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    Medical Rescue

    by , 06-28-2015 at 11:06 AM (332 Views)
    06/27/15 - Medical Rescue

    Note: I finally managed to remember a dream again, so I can add something to my dream journal. It's not one of my cool video game
    dreams, but I'm glad to get a start.

    I am at St. Mary's Hospital, just turning into the parking lot in my red Dodge Neon. I am ready to start my new job as a help desk operator and an IT service person. I park and head into the main hospital building as the last of the sun disappears below the western horizon. My new job is a night shift position, so I am just getting to work when everyone else is heading home.

    I know exactly how to get to the data center because I have worked here before. I take an elevator that went to the 4th floor, but I need the 3rd floor. Since the elevator had skipped my floor, I take the stairs to the 3rd floor. The data center is right where I expected. I go into the room where I expect to find the computer operators stations. It turns out it has been moved. This room just has the leftovers of an office party. My eyes are drawn to some cupcakes. A man notices and says I should help myself. I thank him and help myself to two.

    I unwrap one of the cupcakes and start eating it as I walk down the hall looking for the operator room for the data center. I soon find it.
    I'm not happy to find a coworker from the first time I worked here is still here. Her name is Susie, and she clearly hasn't forgotten me. She gives me a dirty look and says to get to answer the phones. I am mad. I tell her I don't have computer access yet, so I couldn't
    even reset a user's password. Susie seems annoyed but says nothing.

    A man comes in, and I recognize the boss from when I worked here before. His name is Brian. If he remembers me he doesn't show it. He says while my computer account is being setup I can get started with my training with the helicopter. I do a double take. Helicopter?
    When I question that, Brian says yes. I must be trained to fly their medevac helicopter. He says it is the responsibility of the night operator to fly the medevac helicopter in case of emergency.

    Surprised, I follow Brian to the roof to find a helicopter there. Apparently there isn't any real training, Brian says I should fly the helicopter to St. Joseph's hospital then back, the manager would confirm it. I wonder what I can do with no instruction. I get into the helicopter and look at the controls. I mess with a couple switches and the helicopter starts. I take off and fly erratically for a bit before I get control of the helicopter. I wonder how I'm going to find St. Joseph's from the sky. I manage to do it and I come in for a rough landing. I have to wait while my visit is confirmed. I eat my second cupcake while I wait. Finally I am told to head back. I look forward to showing Brian I was successful in spite of getting no instruction. I lift off much better than the first time. I fly over the city, looking at the lights I am heading for St. Mary's Hospital when I wake up.

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