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    2 Lucids in One night!

    by , 02-24-2011 at 03:04 AM (702 Views)
    Non-Dream Non-lucid Semi-Lucid Lucid

    I Am feeling rather sick with what i think is a stomach bug at the moment, which suprisingly brought on 2 lucids.

    Pyrokenisis, Finally!

    False awakening and im in my room, some aquaininces are writing stuff on the ceiling, my eyes are pretty blurry.
    Second false awakening, my eyes are still blurry those aquantinces are still writing stuff on the ceiling, but their people near my desk.
    Third false Awakening, Those aquantinces are gone but my desk is now on the other side of the room and people are putting stuff on it.
    Forth false awakening, the floor of my room is really messy, i find out that people are putting what looks like porn magazines on my desk.
    Fifth false awakening, people have hidden the magazines in between my school books to try hide them
    sixth false awakening, those magazines are now in the draws of my desk

    7th false awakening, the door is now on the other side of the room, i think back at all those false awakenings and realise this must be another, so i try pyrokenisis to see if I am dreaming. Amazingly it works (1. I have never used pyrokenisis properely without effort in a dream 2. If i wasn't sure i was dreaming, how the hell did it still work?). I walk out of my room waving fire around, I then punch through a wall into my parents room where i see JP. I turn to him and launch a ball of fire at him, it hits him in the chest and he is all bloodied up and dead. I feeel a force kick me and im thrown onto my parents bed. I turn around and see it is dad who had kicked me. So i launch a ball of fire at him and the same thing happens to him as what happened to JP (call me heartless, but he is only a DC). I walk down the hallway and think about using telekinesis, but my vision goes blurry and the dream ends.

    Pyrokenisis! wait nevermind....

    I am in the lounge room of my house, and my family are sitting around, I remebered the previous dream and try to use Pyrokenisis again, but it fails. My family laughs and i feel embarrased after exclaiming "shutup im sick and i have had a few halluncinations lately!" My dad asks me to go fix a hole in the wall, and i accept. while walking to where the hole is, im feeling confused, thinking this must be a dream. I hear my family saying to eachother while laughing "haha, it worked he is no longer lucid" (those evil little bastards).
    This triggers me to do a nose plug reality check, and i can still breath! I try to use pyrokenisis again it fails (DAMMIT!) I try to Fly but that also fails (FFS!). I go outside and jump the niehgbours fence (well, at least i could do that alright) and think about how if i can't fly or play with fire, i might as well just have sex. I walk into my neighbours house, but there is only a ugly chick their. I somehow end up in the neighbours backyard, so i try to jump the fence into the neighbours front yard while backflipping, but i fail and land on my arse.(Didn't hurt, thank goodness) I realise my shoes are falling off, So i just let them slip off and then i took the socks off as well. My hands then get caught up in a spider web, im trying to get the spider web off them but its not working. I then saw the spider and thought "oh shit!" I remebered about how you can ignore things and they will go away, so i looked a different dircetion and imagine the spider web forming into gloves on my hand, It worked! (Yay, some form of dream control!)
    I do a few four legged jump things (much like how a cheetah runs) down onto the road.While on the road i start to wonder if im actually awake, so I i do another nose pinch and it works.

    Up the street I see a group of 6-7 Viatnemesse people riding bikes. I go up to the leader guy and ask for some dreampower. He says something in vietnemesses (gibberish, but my mind assumses thats what viet sounds like). A guy then comes out of the crowd and starts translating for him "Yes, I find that demand very reasonable, you may have dream power!" I say thanks and try to see if I have dream power, i still didn't have any (That lying bastard!). I decide to join them so i grab a unicycle and ride down with them (the thing had handle bars, so it was quite easy to ride on). I start going pretty past and i head for a trailer parked on the side of the rode, i slam on the brakes and stop just before it. the other people in the group tell me i should be more careful. I reply by saying how its a dream, so i can't get hurt. We keep riding around our estate, i comment and how awesome they are considering they are dream characters (they were pretty awesome, they agreed with me, and didn't act stupid or mean and knew they were dream chracters!), they thank me for the compliment. After riding up a hill its now night, and we see a consturction site, Someone has a boom box and is playing "watchout" by "Ruanchy" (pretty awesome song). After a little bit more riding i finally wake up

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