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    1. The Control Button

      by , 07-17-2012 at 07:40 AM
      Non-Lucid Semi-Lucid Lucid Non-Dream
      Lucidity: [2]
      Vividness: [8]

      I'm in a wide city alley-way with no recognizable landmarks. There is a large stream in this alleyway and retractable bridges over the stream. The stream pours down to a large river that goes through the middle of the city. On either side of the alleyway are large buildings with no gaps in between them. There is a large statue type object that comes out from the stream. It is night, the alleyway is quiet. There is no one around apart from me and two other guys.

      I kind of realize I am in a dream but not to the proper extent. I try to shoot fire from my hands at the two guys but nothing is happening. One of the guys is using his dream powers in this alleyway. He is flying around and shooting fire, but i'm not paying attention to him as He isn't doing any damage to anything. I notice he has a purple lights on him. I look at the other guy. He is adorned in a yellow lights. I notice a little panel down on the ground. I appear to be hovering or Something.

      I look down at the panel, it has three buttons. There is one green button, one yellow button and one purple button. The purple button was brighter and illuminated it's color more then the other two buttons, it indicated to me it was on. I watched as the yellow guy jumped down and pushed the yellow button on the panel. He then jumped into the air and started flying around. It appeared he now had power. I look over at purple who just was standing on the statue.

      I notice that I am "Green" I jump down quickly and push my button. I now have "the power". I jump up into the air, on my arms are the grappling hooks used by the Metal Benders In "Avatar Legend of Korra". I fire the two grappling hooks at purple. They grab onto him. I Unattach them from him and aim to fire through him and use them like a harpoon. It doesn't pierce through him but it does grab onto him again. I send a bolt of electricity through the metal and it electrocutes him. His skin goes pale and he begins to fall to the ground. I assume him dead.

      I go after yellow. The scene changes and we are flying through a narrow vent in one of the buildings. I'm chasing after him. I use my grappling hooks to grab him and slam him into the sides of the vent. He is getting seriously injured. I fire shots of electricity through the grappling hooks. He looks close to dying, we come to the edge of the vent. I prop him standing up on the edge ready for fall. He is weary and wobbling around. I come up to him and push him off. I watch him fall, his legs split off his body in mid-air. There is a giant chomping machine on the ground. Two Giant claws that "chomp" together forming a crushing action. Yellow's Body falls into the machine and he is crushed.

      Suddenly purple is back. He is riding a metal snake much like the giant hovering machines that the aliens used in the movie "Avengers". We decide to work together to see if there is a way for us to both have power. My power then drops off. I am somehow on the ground again, someone else has taken the power. They are inside one of the buildings. Something happens and the building starts throwing large sheets of metal inside of itself. I believe it killed the person with power.

      I go inside and talk to someone who is standing their. He tells me and someone else who followed me in that power comes from whistling. Me and the other person then run outside whistling. We both spot the control panel and sprint for it but then I wake up.
    2. Crashing A Train

      by , 05-24-2012 at 09:27 AM
      Non-Lucid Semi-Lucid Lucid Non-Dream
      Vividness: [5]
      Lucidity: [0]

      Me and my girlfriend (Jacqui) were train drivers. We were driving along some random train line and were carrying a large amount of freight. On the train tracks next to us there was another freight train, the driver of this train had some form of mental disability and we were trying to help him. I look up ahead and the line is quickly coming to end, there are two trains parked on each line and the buffers stop is only tiny and won't stop us.

      We slam on the breaks of the train. By one of the worse dream physics fuck up we stop the train before we hit the train in front of us. But the carriages keep knocking the back of the train forward, we are thrown forward as the carriages knock into the back of us. We hit the train in front and push it through the buffers stop and it falls down a large hill. The carriages are still knocking as forward, we over shoot the buffers stop. I look down the hill, its an incredible drop off.

      The last knock throws us over the edge of the cliff. The train fly down the edge of the cliff. Jacqui and I scream our heads off. She then hits a button on the trains dashboard. These brace apparatus start coming out of the dash and hold us so we don't get injured. Despite the fact I crashed a train I start laughing and screaming as if i was on a roller coaster ride, Jacqui is still screaming for her life. I look in front of me and there is a damn down the bottom of the cliff. We crash into it. Jacqui screams in pain but i feel fine [1].

      The train is logged into the damn cab first. We realise we have to escape. The disabled train driver is now in our cab for some reason, but he was killed in the train crash. Jacqui and I escape form our harness and start climbing up the train to escape [2]. I try to open a door and get through. But A guy I know named Tom is blocking the way and won't let us escape, I had to barge past him to get out.

      The dream goes fuzzy here but we escaped and then caught a bus.

      [1] The train in front of us disappeared, as well as the train next to us.

      [2] We couldn't escape through the cab door because it was under water.
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    3. The Annoyances Of Believing In Shared Dreams

      by , 10-07-2011 at 03:21 AM
      Non-Lucid Semi-Lucid Lucid Non-Dream

      I am at a local Shopping centre, about 20 minutes away from where I live. I have about $75 to spend and decided to walk into the target store. As I walk in I think about how I could shoplift, walking down the isles I check out the security cameras. I end up in the electronics section of the store, they are still arranging around with it. I look at one the of the massive LCD TVs. Just underneath it, there is a $50 note, I grab that one, and see another one, as I grab that extra one I see another, and pick that up. I head over to the gaming section of the store.
      Awareness Hits me and I realise I am dreaming, the dream stars fading so I pretend I don't know I am dreaming, this seems to make the dream Stabilize, but it also lowers my level of lucidity. I walk out of the store and start texting my girlfriend. I tell her I am dreaming and should come teleport to me. She texts back telling me she is having a hard time reading my texts, and that she is having trouble writing them (a lot of the letters were confused) I try telling her that I am at The shopping centre, but she doesn't come and teleport to me.
      The scene changes and now Im on the second story Car park, talking to Forceez and Dark_Merlin. we skate around for a minute and then stop. I start telling Forceez that Dark_Merlin is just a DC (at this time i thought Forceez was actually Forceez ) Forceez doesn't believe me and keeps talking to Dark_Merlin like he is real. I Bet Forceez $5 that he is going to faceplam when he wakes up when he realises Dark_Merlin was just a dream character (oh the irony )
      I wake Up and look around I am in my room, I look at my hands and see that they are off. I realise I am still dreaming, I tell some random that is near me that I'm glad I caught this false awakening as I don't have them Often. He tells me about how is has them A lot but rarely catches them.

      The Scene changes and I am now back at the shopping Centre, but on the bottom story of the car park. Me and my Friend JM are doing parkour around the place (he is "lucid" as well, I'm not sure if i considered this a shared dream or not), my parkour is screwing up, even though I am lucid. I am still scared to do some stuff which is weird, the stuff I do complete is pretty cool though. I am now at the entrance of the shopping centre, a lot of acquaintances and friends are there (about 10 in total). One of them talks about how there is a guide to lucid dreaming their. Me and JM make a sarcastic comment about it, saying something like "No Wonder, where in A firkin dream you idiots" Everyone Starts Reality checking and realising what we are saying is true. I run through the shopping centre, and come to a cookie making place. (I don't see any of the others follow) I take a chocolate chip cookie and leave. I walk over to the donut stall. I was going use the money I found back up at target to pay for some donuts. I then got a feeling it would take 10 minutes for me to be served, So I just jumped over the counter, took the donuts and ran. I exited the shopping centre and started eating the donuts, they were quite tasty. for a while I just walked along the footpath.
      I wake up again, and just wait there, I fall back asleep and now sitting in a car with my girlfriend(I am not sure if this was a DEILD, or just a false awakening, I felt no SP). I tell her about how I was sorry for not replying because I had woken up, she is surprised because she said only a few minutes had passed. She then starts doubting that it is a shared dream and questions if she is even real.
      Dream properly ends
    4. TOTM Attempt

      by , 09-10-2011 at 07:54 AM
      Non-Lucid Semi-Lucid Lucid Non-Dream

      I at school, on a Balcony of a block I don't often go to, I check my watch Its 2:30pm. My PE teacher comes up to me and tells me its 3:15pm. I check My watch and wonder how that happened.
      It then struck me that I was dreaming. My teacher commanded me to go do something. I said "nahh I'll be right, Im dreaming" and flew off. I landed on the school basketball courth. My friend CM is there. He starts telling me some dream he just had. I flew off on him and landed a few metres away, and he had disappeared.
      I thought of TOTM, which was to control 2/4 elements. I stuck my hands in the air and shoot electricity from my fingers. I laughed and jumped over a bit, stuck my hands in a T shape and shot electricity all through out the air. I then realised electricity isn't one of the four elements. I Move to my left a bit and stick my hands strait forward, and shoot fire from them. I see two people and aim my hands strait at them and shoot fire, they roll around on the ground covered in flames (I have often found Fire very hard to control, but I discovered that if I make the sound effects of the thing I'm trying to do, It will happen. A form of voicing your intent to the dream). I try to shoot water from my hands but it doesnt work. A older "wise" person tells me thats not how do to it. He lead me to a puddle and tells me to stcik my foot in it. I do as he commands. He then stands on one leg and kicks the air, shooting water. He then says "Now you try". I stand on my right foot and kick the air. With each kick a ball of water comes out. I kick Four balls of water.
      I think that i should try complete all four of the elements. I move down into the school park, I am unsure of how to manipulate rock. I try forcing it up out of the ground, but nothing happens and I give up. (For some reason, I totally forget about Air)
      I wonder what I shold do now. I walk up to the school canteen to go on a knife ramage, the canteen should have knifes. I Dive and then Flip over the counter and knock over a fridge. The people in the canteen are confused. I start rumaging through the draws and pull out a knife. There is a middle aged lady there and I stab her through the gut. I can feel my knife scrape her bones. Blood comes out of her chest and she doubles over. I withdraw my knife and stab another man and then I wake up

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    5. First Shared dream!

      by , 04-21-2011 at 12:21 AM
      Non-Lucid Semi-Lucid Lucid Non-dream

      My Dream

      I am at a weird Model Train place, I'm standing on top of a garden train layout (about G gauge). I'm careful not to knock it over, but a person near me says its fun to knock it over, and he does. I see the fun and cause the train to pile up.
      I become Lucid and now on a stair case with the piled up train below me. I pick it up, it is now the size of a proper train, and then I throw the train away. I walk up the stairs and come to a closed door. I think to myself "JH will be on the other side of the door, JH will be on the other side of the door" I try to face through the door, but it doesn't work, so I just open it up and walk through.
      I'm now in a garage, I see a chocolate brown dog, with Golden retriever type fur lying on the ground. I instinctively knew where JH was. I walked through some hallways and found her in a room. I look at my watch and it is distinctively 8:50am (I didn't get the date). I walk into the room and give JH a hug, she is sitting on a bed and Her mum is to the side of us. JH is in winter pajamas and So I lie down with her. I Tell her she is dreaming. JH and her mum burst out laughing at the idea. I am a little disheartened by this but start saying things like "How could this be real?" "how am I logically here?" JH starts pondering these ideas, and realizes what I'm saying is true. She stands up and looks weirded out by the feeling of lucidity (she hasn't had a proper lucid). Suddenly the dream destabilizes, everything goes darker and less vivid, I knew the dream was destabilizing so I grabbed onto JH, I start feeling around and yelling at JH to stabilize "JH!, Stabilise!, Rub your hands!" The dream comes back but is less defined, my memory goes blurry here,(I think she woke up here, and my brain recreated the scenario) something about me trying to get a password from her and I also mention flying. The dream scene changes and I End up in a Non-lucid with a dream character version of JH.

      Her dream

      The first thing I know is im in my bedroom with James and we are on my bed. I am wearing my winter pajamas. Our faces are really close when he says "You're dreaming". He is extremely calm and chilled. I dont believe James when he says I am dreaming. Suddenly Mum is beside my bed, and Mum and I look at eachother and burst out laughing at the thought of this being a dream. James seems awkward at this point. Then suddenly I realise what James said is true. I get freaked out by the fact that it is a dream and jump off the bed quickly. It feels really weird so I start to freak out. Then, the dream starts fading away. James grabs my arm and says my name, but I know I aam leaving the dream. I feel really sad for some reason. I think I woke up for a very short period of time and the dream didnt continue.

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    6. 2 Lucids in One night!

      by , 02-24-2011 at 03:04 AM
      Non-Dream Non-lucid Semi-Lucid Lucid

      I Am feeling rather sick with what i think is a stomach bug at the moment, which suprisingly brought on 2 lucids.

      Pyrokenisis, Finally!

      False awakening and im in my room, some aquaininces are writing stuff on the ceiling, my eyes are pretty blurry.
      Second false awakening, my eyes are still blurry those aquantinces are still writing stuff on the ceiling, but their people near my desk.
      Third false Awakening, Those aquantinces are gone but my desk is now on the other side of the room and people are putting stuff on it.
      Forth false awakening, the floor of my room is really messy, i find out that people are putting what looks like porn magazines on my desk.
      Fifth false awakening, people have hidden the magazines in between my school books to try hide them
      sixth false awakening, those magazines are now in the draws of my desk

      7th false awakening, the door is now on the other side of the room, i think back at all those false awakenings and realise this must be another, so i try pyrokenisis to see if I am dreaming. Amazingly it works (1. I have never used pyrokenisis properely without effort in a dream 2. If i wasn't sure i was dreaming, how the hell did it still work?). I walk out of my room waving fire around, I then punch through a wall into my parents room where i see JP. I turn to him and launch a ball of fire at him, it hits him in the chest and he is all bloodied up and dead. I feeel a force kick me and im thrown onto my parents bed. I turn around and see it is dad who had kicked me. So i launch a ball of fire at him and the same thing happens to him as what happened to JP (call me heartless, but he is only a DC). I walk down the hallway and think about using telekinesis, but my vision goes blurry and the dream ends.

      Pyrokenisis! wait nevermind....

      I am in the lounge room of my house, and my family are sitting around, I remebered the previous dream and try to use Pyrokenisis again, but it fails. My family laughs and i feel embarrased after exclaiming "shutup im sick and i have had a few halluncinations lately!" My dad asks me to go fix a hole in the wall, and i accept. while walking to where the hole is, im feeling confused, thinking this must be a dream. I hear my family saying to eachother while laughing "haha, it worked he is no longer lucid" (those evil little bastards).
      This triggers me to do a nose plug reality check, and i can still breath! I try to use pyrokenisis again it fails (DAMMIT!) I try to Fly but that also fails (FFS!). I go outside and jump the niehgbours fence (well, at least i could do that alright) and think about how if i can't fly or play with fire, i might as well just have sex. I walk into my neighbours house, but there is only a ugly chick their. I somehow end up in the neighbours backyard, so i try to jump the fence into the neighbours front yard while backflipping, but i fail and land on my arse.(Didn't hurt, thank goodness) I realise my shoes are falling off, So i just let them slip off and then i took the socks off as well. My hands then get caught up in a spider web, im trying to get the spider web off them but its not working. I then saw the spider and thought "oh shit!" I remebered about how you can ignore things and they will go away, so i looked a different dircetion and imagine the spider web forming into gloves on my hand, It worked! (Yay, some form of dream control!)
      I do a few four legged jump things (much like how a cheetah runs) down onto the road.While on the road i start to wonder if im actually awake, so I i do another nose pinch and it works.

      Up the street I see a group of 6-7 Viatnemesse people riding bikes. I go up to the leader guy and ask for some dreampower. He says something in vietnemesses (gibberish, but my mind assumses thats what viet sounds like). A guy then comes out of the crowd and starts translating for him "Yes, I find that demand very reasonable, you may have dream power!" I say thanks and try to see if I have dream power, i still didn't have any (That lying bastard!). I decide to join them so i grab a unicycle and ride down with them (the thing had handle bars, so it was quite easy to ride on). I start going pretty past and i head for a trailer parked on the side of the rode, i slam on the brakes and stop just before it. the other people in the group tell me i should be more careful. I reply by saying how its a dream, so i can't get hurt. We keep riding around our estate, i comment and how awesome they are considering they are dream characters (they were pretty awesome, they agreed with me, and didn't act stupid or mean and knew they were dream chracters!), they thank me for the compliment. After riding up a hill its now night, and we see a consturction site, Someone has a boom box and is playing "watchout" by "Ruanchy" (pretty awesome song). After a little bit more riding i finally wake up

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    7. Flying, attempted knetic abilities and meeting my dream guide

      by , 10-06-2010 at 12:50 AM
      Non-dream Non-lucid Semi-lucid Lucid

      I was in a town (berry,n.s.w) not far from where i live . I spontanously became lucid. I ran and jumped and started flying along the main street, it looked a bit different, there where no advertisments on the buildings and the treees where different. there were no other dream characters present and there were no cars either. As i was flying alond i noticed a power pole, and i thought about using telekinesis on it (i have never used telekinesis in a dream before). I held my arm out in front of me and aimed at the power pole, then moved it across (like using the force). no suprises the power pole didn't move(maybe i should start smaller). As i flew past i turned around and was the faceing the pole while flying backwards (ohhhh, trickey). I tryed the same technique and again i failed (i was flying backwards give us a break)

      I landed at a park next to the road, and tryed to use pyrokenisis. I opend my mouth and breathed out, hoping it would come out as fire. it didn't work (never been good at pyrokensis). i tryed again, but actually expecting it to come out as fire. A small flame came out (yay?). I tried again and the same thing happened. i Gave up and jumped onto the highway. Some cars were coming along (DC's YAY) the road, and i was going to punch them off. I ran at the first car in line (seriously, why didn't i just fly?). and swung my arm at it. the car swearved away and i missed. I ran at the second car, same thing happened, and the third, and the fourth. I gave up and flew to a black spot, where i was hoping to knock out a car that wasn't expecting me. I got up to hit and punched a car strait on the bonet. It didn't do much ( ).
      *missing time and/or dream scene change*
      (In the following scene all courtyards and corridors and open toped, and there is a redish hue on the place, when i say narrow corridors i mean about 2 people wide. the courtyards where about 5mx5m)
      I walked down a narrow corridor, and passed a donut shop. The shop itself was not visible because it was behind some corrigated iron. I think i then may have killed one of the donut shop customers, because i heard some screams, a few donuts flew over the corrigated iron and some guy came up to me and said "dude you just killed that guy who was buying donuts!" i was like "meh" (wow, arn't i sympathetic) and grabed the donut and kept on walking down the corridor. i turned left into a small courtyard, there was a group of about eight kids sitting in a circle eating. i contemplated killing them, but then thought "what kind of person kills small children in their dreams?"(who does that anyway?) i walked down another corridor and ended up in another courtyard. There was a DC standing on the other side, and another one standing on a elevated platfrom in another courtyard.

      I then remebered one of my dream goals was to find/summon my dream guide. i saw a door leading to the courtyard that the DC was at, so i walked over and faced away from the door. i said to my self a few times
      "my dream guide is on the other side of that door" i turned and went through the door. The DC looked at me and said
      "what do you want?". i notice another DC to my left. I point at him
      "is he my dream guide?" The guy i was pointing at shakes his head, but the other guy nodes. they look at eachother, but and then they both nod. I look at the guy i was pointing at
      "so you are my dream guide?"
      "sweet, so sub- consious how have you been?"
      "oh yeh, not too bad, arn't you hungry?"
      "nah, i ate a dream donut earlier on, it should last untill the end of the dream"
      "you have had crap sleep tonight, you fell asleep at 2:10am (i could swear i fell asleep at 12:00am, if that), not to mention that it has been very unrestful sleep, i am not sure why (silly sub - consious forgot that i accedently left my light on during the night )"
      "hmmm, oh well, i should just get some more sleep, by the way what is your name?"
      "Nameahul Rapid (or somthing like it)"
      "Nameal Rapid?"
      "no, Nameahul Rapid"
      "Nameahul Rapid, gotta remeber it, Nameahul Rapid"
      " I will introduce works that will not make sense, and words that you have never heard of"
      "Shit gotta wake up, before i forget this, cya Nameahul"
      "earth will guard its secrets!"

      False awakening, but i realise it was false awakening and then i realy awoke, feeling hungry :/
    8. Lucid Training room.

      by , 09-18-2010 at 01:45 AM
      silver = non-lucid
      dark grey= semi-lucid
      black = lucid

      I was in some sort of room, maybe 10mx10m, noone was around and their were no windows or doors to the outside world. there was a bathroom to my left and a door which lead to a hallway in front of me. (this starting part of the dream was blurry, so i don't know what i was doing)

      I attained lucidty, but i did not know how, no RC's needed. I just knew i was dreaming.
      The lights flickered, and then turned off. It was almostly completely dark, and i thought "crap, must get light before dream ends". I tried getting light by saying "be light". That did not work, i then remeber a guy saying, if it gets dark, just ask yourself why are you wearing sunglasses?, So i did. I felt them on my face so i took them off. Light was restored.

      *blurry part* someone came, i do not know how, and i do not know where they came from. they started talking to me, or doing a check up or something, i don't even remeber if they were a guy or girl. Then they left saying something like "wait here" so i did.

      *Memory improves here* not wanting to mess the dream up by destorying the building or anything, i decided to do some simple dream tasks. first one i thought was looking in a mirror, because i had never done that before. So i walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. It was almost exact, apart from the fact i had a mullet. I then tryed to change my appearance, so i started with my eyes, i wanted them to look like that eye from the lord of the rings. I imagined my eye looking like that, and it worked. I then changed my voice to that Robotic/demonic voice from the last boss on the game tekkan 5. That also worked.

      I walked back out to the main room, and then i tryed summoning fire. i looked at my hands (amazingly i had 5 fingers on each hand) and i imagined fire coming out of them while thinking saying "fire!".], it didn't work. i then tryed clicking my right fingers over my left hand to try get a spark flame going, it also failed. i then went back to the first method, but thinking harder, it failed again. I then closed my eyes and thought "fire is hot, imagine the heat coming from your hands!, Feel the power!" i opened my eyes and there was a nice fire on my hands. After about 5 seconds the flame disappeared. i did it again and it stayed.

      i saw a DC standing in the hallway, so i aimed my hands and shot flames at him while thinking "only burn him not his cloths". Instead of buring him the guy was disintergrated, and his cloths fell on the floor. I walked into the hallyway and saw another guy. I aimed my hands and tryed shooting flames, but it came out blue, which didnt hurt him untill it caught on fire and then that guy also disintergrated. I then turned around and saw another person, and did the same thing except it came out blue, and did not ignite, so the guy ran away.

      not sure if the dream ended or if i forgot the rest

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