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    King Of The Jungle

    by , 03-01-2012 at 04:15 AM (564 Views)
    Urgh, I'm so fried right now. -.-;; I ended up drinking again last night with my friend M, I really need to take a break now.... But anyway, I had one dream, and it ended with what may be a false awakening, but honestly I'm starting to think I may have actually woken up but just been hallucinating for a minute before my brain fully woke up. Before I went back to sleep again after that (though I don't remember any more dreams) I was able to make myself hallucinate some things by focusing on them so I'm pretty sure this was the case, actually.

    #1 - King Of The Jungle [Non-Lucid]

    The first thing I remember is trying to follow M to some strip mall restaurant, but on the way there there was a large space between the two of us and a bunch of old guys kept walking in my way really slowly and annoyingly. But I finally got there and ran into C, a kid I haven't seen since right after high school, but who I've known since the day care I went to before I started elementary school. I think I got caught up with him a little while we were standing in line waiting for food, but then it jumped forward to me being in the jungle. I got stuck in some kind of loop here.... I would wander through the jungle a bit until I ran into King Kong () And there would be some big smoke explosion or something (it's really hard to remember) that would make it hard to see him, and I'd walk off on some path extending directly outward in the direction he was facing. After a while the path would curve to the right and I'd just continue down it. Then it would start over again, and it happened at least three or four times, possibly more. I remember telling myself that this was just part of my daily routine, it was what I did every day before lunch. So on the last time I exit the foresty area and end up in a big open meadow. And I get a text from Linkzelda41! I don't remember the exact wording of the first couple texts, but he invites me to go to lunch with him and OpheliaBlue. I think to myself that I just came from eating with OpheliaBlue, but I could eat again. I ask him what they're getting and he responds with "It's a Mediterranean cuisine." I text back "Mmm. Where at?", but after that the dream ended.

    Here's where the false awakening/hallucinations thing happened.... I woke up in M's apartment, sleeping on the couch. This was all EXTREMELY vivid. Way more vivid than any false awakening I've ever had, it was basically exactly like real life. Every single detail was correct, despite the fact that it was only my second time ever being there and my first time ever being there in the morning. When I actually fully woke up, the lighting coming in through the windows and everything was still exactly the same, and there was no lapse in consciousness between this part and when I was awake, it just switched. So I'm pretty sure I just physically woke up but was still dreaming.... Anyway, so I woke up. M was walking around the apartment holding a Gatorade bottle filled with what looked like marinara or pizza sauce. She looked at me and said "Hey, you up?" to which I looked around slowly and then responded with "I think I'm awake...." Though, this is also a sign for me because I've never noticed anything was up in a false awakening before, even the incredibly bizarre ones. So she holds out the bottle to me and says "At least we've got mozzarella wine! " I looked at her confused and she started talking about how she'd gone to a class already (she had class in a few hours) and some guy kept farting the whole time, and the other people in the class were picking on him and calling him some mean nickname, though I don't remember what it was. I laid my head back down on the pillow and closed my eyes while saying "That's rude." :< M hesitates for a second and then says "What?" and I open my eyes ready to say that I was talking about how they were making fun of the guy, but when I do she's not there. Everything else is the same. And I realize that I'm awake. o_o

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    1. Linkzelda's Avatar
      I ask him what they're getting and he responds with "It's a Mediterranean cuisine." I text back "Mmm. Where at?", but after that the dream ended.
      Loool Mediterranean, that's such a big word for me to use!

      I find it funny that you encountered King Kong, because not too long ago, I had a dream where I was running from an ape/gorilla.
    2. Alyzarin's Avatar
      Didn't Sino just have a dream with gorillas, too, and in my jungle? They're everywhere!
    3. Linkzelda's Avatar
      She had an adopted ape in here.

      That's really funny.

      -She has a dream of an ape in its youth (at least what I'm predicting in the dream).
      -Me dreaming of an ape when it's fairly large.
      -You dreaming of meeting King Kong, the biggest of them all.

      It's probably coincidence, but you never know.
    4. sinoblak's Avatar
      Hahaha, apes are the the new trend in our dreams.
      I haven't experienced FA yet. It would happen once, but I saw my dog with earrings, and it shifted me back in the dream.
      Dreamprofesser and Alyzarin like this.
    5. Alyzarin's Avatar
      It sure seems that way. I get way too many FAs, they're annoying when you never remember to do RCs. :T And especially when you say "I think I'm awake." and still don't catch it!!
      sinoblak and Dreamprofesser like this.
    6. sinoblak's Avatar
      I'm just curious what a real FA is like. It might be amusing to see how you can mislead yourself.
      Alyzarin likes this.
    7. Alyzarin's Avatar
      Well, they're pretty interesting I suppose, I can at least say that. They're almost always really vivid for me, like the dream becomes more realistic because your brain expects it to be real life which would be pretty vivid, I guess? This one was special though, usually for me there are lots of alarmingly wrong things about the environment that I just never catch.

      Anyway, I'm really tired so I'm going to bed. See you later, Sino.
      sinoblak likes this.
    8. sinoblak's Avatar
      Good night, Aly.
      And I will work a bit until you wake up. Time difference, yeah...
      Alyzarin likes this.
    9. Dreamprofesser's Avatar
      So many false awakenings, and chances for you to become lucid in this dream. Aw..
      Alyzarin likes this.
    10. Alyzarin's Avatar
      Yeah, it would've been intense to become lucid when I woke up with M talking to me. It was so vivid already! Oh well, next time.
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