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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. Why Won't They Leave Me Alone!?

      by , 11-29-2012 at 05:05 AM
      This is from November 21st, I just didn't get around to typing it all up before.

      Early in the night I originally fell asleep on the couch in the living room in front of my laptop, then I woke up a couple to a few hours later and shut down everything in the house and moved to bed. So that technically makes these with a WBTB.

      #1 - Creeper Nightmare [Non-Lucid]

      Throughout this dream, for some reason all of the windows in my house had open blinds and were larger than normal, making it very easy to see into the house from the outside at any point. It was really creeping me out because in the house next to mine which was visible through the windows there were these four guys that kept peering around corners or over fences to just stare at me in a really freaky way, and then they would start laughing when I got anxious. Even when I tried to go out front or out back I would see them watching me from somewhere. At one point I was even crawling around on the floor in the house and reaching strategically over and around objects to avoid being seen by them, knowing that they were just out of eyesight staring into the window. Eventually I just got pissed, and I went out front, walked over to their fence, and jumped up on it in one swift movement. This is not uncommon for me; my dream self seems to think that walking on fences is fairly normal, though still something to be considered significant. I ran along the top until the second floor balcony of the next door house (which doesn't actually exist, it's a one-story house) and leapt over to it. I went in through the door and walked up to one of the guys who said "Oh shit!" and looked shocked. I was ready to smack a ho, but then my memory of the dream gets really blurry and I just remember there being something about my old friend T, I saw him for a second... but then, I woke up. Ah, well.

      #2 - Modeling Assignment [Non-Lucid]

      I was at some big school function where they paired us up with different students and had us take tests and do modeling jobs and stuff. There was some girl there that I was just trying to be nice to for some reason, and I remember lending her a pencil, but then she still got totally pissed at me for something. However, AB, this girl I used to know since elementary school but barely ever talked to since then, got up and started defending my honor with some long speech. Oh, also, I think for most of this dream, or at least this part onward, I was JY, this guy I also knew since elementary school. No idea why, I haven't thought about him in ages.... Anyway, like I said, we were paired off and we were supposed to be doing a modeling gig. For ours they were expecting us to submit some comic we'd made, but my partner was the one who had it on him and he didn't show up. I tried doing the gig myself and they told me my image was nice but it needed more, it had to be both of us or neither. I decided to go walking around the mall/school looking for my partner and somehow ended up back at my house. (My real house, not JY's house.) I was in my parents' bedroom and I decided to just jump back on the bed and give the guy a phone call. I told him the situation and he said that he had to ditch to go to a dentist appointment. I just said that that was fine because the school was just pushing us into it anyway so I didn't really care that much.

      #3 - Nothing Wrong With A Little Bondage [Non-Lucid]

      I was at some kind of station waiting for transportation with my parents, and there were these two random girls standing not far from us. I turned to my parents and asked them if the train that just left was the one that we were supposed to be taking, and the girls startled giggling and said that it was actually a bus. I just responded that we call it a train where I come from. It was clearly based on a train from around here, so I wasn't wrong lol. Eventually a couple more arrive and we got on a different one from them and I get a third-person view (from outside and behind the train, though it may have become a bus considering what we did next) of the train swerving through traffic and over all these crazy highways that bend at impossible angles. It basically looked like a huge video game obstacle course set up all around some big city full of skyscrapers. The dream then transitions to when I'm already off the train and I'm at a mall restaurant of some kind meeting up with M, some random DC, O, ET (heh, not the extra terrestrial), S (5 hits, for self-reference), and maybe C and a few others. We were going to do something though I can't remember exactly what now, and this random guy walked up to me and kissed my hand. I just patted him on the back and said "Sorry, I'm taken." and moved on, and I saw a friend comforting him as he walked away. Then, ET just up and decides to grab me by the arms from behind, pick me up, and hold me locked in some bondage position to parade me around the mall for everyone to see. At this point many of the people in the crowd were suddenly in fetishy outfits, and everyone was just staring at me amused as we went by. And yes, it was awesome. >.> I could hear the whole gang talking about movies or something behind me, but I never got back into the conversation before the dream ended. I had a brief false awakening where I typed up most of the previous dream on my phone, almost letting it fade from memory. Luckily, I still remembered it well upon waking for real.

      #4 - And Now The Creepers Can Fly ;-; [MILD]

      In this dream I felt that I was visiting home for the holidays, though I'm not entirely sure where exactly I would've been visiting from. I was wandering around outside on the side of my house by the next door neighbors' fence and I saw some random girl followed by SC, this girl I knew in middle school, breaking into their yard through the fence. The girl was saying that it's just something she likes to do to mess with people so they have to take the time to clean their yards up. Now this next part I really have no memory of at all, though I really wish I did. Instead, I'll just have to quote it. "Then some old guy comes running by and uses me as an external pacemaker for a second." I go back inside my house through the garage and see the girls sitting out back and think that something must be up because they should still have been in the neighbors' yard. I approach our back door and think to myself "Alright, if I can fly right through it then this is a dream." I leapt off the ground and went right through the door and wall and flew into the sky. I was excited, but immediately after the happiness set in and I turned around slightly and saw some creepy guy flying right behind me. I had an adrenaline rush and the scene transitioned into my bedroom, and I was convinced that I'd ruined my shot. I almost lost this dream to a false awakening as well, but thankfully I woke up shortly afterward.

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    2. Memory Skips, Fake-Out, Controlling The Professor

      by , 07-02-2012 at 05:41 PM
      Supplement Dose: 18.2 mg Menthol (Cough Drops)

      Weed was smoked and half a beer was consumed a while before going to bed. This probably had a slightly detrimental effect on my recall, but overall didn't seem to influence my dreams.

      #1 - Memory Skips [Non-Lucid]

      The beginning of this dream is harder to recall as I believe it happened in third-person, but there was a group of people searching for something.... A time machine? Special documents? It's hard to remember now, but something important along those lines. This group of people was the bad guys, but a couple good guys had infiltrated their ranks and was planning to sabotage them. My memory skips forward a little bit, and I remember lying naked in bed with a friend of mine. o_o I want to say it was... well, that's not important. >w< But we were just cuddling and I was getting lost in fantasy. My memory jumps forward again a little bit and now I'm walking around a store with my dad, and he's talking to someone about how he always eats all the Ritz crackers and cookies at our house and I get mad that there aren't any left, which isn't even remotely true.

      I woke up after that. The naked cuddling thing was definitely interesting... my libido was running strong in this dream, which it almost never does (unless I'm lucid). Was the menthol to blame? Hmm....

      #2 - Fake-Out [Non-Lucid]

      For this one I was actually just lying in bed for a while, and noticing that my visualization skills were REALLY strong. Everything in the previous dream had been incredibly vivid, and these mental images were no different. I was hoping it would go somewhere, but it didn't seem to be... so I sat up in bed, not realizing that it was suddenly a different bed, and opened my laptop, not realizing that I didn't have my laptop with me. I started typing stuff about the dream I'd had in, and slowly the screen started getting further and further away... until it faded out, and I woke up again. Damn! :O

      #3 - Controlling The Professor [WILD]

      Now I was just lying in bed again, still exploring the visualization. But I was also really tired still... my consciousness was drifting, but not fully fading away. Suddenly it occurred to me that there was some strange wall of bars and electricity and words that were impossible to read in front of me, it was all very confusing. Finally I decided to look away from it, and noticed that I had fully entered a dream. My second ever WILD! If that's not a testament to menthol's potential, then I don't know what is. There was a TV in front of the bed I was in that showed what looked like a Futurama video game, with the professor riding a motorcycle. Everything was extremely vivid and not unstable at all. I focused myself intently on the game trying to let it consume the whole dream, but it never happened. However, I was able to feel everything on the screen as if it was happening to me. I felt the motorcycle engine beneath me and all that stuff. I had the professor drive up all these crazy wall angles and up on to a person's back, that was fun. But then he accidentally drove off of a pier he was on and into the water, abandoning his motorcycle and swimming into a vortex of psychedelic-like mermaid faces as he did so. My libido was starting to shoot up and becoming really intense, and then the vortex consumed my entire perception, and I woke up.

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    3. Drugs Are Bad, Mkay, Some Kind Of War, The Weed Restaurant

      by , 06-30-2012 at 03:29 PM
      These are just a few old dreams that I haven't taken the time to log yet, figured I should get them out of the way. The first two happened on the same night, but the third one was a different time. Unfortunately I don't remember them very much, but it is what it is. :T

      #1 - Drugs Are Bad, Mkay [Non-Lucid]

      O and I were in class, and apparently the class was about how bad weed is for you.... We ended up staying after class and smoking weed. But what I do remember is that the teacher was so adamant about how terrible drugs are and so on and so forth, and then out of nowhere she suddenly started acting all fiendish and talking about how she needed her OxyContin to get through the day or she'd go insane, and she yanked the pill bottle out of her drawer and popped one. At the time I thought it was so funny that I started laughing like Shion except happy. I honestly couldn't stop, I had to grab on to nearby objects for support because it was knocking the wind out of me. Later on the dream gets a little hazier and less structured, what I wrote down was "something about a hotdog, a boyfriend, and a gay manager or producer or something?" Hmmm....

      #2 - Some Kind Of War [DILD]

      This one I really don't remember at all, which kind of sucks because it sounds really interesting. This is what I have written up on my phone: "Shopping district bomb supposed to go off but doesn't, the country backed out of some political thing, families are fleeing and I'm with O and others. Lots of active DCs like PZ but can't remember much now, stealing A's (self-hint: old) car (supposedly) that we found abandoned, with some pretty metallic orange heels for me to put on right next to it. ^_^ The dream fading away in the car made me lucid and I tried to save it, but it was too late."

      False Awakening - "Transitioned to a false awakening where I wrote the whole thing down in a notepad."

      #3 - The Weed Restaurant [Non-Lucid]

      I was in Las Vegas at a casino with O, and we were going to some in-casino restaurant where all of the food was made from weed. SD (game shop) was out front somewhere, and PR was sitting at the table with us. When I sat down I accidentally moved the table, which was on wheels, and a girl who was sitting there also spilled her water and got mad at me. Afterwards O showed up again and started telling me how he broke his leg or something making a really stupid decision. If I remember correctly, he tied his leg up with an American flag so that it was always being held back in the air, and then with his one remaining leg he leaped off of a cabinet or desk on to the ground, and his leg gave out and he slammed into something, injuring the other one. ._. Though he looked perfectly fine at the time, and was walking with both legs. In the meantime, he was totally chowing down on all of the food. We had water and fries and cheese sticks so far I think, all with weed in them. I wanted to order some mini-churros, but I never got to try them. >w< Also, I'm pretty sure that the cheese sticks were just like the basic thing they bring out and refill over and over whenever you run out, like chips at a Mexican restaurant or bread at most Italian places... which is pretty awesome. Basically, my last thought before waking up while listening to O's story and watching him stuff his face was "Oh god, we're going to be so fucking high."
    4. Hanging Out With Family, Shady Diner, Taking A Vacation

      by , 06-29-2012 at 05:12 PM
      The Other Day

      Dream Fragment - R and I were just standing around in the middle of nowhere, and I was vaguely aware that we were both supposedly watching some kind of sex tape, though we could only hear it and not see it. There were people making lots of "-uh" sounds like, "fuh", "wuh", and "buh", and as I was hearing them, I could see, in a separate but equally full field of perception, an empty black space where these words would suddenly appear in large, white Times New Roman font (and all with their first letters capitalized, too), and then they would just slide off to the side and disappear.


      Dream Fragment - A friend of mine, I want to say M but I'm not totally sure, and my old acid dealer, S, were working as cocktail waitresses in a casino in Las Vegas, and all I really remember is that S's outfit was oh-so-flattering, omochikaeri!~


      All night I kept having these half-awake/half-asleep thoughts about the 5-HT2A receptor, but I can't remember what any of them were now. The other night it happened to me about D1 and D2, also. Strange... but anyway....

      #1 - Hanging Out With Family [Non-Lucid]

      My cousin P and I were at my aunt and uncles' house for most of this dream, and we may have ported here from a card shop or something but I'm not entirely sure.... I just remember that for a good deal of time the dream was dealing with Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. At one point I got really excited because I found a normal monster card with (I think) 10 stars and stats that read ATK/42 DEF/1000000. (In fact, at at least a couple different points in the dream I'm pretty sure it had gone up to 1000000000. Though, I think the (incredibly odd, for Yu-Gi-Oh!) 42 had also dropped down to 0. ) I couldn't stop thinking about how easily I could screw someone over by placing it in face-down defense position and having it get attacked. X) At some point P and I had ordered a pizza that looked like it was just cheese, but I recall taking a slice that had pepperoni and roma tomatoes on it somehow. I was really confused because I realized that I didn't know where I had put that card down, and I was pretty sure... pretty sure that it had now become a part of the pizza. ._. I was actively searching the pizza for signs of its ATK/DEF stat, but to no avail. I was saddened and walked off, and (still not having eaten it), raised my slice of pizza to my mouth but the toppings fell off. I reached down to the floor and picked them up, grease and all, and wiped them off on my clothes and put them back on the pizza and ate them. WTF, me! It did taste good, though. After that I walked down the hallway and briefly talked to my cousin AB, though I can't remember about what, and then when I went down the NEXT hallway I ran into her husband PB. He asked me something about the way that I was acting, and I pointed out to him that I wasn't really super drunk but I had been earlier, so I was still feeling pretty buzzed. After that he left and my cousin AD (P's mom) came in to the hallway and walked into the room through the doorway I was standing by, and started saying something about the lighting, but then I woke up.

      #2 - Shady Diner [DILD]

      Unfortunately I don't really remember much of this one because I'm pretty sure I never fully woke up after it and before the next dream. :T I was at some kind of a food restaurant, it looked like one of those tiny roadside diner places, and I remember that everyone was giving me weird looks. I don't recall much else aside from having either a tiny purse or a brown paper bag (or possibly both on different glances) and becoming lucid and realizing that there was food in front of me. I want to say it was a brownie or something...? Well, whatever it was, I ate it and it was delicious, but that was the end of the dream. >w<

      #3 - Taking A Vacation [Non-Lucid]

      I was on vacation, I want to say with M and ND (though I only saw them at different times, I believe). ND and I were walking around trying to find some guy and his girlfriend who I think was ND's friend who lived in the place where we were visiting, so they were going to show us around a bit. I remember that when we found them we started walking through these long halls of what seemed like tiny, tiny living rooms that people were living in like apartments, and we were waltzing right on through. I only really remember the last two, with the first being filled with people playing Wii Sports bowling, and a girl sort of half-heartedly saying "Let's play!", and the second being a room with just a guy sitting in what looked like a comfy sofa chair and clearly holding in smoke as to not seem suspicious. After we got out of there ND and I broke into laughter, and I told him that if we stayed there long enough I might try to find some weed myself since it seems like it'd be pretty easy. He says we might not be, but I say I might try to find some anyway. Somehow it suddenly started raining really hard outside and magically we all had hoodies or jackets on, so we ducked into this big building right next to where we were standing, which was I think by some kind of mini train tracks or something. Inside the building there were lots of those kids rides where it's the horse/rocket/tiny car/whatever (these were all various tiny cars) that you get in and it rocks back and forth as if you were actually riding it/in it. We were just inspecting them for a minute, and then I woke up.
    5. Dream Drug OBEs, Lucid Fragment Again, Creepy Party, Changing Rooms, Lucid Nonsense

      by , 06-03-2012 at 10:48 AM
      #1 - Dream Drug OBEs [Non-Lucid]

      My dad and I each smoked some weed laced with synthetic cannabinoids, at least a good few and including JWH-420, and we ended up having heavy out-of-body experience trips for a while. I don't really remember what happened other than a few flashes of color. When I finally started calming down and come back to "reality", I noticed that my dad was still pretty out of it. I went to my bed to lie down and turned off the lights, and then I woke up in my real bed.

      Dream Fragment - There was a family party going on but I can't remember where, some swimming occurred, our family friend DE and my cousin GA were there and GA had apparently just come out of the closet, or something... and finally there was talk about going off to college, but I can't even recall who it was about.

      #2 - Lucid Fragment Again [DILD]

      All I remember is that I became lucid and I told myself I had to keep focus. And that's it. :T *sigh*

      #3 - Creepy Party [Non-Lucid]

      There was some really bizarre party going on with a bunch of people there, and I don't really remember much about it other than being scared and deciding to leave with O. We walked out to a parking lot and decided to meet up at my house, and when I got in my car I noticed that I was really high, and I felt it was off of a synthetic cannabinoid. I felt cautious about driving, but noticed it barely took me a second to be at some highway intersection. Soon after that I woke up.

      #4 - Changing Rooms [Non-Lucid]

      I was in some kind of clothing store and lost in what I wrote in my notes as a "matrix of rooms and bathrooms." Basically I was looking for a changing room, and there were rows and columns of hallways with rooms in between each intersection, mostly consisting of bathrooms and changing rooms that were too revealing, and occasionally just an actual hallway. I was walking around in a pink one-piece bathing suit and carrying lots of different clothes, and at one point I walked past a group of women just standing around and changing out in the open. They chuckled at me as I walked by distressed, I guess because I wasn't as willing to change in the open as them lol.

      #5 - Lucid Nonsense [DILD]

      No memory of when I was non-lucid, but I do know a good amount of things happened. I became lucid at my house and flew to the laundry room where some random guy was standing. I tried to punch him and it went in a sort of slow motion and he dodged it. I turned around and saw another guy standing in the kitchen, so I flew up to him and this time he tried to punch me, again in slow motion, but as he did I grabbed his arm and directed it towards the other guy, hitting him this time and seeing my face in the microwave door as I passed by it. My memory gets a little hazy at this point, but I talked to my dad to make sure it was still a dream, and then I touched some stuff to stabilize. I randomly decided to grab a bottle of mustard that was sitting on the kitchen counter and pour it on to the floor, but nothing came out despite there being a squirting sound. I told myself that the mustard must have covered the whole outside world! And when I looked outside everything had some mustard on it. I didn't really get to explore it, though. My vision got weird and I started seeing my arms resting in front of me like in a bed, and I started thinking that I must've been waking up and my eyes were opening. I fought it but eventually I just gave in.

      False Awakening - I started typing up my dream and got a little less than half way through, but then I fully woke up and luckily didn't lose too much.
    6. Unemptiable Mouth RC, Cute High School Guy, Transporting Bodies, Spa Adventures, etc.

      by , 05-02-2012 at 05:39 PM
      I've been really lazy about logging DJ entries and checking others lately, but I'm trying to get back into it now, starting with these dreams from the past week or so. I got lucid four times despite smoking lots of weed, too!

      April 28th

      #1 - Unemptiable Mouth RC [DILD]

      I was hanging out at the house of this kid AB who I knew in high school, except it was actually my house and we were hanging out in my parents' bedroom. It was just us and some random people, and AB apparently smokes weed now (which would NEVER happen in real life). I can't remember much of this part, but I know we got a pizza and we finished it but I still wanted more, so I said I was going to head out and get some since everyone else wanted to go somewhere else. At the door when I was getting ready to go I noticed that RE was with us as well. Now first of all, the way I was thinking of this was that AB, RE, and I all lived in my same neighborhood, and AB and I each lived in mirror copies of the same house. There's a street that extends directly out from my house, and in this dream the whole neighborhood was just symmetrical around this one street, so on the other side would be my house again, the one that's actually my house. Yes.... RE also lived on the other side but one street over, so we decided to walk home together. I realized that this was my first time seeing him since he got signed to a label for one of his latest songs (which actually happened in waking life), so I congratulated him for it. Instead of taking the symmetrical street we went to the next one over and started walking down it, and somehow it turned into a huge bazaar with lots of restaurants intermixed in it. RE went to stand in line to get some food, but I just sat down at a small table not far from him. Suddenly my mouth started seeming very full of chewed up food and it was really starting to bug me, it seemed like no matter how much more I chewed up and swallowed there was always the same amount still in my mouth, so I started just spitting it out on the table and it still wouldn't reduce in volume. O's mom suddenly showed up out of nowhere and sat down at the table with me, and I felt embarrassed because I couldn't say anything. I pointed to my mouth and made a weak gesture and she nodded, it looked like she was chewing something too. I went back to my annoyance and started getting really upset about it, thinking "This only happens when... I'm dreaming." The area has suddenly become a 7-Eleven-like store, and I get up excitedly and say to a DC a couple of times that I'm dreaming, to which he grumbles "Yeah, I heard ya the first time!" and walks off trying to mind his own business. I just flew around the store a little bit and tried to use the windows to teleport myself, but it didn't really work. After enough bouncing around, the dream faded. I woke up without moving and with my eyes still closed, so I thought about attempting a DEILD, but then I got antsy and decided I'd rather remember this dream for sure instead since it was my first lucid in a while.

      #2 - Cute High School Guy [DILD]

      I saw this girl... wow, her name would also be AB, I didn't foresee this problem. >w< Anyway, AB and this guy T whose last name initial I don't know, were walking around my old high school where I ran into them. It seems that they still go to high school despite the fact that they're also celebrating T's 23rd birthday, and it appears as if they're dating. T starts asking me to do something for him involving a bridge and digging but I can't remember exactly what now, though I agree to do it at the time. There was also talk of a monster...? Anyway, I start walking down one of the school hallways and see some black lagoon-type humanoid monster just standing there, and lazily think "I'm dreaming." I fly down the hallway and there was some cute guy standing there. I landed and the dream started fading a little bit, and I told him to hug me because I needed to stabilize. He did and I grabbed his ass while he was doing it. :3 After that, I took my glasses off for some reason and everything got really blurry. Wonderful move, me.... I put them back on but it didn't help anything, so I just gave up trying to save the dream and let it fade away.

      April 29th

      Dream Fragment - "D's house base, McDonald's food drug makes you full, K, aunts S and D."

      Dream Fragment - "A's boyfriend drive to movie dad meets us turn into M SSRI serotonin control dopamine M burped by boyfriend by being thrown into the air hilarious everyone so happy, dave1701 doing SSRI presentation, among others."

      Negligent Sisters [Non-Lucid]

      I had sisters (I'm an only child in waking life) that I normally forgot about because I never saw them, at least a few. I claimed that the last time I'd see any of them was around 15 years ago. J was over (and refusing to shut the door to my room no matter how many times I told him to) and getting to know them before coming into my room to wake me up in the morning, having spent the night. He talks about my sisters and I said if he was getting to know them then he probably knows them better than I do, and I'm obviously feeling a little dejected. He starts talking about how he'll have to take me home soon because he has stuff to do during the day, and I'm like "What the fuck? I'm already home....", and suddenly we can't remember who drove him over. I look out front and neither of our cars are there so I start getting a little concerned, but then I wake up.

      April 30th

      Waiting For Class To End [Non-Lucid]

      I was doing some really bizarre worksheet in a high school class and then I got up to stand at the door with this girl A who's last name I forget. We could hear some kids yelling funny stuff with a musical track playing on the other side of the door, and we start making fun of it and I do a little dance that makes A laugh. We eventually pushed the door open to hear the music and I recognized it at the time but I forgot when I woke up.

      May 1st

      #1 - Horny Teacher [Non-Lucid]

      This girl who I don't know wants me to help her go to the game store (which is apparently anti-Jew ) at some vacation spot, I don't remember exactly where. The store ends up being a medicine store owned by my old Chinese class teacher. He tries speaking to me in Chinese and I don't understand him, but I don't need to to pick up on his incredibly lewd gestures. I laugh weakly and the girl and I leave (oh, also, I lost a sandal right outside the store and magically had it back on when we left), and then we see the actual game store we meant to go to. As we're walking in we look at each other and back at the medicine store and I say "Pervy old man."

      #2 - Transporting Bodies [DILD]

      I was helping a group of people transport bodies in bags into a truck being driven by a fake cop that's behind some huge house. The people weren't dead though, just unconscious. One of the bodies was actually melanieb, and I saw her sneak a quick glance before pretending to be knocked out again as she was put into a bag. I finally finish taking all the bags over and then walk out to the front of the house and become lucid. I try to make all the windows in the house suddenly shatter but it isn't really working, so instead I fly up to the roof and lay on my stomach and feel the brick texture, and I was intenting to make something of it but then I woke up.

      May 2nd

      Spa Adventures [DILD]

      There was a lot of dream leading up to this, but most of it is blurry in my memory. I was at some kind of resort hotel/apartment all by myself, and I went out to a room that was supposed to be like a private spa tub room. I got in the tub and was enjoying myself, but was also somewhat afraid that someone was going to break into my apartment, for whatever reason, but after I got up and locked the door to the spa room I stopped worrying about that. I looked around and noticed that there were no walls in the room, in fact the huge hotel building was built in a square design with all of the spa tub rooms directly on top of and under each other and all facing inwards in the square, so I could actually see lots of other people using their tubs as well. It was mostly girls, but some guys too. I became a bit concerned for my own privacy, but then figured that I'm already looking at everyone else, so, eh. Across from me and to the left a bit I saw a creepy guy looking straight at me, with some weird woman crawling around like an animal next to him. I tried to act like I hadn't seen him but it was too late, he yelled to her to get me, and she jumped all the way over to my tub and cornered me. She's reaching into my forehead and I'm freaking out, but she says "I'm just prying open your third eye so that you...." Well, there was more, but that part's a secret. Sorry! So I say "Oh, okay!" When she finishes opening my third eye, I'm suddenly standing in one of the hotel/apartment rooms again, and I think to myself that that was pretty crazy was just happened, it must have been some kind of hallucination or something. I happily walk off, but quickly become suspicious, so I do a noseplug RC for the first time ever in a dream. Holy crap, it works! Now I know what it's like to breath through my nose when it's pinched shut. I fly out through the window until I end up at some pool area where there are what seems to be a few random employees and a Chinese man and his daughter (?). I had a lot of energy so I was just yelling gibberish at them like usual and repeating stabilization mantras to myself, which seemed to work pretty well. The man and his daughter started getting into a fight so I flew off and started traveling down different hallways in the main hotel building. A thought suddenly occurs to me that if I'm dreaming now then maybe what happened was I fell asleep in the tub and the woman opening my third eye was hypnagogic imagery, and now I'm slowly drowning there in my sleep. I freaked out a bit but finally managed to "wake myself up".

      False Awakening - Ah, safe at last, back in the spa tub. Happiness sets in, then suspicion. Noseplug RC. Damn it! Oh well. Totally forgetting about my imagined danger, I fly off and hover around the other floors' spa rooms. One pretty much directly below me is occupied by three very gorgeous and very naked women just chilling in their tub, and I was intent on joining them. X3 But then I woke up. D: Damn it!
    7. Something New

      by , 04-13-2012 at 09:45 PM
      This was first dream I can actually remember that I've had in days, likely due to all the weed brownies. The day leading up to this dream I ate a brownie and a half (I think?) and smoked some in the morning, but then in the evening was only drinking. That's probably why this dream was... the way it is.

      Something New [Non-Lucid]

      I was watching something, I have a vague feeling of it being South Park. There was also some talk about The Beatles going on, but just in the background somewhere. Whatever I was watching, it grew and took over my entire perspective, and I shifted into third-person. I was panning my view left over a wall, and everything started taking on deep hues of neon red with twists of golds and purples and some other colors to a lesser extent, and the world started flattening and becoming somewhat cartoonish in an ancient hieroglyphics type of way. Patterns were being drawn and morphing around on the wall, and eventually the wall opened up to reveal an enormous panoramic view of some house from the point of view of what appeared to be one of the living room corners. This created a very bizarre feel to the whole scene, it was simultaneously flat and curved. The panning stops when there's a door to another room directly in front of me. A woman walks through the door and the scenery around her starts rapidly shifting and morphing into various patterns in a sort of rapid-fire flow, and her appearance is frequently changing as well, and she occasionally phases through other objects in her surrounding. The background has taken on sort of a salvia-esque spin and the woman seems to be made of some strangely stacked cardboard-cut-out-like building blocks.... It's really hard to describe, but I saw people that looked to be made out of the same material a long time ago when I mixed diphenhydramine with psilocybin mushrooms. The whole environment is becoming incredibly unstable, and suddenly the scene ends.

      False Awakening - I'm driving down the service road of a highway in one of my old cars, and I just look around and for a moment think that that bizarre scene was something I was just thinking about, but then I remember how vividly I experienced it and it occurs to me that I must have been dreaming and now I'm awake. I tried typing up the dream, but then became concerned about the fact that I was apparently sleeping while driving.

      False Awakening - I wake up again, still in the car. Now I'm getting really concerned that I'm actually driving while asleep but I can't force myself to wake up. I still take time to try to type up my dream in my phone, but the time is really messing with me. It looks really wonky at first and then keeps changing around randomly. Of course, it doesn't tip me off to anything.

      False Awakening - This time I woke up in M's apartment, where I actually did spend the night after we finished drinking. Her big dog gets up and climbs on top of me in a really uncomfortable way and won't get off. I'm again trying to reach my phone to log the dream, but am unsuccessful.

      False Awakening - Once again, I woke up in M's apartment. She's already awake and tells me that she's late for work, she has to go "feed the whale". I get up too and tell her I need to go soon, so I probably won't be there when she gets back. After that, I woke up for real, and almost completely forgot the actual dream.

      Dream Fragment - This one I don't remember much of, but there was a big texting conversation going on between me, Linkzelda, M, M's boyfriend, N, M's previous boyfriend, and C. (Maybe some other people, too?) It's hard to remember now, but I'm pretty sure I saw part of this dream through my own perspective, part through M's perspective, and part in third-person. The only visual I can really remember now was that M's previous boyfriend was at his house wearing one of those cone-shaped birthday hats and there were balloons tied to a chair behind him.
    8. Holding Down The Fort, Aesthetic Lucid And Link Contact

      by , 04-08-2012 at 07:39 PM
      #1 - Holding Down The Fort [DILD]

      I only really remember the part of this dream where I was lucid. I vaguely recall flying around mountain ranges at some park... or something.... And then, I was in a school with a bunch of people and we were doing some kind of intense LARP battle. I run to some small, sealed, closet-sized room but with window and lock myself inside. People would run up to the door trying to open it, then I was suddenly lash out phasing through the door, grab their arms or legs, and snap them with super strength.

      #2 - Aesthetic Lucid And Link Contact [DILD]

      I remember something about my dad intending to buy me a new home, and I was walking around some neighborhood with this guy S I knew in middle and high school, though didn't get to talk to all that much. I think he was here because O mentioned that he was going to see him for the first time in years the last time I hung out with him. We walked up to some gigantic building, and I wanted to see into it. It had kind of a cool stylistic architecture that's hard to describe, but we also saw a few other buildings being built that way, including a McDonald's. I became lucid and flew up to the top to look inside, and there's no ceiling - the top is huge and totally open. I went down and grabbed on to a ledge and just let my feet dangle inside the building while feeling the wind blow past me. I spend most of the time here just enjoying the scenery, there were massive open fields and mountain ranges all around me that I could see faaaar into the distance of due to the altitude I was at. It was really cool.

      False Awakening - I wrote down the dream, which almost totally screwed me over because when I woke up for real I remembered being lucid but not what happened, luckily it finally came back. I got up and went to play some Digimon game that I remember very little of now, but I do remember that it was long and intense. I finally beat it in the end and then got up and started browsing the internet on my computer. I was at a site that listed game data for all the different Pokémon. I was looking up Exeggutor's moves, and then suddenly the text on the screen scrolled to the right and new text was appearing in its place. It was some kind of chat log. The first few lines were this:

      This is Link!

      :O I think I saw the word "incredible" in there somewhere too, but I can't really remember the rest. After I started comprehending what it meant, I woke up. :T
    9. Fun With Mirrors

      by , 04-06-2012 at 08:32 PM
      Dream Fragment - "Porn of whatever guy wanted to watch porn of me??"

      Fun With Mirrors [DILD]

      I'm swimming at a really old friend C's house but constantly being interrupted by his family for stuff, though I don't remember exactly what now. His family was apparently unending because I kept meeting new people every time I was interrupted. I was really high and drunk apparently and just exhausted, and I was getting some weird effect where it sounded like my ears were surrounded by bubbles and all sounds were very distant and distorted. I decided to go home. Some kid stopped me on the way out and was asking me for something but I couldn't tell what he was saying, but finally I realized he was asking for the jellybeans I just happened to be holding. I gave them to him, then picked up a box of nachos Lunchables out of the trash thinking that this is what I'd been looking for the whole time, but was saddened to discover that all the food had already been half-eaten. :C As I head out the front door of the house my hearing is returning, and I notice that my car is gone. I'm really confused and distressed, and some little girls run out of the house to me complaining about something that Cleveland (from Family Guy and then The Cleveland Show) did, and I tried to figure out what they were talking about but couldn't, but then I suddenly became lucid. I walked back inside the house and there was a cop walking around, and he said something to me but I can't remember what now. I saw my mom sitting on a stool in the kitchen, and next to her was a mirror. I walked up to it and looked in it and it was amazingly accurate. Mirrors are usually really wrong for me in dreams. I decided to conjure up another mirror by turning around and just expecting it to be on the kitchen counter. I picked it up and as I looked up there was a third, even bigger mirror so I walked up and faced the mirror I was holding to it to create that effect were you can see the mirrors endlessly repeating. It looked like it worked but it also made the dream turn really fuzzy really fast, so I stopped and looked away. I turned around and it was too quiet, so I yelled "Say something!" My mom looked at me and said "Cool!" with this over-exaggerated smile on her face. I smirked and walked off calling for this girl L I knew in high school to appear, and it took a while and a bunch of incorrect DCs but she finally did. I'm not sure why I thought of her. She started talking to me, but the dream got really unstable and faded.

      False Awakening - I wake up in bed and I'm facing the wall that would be to my left if I was facing up. Without changing position, I reached out and grabbed my phone and started typing up my dream, and then I felt someone else moving in bed and I could tell it was a guy. I had a sense that it was N, who had spent the night here but was sleeping on big bed-like pillow in the living room. I got really paranoid, and then I felt a hand get placed on my left shoulder by someone who I could tell was another separate entity, and I perceived them as my dad. He said to me "You really should try using the stairwell.", and I was so confused and a bit frightened, but then I woke up for real.
    10. Bizarre Family Party, FLCL Throwback?

      by , 03-30-2012 at 06:28 PM
      I had several more dreams than these but I couldn't log them down because my phone was acting weird. :T Oh well. At least I got the lucid one down.

      #1 - Bizarre Family Party [Non-Lucid]

      This one I just remember a few bits and pieces of. I was at a family party, there was some "moon scare" going on referencing some sort of apocalypse, it was my cousin K's birthday, my cousin G was suddenly legally allowed to drink alcohol despite being 17 years old, I talked about how I was hanging out with M and a couple other people before the party, out in front of the house a runaway bicycle came out of nowhere and rammed into some random guy's nuts, causing one of them to burst with blood flying everywhere , and finally a third-person view of some strange Futurama episode where Bender and Hermes got fused together.

      Dream Fragment - I accidentally stumbled upon some YouTube video about "secular graduation" (something related to school), and all I remember about it is that there were lots of theater kids from my high school starring in it which surprised me, and there were these two Asian kids at the end. One of them was a bit chubby and had short, straight, silvery white hair, and the other was very thin with a blonde beard but a black goatee.

      #2 - FLCL Throwback? [MILD]

      I was back at my middle school in a regular classroom but it was in the music hall. I was playing a Pokémon game with a bunch of random people and then C, an old friend and amazing weed dealer, comes in and joins us. Eventually he's heading out again and I decide to go with him, but when we get out into the hallway I realize it's a totally different person. I follow him out to the cafeteria anyway, only all of the tables are gone, and he's talking about OpheliaBlue, someone else I can't remember, and cheese. Slowly I start to think that something's not right, and then I realize that I'm dreaming. There are a ton of DCs walking around, and I tried to do something that failed but I can't remember what it was now. I saw some oddly placed lockers and decided to fly over to them, and as I did a couple of them magically opened, and there was just one big locker space behind them. There was a sheet of music in them, so I picked it up and then went over to a DC and yelled at them "Make music come off this page!" However, I was flailing the paper around in my hand as I was saying this and I guess that caused it to lose shape, I saw it morphing so I stopped shaking it and it took solid shape as a red electric guitar. o.o I shrugged and whacked the DC on the head with it, and he fell over and I flew off. I turned around to look at him a second later but all the DCs in the area had already changed drastically, and he was gone. I was just hovering above the crowd and decided to whack someone else too, so I did and as he fell over slowly his head popped off. I flew off but the dream started fading, I had lost my sense of sight and I could tell it was about to end.

      False Awakening - This was fairly interesting.... I woke up, but didn't open my eyes. I guess that might've been connected to the lack of visual input at the end of the lucid, but I just perceived it as keeping my eyes closed. I felt my surroundings and could tell that it wasn't right. Upon a little inspection I realized I was lying down in a bathtub with just a little bit of water in it, I could feel the porcelain edges and everything. I considered the idea that this was some sort of strange tactile hallucination based on my bed that was just continuing because my dreaming mind hadn't totally shut down yet and I hadn't opened my eyes yet to break the illusion. However, when I actually did open my eyes I was lying in my bed in a totally different position, so it was definitely a false awakening.
    11. Could It Be?, Candy Gift Boxes

      by , 03-21-2012 at 06:01 PM
      Dream Fragment - Another good one ruined by not waking up all the way right away. >.< Literally all I remember about this dream now is that Linkzelda41 was there for I'm pretty sure the whole time, and there was lots of talk of OBEs, and I think we may have been having some too because I remember seeing the whole world reduced to some kind of energy grid. Then I woke up and thought delirious thoughts to myself for a minute or so, then just laid in bed all happy for another couple minutes and said "Wait, hold on a sec!?", but by then it was mostly gone.

      #1 - Could It Be? [DILD]

      I was at my house in the den having a small party with a group of people who I mostly don't remember, but it included this guy J who I haven't seen since middle school but we used to see every now and then, but he was really soft and sensitive (that's putting it really nicely, it wasn't exactly in a good way). There was also a female DC there who stands out in memory unlike the rest, she had kind of a badass style of dark clothes that looked like they were just meant to be worn as normal clothes but still had kind of a club look to them, it's hard to explain exactly but I think it looks really cool. (Aaaand just right now as I'm typing this up, suddenly something occurs to me. The last time a DC was this vivid in my memory, she was wearing the exact same style of clothes. The hair style was different here, but the face looked about the same from what I can recall. And that DC from before also happened to have super speed and could have totally kicked my ass if I didn't wake up from my lucid, she totally outclassed me. And here comes the interesting part....) The girl used a cloning ability to split herself into two bodies. Somewhere in the back of my mind I thought of this as a dream power, but it didn't make me become lucid. She starts making out with J with both bodies at once, and he's having a GREAT time, and I start taking pictures with my phone. Eventually she stops and the two of us head into another room and I tell her that was really nice of her to do given the way J is kind of fragile. She smiles at me, and suddenly I get the idea to head back to my room for some reason. As I walk past my dad's office, I hear O talking on the phone with his dad sounding like he'd have to be heading home soon. I decide to start looking through my phone to see if the pictures I took are any good, and I can't find them. But I do find a picture of a different J, a guy I used to hang out with a lot when I got out of high school, standing in some high school chemistry classroom. (Though it wasn't the one we had, we did have a chemistry class together in 10th grade, so it's not too crazy.) Suddenly the scene overtakes me and I'm watching it in third person. I become lucid, which is odd considering the perspective I'm in now, and the girl suddenly appears out of nowhere next to J. My falling-love-with-girls-in-dreams instinct takes over, and I jump into J's body to try to make out with her. Before I can, it suddenly snaps back to me in my own body in my bedroom at home, with me sitting on the bed and her sitting in my desk chair. I reach out and kiss her and pull her back on to the bed with me, but then the dream ends. :T

      False Awakening - I get up and start thinking about making note of the dream, and then for some reason I can't quite remember now I get sidetracked thinking about OpheliaBlue. Suddenly I start having a panic attack, and I'm flooded with false memories about how I took a hallucinogenic dose of diphenhydramine at the party from the dream, which definitely didn't actually happen. I'm freaking out and thinking I must have overdosed, I feel my forehead and it's sooo hot, my limbs are all feeling extremely tense, and my heart is beating erratically and keeps having stinging sensations. I drink some water to try to cool myself off but the water itself is kind of warm, so I get up and turn on the lights (successfully!) to get dressed and go get some cold water from the kitchen, but things are already starting to look really bad, and as I touch my chest to feel my heart rate suddenly I feel a heavy sinking feeling. But then I wake up. Finally. :\

      Dream Fragment - "Something about trains, teleporting, and a girl named Nelly...."

      #2 - Candy Gift Boxes [Non-Lucid]

      It's the end of the school year in high school, and someone who I can't remember now is teaching me how to make these triangular transparent two-sided candy gift boxes as a present, and then afterward O invites me to go get Chinese food with him, but I wake up before anything becomes of it.


      So now I'm really thinking about the female DC, she's really the only DC that vividly stands out to me, she's outgoing, she's recurring (totally odd for me with DCs), she totally overpowers me in lucids, and she can use dream powers that I'm not even close to having yet.

      Could she be my DG...?
    12. Fragments And Sensing Energy

      by , 03-19-2012 at 07:20 PM
      Dream Fragment - I was at a Target-like store with D and my European History AP teacher from high school, and we were locked in some battle over who would get some random girl DC as their wife, "based on some doubles/singles Ed, Edd n Eddy setup", I have no idea what that last note means. Don't remember much else, it was pretty weird....

      Dream Fragment - This one there was definitely more to, but I didn't wake up all the way from it and it was hazy even when I did, so it's pretty much lost. But what I do remember is that the whole time there was a very emotional feel to it, and I spent a lot of the dream talking to a girl, in whom I could clearly sense Linkzelda41's energy.

      Dream Fragment - "Hanging out with M and N, shopping on ecstasy and sort of freaking out."

      False Awakening - I woke up and walked to the window and looked outside and was super excited to see the ground covered in snow. Somehow, I had a feeling it would be, too, even though the weather in waking life is nothing like that.
    13. Ice Cream Parlor, Escape To The Other Reality, Trapped In My Bed

      by , 03-17-2012 at 09:13 PM
      My dreams last night were kind of scattered and hazy, most of them are hard to remember. I can't say it wasn't an interesting night, though!

      #1 - Ice Cream Parlor [Non-Lucid]

      At first I was driving down a road somewhere, and I saw this guy J from public school walking down the sidewalk at one point. After that it gets hazy, and then I remember being at an ice cream parlor and trying to get the cake-flavored ice cream, and they put in about a scoop and a half of it but then also put a scoop of mint on top, which I did not ask for. I did ask for sprinkles on it though, which they didn't put on. I was a bit concerned at the time, but I got distracted by a woman who looked like Jane from the newest Fun with Dick and Jane movie (Téa Leoni), but she was in tears and saying that that's not who she is.

      #2 - Escape To The Other Reality [DILD]

      I don't really remember the dream leading up to this, just the part where I became lucid, except it was more like a low semi-lucidity because I knew I was dreaming and had the clearing of brain fog that comes with lucidity but it didn't stop me from being pretty delirious. I became lucid in my room and decided that my reality (the dream) was closing in on me and trying to destroy me or something, so I decided to get in bed and go to sleep to escape to the "other reality". I guess maybe that was a really skewed way of interpreting the dream ending and wanting to wake up, for some reason?

      False Awakening - I woke up in my bed as a result of going to bed in the lucid, and it was extremely vivid, probably the most vivid non-lucid I've ever had, and maybe because I actually intended it to happen coming from a lucid. It felt exactly like real life, not even that dream feeling that comes with the extremely vivid lucids was there. I was laying belly-down in bed, and I'm pretty sure I felt somebody grab my ass. However, the vividness didn't last long, the dream turned into a wonky mix of first- and third-person action camera perspectives and involved an intense Pokémon battle. Though I was aware that I was playing a new Pokémon spin-off game and could see it from time to time, I was still mostly seeing the battle happen in front of me, though it was very cartoony. I was trying to defeat and/or catch a Charmander, though somewhere down the line it became a Bulbasaur. I also remember using my own Charmander, a Squirtle, and a Pikachu in the battle against it, and I remember reading on the game screen that I also had an Arcanine on my team. I finally beat the Bulbasaur in the end (can't remember if I caught it), and then I stuck to the game screen and looked at my team, noticing that the other Pokémon on my team (I can't remember if there was a sixth, or if it was that Bulbasaur if there was) was a Doduo with a move called Universe Cannon. However, it had 0 BP (which I think means 0 PP).

      I really liked this dream, first of all because it involved a Pokémon battle , and second because it had tons of text that I could read perfectly clearly. :3

      Dream Fragment - "Crime rates somewhere go down, and something about drinking certain cocktails."

      Dream Fragment - "Walking around my house which is actually school, leaving a weird class with stars and to speaking to sea and space goddesses, then start looking for my English class or something after getting all my backpack stuff packed up."

      #3 - Trapped In My Bed [Non-Lucid]

      As I was falling asleep, I started hearing quick, loud collision noises, and then I started feeling my body fading away. I really wasn't prepared for this hypnagogic stuff so it kind of startled me out of my trance, and then I just fell asleep normally.

      There was a dream leading up to this, but I don't remember what it was. I think I intended to write it down at some point, but forgot about it after this. I woke up into sleep paralysis, like the real sleep paralysis where you wake up and can't move, not the one people talk about to refer to hypnagogic hallucinations. I was extremely confused and noticed that I had double and triple vision at some point, things were spinning a bit, and it felt like I was closing one of my eyes to help myself see. (I didn't understand what was going on, so given my previous history with sleep paralysis it was more likely that one of my eyes just opened and the other didn't really.) Because of this and the super dreamy feeling everything had, I assumed I had taken DXM. The entire time with was going on, I could hear "Kokomo" by the Beach Boys playing in the background of my mind somewhere. I tried getting up to go to my computer and message O about how I was tripping, and I got half way through the message, which was REALLY hard to do given my vision and everything shaking and feeling a strange gravity and brain fog, and suddenly I started realizing that half way though my messaging it had just started turning into gibberish. I got concerned, and then I looked closer and realized that I was still lying in bed. I did that a few times, and then I recognized this pattern of thinking something's going on, suddenly it gets really confusing, and then realizing it wasn't even happening - from anticholinergic deliriants. I stated to fear that I had taken diphenhydramine (Benadryl) too, and that I was now on a DXM/DPH combo, which is NOT something I need to be doing. I entered a sort of despair and just managed to close my eyes and watched patterns quickly form from the blackness, and as they grew and approached me I started feeling really intense and really uncomfortable vibrations. I probably could've entered an OBE from this state if I wanted to, but the fear overtook me and shook me out of the sleep paralysis. *phew*
    14. New College Dorm, Easy Money, Dream Journal, Joking About Celebrities

      by , 03-09-2012 at 07:16 PM
      A lot of my memories for the night are really splotchy, my recall was pretty bad. Plus, I got really distracted for a while after waking up and didn't take the time to read over my dreams until now. As a result, some of this probably won't make much sense. :T Anything in quotation marks is just a direct quote from my notes, and something I couldn't really figure out.

      #1 - New College Dorm [Non-Lucid]

      "Looking for a new college dorm and seeing a lot of people in the process, getting ready to make an offer but afraid someone else might get out. While looking for someone to get out, somehow I accidentally set up a coke deal through O and he even has it for me by the time I wake up. Apparently I lived under some housing label before and never knew and the employees are shocked because normally everyone who does is close as family and I just never noticed before since I was such a loner, and they were gonna play hard ball but now it seems like they really want to give it to me."

      #2 - Easy Money [Non-Lucid]

      We opened a restaurant at my house, and I spent pretty much the entire dream taking peoples' money and credit card numbers but never actually brought any orders out.

      #3 - Dream Journal [Non-Lucid]

      I'm visiting some high school class and we're having some mid-day recess, and apparently I go there day after day because the days keep skipping while I'm outside. On the last day I actually go back inside and see the classroom for once, and the teacher puts on a movie. I pull out a yellow paper pad to doodle or something, and notice on it the words "Dream Journal". Obviously, I remain non-lucid.

      Dream Fragment - "Something about Linkzelda41 and eating an orange?? So faint...."

      #4 - Joking About Celebrities [Non-Lucid]

      "Wandering around school, make friends with some of the girls in that class. D's there, and O. Something about celebrities, we joke about one of them going crazy and attacking the others in a story or movie or something. Then I head through the hallways with D (other D) thinking about what to do, I have class but I end up getting game guides to read instead."

      False Awakening - "I think I must have went home, laid down in bed to read the game guides, and passed out early."

      Terrible recall. >_< Maybe I should try drinking apple juice before bed or something!
    15. Playing With The Weather, Outmatched, Walking On Water, Sleepwalking Scare, Chao Raising

      by , 03-07-2012 at 11:00 PM
      I was a busy girl this night! Four MILDs, one almost V-WILD, and one non-lucid, not to mention some shadow creatures at the beginning of the night. Intense!

      Side Notes - So, as I was falling asleep there was suddenly some very vivid and weird blobby structure textured like blue jeans behind my eyelids, it twitched and morphed very quickly. This was not hypnagogic imagery (at least, not fully), it was a remnant of when I used to meditate while abusing anticholinergic deliriants, it moved in the exact same way. I open my eyes and say "Great, so I'm hallucinating now." There were dark clouds moving across my room and coming up to my face, I could feel an animal presence in each one, but I didn't allow them to form into anything. Across my ceiling moved a cloud that I always recognize as one of my delirium signs. Had I let it grow, it would've turned into a big white alien crab thing. I decided to just close my eyes and try to fall asleep quickly anyway while repeating my lucidity mantra.

      #1 - Playing With The Weather [MILD]

      The first few parts of this dream I only remember in flashes. I remember wishing some city was closer to us for some reason, I think I perceived it as some cool party area, then blur... then there's some spaceship ride at a theater or old house or something where we weren't supposed to be, but I got on the ride with a couple other people and it sent me into third-person mode in outer space, controlling some ship (a star destroyer from Star Wars, maybe?) as some commercial about it plays in the background (just the audio) and the ship gets continuously divided into smaller copies of itself by other ships around it. I think this phase is what caused me to become lucid... suddenly I was back in first-person and standing in front of my house. A big red bus was driving down the street and I tried to pull it toward me with telekinesis but it didn't work, probably too big of a task for a beginner. (I don't think I've used telekinesis since my second lucid ever.) So instead I lept up and blasted off into the sky at supersonic speeds, the wind felt so amazing rushing past my face. I even got to feel myself pass through clouds, which was awesome! I watched the ground streak by until I stopped over some really big field in a country area with one or two small farms. I was really high up, above the clouds, and I saw a tornado tearing through the countryside. (Though, aside from a couple storm clouds, it was bright and sunny outside. ) I gave my telekinesis another shot and managed to change its path by holding my hand out and pushing it in a different direction. Next I turned my attention to a storm cloud next to me and tried to make lightning strike the ground from it, but it wasn't really working too well, it was more like a mild flash that was just a glitch in my perception. I guess that one might take some waking life visualization first to do well. After that I transitioned into third-person again and lost lucidity, there was some kid breaking into a bank and some nasty old man with a shotgun (I think...) and his dog comes in and threatens him to leave and return what he stole or he's going to call this other old man and make him his pet. I woke up after that. There was a lot of dream leading up to the blurry part too, I remember experiencing it, just not what it was.... Though I do remember it involved Erii.

      #2 - Outmatched [MILD]

      I was back in middle school but in a class with a guy I didn't meet until high school, and the environment was somewhat fused with my community college. I have two electric guitars made of rubber, and they really work but they also aren't stable and bend and flop around a lot. Apparently one of them is broken and the other is a replica of the broken one, and my teacher gets mad at me for having them so I ask if I can take them to a different classroom. She says sure, so I get up and start walking through the halls and swing them like crazy on my way, they bend so much that they made that *wop-wop-wop* spinning blade sound but with a cool little electric guitar noise. While walking through the hall I become lucid, and somehow I went from the second floor to the first floor. I look up a massive staircase and see someone who I don't remember, but I flew up to him and asked him where Mason was. (This guy I had a class with in high school, I don't know why I thought of him but I was basically just trying to keep a dream plot going.) He didn't know so I flew off to the cafeteria (first floor) and there were several rows of tables with computers set up there for some reason. I just had fun walking through the rows and seeing tons of old people I went to middle school with, including D and C, working on some projects. I walked to one of the stairwells and sat down next to it and pulled out my phone to start texting (I think I almost lost lucidity here), and O walked by me and said that I'd better be careful because he had just gotten in trouble for doing that, and I was like oh snap, I'm supposed to be in class! I walk up the stairs next to these two random DC girls and tell them about the guitars and they laugh, and I'm like "I know, fuckin' dreams." Upstairs we walk to a section where there's a large gap in between two sections of the floor that you can see the first floor through, with a bridge off to the right of where I am. Directly across from me is a room with a bunch of people standing out front, so I jump across the gap myself and walk into the room. It's small and nearly empty, with another even smaller room (like closet-sized) connected to the side of it. There's a random girl standing next to the window looking out of it, and she looks over at me. Suddenly she runs over to me at LIGHTNING speed, like leaving a blurry trail behind her and everything, and stands right in front of me with this serious face. I freak out and try to kick her away, but with her super speed she just jumps to right behind my foot. She just stares at me and then reaches out to grab my leg. O_O And I'm basically terrified at this point, but then I wake up.

      I need to master that level of super speed as a power!!

      #3 - Walking On Water [MILD]

      O and I are leaving our middle school to go to In-N-Out for lunch but we accidentally use an exit door that has an alarm on it. I figured this out after we used it but O didn't, so I just wanted to get out of there so I don't get in trouble. We almost left, but O started seeing everyones' reactions to the alarm going off and starts having a panic attack, so I put aside my worries to keep him calm. It jumps forward to me right up next to some window blinds, like literally they're all I see, with individual ones having information printed on them about how I have to sit in this timeout class all day for being in trouble, and it specifically stated that one of the school admins was ninja9578. Eventually I back away from the blinds and see that this class is in a tiny building in front of the school, in the parking lot. This one guy in somewhat fancy black clothes is there and asks me what I'm there for after talking to the teacher about something, but I became lucid around this point. I just tell him I'm getting out of there, and I fly up and phase through the wall and into the sky. I look back and see him smiling and looking encouragingly at me, and he says "This is a dream!" or something like that, and I just smile at him and fly off. I start off down the road toward my house, but then I decided to ground myself and hoof it this time to make sure I didn't get too much of an adrenaline rush. I run down the path, and normally there's a bridge and on the left side of it you see my old elementary school, but instead this time right at the edge of the bridge was a beach with a long stretch of water going out from it. :O I decided that walking on water would be a cool thing to do, so I just ran out on to it. There are waves forming and breaking beneath me and it feels so cool, I try to jump over the waves as they come just for the fun of it. That went on for a short amount of time, then the dream ended.

      False Awakening - I had a false awakening here where I intended to start writing that dream down, but it wasn't really significant. Luckily it didn't mess with my memory of it, but it did make me think I had woken up between the alarm part and the getting in trouble briefly when I actually hadn't.

      #4 - Sleepwalking Scare [MILD]

      I was briefly lucid, I can't remember much other than that the plot of the dream seemed really unstable and ill-formed, like the DCs were actually invisible. They were definitely there in a third eye kind of way, but they vanished easily, and I was afraid that I was actually lucid sleepwalking or something because I was standing naked in my bathroom, and if I closed my eyes and walked around I felt myself moving and all, but when I would open them I'd still be in the same spot. However, when I actually woke up I was still in bed.

      Side Notes - After this I wasn't really intending to fall back asleep, but I didn't feel like getting up either. I stayed in bed and started thinking about giving myself a breast massage, but I was so lazy that I didn't even actually feel like lifting my arms to do it, so I started visualizing it instead. To my surprise, the visualization was incredibly strong, and I felt like it was actually happening. A scene started forming around me too, I was walking Target and looking at DVDs while doing this. It definitely felt like it was about to completely take over and suck me into a V-WILD several times, but it was never able to fully do it. Maybe if I'd done this method before I would've known how to push it all the way, but as it is I just don't think I was tired enough to fall into it. After I gave up with that it took me another fifteen or twenty minutes to fall asleep again.

      #5 - Chao Raising [Non-Lucid]

      I was raising chao (from Sonic Adventure) with K, and then my memory gets blurry.... I wrote down "find a way back to the beginning of an obstacle course which takes me back to the beginning of it all and causes me to hatch from one of his eggs?" I remember before this he was at my house writing a trip report for some cannabinoid smoking blend we had both tried, and then he was leaving but I said I wanted to go with him and he said I needed to hurry, so I went to change clothes and somehow it launched into that. Afterwards he asked me what I was going to do with the new chao and I told him I might go for one beauty-based (?) because until then I'd been looking at Erii as the figure of beauty. (??) Then I woke up lol.
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