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    Memorable Dreams

    1. ~Summer Dreams~

      by , 06-07-2013 at 04:32 AM
      These are all of the lucids I've had since I went on vacation. It's good but I really need to get back on track with journaling, all of these have been high vividness but vanish so easily when I wake up. My ability to enjoy a lucid is high, but my recall is terrible. I definitely need to fix this....

      But in the meantime, dreams! It's been a while since I had some of these, so my apologies if my memory is a little shaky on them.

      May 21

      Right before my eyes!! [DILD]

      The first thing I remember is hanging around my neighborhood. I was hanging out with a couple old friends, I believe a couple who I went to elementary school with, and we were staring at where the elementary school used to be and reminiscing. It had been replaced with a college campus, though in reality it still stands there. I became lucid when I separated from them, and I headed down the alleyway that leads to my house. The main thing I recall about the beginning of this lucid was that there were a bunch of DCs chasing me like screaming fangirls. They were all cute, somewhat chubby white girls. I was fighting one of them off near my garage and I decided that I needed some kind of weapon. I held out my hand as if I was holding something and just stared at it and visualized a wrench being there, and it faded into existence right before me! It wasn't really that useful to me though, I'm not exactly sure why I went with a wrench, so I just tossed it at her and ran back out into the open. On my way out I also tried to split my body in two and summon fire but I wasn't able to do either. I was also able to reach up to my face and remove a pair of glasses, twice without putting any back on, that increased the vividness of the scene each time.

      When I got out of the alleyway I was still being chased by the girl, she tried to jump me and I ended up accidentally groping her, but then I got away and she seemed to disappear. I turned down one of my neighborhood streets and saw this girl who looked like ML, that I knew all throughout public school also since elementary, but she looked almost like a porn star. Also, I have no earthly idea what this means, but in my phone notes at the end of that last part I added "and apparently it was an ongoing procedural thing." I believe I picked her up as I walked by her and started inviting her to my house, but then the dream faded away.

      May 22

      Good thing we're not.... [DILD]

      I don't remember too much about this one. TB, a guy from elementary school, and some other guy were there, and at one point I was walking with this girl MH who people used to think we were related back in like first or second grade. I was thinking about making out with her, but then I realized that this all was odd and became lucid, but then I woke up.

      May 24

      Hammerspace trial. [DILD]

      I was back in high school talking to M's friend C at the end of a class and the beginning of break, then I left to find someone else though I forget who now. All I know is that I was done with classes at that point. I became lucid while walking into a classroom and took off my backpack and randomly decided to just drop it through the floor so I could store it for later. When it actually worked and the floor swallowed it up, I got kind of distracted and decided to toy around with it a little more. I stuck my hand into the floor and tried reaching around for the bag but couldn't find it anywhere, so I pulled myself back out and tried to summon it directly into my hand like the wrench from before but I couldn't get that to work either, and since I focused so much on it the rest of the dream faded away.

      June 4

      #1 - Acid carnival? [DILD]

      I was lucid outside at night at some kind of bizarre carnival. This whole section of the dream had a very strange psychotic feel to it. I was bursting with energy and the random chains of events happening around me were unfolding in a way that made me feel like I was in an acid trip. Everywhere I looked I had to fight off a good deal of sexual temptation to avoid getting too swept up into the dream and losing track of the lucid. The main ones I remember now are the barber shop girls and the girls getting their hair cut there, and then some beautiful performing girls including LK from middle and high school who wer just singing and dancing. There were also some weird guys here and there, and I specifically remembering sticking out my hand at one of them and yelling "Bang!" Other than that it's really hard to remember what all happened in this dream, it was very frantic and there was a lot going on.

      #2 - Maybe I'll just wait.... [DILD]

      This is an interesting dream to me because I'm pretty sure I accidentally incubated it while falling asleep due to what I was considering doing. I'm fairly certain the dream just kicked in with me lucid while walking down a hallway with the intention of masturbating. I seem to be in some kind of school or something and I come upon the bathroom so I head inside and notice that it's massive and there's a huge line of girls waiting inside, and even a few guys. I just decided to fuck the system and walk past the line all the way down to the end. I look in the stall and I try to throw this one girl out but she won't budge. She says something about seeing a "nasty phallus" or something like that, and then immediately holds up this suitcase with three fake but realistic and damaged-looking penises just sitting in it to show me. They looked like they were diseased and rotting or something, and it really grossed me out and I woke up.

      June 6

      Sort of like being drunk in an out-of-body experience. How can you beat that? [DILD]

      The first of this lucid is hard for me to recall now which is annoying because I know it was cool, but mainly what I remember is starting out in some high up apartment building out in the hills somewhere and flying out and above a city scape for a while. I also saw this old abandoned building on the ground I was approaching at one point so I did a twirl in the air with the expectation that it would be inhabited when I turned all the way around and saw it again, and it was successful. When I got there I just flew around a bit and through walls to see what all there was to do, and I came upon this very attractive girl, just a little bit younger than me by the looks of it. I picked her up and just carried her in my arms with me for a little bit and got distracted talking to another DC or something. I can't remember what was said now, mainly because of what happened next. I focused back on her again and looked down at her body and noticed that she was completely naked. That combined with the fact that I was only somewhat lucid and already pretty horny, and my prefrontal cortex must have taken a big hit. I don't remember much about the next part other than basically becoming an animal. Seriously, I could get addicted to this. >.>

      The bummer though was one part when I looked up from my partner and noticed that we were being swallowed into some sort of pit of darkness that was taking the stability of the dream along with it. At the last second I realized that I hadn't been able to keep focus, but there was no time to try to save it before my awareness vanished.
      The dream became a third-person, non-lucid scene of a woman who was escaping some thugs or something by jumping out of a window of the apartment building from before and realizing she could fly too, and I saw us flying next to each other while I told her that we were in an astral projection together. Then, I suddenly had a false awakening in that same building. I got up and noticed that my parents were talking right outside my room, and figured that that was probably what woke me up. But after that I actually did wake up.
    2. Flying Over a Montain Range

      by , 05-17-2013 at 03:24 PM
      Flying Over a Mountain Range [DILD]

      The setting in this dream was odd, I was at home but I was also in some kind of school class working on a project. There was a decent chunk of this dream that was non-lucid, but I can't really remember much of it now. Basically where my recall comes in is when I became lucid and decided to go for a change of scenery.

      I had decided to try walking through some doors instead of phasing for once, but then I remembered a thing I read where it said that walking through a door is enough to disrupt short-term memory and decided against it. I phased out through the backyard door of my house and flew over the fence and across other peoples' yards. The main thing I remember is that in this yard immediately behind mine, which looked nothing like it does in real life, there was a naked woman sunbathing that just caught me by surprise so I thought it was funny.

      Next thing I knew the area around my house had completely changed, and I was flying high over a bunch of fields and a mountain range. It was extremely vivid and lifelike, I think it may have been the most realistic flying scene I've ever had in a lucid. I was just in awe of all of it, especially the trees, some of which were hanging in the air. They actually had very similar designs to these plants we have hanging from our living room ceiling, so I'm betting that that's what inspired them, but they were much larger, more complex, and very beautiful and natural-looking. The whole view was just incredible.

      Anyway... I started thinking the name S, which I've known lots of people named, and landed somewhere in a field by this compact trailer home. I looked around and saw this girl who was one of the people with that name, this girl SS I knew from acting classes in middle school, and ran up to her and said hi. She pointed out this tornado to me that was in the distance, and either she told me or I just suddenly knew that she was training to be a wind witch and I told her to try to change its path. She wasn't really able to though, but it did pass right by us in a very unrealistic fashion without even creating any feeling of gust, it's more like it just phased out of existence by getting closer to me in my vision.

      After that SS and I just sat down and I wrapped my legs around her, but then
      I woke up.
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    3. Say that one more time, I dare you....

      by , 05-14-2013 at 06:11 PM
      Say that one more time, I dare you.... [Non-Lucid]

      There was a lot that had already happened in this dream that I don't remember clearly now, but it involved me being in the backyard of my house and seeing lots of "villains", like with a supervillain kind of atmosphere to it. I was building a history with these people, though like I said, I don't know what occurred now. Where my memory comes in is a little strange, I was just in my house with my parents and my aunt and uncle and we were having the villains over for some reason. Based on the context, I think it might have been that we were giving them a chance to redeem themselves and prove that they could be regular people.

      This one guy brought his wife and son over, and I really didn't like him. We were all trying to act civilized but I didn't trust him at all, and I got the feeling that he only brought along his family to try to prove that he was a good person which just made me see him as even more of a scumbag. The main thing I remember knowing about this guy was that he normally attacks women in the bathroom and he's pretty sick, so I immediately stood in the hallway opening by the front door. He was introduced to everyone and told that my aunt was in the bathroom, and he started walking in my direction and said that he could go say hi. I just spread myself out across the opening so he couldn't get by me and told him he could wait. He tried to push past me but I got mad and told him that this was my house so it's my rules he has to follow.

      He backed off and I started flipping through this book of pamphlets I randomly had in my hand. Eventually my aunt came out and I walked down the hallway a bit myself and stood right at where it turns, next to both my room and the bathroom. The guy followed me down there so it was just the two of us, and he was suddenly much less civil. He made some crass remark about how he's really in charge and there's nothing I can do about it, or something like that. It was basically this rant about how we're all subservient to him, and I was just getting more and more pissed. I was so angry when he stopped talking that I started responding but couldn't find my words, so I tripped over them at first. He took on this mad face and said "Did I say you could stutter, bitch?" and reached out to smack me, but I grabbed him arm in mid-air and unleashed the fury. I beat the shit out of him, the main parts of which I remember involve twisting his arm and flipping into the wall, grabbing him by the back and repeatedly smashing his skill directly into the edge of the wall, and pummeling him into the ground before picking up his beaten and bloody body and hurling it down the hall into the living room and watching him just kind of twitch and flail around.

      Immediately after this I turned and walked into the bathroom. I started trying to think about how I was going to handle the little boy seeing his dad beaten to a pulp, but at that moment I really didn't care. He had it coming to him.
      Tags: the fury
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    4. Reward for Journaling! :D

      by , 05-04-2013 at 04:11 PM
      #1 - Missed Opportunity!! [DILD]

      I was in a warehouse setting where I was doing something that I feel like I would have wanted to remember, but I can't recall it very well. This is most likely because it was my first dream of the night and I fell asleep high because I had smoked to get rid of a good deal of stomach pain. I vaguely remember a couple quick, nondescript but tauntingly awesome looking flashes of it and then I went though this big opening to be standing outside of a small building waaay up high on a cliff. It basically looked, from my perspective, like it was a cliff looking down into the Grand Canyon, it was so far away. I could also see a bustling city in the center of it in the distance, and I decided that it would be really cool if I got to the city by doing a running jump and roll off over the cliff and just bounce all the way down there. I wanted to get a good shot so I climbed up to the top of the building I was next to (somehow...) so I would have more running space, but as soon as I turned back around to get the view again the whole scenery had changed to just be a city around me. Damn it!!

      I was sad but then I heard a mysterious evil voice saying that they had kidnapped someone and hid them on a tall rooftop, so I scanned the area and found them. I flew over to the roof and this guy was just stuck up there and he was grateful to be saved but seemed really unstable. He was really paranoid about being touched and backed away from me when I tried to approach him, and then things got really psychedelic before my eyes. He was rapidly transforming into different humanoid shapes, the only one I can really remember being a LEGO body, but I knew that it was just because the dream was falling apart.

      #2 - Star Wars Restaurant [DILD]

      I was with some girl at a Star Wars themed restaurant, and there was a dream leading up to it I'm pretty certain, but I can't really remember how we got there. I became lucid as I was just looking at her, but then shortly after that I woke up.

      Not the most exciting thing, but still a lucid.

      #3 - One Gathering After Another [DILD]

      I was hanging out in this big building in some room that was supposed to be like a chatroom except in person, and it was for DV users. Unfortunately I don't really remember anything that happened in this room , but afterwards I met up with my friend M and went with her to a party downstairs. There were lots of people I knew there, including this guy GL that I hugged, and when I was there I started becoming lucid. I noticed that there were far too many things in my pockets to be comfortable, like significantly more than they could actually hold since they're pretty small, so I decide to go find somewhere I could safely put them down. As I was leaving I saw this girl S and her girlfriend P who I had just met recently at a meeting of BDSM people around here. Somehow I decided that they must be good lucid dreamers, so I had them come with me.

      We all three walked out of the room and then flew up and phased through the ceiling up to the next floor. I was taking us back to the chatroom, but we had to walk through this fancy party (almost like a ball with royal dresses) to get there and we lost S along the way. I got to the room and noticed that there were lots of people I knew from growing up there now like this girl AH I met in kindergarten instead of people from that forum. I wasn't phased and just started emptying my pockets there, but in the meantime my lips began to swell and were feeling very bizarre. I tried to distract myself from the sensation but it was very solid. I turned around and P told me that we needed to grab S before we went back to the party, but we would have to find her first because she had shapeshifted into a girl in a fancy dress in that room. I see this short girl in black and suddenly know that it's her, so I just walk up to her and grab her around the waist and say come on and she gives in.

      I think this dream could have gone on longer, but the lips thing was becoming worse and worse and I started trying to move my tongue around to see if I could get my real body to do it and see if I was lying on my face in an uncomfortable way or something, but I couldn't tell so I just said to hell with it, time to wake up.
      I opened my eyes seconds later and, of course, there was nothing wrong.

      #4 - Time Flowing Backwards [Non-Lucid]

      I got up in the morning and I was using my cannabidiol oil, and the first thing I noticed was the clock in my room. The second hand was moving backwards, and I became slightly concerned about it. Not enough to really spring into action, though. I went into the bathroom to start putting the drops on my tongue, and saw that the clock in there was still moving normally. I was suspicious of it though, and didn't think of it as enough evidence to convince me that time wasn't flowing backwards.

      #5 - Depth? Who Needs It? [DILD]

      I was in a class in what appeared to be something like high school, but I was communicating with someone I only met this semester in college, this girl in my humanities class named C who sits two seats to the right of me. She wasn't actually in the class though, while this guy SJ from high school was, I was just talking to her remotely. Depending on when it was in the dream I was either typing an email or instant message to her or something or I was writing on a piece of paper that magically functioned like that and filled in messages whenever we wrote them. She was talking about mushrooms and I told her they were really cool. She said she secretly wanted to try them but she was afraid of getting into it all, and she used this metaphor where she said for example that a reason that she wouldn't want to use amphetamine is because it speeds you up and she wants to experience her thoughts at the natural pace, she doesn't want any of her life to race by and when it came to mushrooms she felt the same way about her creativity.

      Around this time Rob Huebel and Rob Riggle walked into the room and I perceived them as cops based on their comedy routine that they showed in Super High Me. At that time I suddenly noticed that I had a bong in my hands and was hiding it under the table, and they never saw it though it should have been really obvious. I became a bit nervous and sort of forgot about my communication with C, but then
      I started to become lucid. I got up and hurled the bong at the wall and watched it shatter, and in the process I accidentally knocked my cellphone forward off of the table. I stretched out over it and tried to reach down and back to reach it but it was too far away, but then I got an idea. I did that trick like where a cartoon character will act like the moon actually is really tiny and right there in the sky and they'll just put their fingers right around it in their point of view and grab it, and it worked perfectly. My phone was a little bit smaller than normal but I still had it in my hand, so I put it in my pocket and started walking off.

      I could tell that the dream was starting to fade away, and I saw this large girl in blue scrubs around my age who reminds me of someone I've seen before at school leaving the classroom. I jumped up on to her and just hugged and squeezed her, but as she started taking us out of the room things were getting very dark and all I could really still do was hear people talking in the halls. I started making out with her and could feel it a bit and I had hoped that this might revive the dream, but no luck.

      When I woke up I really wanted to go back to bed and try to keep this crazy ride going, but I had a friend who crashed here overnight and I didn't want to be rude by just staying passed out all morning, so maybe next time!
    5. I almost forgot what it was like to have lucids like this; the dream world is incredible....

      by , 03-08-2013 at 03:38 PM
      So just for the record, I've gotten lucid three times in the past four days. >.> But I haven't felt like recording them because the one from Tuesday just totally disappeared from memory, and the one from yesterday I remember basically nothing of either, but I remember all of the non-lucid bits both before and after it. I guess I might add that one in here.... But the first one, I want to say that nothing important happened. But I might just want that to be the case. ._. There's really no way to say for sure. The second one... I'm pretty certain that the only thing I did was phasing, which is of course nothing new for me. I remember experiencing it and everything, I just don't really remember the experience itself. Oh well, the one from last night very much made up for it....

      Oh, and for the last few days I've been taking 400 mg of L-theanine a day, divided into two doses of 200 mg with one in the morning and one in the late afternoon or early evening, usually.


      #1 - But why are we in a skyscraper to begin with? [Non-Lucid]

      I was in some school class in a huge skyscraper in some downtown area, and there were random people I graduated from high school with, this girl who sits behind me in my speech class I'm taking this semester at college, and my parents, for some reason. There was a massive storm coming our way with tornadoes visible through the windows and everything, and I was holding my mom's hand as we were all scared. There's a flashforward and things get hazy, but I remember seeing people evacuate but thinking that it wasn't on the same day but it was the same "windy season"....

      #2 - Who would build a bathroom like this!? >_< [DILD]

      The details of this have gotten hazier since I didn't care to write it down at first, but there was some gigantic computer mouse whose cord stretched all the way across some city streets, and it got pulled away and I tried to chase it but lost track of it. I remember seeing my old high school friend AB's car, but then things get blurry.... This is around where I became lucid and phased but then my next memory picks again at the non-lucid point. :T I was spending the night somewhere with AB, M, and these guys J and Ma who I met through M. The next morning, I woke up and started blasting some really heavy club music and M got excited, and her boyfriend D, who's suddenly there, turns to me and says something like "We can catch up later." I then realized that I needed to go change my clothes so I went to the bathroom to do so, but there were big windows all over the door so it was very easy to see inside. Everyone was oriented in the direction of the windows, but just not looking directly into them, but of course it was making me very uncomfortable at the thought of starting to change. J was saying maybe they should turn in a different direction, but then I woke up.


      Last night, I took 250 mg of choline bitartrate immediately before going to bed. I'm fairly certain this had an effect, particularly on the lucid.

      #1 - This would have been great to become lucid for!! [Non-Lucid]

      I was playing some bizarre new PSP game the whole time, and there actually was something going on in the rest of the dream too but I pretty much missed it all because I was so focused on playing, so I don't really remember the plot anymore. What I remember about the game was that it had a setup where you had a team of playable characters that reminded me of the structure of NIS games, but it was mixed with a simulated life raising element like chao from the Sonic Adventure and Sonic Advance games, and the actual creature and level designs were sort of Pikmin-like. I really wish I could've played more of it because it seemed really interesting, but that's about all I can recall of it, and I remember walking up stairs or something maybe to see my speech professor... but no more solid details than that.

      I woke up from this dream with a very strong headache. I'm fairly certain that my head was smashed into this part of the backboard of my bed and that's what caused it, because the pain slowly went away in a way that I can only relate to when you wake up with a numb arm and it slowly returns to normal, but it was my first time having that type of thing happen so I can only guess. But I really hope that that's what happened because otherwise it would mean I woke up with a severe unexplained headache. >___>

      #2 - I could've told them this would happen... somehow. [Non-Lucid]

      I was in a high school PE class (though I think the setting might actually have been my elementary school, sort of?) with O and people kept trying to give him balls that corresponded to different sports, but I remember equating these to video game weapons in my mind and thinking that they were doing it wrong because they didn't realize that "his growth charts are unique". Eventually he decided to play what I think was registered as either baseball or golf... but it's really just a bunch of balls bouncing around and people chasing after them with no clear goals. He makes the "winning play" I believe when at least one of the teams is "frozen" at 23 seconds left on the timer, but it switches to this weird TV view for it that only shows symbols to represent the player. He was excited that they run, but due to the odd way I saw it play out I asked him for verification that he actually was the reason they won, claiming that "they only showed the overhead", or some such nonsense. Suddenly he got all depressed at the thought because he didn't realize that he had won it, he thought he was just a part of it, so we asked some other guy and he said that that was the case. Suddenly O sank into despair, and this guy PR who I've known since elementary school tries to ask him what's wrong and cheer him up or something, but he proclaims that he may never play that sport again, and then walks out of the gym all dejected as class ends. On the way out I was trying to think of a way to explain his reaction to PR, but I couldn't really think of a good way to phrase it before I woke up.

      #3 - I think it might have been inspired by Buffy? [DILD]

      This was an odd driving dream, and I'm fairly certain I've had something like this happen before.... Basically, I was driving home in the snow at night, and I was stuck driving from the back seat where there was an accelerator but no breaks. As a result, I was forced to drive very slowly and frequently take my foot off the gas so that I wouldn't gain too much momentum. I have no idea why I didn't think to just climb up to the front seat, but I know that there was a car driving behind me too, so maybe I just didn't want to mess with the situation and cause any trouble. We came over this bridge in my neighborhood, and then when I turned on to my street it was suddenly daytime. Somehow I managed to go too far beyond my house though, and then this car started coming down the street in the other direction right for me, and I perceived someone else as being in the car with me at this point too, but I don't recall ever seeing anyone.... I started thinking "shit shit shit" because I couldn't stop the car or change the direction it was going in very easily, and then we ended up headbutting the other car. This is all unbelievably vivid... perhaps a mix of the supplements and the adrenaline boost? I started trying to rationalize this situation because I didn't want to have to actually be in a car crash again, and then I thought to myself "Wait, could this be a dream? This whole thing is pretty odd...." I climbed into the front seat and by then I had a feel for my state of mind and was sure of it, so I became lucid.

      At this point I looked around at the street and the sky and just stared. This was one of those lucids that leaves you completely in awe from start to finish as you repeatedly tell yourself "There's no way a dream could be this real." As I looked over the neighborhood, there was no distribution of focus as in a regular dream, it was all fully rendered as a single image. It seemed exactly as if I was seeing it in waking life in every way, minus the snow. I ended up driving back down to where my house was (and I think it was using my first car which is long gone), and when I got there my house was pretty different. It was tall and thin, spanning multiple floors, whereas the real one has only one floor and is much more wide than tall. There were also large windows spanning most of the front face, and it had some kind of Greek-esque architectural design for what looked almost like a tomb on the ground floor, and it was covered in plant vines and everything. There was some large inscription at the top of this part, which was totally made out of stone, and I didn't get a good look at all of it but I do remember seeing the word "SOUL" in large print. Again, this was all extremely vivid. I wanted to go inside and check it out, as the front door was still right there where it should have been in the middle of that framework, but about that time I started feeling a headache again and
      woke up.

      *sigh* That would've been cool to explore. That headache, too... not the real one, but this one in the lucid. It felt like the ones I get when I smoke too much or the last few times I tripped. I'm really starting to wonder if it's hippocampal in origin, and if the choline brought it out.... I guess this break from smoking will probably help in more ways than I thought, because it's going to be annoying if that headache keeps making an appearance in lucids. :/ Hopefully it was just a one-time thing though, and overall I still consider this dream very successful.
    6. Games, games, and more games. Except for the one.

      by , 03-02-2013 at 07:07 PM

      #1 - He's really a nice guy, just trying to make a living.... [Non-Lucid]

      At first I was at a family party in this dream, and I was playing a Legend of Zelda game with my cousin K. I remember seeing Link wearing some kind of crazy golden armor (maybe based on the one in Twilight Princess? I can't remember what it's called right now...), but then the TV screen started to envelope us and the game plot was actually happening to me instead of me controlling Link. K, the grim reaper, and I were at some kind of odd opening up to an ocean located under a building of some kind, there was no shore or anything like that. I believe there was some kind of ship visible off in the distance, and the grim reaper had given me a fishing pole and was trying to get me to use it to catch a test target he had placed in the water a bit further out from us. I almost got it but not quite, but then I decided to get up and go explore the area behind us instead, and when I didn't find much I logged off and my perspective zoomed back out to being at the party. This next part I have no idea about because I can't remember what it means, this is just what I wrote down in my notes when I woke up:

      "Also, I misinterpreted some weird rules about reality thinking that any wrong move reverted you to a past state, but it turned out I was a little wrong about it and it wasn't quite so bad, but I can't remember exactly how...."

      Your guess is as good as mine, but it sounds intense lol. After that,
      I woke up.

      #2 - What if it is all a game? [Non-Lucid]

      I was again playing as Link, this time specifically from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but the perspective was different than either in the previous dream. It was that effect where the TV screen takes up your entire field of vision... so you're really just moving the character with your mind and perceiving them as yourself, but you still see them from behind in third-person and perceive it like you're using a controller on some level. What's odd about this dream is that I started out in a Super Mario 64-like map, and I was even looking for stars to collect, but at one point I got stuck at the edge of a map and ended up clipping through the ground. And I fell down into a N64-eqsue rendered version of my house and backyard, and specifically into the corner of the swimming pool.

      From this point on I also had a permanent walk-through-walls effect, along with a slightly increased and slightly unrealistic-looking walking speed. I walked around my house a bit and just had fun moving through walls and admiring how surreal this all was (because it was REALLY well done and very video gamey) and I saw a NPC incarnation of a younger version of my friend M walking to the backyard in a one-piece bathing suit. I walked around her for a bit, and then I went back to the pool. I walked into it and it was much deeper than normal, and there was this guy fish thing (don't ask me, it's in the notes lol) and a weird three-pointed Mario star that was made up to sort of resemble a fish, and then somehow this all became an American Dad! episode.

      I believe it showed Avery Bullock, and he had payed for these freaky fish tattoos on his eyes and he was able to do this creepy stare with them and transform into a huge fish himself, the whole thing was very psychedelic. I remember this surprising at least Stan, Francine, and Steve. Then the whole thing just turned into a still third-person view of scrolling through bottom of a wiki page and seeing some Pokémon pictures, with the only one really standing out being some unidentifiable red thing and a Marill.


      #1 - So who the hell was he, anyway? [Non-Lucid]

      I was again at a family party, and I had barricaded myself in my room for some reason, though it wasn't my actual room. I had a ton of stuff shoved against the door to keep it closed, but then (probably based on watching too many comedy shows), my cousin P just opened the door easily, because it opened in the other direction, and pushed it all aside and walked in. Cue a "Well... shit." As P walked in, so did some guy who I'm not sure was a real person, because he's just as a blurry and impossible to remember the look of as any other random non-lucid DC is for me. But at the time, I was convinced that this was someone who I hadn't seen since we were kids, like he and my cousin were childhood friends or something and I just stopped seeing him when they stopped hanging out as much or something like that, and we were both doing the whole "wow, you've really grown up" thing. We seemed pretty friendly with each other, so I guess in the context of the dream we had been close in the past. The three of us just kept hanging out in my room, and at one point P became my friend M when I wasn't paying attention, I think not long after we all looked out the window and saw a lot of snow on the ground and in the streets (and we were in the second floor, which my house doesn't have).

      The whole time the guy and I were getting pretty involved in our conversation and starting to get pretty touchy-feely. He was talking about how he'd gotten out of a relationship recently, and he was noticeably very horny. He kept getting really close and personal with me, hugging me from behind, leaning up against me, and etc. I was getting pretty worked up myself, and the tension was getting really thick. We weren't saying anything but it was really obvious, and I remember M seeming kind of annoyed about it and thinking that there was a reason, but I can't remember what it was now. After a while the party was starting to wind down and everyone was leaving and M pulled me aside to ask me not to do anything, but the guy overheard her and suddenly pulled out this video recording of him telling some kind of sob story. I think the video was saying something about how he used to be married, or at least something similar to that... and I remember it including the line "I wasn't always in high school.", but that's about it. M felt bad after that, and she was getting ready to leave. I was thinking that I had to go stay at my aunt's house overnight for some reason so I was going to say something, but then I just randomly realized that I actually wouldn't have to, so I forgot about it. When M left, everyone but the guy was gone, so we locked ourselves in my room and I could feel the tension increasing to a breaking point... and then
      I woke up.

      God damn it.

      #2 - If only real matches were as intense as this! [Non-Lucid]

      I was playing some kind of Super Smash Bros. kind of game with M and her boyfriend D. We played some normal rounds first, and then somehow I managed to pick Axel from Disgaea 2 as my character. I also managed to get us to play on some intense demon altar stage. I don't remember exactly who they were playing as (I want to say that M was playing as maybe Princess Zelda or Peach, and that maybe D was playing as a character on a horse?), but I think it might have changed over time, too. The sucky part about this dream is that it was actually really vivid and intense, but the action was so crazy and fast that I still barely remember any of it. I remember I was riding a horse at one point as well, and we had the capability to use some incredibly cheap tricks like hypnosis to win the battle. It was crazy! As the dream started falling apart, the scene became a third-person view of a cartoon show and Axel had become Popeye. He was saying something weird or trippy, but I can't remember what it was now, and then I woke up.
    7. Four Days of Non-Lucids

      by , 02-21-2013 at 10:25 PM
      I have been completely swamped for the past few days, but I've still been trying to remember my dreams and smoke less before going to bed. So here's what I got from the last four nights.

      Feb. 18

      I want to say that I took 50 mg of zinc a few hours before bed and 10 mg of melatonin at bedtime for this. I think it was this night....

      Almost Like A Lucid.... [Non-Lucid]

      This dream was long and I don't remember a lot of the build up to it, but I do recall that around when my memory comes in I had the perception that I was viewing something that had happened earlier in the dream again from a different perspective, like I had gone back in time to watch it. I'm not sure if this event had actually happened earlier or not, but it sure felt like it did. I was standing in front of a building in some downtown area watching a crowd of people walk through the front doors, and among them was the past me. I also saw this girl walking not too far from me and decided to possess her, but she got into the building before I could get up to her. I easily rewound time and caught her before she went in again and entered her body. Then I just kept walking into the building to see what all the fuss was about. The inside looked just like some kind of mini-mart like a 7-Eleven but maybe just a little bit fancier. As I walked around I started thinking about some imaginary superhero story I was apparently making, specifically in relation to the villain. I had an idea about how to start them out with something like mind reading or telepathy and move it up to body possession through some kind of power increase, but I can't remember exactly what it was now. At that point the dream became a little less vivid and I shot forward through the wall (smoothly phased) and started flying over the field I was next to, since this place was now a stop on a highway out in the middle of nowhere, and as I was admiring it I woke up.

      Feb. 19

      I'm fairly certain I took a 10 mg melatonin here, too.

      #1 - I'm Sure He Can Handle It [Non-Lucid]

      I was hanging out with my friend N when we somehow became aware of the fact that our mutual friend R (who I met N through) had been taken hostage somewhere. We were in a house that I believe somewhat resembles my aunt and uncles' old house from like fifteen years ago, but I barely remember it. I decided to call his cell phone to see if he could pick up, but his voice message had been changed to some guy with a really heavy British accent talking about how we had reached some kind of game development company or something. I tell N that he must have been taken hostage by British criminals who had changed his message so that they could pretend to be a legit company and no one would know to save him, and that we have to go rescue him right away, but added that "I still have a class to go to today. " I turned my head and saw a TV with a commercial playing in the corner of the room. The audio to it was talking about something along the lines of making your own robot, but all the video was showing was a guy wrapping himself in plastic and trying to mold it to make armor out of it. I instantly feel that R might've seen this commercial too and had the same idea, and so he may already have been able to escape on his own.

      #2 - Lucid Dreaming Tutorial [Non-Lucid]

      The main thing I remember about this dream is walking around the park by my house with my mom and coming across these kids, like three or four boys around eight to ten years old if I remember correctly. They asked me how to fly in a lucid dream so I showed them, though I did something totally different than I actually do in a lucid (which this was not), which was like this multiple jumping thing kind of like in a Mario game. Despite thinking that this was my normal routine, I could tell that it felt really odd as I was doing it, though I didn't know why. However, I still did manage to fly, but they didn't quite understand my method. I just told them I'd see them again some time and teach them more later on, because I guess I was busy at the moment.

      #3 - Dream Fragment [Non-Lucid]

      I was giving someone recommendations and tips about which Nippon Ichi Software game to play.

      Feb. 20

      Poor Judgment Calls [Non-Lucid]

      I didn't actually write this one down, so my memory of it is kind of faint now. Basically what I remember is that first I was at my house with my cousin K, then something involving Marona from Phantom Brave happened (I think she might have been my cousin at first that turned into her?), and then I was with JB, this guy I used to hang out with who was pretty sociopathic. We were in my room and my parents kept bothering us, and we were trying to get them to leave us alone so we could have sex (eep ). We never got them to go away before I woke up, though.

      Feb. 21

      #1 - I Wonder What It Was.... [Non-Lucid]

      The part of this dream before my recall really kicks in was at a store, but that's about all I can remember about it. What I do remember is being at a family party at my house, and everyone was gathered in the living room to congratulate this guy I don't recognize for doing something.... I'm not sure what it was, but I know that I felt that either I deserved it or at least he didn't deserve it, or something along those lines. I was being sort of rude and went to the kitchen to sulk alone because I couldn't stand to be in the room for all that, but at one point the guy came in and tried to make me feel better and I started just trying to get over it. My cousin A walked in and started saying something about these bowls of grapes and cherry tomatoes that were sitting on the counter by me and managed to squeeze some open and wear them on the tips of her fingers just to be funny, and then they sort of just absorbed into her fingertips and disappeared and she left. >___> I turned around and my friend M's mom was there too, for some reason (it didn't even look like her, I just perceived that that's who she was). She started telling me about where she grew up, but I don't recall anything she was saying. The dream sort of shifted as it was falling apart, and I got a third-person flash of a Facebook page where someone was telling this girl A that I met recently that she was beautiful and an inspiration to everyone, and then I woke up.

      #2 - If Only This Worked In Real Life [Non-Lucid]

      I was driving around with some random guy and Linkzelda, and I was trying to show the guy how to get to our imaginary school campus by following Link's directions. At one point we parked and me and the random guy got out of the car at this apartment complex, and this guy who I somehow immediately knew was Jewish came up to us begging for help. He had a gun and said he had run out of bullets for it and was being chased by a group of people, and there was some situation with more guns in an apartment upstairs. The guy that we were showing the campus decided to be a hero and ran off to that upstairs place, and the Jewish guy ran off frightened as he saw the group of people coming after him again. At that moment I realized that they might see me if I'm not careful, so I started whispering to myself "I'm not here, I'm not here...." and getting into a meditative state. I dropped the perception of my body and started floating up away from the scene, but then I looked down at one of the guys running by and got sucked into his body. The dream jumped around a little and I was in some hazy perception of something about a guy and some really attractive woman with guns, but it's so blurry that I can't really recall what was going on now.... And that's the last thing that happened before I woke up.

      Final thoughts.... I'm noticing a definite increase in the amount of dream control techniques I employ in non-lucids these days. And it's not just from the examples shown here, it's been happening more and more lately. I wonder if it's because of the way I try to drop awareness in lucids anyway and just run with it; maybe I simply recognize the similar state of mind and use it without acknowledging what it implies?

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    8. 100th Lucid Since Joining DV!

      by , 02-16-2013 at 05:21 AM
      I couldn't resist coming back just to post this quick little entry. Number 100!!

      Catch Me If You Can [DILD]

      I didn't make too much of an effort to remember the pre-lucid part of this dream, but what I do recall is that I was looking at multiple crazy new colleges with my old high school friend N, and he was interested in one specifically where there was this big paintball arena. Actually, I think he went from wanting to be in it to actually already being enrolled there, because he got to go into the arena while I had to wait outside (not that I had any burning desire to play paintball). However, around this time I became lucid and decided to see what the arena was like. All I knew of it so far was that it was totally inside and just set up like a maze with tall walls you couldn't see over that you had to find your way around in, and it was totally inside but there was plenty of lighting since the ceiling was still far above the walls. I started moving forward to phase through the wall into the arena and I was reminded of a discussion I've been in recently. I noticed that I was vividly aware of the solidity of the wall in front of me, but I was still able to drop that awareness willingly and pass through it without any trouble. As I did so, as opposed to normal how my perception just kind of blips, the entire wall was slowly decomposed into lines that disappeared as I fully got from one side to the other, and it was actually really cool, there were even little sound effects for it. This whole situation made me think back to this hacked character my cousin and I created on Super Smash Bros. Melee years ago, with a code that made it so that by pressing different button combinations you could activate or deactivate the collision detection for any map, and in combination with an infinite jumps code (to prevent you from just falling straight through the map to your death) you could basically hide in certain parts of the map until someone came by and you would jump out to attack them. I started acting off of the same concept in the dream. I would phase into a wall and wait there until a paintballer or two came by and then I would come out when they weren't looking and confuse them by running off and then phasing into another wall before they caught me. I was just having fun messing with them, but I allowed myself to stand totally still in one of the walls for too long and the dream sort of phased out and I lost lucidity. The dream briefly restabilized with me parked on the side of the rode somewhere with my car acting really weird and uncontrollable. I can't remember exactly all what went down, just that I got out of the car to look at it and suddenly realized that I was naked, and then I saw that there was another car full of people parked nearby who could just see me standing there totally clueless and I felt embarrassed. And I think that's the last thing that happened before I woke up.

      And that's that.
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    9. 1 Non-Lucid and 4 DILDs

      by , 01-18-2013 at 08:59 PM
      I'm just playing catch-up here a little bit. These are the dreams I have recorded from the past couple of weeks that I haven't uploaded yet.

      #1 - Hmm [Non-Lucid]

      I was in a bed in a dark room with A, this girl that I know through some friends that one of them has a crush on, and T, a different friend's old roommate. T wasn't very involved, I could just hear him moving around. I was giving A a full-body massage. Afterwards we all got up and walked to a classroom, which was just down the hall from the room we were in. Hmm.

      #2 - Kenny Dies [DILD]

      Most of this dream is blurry in my memory now, but I remember it starting with me, my old friend D, and Kenny from South Park all being chased by someone. We were going through some obstacle course connected to a mall or something and we were trying to escape from a room that was filling up with water before it was too late. At one point D and I turned around and saw Kenny floating in the water, having drowned. D looked shocked and said "Oh my god, they killed Kenny!" I jumped up and said "You bastards!!" I tried to go after him but D pulled me away, and then my memory gets hazy again.... The next thing I remember is walking outside the mall in the parking lot and becoming lucid. There was some cool pattern in the clouds, but I can't remember what it was now. I decided to walk through the mall and gathered up a crowd of DCs around me all chanting a mantra of stability with me, something like "this dream is long, vivid, and solid". While we were walking around I was also picking up various pieces of furniture in the store effortlessly with one hand and hurling them across the store. I was really worked up and this girl next to me did part of the chant wrong, so I looked over and said "No!" and shoved her headfirst into a glass wall. It didn't break, she just hit it really hard and then fell over. When I saw that it was actually someone I know and like in waking life I felt bad, and I picked her up and sat her down on a chair to see if she was alright. After that I started getting kind of unfocused and the dream ended.

      #3 - Too Much Energy [DILD]

      The main thing I remember about this dream is that I was pissed when I realized it wasn't real, because it was going really well. I became lucid around the time I was doing all these crazy calculated flips around this huge auditorium that were really fun and impressive as hell, and then when I realized what was going on I just had endless amounts of energy. I got really unfocused and just started grabbing stuff and throwing it all over the place until I woke up.

      #4 - Back Once Again [DILD]

      I was back at my old middle school with O and we were visiting our old orchestra teacher Mr. L. Afterwards we somehow got lost in the crowd and became part of the student body there, so we started trying to find our English class that we were supposed to head to next. We realized that we needed to pick our schedules first, so we started walking to the office and on the way we saw an old friend of ours wearing this cute sweater that I own that looked totally weird on him. X) We were also on the second floor of the building and I could see a tower of people stacked on top of each other coming up and leaning in our direction from the first floor visible beyond the railing. >_> Around this time I became lucid, and I ran into the girl M in the hallway who I haven't seen at least since we graduated high school but who I knew since kindergarten. I walked up to her and said "Hey, girl." She came up to me and I grabbed her and ripped her shirt down and started groping her and kissing her neck, but I got a little too into it and the dream faded away.

      I took 50 mg of zinc at dinner the night that this next dream happened. I like to think that it had an effect.

      #5 - More Summoning And Possession Practice [DILD]

      There was some weird school stuff going on this dream before my memory really cuts in. The first thing I really recall is becoming lucid while packing up my stuff in a dark room. I wasn't immediately lucid enough to break out of this action at first, so I started repeating a mantra "electricity works in dreams" while I kept trying to turn on the lights and use my cell phone light to help me find stuff. It worked to an extent, and some of the lights showed up or got brighter if they were already on. My cat was also in the room with me but walked out it and down the school hallway at some point. I decided to walk out to the hall myself and followed it down to a large open area in a very fancy hotel-type building. There was also a large window spanning several stores to the left of us that was visible because every floor ended in a balcony. I decided to fly forward and grabbed a sofa with people sitting on it with my right hand as I passed by it, and I phased us through the window. Outside I could see groups of people eating dinner at tables below us, and I chucked the couch at one of them and then just moved on without even really watching what happened. I flew higher up to where there was a rooftop balcony with no covering and saw a family eating dinner or something. I decided that I wanted to see if I could summon a whole group of people, so I flew a ways over to the next rooftop thinking that I wanted to see a small group of gossiping women. When I got there it worked perfectly, there were four women in classy dressed gossiping about something at a table, and they didn't seem to take notice of me. I decided to possess one of them but it didn't go completely smoothly, and the other women started looking at me (as her) and asking if I was alright, I was making weird faces trying to adjust the feeling. I finally started getting situated but then my libido started ramping up and it woke me up. Man, if I could just control that feeling without waking up more often....

      That's it for now!
    10. Supercharged Dreams

      by , 12-26-2012 at 04:51 PM
      Based on the results of the night before last, I decided to go a little nuts this time. I originally fell asleep on the couch in the living room before waking up a couple hours or so later. I never have any dreams when that happens, guaranteed, but it does usually count as a mini-WBTB since I have to get up and turn off all the lights around the house and everything. Starting from this point on, every time I woke up I smoked weed before going to bed again, so that all three of my dreams were enhanced by it.

      #1 - A Day In The Life [Non-Lucid]

      This dream is a little patchy in my memory because it was kind of long, but I remember near the beginning I was playing Pokémon White Version, except that it was a Game Boy Pocket game and had the old Red/Blue style of carts (except white-colored) and everything. I think N was there, and I had this little chip that I could stick into the cartridge to unlock some kind of debug mode or early designer version of the game or something like that, but I don't remember much about it other than that it was fun to mess around with. My memory skips forward a little and I remember being in some small diner or something in some huge industrial port town with a ship quickly getting closer in the distance through the window behind me and smoke stacks all around the town. I was talking to this guy who I remember not really trusting, but I can't remember what about. He kept telling me to turn around and look through the window (which is how I saw the ship), and I was hesitant to even turn my back to him but I finally did and noticed that there was some gigantic sort of dragon-like monster destroying everything in the distance. And I remember thinking about something in relation to cigarettes as it was destroying the smoke stacks.... But anyway, I decided to use my super hero powers to fight it! I phased through the wall of the building we were in and flew up in the sky above the city. I can't quite recall what it was now, but after doing some quick thinking I was able to deduce what the monster's weak point was and attacked it with some kind of fiery rocket dive bomb move. It was defeated, and then my memory jumps forward again slightly. I was in a room surrounded by my so-called friends all sitting on barracks and laughing at the fact that somehow during all that I had apparently been stripped of my clothes. I found out that they had been left in that room and while I was away all of my friends had taken them and I didn't know which of them were hiding them, so I decided to use my X-ray vision to see which of them had them and then phased through them to grab them. I then phased myself through the wall into a locked room and started putting the clothes back on. And I think that's about where I woke up.

      #2 - There's A First Time For Everything [Non-Lucid]

      What came before and after this part of the dream is hazy, but I'm sure this part stands out mainly because of the adrenaline rushes I was getting. >.> I was in a department store with someone else who I can't recall right now, and basically I was in this setup where I was standing at the side of the isles looking inward (where you can see down each one), and beyond the isles there was this big high up balcony visible in the distance where a band was playing. The two of us were being chased by two guys with guns and I decided that I wasn't going to take their shit anymore. I pulled out two pistols myself (which I've never used before, even in dreams) and started unloading on them, but the whole scene was really hectic so we just kept missing each other at first. Finally we got to a point where one of the guys was walking back and forth on the other side of the isles and the other was hiding behind the wall next to the drum player in the band up on the balcony. It took lots of quick thinking and maneuvering, but finally I was able to take out the former, followed closely by the latter as he would peak out to shoot at me. Cue lots of relief, and then I don't really remember much besides being back at high school until I woke up.

      #3 - Just Shapes And Patterns [Non-Lucid]

      This one is just odd. I believe I was with R, and we were sitting on the floor in my kitchen next to the refrigerator convinced that we were playing some kind of Super Smash Bros. game, when in fact what we were doing was using green markers to draw trajectories, that our characters were meant to be following, through the air. We also had the ability to purchase large structures made out of, like... those white plastic pipe tube things, and we got one that we were calling a "Mario tower" (it looked vaguely like the Eiffel Tower, actually). As I was drawing more green lines around it, it started occurring to me that I should be hearing some kind of Mario music playing in the background, and it just suddenly kicked in. I couldn't help but notice how incredibly bizarre this all was, and that there were suddenly green words floating in the air around our marks. I stared at one, though I can't remember what it said now, and the edges of it started glowing red slightly as it inflated and become closer and closer to me, but then I woke up.

      So yeah, that was certainly an interesting night. Lots of fantasy, action, and trippiness. Now that's what I call a success!
    11. Dreams are the new hallucinogens.

      by , 12-25-2012 at 07:28 PM
      Alice In Wonderland Syndrome [Non-Lucid]

      There was a huge storm raging all night long, so the thunder (and my cat meowing) woke me up occasionally. At one point in the early morning I was pretty awake but I didn't really want to get up for Christmas yet, so I rolled over to the side of the bed and ended up smoking a little bit of weed. I closed my eyes and then started drift off again. In the past, smoking weed with a WBTB-ish has led to some very trippy experiences with non-lucid hypnagogia, but never actually into a dream or OBE as of yet. (Though I have had it happen at the beginning of the night.) This was the first time I really got this far, and it was pretty interesting.

      At first there are many indistinguishable voices and other noises running through the background of my mind. These would persist throughout the entire experience. Suddenly, I was in what appeared to be a dorm room, and I believe I perceived it as mine. I wasn't totally sure what was happening, but I noticed a TV sitting on the floor. On it, there was some video game room that was sliding and turning in a very smooth and rendered fashion, it had a very unreal feeling to it which matched exactly the patterned effects I get when seeing a room heavily distort and shift perspective on a hallucinogen. I began to feel as though I was having an out-of-body experience, even though I was just watching this on TV (and strangely, this isn't the first time TV sensations have transferred to me in a wake-induced dream), and I could even feel myself going into third-person camera mode and leaving my body even though none of this was visually happening. I looked over and there was someone there, though I can't remember who now, next to a tray of used dishes and champagne glasses, and in the glasses there were bees flying around. This seemed mildly odd to me, and I remember talking to the person but I can't remember what was said. I still felt quite bizarre and I turned around to find that my perception of reality was becoming very distorted. I felt as if I was sinking into the room while it was simultaneously sinking into me, if that makes any sense. I also had Alice in Wonderland syndrome, where size proportions are not correct. I felt extremely big and like I was trapped in this now very tiny room, and the voices still playing through my mind were starting to make me paranoid. I vaguely remember thinking that my parents were going to be coming into the room and that I wouldn't be able to face them like this, or something along those lines. Not long after, the whole thing fell apart. I continued hearing voices momentarily as I was waking up, and then when I returned to full consciousness they finally faded away.

      Bizarre stuff. I'm starting to wonder if the weed is pushing the dream into really trippy territory in the same way it would enhance the effects of a hallucinogenic drug. And if that's the case, I definitely have some more experimenting to do....
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    12. NREM delirium?

      by , 11-29-2012 at 05:39 PM
      Last night was my first night without being high at all for quite some time, and this is officially my day one of no smoking. I've read that cognitive deficits from weed should disappear within about seven days of the last usage regardless of how long or how many times it was used, so hopefully within a week I should start seeing some good improvement to my recall and vividness.

      I was stressed out as I went to bed last night and so I wasn't expecting my dreams to be anything spectacular, but as it turned out I didn't really get anything at all. I had one of those insomniac nights where you just roll around in bed working through (usually stressed) thoughts that make perfect sense at the time but are hard to recall when you fully wake up, and you feel like you kind of slept even though you can recall just tossing and turning in bed all night. I used to have them quite frequently, so it's no surprise that one would happen as soon as I stop smoking. This is actually an interesting subject to me though, as I've read before that those times are actually NREM dreams where you just feel like you're still awake but really your low-functioning consciousness is just sort of delirious and feeling overexerted.

      I've been looking into the differences between REM and NREM lately and found that one of the big things is that acetylcholine levels are very high during REM but very low during NREM. That makes me think about hallucinogens, particularly dissociatives (NMDA receptor antagonists) and deliriants (muscarinic acetylcholine receptor antagonists). They both have core effects centered around lowering of acetylcholine activity, and they both have a curious side effect of being able to cause you to see your environment through closed eyes. They also, especially deliriants, both inhibit your ability to think rationally to a degree (or completely, depending on the dose). I have to wonder if there's a link between the two? Could it be that these NREM insomnia dreams are actually just the same low acetylcholine levels causing us to see a projection of our rooms (or wherever we're sleeping) behind our closed eyes as we roll around in our sleep and think poorly-formed thoughts?

      It's hard to say for sure because I don't know exactly what part of the brain is responsible for that effect, I just find it interesting to think about. I guess that's about all I have to say for this entry.
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    13. Why do my lucids so often come in pairs? Not that I'm complaining....

      by , 11-29-2012 at 05:49 AM
      #1 - Just Trying To Be Spontaneous [DILD]

      I don't actually remember the part of this dream before I got lucid, I just know that as soon as I did I started stabilizing by rubbing my hands together and I didn't stop for basically the entire dream. The first thing I remember is being, I believe, in front of my house with J and N and trying to stop trucks and buses in the road by pointing at them and yelling "Stop!" as I have in a previous lucid, but it wasn't working at first. Once I adjusted my technique a little (hard to describe how exactly) it worked though, and I was satisfied. I can't remember if we did anything more with it, but the next thing I recall is deciding that the three of us should walk into this random nearby house and see what's going on. The house and the people inside seemed totally real and random, I can't recall where my mind might have created that house from. All of the DCs, of which I think there were three, were older Asian people, one man and two women if I'm not mistaken (though the memory is a little bit hazy). I can't remember if there was more in between that and this next part, but I'm pretty sure that when we walked back out of the house the door lead to a totally different environment. We were in some kind of fancy hallway and in part of it there were these two gigantic doors that I was sure would lead to somewhere amazing. I told them to believe that the doors were going to take us somewhere cool, but when I opened them it was just like a tiny empty closet space. ._. We walked in and shut the doors and decided the room was still pointless, so then we headed back out. Suddenly there was a view to the outside and as I stared into the sun I vaguely recall hearing Penny from The Big Bang Theory saying something about having a Jewish boyfriend in the sky, or something confusing like that.... When we turned around we were suddenly on the rooftop parking lot somewhere in the middle of the downtown area and there was someone standing near a black sports car with all of its doors open like they were waiting for people to get in. Around this time N became O and I turned to him and J and said "Come on guys, we're going for a drive." Or something like that lol. We get in with me in the driver's seat and I hit the gas. We end up driving forward over the side of the building and they're both freaking out, but I'm just trying to pull the steering wheel back until finally the car tilts up and I have control of it like a plane. It was a little rough, I had to focus a lot on stabilizing and controlling the car at the same time but I managed to pull it off. The guys were now thrilled but still shocked and I found it quite amusing. At some point I had the feeling that we were being chased by cops or something for presenting a hazard to the city, and somehow they knocked us out of the sky. We were at the edge of the city and facing a long stretch of road, and the car turned sideways and started bouncing off of it repeatedly, twirling for long distances with each time. During one of the bounces I stood up (technically sideways) out of one of the car windows and flipped off the city and whoever was chasing us with a big grin on my face. The last thing I remember about the dream was that O had turned back into N by this point, but then it ended.

      Not bad if I do say so myself.

      #2 - Definitely A New Look For Him.... [MILD]

      I was back at my middle school as my current age and all I wanted was a day off (of what I don't know) and to talk to my... well, to keep it simple, let's just say my theater teacher. I had sneaked back into the school and was off to the side of the stage by the bathrooms while there was a play going on waiting to talk to her, when I was spotted by what I took to be Sylar from Heroes pretending to be reformed as a good guy and wearing a dress, and scaled up to be proportionally taller and bigger than normal. He was looking at me weirdly and I just pointed to my teacher and he told her that I was acting strangely but needed to talk. I said "Yeah, like you're any less suspicious." and glared at him while following her into the music hall, but as I walked past him through the door he gave me a sneaky signal like "see me later" or something. >.> I was becoming lucid and turned around to watch him peer around a corner just to have him turn into some creepy smiling old fat guy. I felt really weirded out and just turned around to talk to see my teacher, but she was gone. I went around the corner looking for her but the music hall had become the main hallway in my house I just saw someone who I forget now in my parents' bedroom. I was feeling freaked out and every direction I looked in felt surreal and distant or dissociated and like there were strange people there. And that's about the last thing that happened before I woke up.
    14. Why Won't They Leave Me Alone!?

      by , 11-29-2012 at 05:05 AM
      This is from November 21st, I just didn't get around to typing it all up before.

      Early in the night I originally fell asleep on the couch in the living room in front of my laptop, then I woke up a couple to a few hours later and shut down everything in the house and moved to bed. So that technically makes these with a WBTB.

      #1 - Creeper Nightmare [Non-Lucid]

      Throughout this dream, for some reason all of the windows in my house had open blinds and were larger than normal, making it very easy to see into the house from the outside at any point. It was really creeping me out because in the house next to mine which was visible through the windows there were these four guys that kept peering around corners or over fences to just stare at me in a really freaky way, and then they would start laughing when I got anxious. Even when I tried to go out front or out back I would see them watching me from somewhere. At one point I was even crawling around on the floor in the house and reaching strategically over and around objects to avoid being seen by them, knowing that they were just out of eyesight staring into the window. Eventually I just got pissed, and I went out front, walked over to their fence, and jumped up on it in one swift movement. This is not uncommon for me; my dream self seems to think that walking on fences is fairly normal, though still something to be considered significant. I ran along the top until the second floor balcony of the next door house (which doesn't actually exist, it's a one-story house) and leapt over to it. I went in through the door and walked up to one of the guys who said "Oh shit!" and looked shocked. I was ready to smack a ho, but then my memory of the dream gets really blurry and I just remember there being something about my old friend T, I saw him for a second... but then, I woke up. Ah, well.

      #2 - Modeling Assignment [Non-Lucid]

      I was at some big school function where they paired us up with different students and had us take tests and do modeling jobs and stuff. There was some girl there that I was just trying to be nice to for some reason, and I remember lending her a pencil, but then she still got totally pissed at me for something. However, AB, this girl I used to know since elementary school but barely ever talked to since then, got up and started defending my honor with some long speech. Oh, also, I think for most of this dream, or at least this part onward, I was JY, this guy I also knew since elementary school. No idea why, I haven't thought about him in ages.... Anyway, like I said, we were paired off and we were supposed to be doing a modeling gig. For ours they were expecting us to submit some comic we'd made, but my partner was the one who had it on him and he didn't show up. I tried doing the gig myself and they told me my image was nice but it needed more, it had to be both of us or neither. I decided to go walking around the mall/school looking for my partner and somehow ended up back at my house. (My real house, not JY's house.) I was in my parents' bedroom and I decided to just jump back on the bed and give the guy a phone call. I told him the situation and he said that he had to ditch to go to a dentist appointment. I just said that that was fine because the school was just pushing us into it anyway so I didn't really care that much.

      #3 - Nothing Wrong With A Little Bondage [Non-Lucid]

      I was at some kind of station waiting for transportation with my parents, and there were these two random girls standing not far from us. I turned to my parents and asked them if the train that just left was the one that we were supposed to be taking, and the girls startled giggling and said that it was actually a bus. I just responded that we call it a train where I come from. It was clearly based on a train from around here, so I wasn't wrong lol. Eventually a couple more arrive and we got on a different one from them and I get a third-person view (from outside and behind the train, though it may have become a bus considering what we did next) of the train swerving through traffic and over all these crazy highways that bend at impossible angles. It basically looked like a huge video game obstacle course set up all around some big city full of skyscrapers. The dream then transitions to when I'm already off the train and I'm at a mall restaurant of some kind meeting up with M, some random DC, O, ET (heh, not the extra terrestrial), S (5 hits, for self-reference), and maybe C and a few others. We were going to do something though I can't remember exactly what now, and this random guy walked up to me and kissed my hand. I just patted him on the back and said "Sorry, I'm taken." and moved on, and I saw a friend comforting him as he walked away. Then, ET just up and decides to grab me by the arms from behind, pick me up, and hold me locked in some bondage position to parade me around the mall for everyone to see. At this point many of the people in the crowd were suddenly in fetishy outfits, and everyone was just staring at me amused as we went by. And yes, it was awesome. >.> I could hear the whole gang talking about movies or something behind me, but I never got back into the conversation before the dream ended. I had a brief false awakening where I typed up most of the previous dream on my phone, almost letting it fade from memory. Luckily, I still remembered it well upon waking for real.

      #4 - And Now The Creepers Can Fly ;-; [MILD]

      In this dream I felt that I was visiting home for the holidays, though I'm not entirely sure where exactly I would've been visiting from. I was wandering around outside on the side of my house by the next door neighbors' fence and I saw some random girl followed by SC, this girl I knew in middle school, breaking into their yard through the fence. The girl was saying that it's just something she likes to do to mess with people so they have to take the time to clean their yards up. Now this next part I really have no memory of at all, though I really wish I did. Instead, I'll just have to quote it. "Then some old guy comes running by and uses me as an external pacemaker for a second." I go back inside my house through the garage and see the girls sitting out back and think that something must be up because they should still have been in the neighbors' yard. I approach our back door and think to myself "Alright, if I can fly right through it then this is a dream." I leapt off the ground and went right through the door and wall and flew into the sky. I was excited, but immediately after the happiness set in and I turned around slightly and saw some creepy guy flying right behind me. I had an adrenaline rush and the scene transitioned into my bedroom, and I was convinced that I'd ruined my shot. I almost lost this dream to a false awakening as well, but thankfully I woke up shortly afterward.

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    15. Domestic Violence

      by , 11-10-2012 at 04:15 PM
      Domestic Violence [DILD]

      I remember becoming lucid in my house with my cousins P and G, although I don't actually remember ever seeing G (at least not clearly). He disappeared at one point while he and P were playing hide and seek. I was gaining clarity as I pulled P out from under the couch, having fallen asleep. He got up and sat on the couch and I decided to walk around smashing things. This lucid was very stable so I was pretty excited that I could get really worked up without waking up. I just knocked over and smashed stuff around the house for a while, like our HD TV, and then I went over to the living room dining table (which I didn't realize until after waking up was actually our old table). It was set up to be a perfect circle (it can be changed) and I picked it up with two hands on the rim and threw it into the air. I did that a few times, then thought to myself "Hold on a sec, what am I doing?" I put it down, then picked it up effortlessly with a single hand, took it into the den, and threw it like a frisbee back into the living room. I ran up to it and caught it on my finger before it hit anything, and I'm pretty sure it actually did turn into a frisbee during that. After that I turned around and saw our DVD bookcases which were kind of treated like one huge bookcase. I picked it up and tried to smash it into the wall but it didn't make a dent. Then I just decided to pick it up like a broadsword and take it back to my room and start smashing my computer and my desk. After everything there was adequately destroyed the dream started becoming blurry, and I woke up.
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