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    Too Much Energy

    by , 05-10-2013 at 05:19 PM (1056 Views)
    Too Much Energy [DILD]

    This lucid is from last night, I waited a little too long to record it so some of the details from the non-lucid part of the dream that I wrote down I can't really remember anymore. I've got the lucid part down though.

    I was walking past this girl S when I realized I was dreaming, and I followed this path out of a parking garage and it took me to this big open area between really big buildings with a pond in between and an awesome sky view. I was really sped up and started to think that I should calm myself and just try to meditate or something, so I sat down in the grass at the end of one side of the pond. I was just planning on staring at the water but I felt way too stimulated, and the second I tried to keep myself still the dream started reacting. The water started undulating intensely and creating big waves and everything else started to get hazy.

    I looked away and got up and just tried to go into one of the buildings instead, but it was too late to save it and
    I woke up.
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