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    1. Alien or what

      by , 01-17-2015 at 01:14 AM
      Hi .i hope that someone can tell me what my dream means. Idreamt that iwas standing in my garden just outside my kitchen and that I was looking at the sky when suddenly something like a huge ball with a light blue color and at the same time transparent with Avery intricate design ,and it just like posed on the top the stone fence of my garden maybe two feels away from me and someone just pushed as if he was going to cut the ball from the center with his hands but nothing was ripped because the material or what ever it was just gave away and someone just got out and with him a huge amount of water and the person just came towards me and entered my body and at that exact moment a voice whispered in my ear ,u want to know where we come from well this it but we are different from the others ,they a mark in their upper leg and I just woke up.