal, making it very easy to see into the house from the outside at any point. It was really creeping me out because in the house next to mine which was visible through the windows there were these four guys that kept peering around corners or over fences to just stare at me in a really freaky way, and then they would start laughing when I got anxious. Even when I tried to go out front or out back I would see them watching me from somewhere. At one point I was even crawling around on the floor in the house and reaching strategically over and around objects to avoid being seen by them, knowing that they were just out of eyesight staring into the window. Eventually I just got pissed, and I went out front, walked over to their fence, and jumped up on it in one swift movement. This is not uncommon for me; my dream self seems to think that walking on fences is fairly normal, though still something to be considered significant. I ran along the top until the second floor balcony of the next door house (which doesn't actually exist, it's a one-story house) and leapt over to it. I went in through the door and walked up to one of the guys who said "Oh shit!" and looked shocked. I was ready to smack a ho, but then my memory of the dream gets really blurry and I just remember there being something about my old friend T, I saw him for a second... but then, I woke up. Ah, well.

      #2 - Modeling Assignment [Non-Lucid]

      I was at some big school function where they paired us up with different students and had us take tests and do modeling jobs and stuff. There was some girl there that I was just trying to be nice to for some reason, and I remember lending her a pencil, but then she still got totally pissed at me for something. However, AB, this girl I used to know since elementary school but barely ever talked to since then, got up and started defending my honor with some long speech. Oh, also, I think for most of this dream, or at least this part onward, I was JY, this guy I also knew since elementary school. No idea why, I haven't thought about him in ages.... Anyway, like I said, we were paired off and we were supposed to be doing a modeling gig. For ours they were expecting us to submit some comic we'd made, but my partner was the one who had it on him and he didn't show up. I tried doing the gig myself and they told me my image was nice but it needed more, it had to be both of us or neither. I decided to go walking around the mall/school looking for my partner and somehow ended up back at my house. (My real house, not JY's house.) I was in my parents' bedroom and I decided to just jump back on the bed and give the guy a phone call. I told him the situation and he said that he had to ditch to go to a dentist appointment. I just said that that was fine because the school was just pushing us into it anyway so I didn't really care that much.

      #3 - Nothing Wrong With A Little Bondage [Non-Lucid]

      I was at some kind of station waiting for transportation with my parents, and there were these two random girls standing not far from us. I turned to my parents and asked them if the train that just left was the one that we were supposed to be taking, and the girls startled giggling and said that it was actually a bus. I just responded that we call it a train where I come from. It was clearly based on a train from around here, so I wasn't wrong lol. Eventually a couple more arrive and we got on a different one from them and I get a third-person view (from outside and behind the train, though it may have become a bus considering what we did next) of the train swerving through traffic and over all these crazy highways that bend at impossible angles. It basically looked like a huge video game obstacle course set up all around some big city full of skyscrapers. The dream then transitions to when I'm already off the train and I'm at a mall restaurant of some kind meeting up with M, some random DC, O, ET (heh, not the extra terrestrial), S (5 hits, for self-reference), and maybe C and a few others. We were going to do something though I can't remember exactly what now, and this random guy walked up to me and kissed my hand. I just patted him on the back and said "Sorry, I'm taken." and moved on, and I saw a friend comforting him as he walked away. Then, ET just up and decides to grab me by the arms from behind, pick me up, and hold me locked in some bondage position to parade me around the mall for everyone to see. At this point many of the people in the crowd were suddenly in fetishy outfits, and everyone was just staring at me amused as we went by. And yes, it was awesome. >.> I could hear the whole gang talking about movies or something behind me, but I never got back into the conversation before the dream ended. I had a brief false awakening where I typed up most of the previous dream on my phone, almost letting it fade from memory. Luckily, I still remembered it well upon waking for real.

      #4 - And Now The Creepers Can Fly ;-; [MILD]

      In this dream I felt that I was visiting home for the holidays, though I'm not entirely sure where exactly I would've been visiting from. I was wandering around outside on the side of my house by the next door neighbors' fence and I saw some random girl followed by SC, this girl I knew in middle school, breaking into their yard through the fence. The girl was saying that it's just something she likes to do to mess with people so they have to take the time to clean their yards up. Now this next part I really have no memory of at all, though I really wish I did. Instead, I'll just have to quote it. "Then some old guy comes running by and uses me as an external pacemaker for a second." I go back inside my house through the garage and see the girls sitting out back and think that something must be up because they should still have been in the neighbors' yard. I approach our back door and think to myself "Alright, if I can fly right through it then this is a dream." I leapt off the ground and went right through the door and wall and flew into the sky. I was excited, but immediately after the happiness set in and I turned around slightly and saw some creepy guy flying right behind me. I had an adrenaline rush and the scene transitioned into my bedroom, and I was convinced that I'd ruined my shot. I almost lost this dream to a false awakening as well, but thankfully I woke up shortly afterward.

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    5. I Need More Nights Like This

      by , 11-18-2012 at 02:01 PM
      #1 - Maybe Some Post-Apocalyptic Future? [Non-Lucid]

      The first memories of this dream are very patchy. What I remember is that there were lots of these robots that looked like they were designed to be piloted by people for combat. They had the typical dwarfish body with a big round cockpit head design. However, when you actually got inside, through an opening in the top, there was a huge lair inside each one. Some of this dream took place in first person and some in third person, but apparently I was this girl who was just a little bit creepy-looking and sort of lanky, and my face was divided in half with colors so that (I believe) the left side of my face was my normal skin and hair color and the right had pale white skin and light navy blue hair. My hair was also much straighter than it actually is. Though I don't quite remember the experience (though I suppose this whole dream could pretty much count), I also recall taking like eight hits of LSD and almost snorting a line of MDMA, but then I got distracted. The clearest part of my memory comes in when I'm walking around an apartment complex looking for this huge drill vehicle I guess one of my friends was supposed to be at, and when I finally found it I started talking to them (I want to say it was a girl). They were shocked because I had aged more than them, and I explained that it was because I spent so much time in a combat robot lair and time moves faster in there. I think there was a little bit more to that, but... that's about where the vividness fades out, and I wake up.

      #2 - Dream Fragment [Non-Lucid]

      Something about having a big dinner with my parents and Linkzelda or something like that, I remember seeing them both separately but not really any other details.

      #3 - Dream Fragment [Non-Lucid]

      My friend N (who is not on DV) and I were arguing against some posts on DV, and all I remember is that the subject was blue and white suits, either for skydiving or skiing, and a claim that you have to do ridiculous things just to be noticed in this world.

      #4 - Dream Fragment [Non-Lucid]

      Just a direct quote from my notes for this one, it's hard to really remember it now. "Talking to Auron about how DV doesn't cater enough to people who want to improve their bodies through 3D models? Or something like that...." >.>

      #5 - Creepy Thoughts [Non-Lucid]

      I was visiting S in a house he was renting the top floor of, and I believe he was renting it with a roommate. The house was gigantic and I didn't even really get to see most of it, but I did end up sleeping over either on a cot or in a sleeping bag or something in a room I had to myself. There was a window in the room with a clear view of another house across the street, though with where I felt I was in the house and the size of the house I'm not entirely sure this view made much sense. Regardless, I could see the other house's balcony, and that got me thinking about the fact that if someone was out there I'd be able to see them clearly and they wouldn't notice me at all, and that just made me think about how often people must just people watch us for various reasons that we never even realize. And that's about where the dream ended.

      #6 - Fight In The Gym [Non-Lucid]

      I was with this guy I used to hang out with, JB, and we were at a school function or something with lots of other people. I want to say we were in a gym with a stage on it, and we were pretty close to the stage at first. Out of nowhere these two guys sort of near us started fighting, and along with the rest of the crowd we got pushed into one of the back corners of the room, and most of us sat down. I was literally there in the corner myself, everyone was packed in pretty tight and there was a guy in front of me and a girl to my right that were wedging me in there. I actually felt completely trapped because they were pushing tight but there was no discomfort of any sort, so it felt really nice. >w< Someone tries to take a couple good pictures of the group after those guys randomly stopped fighting and then ML, this girl I knew in high school, is saying something when her mouth starts growing gigantic and rotating sideways. >_> My memory starts getting a little hazy at this point, and then I wake up.
    6. The Sacred Stream, Incredibly Fragmented Lucid, Pitted Against One Another

      by , 11-05-2012 at 11:50 PM
      Just to catch up on a few dreams I missed recording recently....

      October 31

      Fragment - "Weed smoking at some school with creepy guy who wants cheese pizza, blue teddy bears on the highway? The rest of us eat pepperoni." All I remember about this dream is seeing those blue teddy bears, they looked very trippy and weird. >.>

      The Sacred Stream [Non-Lucid]

      I was with M and at least one or two other people (who I think was/were imaginary) and after driving in my car a bit and then getting out to walk around we fell way down over the side of this huge cliff. We landed on a rock formation around half way down that had a stream flowing down it and started drinking it, and I believe M who noticed that it was, in fact, alcohol. o.o I took some large handfuls myself and it was freaking delicious! Unfortunately, when we climbed down from it to the ground there was some "tribe" of people there talking about how they were pissed at us from drinking from their sacred river, and then they started shooting at us. (I can't remember if it was just guns or poison darts or what, it's been too long now.) My first car just happened to be parked nearby so we all ran to it and hopped in and I started driving us away, though for a second I got really distracted by the fact that the headlights wouldn't work (), but then they finally did (). We pull off to the road and finally get away, but then I start feeling odd so I pull off to the side and look at my cellphone. Everything on the screen is fluctuating wildly, letters, shapes, and colors start switching around and pulsing and I realize that I'm hallucinating really hard. (In actually, technology usually malfunctions like this for me in dreams. ) I felt like I'd ingested something toxic and M was trying to look after me while I felt colder and weaker, but shortly thereafter I woke up.

      November 1

      Incredibly Fragmented Lucid [DILD]

      "Stabilizing in a house...."

      How disappointing is that. ._.

      November 3

      Pitted Against One Another [Non-Lucid]

      I was part of some futuristic battle where people all fighting for their own personal causes were pitted against each other even though they had no hard feelings against each other, and I ended up fighting this one guy in a mall who was trying to set himself free of the hurt that he had because, apparently, he had taught every single person who died on a plane on 9/11 to read and speak English and he hadn't gotten over their deaths. o.o When I had to unfortunately defeat him, he, like, dissolved into blue code while telling me this story....

      I really wish I remembered more of that dream, but I didn't even write anything down when I woke up so that's pretty much all I've got now.
    7. Flying Around School

      by , 08-01-2012 at 03:10 PM
      Flying Around School [DILD]

      This dream is pretty much a fragment. I was doing stuff at school for most of it, but I can't really remember what any of that stuff was now. O and D were there, however; that I know for sure. At one point I got tired of walking through the hallway so I just lied down and started gliding across the ground. This and the flying that followed soon afterward made me become lucid. Really all I did for the rest of the dream was phase through the walls to get outside and then fly around above the school. Right before I woke up I also got a strange out-of-body sense that I wasn't myself but rather was controlling some skinny guy white bleached blonde spikes in his hair, and I got a somewhat decent bird's-eye visual of him.
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    8. Day 3: The Secret Compartment

      by , 07-26-2012 at 04:10 PM
      Supplement Dose: 10 mg Melatonin, 250 mg Choline, 50 mg Zinc, 400 mg Niacin, 100 mg Inositol, 100 mg Vitamin B6, 800 mcg Folic Acid, 500 mg Vitamin C

      Dream Fragment - "Walking around an apartment complex with R explaining to him why DMT is special?"

      The Secret Compartment [DILD]

      The first part of this dream is hazy, but I was doing something at school which then became a mall. I vaguely remember seeing people I've known since elementary school, and then I told this girl MH who has the same last name as me that she's have to put something up my butt. (A quarter, I believe? ) Shortly afterward I became lucid, however, and I was walking around in some big department store section of the mall. The dream was quite vivid at first but rather unstable, and to save it I walked around singing "I can see clearly now, the rain is gone....", which worked like a charm. I was fully lucid in the sense that I had full comprehension of the fact that I was in a dream and none of this was real, but I still don't think my rational mind fully turned on as I was making some strange decisions. I decided that I wanted to steal a TV which would surely serve me no purpose for some reason, so I grabbed it and started heading toward the exit (the one that actually leads outside, not back into the mall). However, as I was walking up to the censors a thought occurred to me: if I walk out of here knowing I'm stealing this, the dream will probably make the alarms go off and I'll have to get out of here quickly, and that might cause an adrenaline rush which could wake me up. I opted to find a better way to sneak it out to see if I could get past the censors without a fuss. Also, when I wasn't looking the TV turned into a toy gun. I never really focused on it intently so my memory of it is hazy, but I want to say it looked like this one more than anything.

      However, my mission didn't change, and for some reason I still wanted to steal this. I walked around until I found an attractive female DC. *cough* I then grabbed her, pushed her over, pulled down her pants, and shoved the gun into her ass. Hooray, it fits! My plan from this point on was to make her walk through the censor and look like they're just going off randomly because she's not stealing anything, then walk through and get it back out of her, but then
      I woke up. ._.

      There were a few more dreams, but I guess I was lazy and possibly having false awakenings because I vaguely remember intending to type them down, but there were no further notes than those. >w<

      Spoiler for Reflections:
    9. Childhood Memories?, The Perfect Lawn, An Old Goal Completed By Chance

      by , 07-12-2012 at 06:39 PM

      Dream Fragment - This one was technically more than a fragment as it was fully developed, I just don't really remember much about it now, so I can't fill in the details for my notes. "I go to a book/department store-based event, like A-Kon or something, with old [my senior high school] people at it. Walking around, not giving a fuck what people think. Yeah, look at the food."

      Childhood Memories? [DILD]

      I was driving my old jeep and my old friend JRE and I parked it somewhere deep in a forest. After we got out, we walked to where there was some bus stop and got on the bus, which then took us to some downtown area. Though I'm pretty sure I experienced all or most of our downtown adventure, I know there were tons of people that I potentially know. All I really remember of it now was wandering around a parking lot with JRE, and he was getting annoyed at me for acting childish (in a playful way), or something like that. Eventually we end up getting back on the bus, and initially JRE sits far away from me but he eventually moves up to where I am. The bus is traveling through the forest, and somehow it turns into the legs of an AT-ST (the two-legged robot walkers from Star Wars) with a tiny couch seat on top, where JRE and I are sitting. Of course, this all seems perfectly normal at the time. I was just admiring how vivid all of the forest surroundings were, and I had the sudden sense that JRE and I might be having a shared dream. Oh snap, this is a dream! I looked over at JRE and started doubting whether or not this was really shared, and I decided to slap him on the back to see just how stable he was. As I did he exploded into sand, and my hand continued to move straight through where he had been sitting. As the AT-ST legs took me back to where the Jeep was, I had the strangest sense that this dream was connecting me to my childhood memories, though it's hard to explain the sensation now. As I was approaching the Jeep, I looked down and noticed that I was wearing what appeared to be a transparent white one-piece bathing suit. It did make me happy, though. I got in the car and grabbed the wheel, which was now invisible, as the dream was sort of falling apart around me. I either drove or just phased forward through some kind of "wall" which I can't even describe that was in front of me now, and then everything went black, and soon I woke up.


      #1 - The Perfect Lawn [Non-Lucid]

      There was a family party going on at my house and my aunt C and cousin S were there at least (and I think probably my uncle N as well), and all I remember is that I was relaxing in my bedroom and I knew that they were spending a lot of time in my parents' bedroom for some reason, and then they walked out and went into the guest bathroom, where my other aunt D suddenly walked down the hall trying to get to and was mad that it was already occupied. I think my mom was with her, too. Somewhere down the line (I think the dream may have skipped forward a bit), I decided to go swimming out back. I also became Jackie (Mila Kunis) from That '70s Show. Donna (Laura Prepon) was also there and I was trying to get her to swim with me, but she didn't want to get in the pool. :T I believe it skipped forward again and we were walking down the street that extends directly outward from my house (we're centered at a three-way intersection), and I was looking around for lawns that had sprinklers covering them with water (sometimes even sprinklers shooting water on to them from the middle of the street ). My aim was to find a yard that was so wet... that the grass and dirt had entered a complete liquidy consistency, so I'd be able to swim in it. ._. I even found one that I thought might be good, and I dipped my toes in it and saw it ripple. I turned around and said something to Donna I believe, but then I woke up.

      Dream Fragment - I was hanging out with N and I think R on my back porch, and suddenly we were in the pool and N was talking about how he found some amazing ecstasy tabs recently, claiming he'd taken only a third of one and ended up rolling really hard. I ended these notes with "Me disappoint." Not entirely sure what that's supposed to mean here. >_>

      Dream Fragment - I was with NS, this guy I knew through my entire public schooling career but then never saw again after we graduated, and we were walking around at some kind of Star Wars convention... or something....

      #2 - An Old Goal Completed By Chance [MILD]

      I was lying on my bed with my old friend D, and for some reason we were lying extremely close to each other, with our faces almost touching (but it wasn't supposed to mean anything, it was just taken as totally normal at the time ). Though I'm not sure if there even was much dream content before this, I had an underlying knowledge that we were in a Heroes-like world. Derek had the power of cryokinesis (ice generation/freezing) and I had the totally broken ability of absorbing the powers of anyone around me. Since we just happened to be right there next to each other, I grabbed his cryokinesis for myself. I suddenly had the knowledge of how to use it and everything. The dream skipped forward to he and I standing at an intersection, like actually in the lanes where the cars would be, waiting for the lights to turn so we could keep walking. I was in the left-hand turning lane, and D was arguing with me about something, though I can't remember what it was now. I was getting fed up with him, and when the light turned I flew off into the air and turned left down the road. Realizing that I was flying was enough to make me become lucid, and I knew immediately what I had to do. I thrust my arm out at a nearby plant while flying by and made the same kind of psychic-power-hand-gesture pose I make while using telekinesis, and the plant instantly froze over. It works!!!! Now I'll know how to do this from now on! I decided to freeze a car too, and it worked, but then it almost immediately just turned into a different white car and kept trying to drive slowly. Clearly the skill needs some work, but it's good to know that I can at least use it now. I wanted to try to freeze a human, so I looked for a DC and noticed a girl walking on the sidewalk not too far ahead of me. I pounced on her, expecting it to be playful... but apparently I put a bit more force into it than I meant to, because it killed her. O_O I was disappointed for a second, but then thought I'd give something else a try... and with one more psychic hand gesture, she came back to life! That's two new abilities! I ended up rolling around on the ground with her trying to get her into focus because my vision was fading away and I was having a tough time saving it, and finally I was able to freeze her, but I only heard it because my vision had already faded to black. Oh well, there's always next time! Shortly afterward, I woke up.

      Dream Fragment - I was with D again and we had ordered pizza at his house (which wasn't really his house), but we were having them deliver it to my house so that we could drive over there to get it. We got here and ended up working on some homework on my dad's computer for some reason, but the pizza never arrived. I kept staring out the window for it, but only some girls I vaguely knew in middle and high school drove up but never got out of their car. I wanted that pizza. :C

      Dream Fragment - My mom was asking me if the ball at the end of my poi was actually just a gigantic Skittle.
    10. PSO2 Just Got Even Better, Taking Off My Robe

      by , 07-08-2012 at 04:01 PM
      Supplement Dose: 1 cup Peppermint Tea

      #1 - PSO2 Just Got Even Better [Non-Lucid]

      All I remember about the first part of the dream was JRE asking me if I was checking him out, because he said that he could tell when people had "the eyes", or something like that. I wasn't checking him out, though. My memory skips forward a bit, and now I'm hanging out with JB. We're talking about Phantasy Star Online 2 (though it's not even remotely correct in its design) and playing what I believe is a demo. It has all the same menu structures as the original Phantasy Star Online, and I ask JB if he transferred over his character from Phantasy Star Universe. (Which isn't how it works. ) I was looking through my character's inventory during this and noticing that I had tons of really badass weapons, especially swords, and one of them was called Snake Beater, which I thought was pretty cool at the time. (A Phantom Brave reference.) We're apparently playing the game in some kind of warehouse, and the cool part is, whenever I was looking at these weapons they would actually spawn right next to us. They looked soooo cool, lots of them were dark neon colors or had black shadowy auras, and stuff like that.... So awesome. >w< JB takes all of this in, then turns to me and asks if I've been laid yet. Fuck you, JB. Then I woke up.

      Soon after I rolled over to get to sleep again, I heard a somewhat loud banging noise. I actually used to get these a lot, whenever I would be entering sleep paralysis, but they haven't happened in a long time and it startled me awake. I was also getting very vivid hypnagogic stuff. Very mentholy.

      Dream Fragment - Someone else and I were out back at my pool, and as we drew in the water with our hands, waves of glowing rainbow patterns would burst out from where we touched and hold their form for a minute. Whoever I was with (I think it was a guy, but that's about all I can remember) drew a heart shape in water, and I watched it as the patterns formed together. It looked so romantic.

      #2 - Taking Off My Robe [DILD]

      I think there was something going on this dream before I became lucid, but I don't remember much of it. I was housesitting for someone, and I decided to go out front. It seemed to be about the middle of the day, and while looking down the neighborhood road I became lucid. Three for three! My senses were pretty clear and vivid too, so that's cool. Somehow I got worked into trying to fly in third-person, and it was kind of working (and I remember watching a car drive down the road from a perspective slightly off the ground as I was doing it), but it was also making the dream rather unstable, so I stopped. At this point the dream shifted to nighttime, but I was still in front of the house. The shift was somewhat disorienting, and so, though I didn't really fully lose lucidity, for a minute I was just kind of going along with what was happening. I sat down on the curb next to the driveway (which was in front of the house), and it suddenly occurred to me that I was wearing nothing except a bra, panties, and a pink robe to cover myself with. Hmm, good to know. I actually felt pretty attractive in it. At around that time, a couple walked up and started pacing around the driveway. It was dark and I wasn't really looking directly at them for most of it, but I want to say that they were Hispanic. I had an instant attraction to the girlfriend, and I wanted to go up and tell her to ditch her boyfriend but it didn't feel like the right time. I just kind of listened to what they were talking about for a minute or two (though I don't really remember what it was now), and then they went into the house. They had been acting like they knew the owners or something, and could go in freely. Once they went through the door, now regaining full lucidity, I got up and followed closely behind them, deciding it was time to make my move. I could see them sitting on the couch through a window, and they turned to look at the door as I opened it. As I walked through it, I stripped off my robe to reveal my sexy lingerie and got blasted with a wave of libido. I felt curvier and like I was radiating beauty, like I was some kind of supermodel. I went and sat down in front of the girl, who was now white with blonde hair and wearing a blue bikini top and cut off jeans, I believe (though I barely noticed the switch at the time). I reached one of my arms around her and started running my hands over her skin, massaging her breasts, and basically just stroking her all over. She felt unbelievably soft, it was great. I could tell that she was enjoying it, and I grabbed her and went in for a kiss. All of the sensations were extremely vivid, including that last bit, but then the dream started collapsing around me, and I woke up, still extremely horny.

      Oh menthol, what am I going to do with you?
    11. Random Fragments

      by , 07-04-2012 at 05:11 PM
      Dream Fragment - "SA, M maybe?, and someone else... reminiscing."

      Dream Fragment - "Humanoid ants made of shit taking over the classroom, Mrs. K and R (from that class) and such."
      Tags: high school
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    12. The Lust Returns

      by , 07-03-2012 at 02:02 PM
      Supplement Dose: 36.4 mg Menthol (Cough Drops)

      #1 - The Lust Returns [DILD]

      There was something going on in the beginning of the dream that I can't quite remember, but we were in a huge auditorium with multiple floors of seatings, and I was up on the second floor (which was kind of like a balcony overlooking the stage). There was a massive amount of people there, which is perhaps notable because I'm usually not in crowds this big unless I've taken some kind of dream enhancer. All I really remember about this part of the dream was that we had some kind of instructors or someone who was watching after us, I'm pretty sure my old friend S was there, and someone had pissed me off and subsequently was moved closer to the edge of the balcony, further away from me. Somehow, I think when I was turning to face the crowd behind me, the scene turned into a classroom. I almost want to say there was some strange 2D video game screen that flashed in between this, but my recollection of it is very hazy.... Anyway, once I was in the classroom I pretty much immediately became lucid. I looked at the screen which was pulled down and had the projector turned on, and there were very readable words on it but it was entirely gibberish, and I didn't really make an effort to remember any of it, though it was funny. I surveyed the class and noticed that everything was in extremely high detail, and the dream hadn't required any stabilization at all. That's nifty, usually things are falling apart for me by now. A bunch of the kids in the class had drinks, so I decided to do a taste test. I tried three different drinks, all of which were delicious. I want to say that one of them looked vaguely orange juice-like, and I think at least one or both of the others was/were soda. I return to the front of the classroom and say "Someone go get me lunch!", deciding that I wanted to try some food now too. This girl in the back of the class stands up and cheerily says "I'll do it! " Awww, she's cute. >w< I say that I'm going to hug her first on her way out and I basically jump up and wrap myself around her. So warm and soft. Suddenly my libido starts shooting up HARD. Oh no, this again! It was much stronger than last night too, so maybe it is a normal menthol effect for me.... The feeling just keeps rising and I'm not sure how much longer I can take it, I'm honestly afraid that I'm just about to explode. I squeeze the girl tighter... and then the dream fades, and I wake up. Intense. X)

      Dream Fragment - Apparently I said something on DV about how not everyone wants to be rich, and tommo was doubting if it was true.
    13. Salvia Fragment

      by , 07-01-2012 at 05:46 PM
      Dream Fragment - Some guy was telling me and a couple friends about how much he loves salvia, and I agreed with some of what he was saying but he was making it sound way more controllable than it is, much more like a normal psychedelic like shrooms....
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    14. Hanging Out With Family, Shady Diner, Taking A Vacation

      by , 06-29-2012 at 05:12 PM
      The Other Day

      Dream Fragment - R and I were just standing around in the middle of nowhere, and I was vaguely aware that we were both supposedly watching some kind of sex tape, though we could only hear it and not see it. There were people making lots of "-uh" sounds like, "fuh", "wuh", and "buh", and as I was hearing them, I could see, in a separate but equally full field of perception, an empty black space where these words would suddenly appear in large, white Times New Roman font (and all with their first letters capitalized, too), and then they would just slide off to the side and disappear.


      Dream Fragment - A friend of mine, I want to say M but I'm not totally sure, and my old acid dealer, S, were working as cocktail waitresses in a casino in Las Vegas, and all I really remember is that S's outfit was oh-so-flattering, omochikaeri!~


      All night I kept having these half-awake/half-asleep thoughts about the 5-HT2A receptor, but I can't remember what any of them were now. The other night it happened to me about D1 and D2, also. Strange... but anyway....

      #1 - Hanging Out With Family [Non-Lucid]

      My cousin P and I were at my aunt and uncles' house for most of this dream, and we may have ported here from a card shop or something but I'm not entirely sure.... I just remember that for a good deal of time the dream was dealing with Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. At one point I got really excited because I found a normal monster card with (I think) 10 stars and stats that read ATK/42 DEF/1000000. (In fact, at at least a couple different points in the dream I'm pretty sure it had gone up to 1000000000. Though, I think the (incredibly odd, for Yu-Gi-Oh!) 42 had also dropped down to 0. ) I couldn't stop thinking about how easily I could screw someone over by placing it in face-down defense position and having it get attacked. X) At some point P and I had ordered a pizza that looked like it was just cheese, but I recall taking a slice that had pepperoni and roma tomatoes on it somehow. I was really confused because I realized that I didn't know where I had put that card down, and I was pretty sure... pretty sure that it had now become a part of the pizza. ._. I was actively searching the pizza for signs of its ATK/DEF stat, but to no avail. I was saddened and walked off, and (still not having eaten it), raised my slice of pizza to my mouth but the toppings fell off. I reached down to the floor and picked them up, grease and all, and wiped them off on my clothes and put them back on the pizza and ate them. WTF, me! It did taste good, though. After that I walked down the hallway and briefly talked to my cousin AB, though I can't remember about what, and then when I went down the NEXT hallway I ran into her husband PB. He asked me something about the way that I was acting, and I pointed out to him that I wasn't really super drunk but I had been earlier, so I was still feeling pretty buzzed. After that he left and my cousin AD (P's mom) came in to the hallway and walked into the room through the doorway I was standing by, and started saying something about the lighting, but then I woke up.

      #2 - Shady Diner [DILD]

      Unfortunately I don't really remember much of this one because I'm pretty sure I never fully woke up after it and before the next dream. :T I was at some kind of a food restaurant, it looked like one of those tiny roadside diner places, and I remember that everyone was giving me weird looks. I don't recall much else aside from having either a tiny purse or a brown paper bag (or possibly both on different glances) and becoming lucid and realizing that there was food in front of me. I want to say it was a brownie or something...? Well, whatever it was, I ate it and it was delicious, but that was the end of the dream. >w<

      #3 - Taking A Vacation [Non-Lucid]

      I was on vacation, I want to say with M and ND (though I only saw them at different times, I believe). ND and I were walking around trying to find some guy and his girlfriend who I think was ND's friend who lived in the place where we were visiting, so they were going to show us around a bit. I remember that when we found them we started walking through these long halls of what seemed like tiny, tiny living rooms that people were living in like apartments, and we were waltzing right on through. I only really remember the last two, with the first being filled with people playing Wii Sports bowling, and a girl sort of half-heartedly saying "Let's play!", and the second being a room with just a guy sitting in what looked like a comfy sofa chair and clearly holding in smoke as to not seem suspicious. After we got out of there ND and I broke into laughter, and I told him that if we stayed there long enough I might try to find some weed myself since it seems like it'd be pretty easy. He says we might not be, but I say I might try to find some anyway. Somehow it suddenly started raining really hard outside and magically we all had hoodies or jackets on, so we ducked into this big building right next to where we were standing, which was I think by some kind of mini train tracks or something. Inside the building there were lots of those kids rides where it's the horse/rocket/tiny car/whatever (these were all various tiny cars) that you get in and it rocks back and forth as if you were actually riding it/in it. We were just inspecting them for a minute, and then I woke up.
    15. Day 4: Pool Casino Resort

      by , 06-12-2012 at 05:56 PM
      Dream Fragment - I remember swimming in my pool at night with the pool light on, and having to fight off some bugs that were floating around in the water. Then in my notes I wrote something about "locks" and "problems"... not exactly sure what that means. ._.

      Pool Casino Resort [Non-Lucid]

      I was at some kind of casino resort in Las Vegas that was made up almost entirely of pools. It was pretty cool! I only remember vague details about the beginning, there were balloons that you could grab on to and float away and the food was amazing. My old friend D, my old friend S, my friend J, and this girl C (for self-reference: Euler's number) were all there eating with me, and I was talking to C since I hadn't seen her since 11th grade (not that I even really talked to her then). I remember hearing and sort of seeing a commercial playing on a big TV screen there too, hanging above one of the pools that led outside through these huge golden pillars. >w< It was for a special episode of That '70s Show where the Formans got invited to stay at a casino on vacation and they got to meet its owner, Jabba the Hutt.
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